New Stuff This Week… 1/8/18


THRIF – The Human Race Is Filth
Title: Human Exposed (EP)
Label: Independent
Kind of a sludgy crusty death metal
Release Date: December 06 (Digital), January 01, 2018 (CD)

Law of the Burning
Symbol of Domination and Cimmerian Shade Recordings
Grooving sort of thrash with a little death metal style vox. (not quite cookie monster, but growly shouts)
1 January 2018

Magick Touch
Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire
Edged Circle Productions
Blassic hard rock, just good grooving stuff, maybe with a little bit of a Thin Lizzy vibe

Anima Sola
Akslen Black Art Records
January 2nd, 2018
Old school doomy black metal

W?drówk? Haniebnie Zako?czy?
Godz Ov War Productions
More old school black metal, with maybe some darker doomy stuff

Rotting Kingdom
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Doomy death metal, some cool grooves

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Doomy black metal.

Laws of Perversion & Filth
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Warfist is some raw (meh production) blackened thrash, kind of decent. Excidium has an old school blackened death/thrash thing going on.

Abeloth EP
Self Released (Qabar)
Black Metal, a bit post-metal and the production is muddy

Damnation’s Hammer
Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres
Self Released (via email)
A good thrashy classic metal with some decent grooves.

This is some good classic melodic metal, almost Judas Priest-ish, lots of good guitar work… The production is good, maybe a little punchy

Animate (single)
Metal Blade Records
A leftover track from their 2016 album, they are releasing it as a single now… and it’s great, just as everything else on that album. They keep true to the original while making it heavier.

Lost On The Road To Eternity
Classic British rock band, since they’ve been around since the 70’s they do have a throwback sound and a bit of a modern production and feel too. This is more of a classic rock type thing, so I’m not sure about where to put this on the Mosh Pit…

Trident Wolf Eclipse
Century Media Records
Wow, it’s been 5 years since the last Watain album, and as much as I’d like to say it’s worth the wait… it’s also like, hey, you guys are too good to be waiting 5 years between albums! This could be up there for best of 2018 when we recap the best of the year… about a year from now. This is what a black metal album should be, solid production, brutal yet catchy and evil melodic heaviness.

Unholy Divine
Ice Warrior Records
Classic power metal, big voice, I’d say musically, it’s a little faster and heavier than a typical power metal band. Good stuff.

With Doom We Come
Napalm Records
Kind of a folky doom metal.

Corrosion Of Conformity
No Cross No Clown
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Just a single so far, but right off the bat, and old school groove right out, like, Deliverance. First album with the Pepper Keenan lineup reunited. This is good stuff.

Avatar Country
Entertainment One
Just a single here too, but a good catchy groove going to a more experimental clean vox thing. These guys are kind of a modern day Polkadot Cadaver quirky with some heavy catchy metal.

Nether Darkness 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
I guess this would be a blackened death metal, vox seem a bit “atmospheric” in the black metal realm, whereas the music seems to be more of a blackened tech death
5 January 2018

Hellfire Records
A classic type thrash, but with some melodic stuff too, kind of comparable to Trivium, maybe a bit heavier on the heavy parts, and more singy melodic on the melodic parts? make sense?
January 5th, 2018

Hymns For The Drunk
AFM Records
Fun classic thrash sound with a modern full sound and fun lyrics, mostly having to do with partying and drinking! This is a “best of” for stuff up to like, 2010
12 January 2018

Violent Opposition
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Fast kind of grindy brutal technical death, neat stuff

Hellish God
The Evil Emanations
Everlasting Spew Records
Blackened death, fast and brutal, catchy… good stuff

Támsins likam
Metal Blade Records
Kind of a doomy dark death metal, a bit of a katatona/ less proggy opeth
9 January 2018

Ain’t War Hell?
Xtreem Music
This is kind of a thrashy metal along the lines of a Kreator. Cool stuff! Heavy with no letting up.
10 January 2018

Inside Out
Melodic classic prog rock. Nothing metal here, but as a prog fan, this has some longer tracks and might be for a fan of some older Spock’s Beard and Porcupine tree.
Release date: Friday, January 12, 2018

Black Clouds of War
De Tenebrarum Principio
Kind of a doomy black metal. Classic black metal going on, but maybe a little more slow in some parts.
12 January 2018

Argonauta Records
Doomy atmospheric metal, occasionally getting into a little stoner groove… but mostly really just kind of depressing.
Release Date: January 12th, 2018

Infected Syren
Infected Syren
Self Released
A sort of classic metal, but a horror/ fun type feel to it. Very prominent guitars, but a good catchy groove hard rockin’ metal.

Unutterable Horrors
Horror Pain Gore Death
Grooving death metal, a little bit thrashy in parts, but really just a great catchy brutal-ish grooving death metal.
(set for release on January 12th 2018)

Denial of Creation
Blackened um, metal. It’s not black metal, it’s not death metal, Ok, I guess it’d fit into some death metal category… probably a melodic blackened death thing. It’s not full on BRUTAL, but it’s fast and heavy, almost extreme thrash… Good stuff.

X – Varg Utan Flock
Season of Mist
A bit doom, and some black metal elements, a more melodic death

Sangue Cassia
Season of Mist
Female fronted blackened doom…

More New Stuff from 2017

Some reviews of more stuff that trickled in since the last “new stuff” post… all releases from 2017

Ike Antz Leap
This is some death metal with a little bit of a thrash groove. Seems like a drum machine supplying the beats, but good stuff.

Band: Saintorment
Album: Defective Mind
Label: More Hate productions
You can never really go wrong with good thrash, and this is it… a heaver fast thrash, good production. Great fast riffing, edgy vox and kind of technical too!

Red Raven Down
Record label: Inverse Records
Kind of a metalcore, but maybe more towards a melodic death as there aren’t really much for breakdowns or emo chorus type stuff. catchy, yet heavy and easy to listen to

Kind of a doom or melodic prog

“His Only Begotten Son (A.D. MMXVII)”
Cursed Order/Self-released
October 31st, 2017
Doomy black metal on this 2 song thing.

Heyoka’s Mirror
“Loss of Contact With Reality”
Self Released
Definitely a prog metal edge on this, a bit of a Devin Townsend/System of a Down type prog metal thing. Cool stuff.

Rastilho Records
October 27th, 2017
Classic catchy heavier/extreme thrash. heavy/brutalish spanish language vox.

Kingdom of Nothingness
Duplicate Records
Classic Black metal.
22 September 2017

I think I’ve seen this on a few people’s best of 2017 list, and I’m glad I finally got it… Progressive death metal, I guess I could compare a bit to Opeth, as there are death growls, classic proggy music, heaver death metal stuff, and melodic stuff.
Nov 11

Use Protection
Self Released
A fun lovin’ hard rock thing, along the lines of a Steel Panther, party fun good times!
(out on November 17th, 2017)

Band: SnakeyeS
Album: Metal Monster
Label: Not on label
Classic metal/thrash type stuff. Catchy riffs, heavy thrash type stuff, but more of a classic just “metal” with a little power metal leaning.
Release date: November 25, 2017

Release: Nevicate
Shattered (single)
Record label: Inverse Records
One track of female fronted Symphonic metal, pretty decent clean vox, heavy-ish music.

Circus Of Power
Noize In The Attic Records
This NYC band has been around a while, from mid-80’s through the 90’s then broke up… and this is now their first album since 1993. A good grooving hard rock
8 December 2017

Nothing to Lose
A little crusty hard rock with a good grooving low end.
Dec 12

Band: De La Muerte
Album: Venganza
Label: Revalve records
Hard to really pigeonhole this one… just a good grooving metal.

Band: Secure
Album: Chasing Rainbows
Label: Not on label
They say alternative metal, and I guess I could hear that, it gets kind of a “solid rock” type metal, and also going into some more melodic hard rock stuff. They’re from Russia, and the heavier stuff has a cool heavy catchy groove.
Release date: November 23, 2017

Album: Med Samme Naal, Under Samme Maane
Style: Black Metal
Label: Myrholt Design
we got this album, along with a bunch of other recordings from the same band. (Singles 2017, Holands Himmelrand EP, The Poe Sessions album) The band dates back to the mid-90’s doing old school Norweigian black metal. Decent grooves, cold, evil sound…
Release date: December 14, 2017

Supremacy of Fire
25th November, 2017
I’d have to file this under melodic death metal, with a pinch of black metal… but some big grooves too

Deep Dark River (side project of Morgan Rider of Vesperia)
(single) – Allure of The Earth (Woods of Ypress cover)
21 December 2017
This is a tribute to the guy from Woods of Ypress that died… kind of just a doomy solo/acoustic vocal single song.

Band: Bridge Of Diod
Album: Of Sinners And Madmen
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: November 30, 2017
Kind of a melodic classic metal, but also some thrashy elements too.

Singles – Apathy of The Immortal, The Last Arbiter, Watchers of Xan
Test Your Metal Records
5 December 2017
A melodic blackened epic death thing, pretty cool stuff, almost like an Opeth meets Dimmu Borgir.

Band: Mass Burial
Album: Breeding Plagues
Label: Immortal Souls Productions
Release date: November 25, 2017
Death metal with a little sludgy groove

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 1/1/18 (2017 Favorites)

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2018-01-01 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Arch Enemy / The World Is Yours / Will To Power / Century Media
Annihilator / Twisted Lobotomy / For the Demented / Neverland Music
The Night Flight Orchestra / Gemini / Amber Galactic / Nuclear Blast Records
Accept / The Rise Of Chaos / The Rise Of Chaos / Nuclear Blast Records
Cavalera Conspiracy / Insane / Psychosis / Napalm
Sepultura / Phantom Self / Machine Messiah / Nuclear Blast Records
Body Count / This Is Why We Ride / Bloodlust / Century Media Records
Warbringer / Woe To The Vanquished / Woe To The Vanished / Napalm Records
Next To None / Beg / Phases / EMP
Persefone / Prison Skin / Aathma / Vicisolum Records
Sons Of Apollo / Signs Of The Time / Psychotic Symphony / INSIDE OUT MUSIC
Ne Obliviscaris / Urn (Part Ii) – As Embers Dance In Our Eyes / Urn / Season of Mist
Galactic Cowboys / Zombies / Long Way Back to the Moon / Mascot
Iced Earth / Great Heathen Army / Incorruptible / Century Media Records
Power Trip / Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe) / Nightmare Logic / Southern Lord
Overkill / Our Finest Hour / The Grinding Wheel / Nuclear Blast Records
Kreator / World War Now / Gods of Violence / Nuclear Blast Records
Sacrificial Slaughter / Systematic Genocide / Generation Of Terror / Horror Pain Gore Death
Witherfall / Portrait / Nocturnes and Requiems / Self Released
The Haunted / Spark / Strength In Numbers / Century Media
Casket Robbery / Pockets Lined With Flowers / The Ascension / Self Released
In-Defilade / Fearing The Worst / Elude / Self Released
Septicflesh / 3rd Testament / Codex Omega / Prosthetic Records
Morbid Angel / Piles Of Little Arms / Kingdoms Disdained / Silver Lining Music
Dying Fetus / Fixated On Devastation / Wrong One to Fuck With / Relapse
The Black Dahlia Murder / Widowmaker / Nightbringers / Metal Blade
Haemorrhage / Gore Gourmet / We Are the Gore / Relapse
Exhumed / Defenders Of The Grave / Death Revenge / Relapse
Belphegor / The Devil’s Son / Totenritual / Nuclear Blast Records
Cannibal Corpse / Only One Will Die / Red Before Black / Metal Blade Records
Cannabis Corpse / The 420th Crusade / Left Hand Pass / Season of Mist
Obituary / Brave / Obituary / Relapse Records
Six Feet Under / Sacrificial Kill / Torment / Metal Blade
Decrepit Birth / Spirit Guide / Axis Mundi / Nuclear Blast Records
Satyricon / Blood Cracks Open The Ground / Deep Calleth Upon Deep / Napalm
Moonspell / 1755 / 1755 / Napalm Records
Cradle of Filth / Heartbreak And Seance / Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay / Nuclear Blast Records
Ensiferum / For Those About To Fight For Metal / Two Paths / Metal Blade
Empyrean Throne / Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam / Chaosborne / M-Theory Audio
Archspire / Involuntary Doppelg?nger / Relentless Mutation / Season of Mist
Decapitated / Kill The Cult / Anticult / Nuclear Blast Records
Havok / Dogmaniacal / Conformicide / Century Media
Marty Friedman / Self pollution / Wall of Sound / Prosthetic
Cripper / Pressure / Follow Me: Kill! / Metal Blade
Witchery / True North / I Am Legion / ?
Galactic Empire / The Imperial March / Galactic Empire / Rise Records

WORT Mosh Pit Favorites of 2017

Matt’s top 10 (in no particular order):

Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis
Galactic Cowboys — Long Way Back To The Moon
Sons Of Apollo — Psychotic Symphony
Arch Enemy — Will To Power
Persefone — Aathma
Iced Earth – Incorruptible
Sepultura — Machine Messiah
Witherfall — Noctumes In Requiems
Body Count — Bloodlust
Satyricon – Deep calleth upon Deep

Matt’s Honorable Mentions
Cannibal Corpse — Red Before Black
Kreator — Gods Of Violence
Moonspell – 1755
Exhumed — Death Revenge
Ne Obliviscaris – Urn
Haemorrhage — We Are The Gore
The Black Dahlia Murder – Nightbringers
Belphegor – Totenritual
Ensiferum – Two Paths
Septicflesh — Codex Omega
The Haunted — Strength In Numbers
Decrepit Birth — Anis Mundi
Cradle Of Filth — Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay
Cannabis Corpse — Left Hand Pass
Decapitated — Anticult
Dying Fetus — Wrong One To Fuck With
Sacrificial Slaughter — Generation Of Terror
Warbringer — Woe To The Vanished
Havok — Conformicide
Accept — The Rise Of Chaos
Marty Friedman — Wall Of Sound
Next To None — Phases
The Night Flight Orchestra — Amber Galactic
Nova Collective — The Further Side
Six Feet Under — Torment
Overkill — The Grinding Wheel
Galactic Empire — Galactic Empire

Casket Robbery – The Ascension EP – Self
In-Defilade – Elude
Khazaddum — Plagues Upon Arda
Morta Skuld — Wounds Deeper Than Time
Warseid — A New Land To Find

Mike’s Top 10 (in no particular order):

Persefone — Aathma
Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis
Arch Enemy — Will To Power
Body Count — Bloodlust
Annihilator – For the Demented
Iced Earth – Incorruptible
Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained
Ne Obliviscaris – Urn
The Haunted – Strength In Numbers
Dying Fetus – Wrong One To Fuck With

Mike’s Honorable Mentions
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic
Haemorrhage – We are the Gore
Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black
Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep
Sons Of Apollo — Psychotic Symphony
Cradle Of Filth — Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay
Archspire – Relentless Mutation
Empyrian Throne – Chasborne
Cannabis Corpse — Left Hand Pass
Cripper – Follow Me: Kill
Moonspell – 1755
Witchery – Legion
Sepultura – Machine Messiah
Obituary – Obituary
Overkill – The Grinding Wheel