WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 7/5/21

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 7/5/21

Artist — Album — Label
1) Flotsam and Jetsam — Blood In The Water — AFM
2) Go Ahead and Die — Go Ahead and Die — Nuclear Blast
3) Fear Factory — Aggression Continuum — Nuclear Blast
4) Crypta — Echoes of the Soul — Napalm
5) Distant — Aeons of Oblivion — Unique Leader
6) Hammer King — Hammer King — Napalm
7) Alustrium — Monument to Silence — Unique Leader
8) Atreyu — Baptize — Spinefarm
9) Helloween — Helloween — Nuclear Blast
10) Gorgon — Traditio Satanae — Osmose
11) The Absence — Choirs of Sickness — M-Theory Audio
12) Fractal Universe — The Impassable Horizon — Metal Blade
13) Mother of All — Age Of The Solipsist — Black Lion
14) The Day of the Beast — Indisputably Carnivorous — Prosthetic
15) Hiraes — Solitary — Napalm
16) At The Gates — A Nightmare of Being — Century Media
17) Space Chaser — Give Us Life — Metal Blade
18) Noctambulist — The Barren Form — Willowtip
19) Empire of Disease — With All My Hate — Wormholedeath
20) Seventh Dimension — Black Sky — Corrupted

Top 5 Adds
1) Darkthrone — Eternal Hails — Peaceville
2) Reverend Jack — A Mile From Home — Resurgence
3) Scattered Storm — Oblivion — Blood Blast
4) Hammers of Misfortune — The Bastard — Cruz Del Sur
5) DemiAura — The Ascendant — Pavement

Other Adds/Reviewed: White Wizzard (single), Within Temptation, Domination Campaign, Nocturnal Hollow, Hinsides, Psychic Hit, Mads Christensen, Quixkuor, Scattered Storm, Hammers of Misfortune, Marras, Sacrificial Slabs, Sorrow Enthroned, Elderblood, VHF, Lepa, Atrium, Kings Winter, Sea Mosquito

New Stuff This Week… 7/5/2021

Virtual cover of the Iron Maiden classic…

Eternal Hails
Peaceville Records
New album with an old sound… a basic black metal sound

Within Temptation
Shed My Skin Feat. Annisokay) (Single)
Force Music Recordings
Epic female fronted metal, melodic a bit goth-ish and just their classic sound.

Reverend Jack
A Mile From Home
Resurgence America
Southern hard rockin’ sound with some guest gutiar work from CHris Caffery, Skolnick, Hoekstra on different tracks. Good melodic hooks and a little bluesy metal feel

The Ascendant
Pavement Entertainment
Prog metal with clean female vox, keyboards, good grooves, and some laid back sounds too.

Onward to Glory
Prosthetic Records
9 July 2021
Gritty groovin’ death metal

Nocturnal Hollow
Triumphantly Evil
Immortal Souls Productions
4 July 2021
Groovin’ death metal good stuff.

Under Betlehems brinnande stjärna
Shadow Records / Regain Records
9 July 2021
Harsh noisy black metal

Psychic Hit
Seeing Red Records
9 July 2021
Classic groovin’ stoner metal grooves with a led zep like bluesy hard rock feel.

Mads Christensen
5212 Helvete
Edged Circle
9 July 2021
A sort of classic metal with generally screamed female vox, some saxophone and a little punky vibe

Poison Palinopsia
Dark Descent Records
9 July 2021
Two 24 min tracks… kind of a melodic death/death metal, a bit of a blackened post metal too.

Scattered Storm
Oblivion (EP) Out July 9 – Blood Blast Distribution
Blood Blast Distribution, powered by Nuclear Blast
9 July 2021
A little progressive death, industrial, groove metal, modern metalcore..lots going on… decent stuff.

Hammers of Misfortune
The Bastard
Cruz Del Sur Music
9 July 2021
Classic metal, progressive, experimental with a little power metal and folk going on too. And even melodic death too

Marras (Finland)
Endtime Sermon
Spread Evil
9 July 2021
Black metal, cold and dark, wall of black metal sound, there’s a decent underlying groove and melody too.

Sacrificial Slabs
Feast for the Crows
11 June 2021
MOstly a kind of brutal death/metalcore with some grooves, and a track or two that really get fast and crazy too.

Band: Sorrow Enthroned
Album: The Grave of Endless Writhing
Self Released
Release date: June 9th 2021
Black/death metal, a bit raw in the production department

Band: Elderblood
Album: Achrony
Label: Drakkar Productions
Release date: July, 9th, 2021
Classic Black metal, but with a bit of a tech/melodic death epicness. Good stuff!

Very High Frequency
Golden Robot Records
25 June 2021
Some big talent on this instrumental album… good stuff, not too crazy in any direction

Band: Leiþa
Album: Sisyphus
Label: Noisebringer Records
Release date: June 25th, 2021
The genre description for this says “Black Metal mixed with progressive riffs and Jazz influences” and I love this, because it describes it very well. the prog and jazz stuff is a very interesting element

Ancient Spells
Signal Rex
11 June 2021
Old school black metal.

Kings Winter
Edge Of Existence
1 May 2021
Clasic metal/power metal with a little bit of prog and a good hard powerful female vocal. cool

One 22 minute song of chaotic sometimes sludgey blackened death