WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 3/7/22

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 3/7/22

Artist — Album — Label
1) Persefone — Metanoia — Napalm
2) Amorphis — Halo — Atomic Fire
3) Voivod — Synchro Anarchy — Century Media
4) Napalm Death — Resentment Is Always Seismic — Century Media
5) Once Human — Deadlock — EarMUSIC
6) Immolation — Acts of God — Nuclear Blast
7) Abysmal Dawn — Nightmare Frontier — Season of Mist
8) Venom Prison — Erebos — Century Media
9) Allegaeon — Damnum — Metal Blade
10) Arjen Lucassen’s Star One — Revel In Time — InsideOut
11) Embryonic Autopsy — Prophecies of the Conjoined — Massacre
12) Dagoba — By Night — Napalm
13) Vio-Lence — Let the World Burn — Metal Blade
14) Embryonic Devourment — Heresy of the Highest Order — Unique Leader
15) Fetal Blood Eagle — Indoctrinate — Listenable
16) Sabaton — The War to End All Wars — Nuclear Blast
17) Crowbar — Zero and Below — MNRK
18) Midnight — Let There Be Witchery — Metal Blade
19) Hammerfall — Hammer of Dawn — Napalm
20) Hath — All That Was Promised — Willowtip

Top 5 Adds
1) Konvent — Call Down The Sun — Napalm
2) Consvmer — Obsession — Out of Line
3) Fueled By Fire — Past…Present…No Future — M-Theory Audio
4) To Whom It May — Olympian Gossip — Bam Recordings
5) Vein.FM — This World Is Going to Ruin You — Closed Casket Act. —

Other Adds/Reviewed: Ghost (single), Angeles, Nekrogoblikon (single), Ho99o9 (single), Izthmi, Hersker, Mamorlis, Chronomancy, Boötes Void, Pillaging Villagers, The Human Torpedo, Jesus Wept, Sidus Atrum, Sidious, Pestilength, Gorged Afterbirth, Idol of Fear, In Aphelion, Warfist, Persecutory, Trenchant, Amaltheia, Archaic, Denomination, Turbo Lovers

New Stuff This Week…3/7/2022

Impera [Advance Tracks]
Concord/ Loma Vista
Already done with their tour, album out soon, three singles so far, the new one Twenties is catchy and heaviest stuff in a while, guilty pleasure! There’s a reason they play arenas now after just playing the Majestic a few years ago.

Good ol classic hard rock from days gone by.

“Golden Future”
Mystery Box
Groovin’ metal with a bit of a elctronic horror metal type stuff. catchy cool stuff.

Catchy groovin’ thrashy stuff

Closed Casket Activities
Wall of sound of deathcore, a bit screamy

Skin [Advance Tracks]
This band is opening for Slipknot on their tour, a bit of a rap/metalcore/nu-metal thing. With some heavier moments.

Leaving This World, Leaving It All Behind
Satanik Royalty
Release date: Friday, March 4th 2022
Technical blackened death metal, fairly prog-metal-ish, harsh epic stuff too… and long tracks!

Call Down The Sun
Napalm Records
Death metal with a bit of a noise slant to it, some doomy groovies going on

Out Of Line Music
Metalcore with a modern atmospheric feel, heavy and brutal too.

To Whom It May
Olympian Gossip
Bam Recordings
Melodic hard rock / modern metal type stuff, reminds me of like, The Deftones.

HERSKER (Denmark)
Caligari Records
7 March 2022
Black metal, a bit melodic and atmmospheric.

Sturdy as an Oak
Self-Release / Cursed Ritual Records (cassette)
8 March 2022
pretty straightforward classic metal sound, clean vox with a throwback vibe

Shadows in Atlantis
Melodic death with a tiny bit of black metal and more folk metal. good stuff

Artist: Boötes Void
Release title: “C.O.L.D.”
Release date: 09.03.2022
Label: Ketzer Records
Here’s some pretty good black metal, cold, melodic, meedly but with some good grooves and some even catchy stuff.

Pillaging Villagers
Pillaging Villagers
11 March 2022
Epic melodic death/viking/power/folk metal, clean and harsh vox, thrashy, catchy.. really cool!

The Human Tornado
Love Is Démodé
Rockshots Records
11 March 2022
A groovin’ classic sounding meat and potatoes hard rockin’ metal

Psychedelic Degeneracy EP
Redefining Darkness Records
11 March 2022
Cool groovin’ melodic death.

Band: Sidus Atrum
Album: Spiral Of Life
Label: Kvlt und Kaos Productions
Release date: March 11th 2022
A bit doom, but pushing more into black metal attitude and vocal style… musically its a bit blackened doom.

BLack metal, a cold, dark thing going on, but lots of melodic groovin’ too. Pretty cool

Basom Gryphos
Nuclear Winter / Sentient Ruin / Goat Throne
11 March 2022

“Got Gore?”
March 11th 2022
Judging by the band and album name, you should guess what this sounds like… yup, brutal death/gore metal. Good stuff!

Idol of Fear
Trespasser – Out March 11th
Somnolence Productions
11 March 2022
Doomy down tempo black-sh metal. When it gets going, it has the trademark black metal stuff, just not all super fast.

In Aphelion
Edged Circle
11 March 2022
Groovin’ black n roll… Catchy and groovin’ blackened death, most simliar to Satyricon, great stuff!

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: March 11, 2022
Classic groovin’ death metal with some cool headbanging heaviness

Summoning the Lawless Legions
Release date: March 11, 2022
Melodic black / death metal, a good mix of catchy and heavy with brutality and a bit of epicness. Cool stuff!

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: March 11, 2022
Fairly straightforward death metal with a pinch of a black metal dark/coldness. Cool stuff.

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: March 11, 2022
Black Metal, classic cold, dark, gritty… a bit of a groove, decent stuff.

Artist: Archaic
Release title: The Endgame Protocol
Self Released
Release Date: 01-03-2022
Fast and catchy modern thrash. Great stuff!

Artist: Denomination
Release title: They Burn As One
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 24-02-2022
Good ol bruutal death metal with a little grit and lots of groove. Good stuff!

Turbo Lovers
Lettin’ It Fly! – Released Feb 4th
4 February 2022
Southern tinged classic hard rock… so, a little bluesy catchy laid back ac/dc type sound

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 2/28/2022

Playlist Title / Mosh Pit
DJ Name / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Playlist Start Date / Feb 28, 2022
Playlist Start Time / 11:00:00 PM
Playlist End Time / 2:00:00 AM

Artist / Song / Release / Label
Pantera / Fucking Hostile / Vulgar Display Of Power / ATCO Records, Rhino Records (2)
Allegaeon / Vermin / Damnum / Metal Blade
Tralineate / Babylon / Parasites / Self-Released
Vomitory / Rebirth Of The Grotesque / Carnage Euphoria / Metal Blad (SPV)
Torture Killer / Obsessed with Homicide / Swarm! / ?
Kataklysm / It Turns to Rust / In the Arms of Devastation / ?
Dying Fetus / Devout Atrocity / Reign Supreme / Relapse
Fetal Blood Eagle / 02 Hate Fucked Face / Indoctrinate / Listenable
Slob / Squeal Like A Pig / Deepwoods Shack Of Sodomy / Comatose Music
Hath / The Million Violations / All That Was Promised / Willowtip
Immolation / The Age Of No Light / Acts Of God / Nuclear Blast Records
Near Death Condition / Astral Journey / Ascent From The Mundane / Unique Leader Records
Nyr Gata / Himmels Fall / Luna Aeterna / Nahetal Klangschmiede
Shape Of Despair / Dissolution / Return To The Void / Season Of Mist
Napalm Death / People Pie (Slab! Cover) / Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes / Century Media Records
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life / Sickness In Seattle / The Last Ten Seconds Of Life / Unique Leader Records
Embryonic Devourment / Kathy O’brian / Heresy Of The Highest Order / Unique Leader Records
Troglodyte / What’s Eating You / The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome To The Food Chain / Blood Blast Distribution
Ghost Toast / Leaders / Shade Without Color / Inverse
Guillotine A.d. / Hammer / Hammer (Single) / M-Theory Audio
Embryonic Autopsy / Craving Of The Mutated Fetus / Prophecies Of The Conjoined / Massacre Records
Once Human / Scar Weaver / Scar Weaver / Earmusic
Venom Prison / Pain Of Oizys / Erebos / Century Media Records
Trip Villain / Won / Won / Self Released
Vio-Lence / Screaming Always / Let The World Burn / Metal Blade
Schizophrenia / Cranial Disintegration / Recollections Of The Insane / Redefining Darkness
Pantera / Regular People (Conceit) / Vulgar Display Of Power / ATCO Records, Rhino Records (2)
Generation Kill / Rat King / Mkultra / Blood Blast Records
Coheed And Cambria / The Liars Club / Vaxis Ii: A Window Of The Waking Mind / Roadrunner
Amorphis / A New Land / Halo / Atomic Fire Records
Persefone / Anabasis Pt2 / Metanoia / Napalm Records
Abysmal Dawn / Bewitched / Nightmare Frontier / Season Of Mist
Virgin Idol / Don’t Touch The Flame / Virgin Idol / Self Released
Hammerfall / Hammer Of Dawn / Hammer Of Dawn / Napalm Records
Sabaton / Soldier Of Heaven / The War To End All Wars / Nuclear Blast
Arjen Lucassen’s Star One / Back From The Past / Revel In Time / Insideout
Saxon / Supernova / Carpe Diem / Silver Lining Music
The Flower Kings / World Gone Crazy / By Royal Decree (Dsc 1) / Insideout
Dagoba / Bellflower Drive / By Night / Napalm Records
Voivod / Mind Clock / Synchro Anarchy / Century Media Records
Crowbar / Chemical Godz / Zero And Below / Mnrk Heavy
Midnight / Telepathic Nightmare / Let There Be Witchery / Metal Blade
Gutterfire / This Is Fine / Chill / Wormholedeath
Mystic Circle / Hell Demons Rising / Mystic Circle / Atomic Fire Records
Sanhedrin / Correction / Lights On / Metal Blade
Oh Hiroshima / All Things Pass / Myriad / Napalm Records