WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 1/9/23

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 1/9/23

Artist — Album — Label
1) Casket Robbery — Rituals of Death — Blood Blast
2) Spiritworld — Deathwestern — Century Media
3) Carnal Savagery — Worm Eaten — Moribund
4) Tallah — The Generation of Danger — Earache
5) Judicator — The Majesty of Decay — Prosthetic
6) The Last 10 Secs of Life — Disquisition Of An Execution — Unique Leader
7) Obvurt — Triumph Beyond Adversity — Unique Leader
8) Nihilist Death Cult — Death To All Tyrants — Self Released
9) Exist in Ruin — Exist in Ruin EP — Wormholedeath
10) Catalyst — A Different Painting For/New World — Non Serviam
11) Vis Mystica — Celestial Wisdom — Dark Star
12) Aggression — From Hell With Hate — Xtreem
13) Lacerated — The Vile Domain — Self Released
14) Krilloan — Emperor Rising — Scarlet
15) Lyzzard — The Abyss — Fighter
16) Percussor — Ravenous Despondency — Horror Pain Gore Death
17) Woods of Desolation — The Falling Tide — Season of Mist
18) Nigrum — Elevenfold Tail — Into Endless Chaos
19) Hellish — Dance of the 4 Elemental Serpents — Dying Victims Prod.
20) Vermillion — Tales of the Dead — Self Released

Top 5 Adds
1) Ripper — Return to Death Row — Perseverance
2) Ten56 — Downer Part 2 — Out of Line
3) Beyond the Black — Beyond the Black — Nuclear Blast
4) Dust Biters — Guilt — Pavement
5) Vermillion — Tales of the Dead — Self Released

Other Adds/Reviewed: Ahab, Feueurshwanz, Lord of the Lost, Screamer, Concrete Age, Varmia, Quiet Riot (single), Pagan Rites/Vulcan Tyrant Split, Deadnight, Anti-Flag, Thy Darkened Shade, The Gauntlet, Hellevate, Blinddead 23, Orob, Misþyrming, Fleshgore, Grymmstalt, Hate Forest, Gridfailure, High Fells, Lethal Technology, Self Deceiver

New Stuff This Week… 1/9/2023

Tales of the Dead
Self Released
Madison area’s own! Big monster grooves, growly guttural vox and some major riffage going on. Great stuff!!

Dust Biters
Pavement Entertainment
Hard rockin’ stuff, a little punk attitude

The Coral Tombs
Doomy blackened death metal

Lord of the Lost
Blood & Glitter
A bit of a goth/ melodic classic metal, a little industrial

Straight up classic metal

Folk metal band with a straigtforward sound, this is an all covers album covering bands from Ed Sheeran to Ghost to Amon Amarth… fun stuff.

Downer Part 2
Out Of Line Music
Industrial/groove/technical metalcore-ish, A bit like Tallah with more of an industrial electronic sound.

Beyond The Black
Beyond The Black
Nuclear Blast USA
Kind of a straight up classic metal with catchy grooves and female vox.

Return To Death Row
Perseverance Music Group
Ripper Owens with another solo album…. seems like he’s everywhere these days, guest on this, front

Heavy brutal thrashy death metal, catchy melodic death stuff and some middle eastern type sounds too. Cool stuff!!

Album (EP): Prolog
Label: M-Theory Audio
Release date: January 6th, 2023
Pagan Black Metal… a kind of classic black metal thing with a bit of that Behemoth style too (yes, there’s something in the water in Poland!)

I CAN’T HOLD ON (single)
Red Samurai Music
Good ol classic hard rock… this track has a power ballad thing going on.

Pagan Rites / Vulcan Tyrant
Horror Pain Gore Death
December 30th 2022
Both of these tracks are raw black metal

Release title: Canon of Irreverence
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (d/m/y): 04-01-2022
Blackended thrashy metal, pretty cool stuff. Songs straight to the point

Lies They Tell Our Children
6 January 2023
A kind of pop rock/punk type thing

Thy Darkened Shade
Liber Lvcifer II-Mahapralaya
10 January 2023
Technical blackened death… pretty cool stuff which has just enough melodic proggy complex stuff and enough classic black metal too. cool stuff!

The Gauntlet
Dark Steel and Fire
Eternal Death
13 January 2023
Mostly classic black metal sound here

The Purpose is Cruelty
Jan 14
A bit classic metal, some heavier groovin’ thrash, maybe just melodic death/metalcore too? A little of it all, which makes it interesting!

Blindead 23
Towards the Dark
23 November 2022
Doomy laid back sound for this single. A little hint of damnation type Opeth going on

Release title: Aube Noir
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 14-12-2021
Here’s some doomy black metal, a bit atmospheric and progressive too.

Með hamri
16 December 2022
Old school black metal, a bit of a doomy down tempo sound

Anthems of Mournful Despondency
Signal Rex
21 December 2022
Super lo-fi black metal.

Osmose Productions
21 December 2022
Blackened death metal, wall of brutal and cold layers of black metal with a smidge of death metal groove going on. Cool stuff.

Perpendicular To The Living Ones
Self Released
Release date: Friday, December 30th 2022
Kind of a noise/post metal thing

High Fells
Catharsis (released Nov 25th)
25 November 2022
This one falls under a pretty straightforward classic black metal.

Lethal Technology
Release title: Mechanical Era
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 25-11-2022
Here’s some kind of proggy technical metal, harsh vox, clean vox, clean female vox, all sorts of stuff probably make this more into a proggy metal overall.

Album: Across the Styx
Self Released
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Release: December 1st, 2022
This has a nice gritty groovin’ death metal sound. Cool stuff.

Matt and Mike’s Favorites from 2022


Matt’s Top 10
Lords of the Trident – The Offering
Soilwork — Övergivenheten
Arch Enemy — Deceivers
The Halo Effect – Days of the Lost
Allegaeon — Damnum
Casket Robbery — Rituals of Death
Wilderun — Epigone
Revocation – Netherheaven
Decapitated — Cancer Culture
Persefone — Metanoia

Matt’s Honorable Mentions
Megadeth – The Sick…The Dying…The Dead
Queensryche – Digital Noise Alliance
Lamb of God – Omens
Obsidious – Iconic
Jungle Rot — A Call To Arms
Psycroptic – Divine Council
Amorphis – Halo
Fit for an Autopsy – Oh What The Future Holds
Dream Widow – Dream Widow EP
Mors Principium Est – The Lust Called Knowledge
Clutch – Sunrise On Slaughter Beach
Exordium Mors – As Legends Fade And Gods Die
Kreator – Hate Über Alles
Misery Index – Complete Control
Epica – The Alchemy Project
Blind Guardian – The God Machine
Soreption – Dod Jord
Darkane – Inhuman Spirits

Mike’s Top 10
Arch Enemy — Deceivers
Decapitated — Cancer Culture
Amorphis – Halo
Allegaeon — Damnum
Belphegor — The Devils
Psycroptic – Divine Council
Revocation – Netherheaven
Queensryche – Digital Noise Alliance
Goatwhore — Angels Hung from the Arches of Heaven
Casket Robbery — Rituals of Death

Mike’s Honorable Mentions
Persefone — Metanoia
Megadeth – The Sick…The Dying…The Dead
Watain — The Agony Ecstasy of Watain
Dark Funeral — We Are The Apocalypse
Werewolves — From the Cave to the Grave
Soilwork — Övergivenheten
Lords of the Trident – The Offering
Sigh — Shiki
Fallujah – Empyrean
Sumerlands — Dreamkiller
The Halo Effect – Days of the Lost
Ripped to Shreds – Jubian
Lamentations — Passion Of Depression
Tallah – The Generation Of Danger
Hyper Mass – Empyrean

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 1/2/2023 (Favorites of 2022)

Playlist Title / Mosh Pit
DJ Name / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Playlist Start Date / Jan 2, 2023
Playlist Start Time / 11:00:00 PM
Playlist End Time / 2:00:00 AM

Artist / Song / Release / Label
Lords Of The Trident / Power Of Evil / The Offering / Self Released
Blind Guardian / Damnation / The God Machine / Nuclear Blast Usa
Queensryche / In Extremis / Digital Noise Alliance / Century Media
Amorphis / On The Dark Waters / Halo / Atomic Fire Records
Persefone / Katabasis / Metanoia / Napalm Records
Darkane / Conspiracies Of The Flesh / Inhuman Spirits / Massacre
Arch Enemy / Sunset Over The Empire / Deceivers / Century Media Records
Soilwork / O?vergivenheten / Övergivenheten / Nuclear Blast
The Halo Effect / Shadowminds / Days Of The Lost / Nuclear Blast
Mors Principium Est / The Lust Called Knowledge / Liberate The Unborn Inhumanity / Afm Records
Decapitated / Iconoclast / Cancer Culture / Nuclear Blast Usa
Revocation / Diabolical Majesty / Netherheaven / Metal Blade
Hypermass / The Degenerate Strain / Empyrean / Spinnup
Soreption / Prophet / Dod Jord / Unique Leader Records
Allegaeon / Into Embers / Damnum / Metal Blade
Obsidious / Bound By Fire / Iconic / Season Of Mist
Psycroptic / Enslavement / Divine Council / Prosthetic
Fallujah / Radiant Ascension / Empyrean / Nuclear Blast
Exordium Mors / Surrounded By Serpents / As Legends Fade And Gods Die / Praetorian Sword
Belphegor / The Devils / The Devils / Nuclear Blast Records
Goatwhore / Born Of Satan’s Flesh / Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven / Metal Blade Records
Fit For An Autopsy / Far From Heaven / Oh What The Future Holds / Nuclear Blast Records
Misery Index / The Eaters And The Eaten / Complete Control / Century Media Records
Casket Robbery / Death’s Dance / Rituals Of Death / Blood Blast Distribution
Dark Funeral / Nightfall / We Are The Apocalypse / Century Media Records
Werewolves / We Are Better Than You / From The Cave To The Grave / Prosthetic Records
Jungle Rot / A Call To Arms (Explicit) / A Call To Arms / Unique Leader Records
Kreator / Strongest Of The Strong / Hate Über Alles / Nuclear Blast Usa
Lamb Of God / Nevermore / Omens / Epic
Megadeth / Night Stalkers / The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! / UME
Sumerlands / Dreamkiller / Dreamkiller / Relapse
Tallah / Stomping Grounds (Explicit) / The Generation Of Danger / Earache Records
Dream Widow / March Of The Insane / Dream Widow Ep / Roswell
Watain / Ecstasies In Night Infinite / The Agony & Ecstasy Of Watain / Nuclear Blast
Ripped To Shreds / Violent Compulsion For Conquest / Jubian / Relapse
Sigh / Shikabane / Shiki / Peaceville
Clutch / Slaughter Beach / Sunrise On Slaughter Beach / Weathermaker
Lamentations / Prodigal / Passion Of Depression / Willowtip Records
Wilderun / Passenger (Album Version) / Epigone / Century Media Records