WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 8/7/23

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 8/7/23

Artist — Album — Label
1) Butcher Babies — ‘Til The Worlds Blind — Blood Blast
2) Voyager — Fearless In Love — Season of Mist
3) End Reign — The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay — Relapse
4) Will Haven — VII — Minus Head
5) Winterage — Nekyia — Scarlet
6) Pyrexia — System of the Animal 25 — Grazits Entertainment
7) Cavalera — Morbid Visions — Nuclear Blast
8) Evile — The Unknown — Napalm
9) The Zenith Passage — Datalysium — Metal Blade
10) Outer Heaven — Infinite Psychic Depths — Relapse
11) Signs Of The Swarm — Amongst the Low Empty — Century Media
12) Rannoch — Conflagrations — Willowtip
13) Girlschool — WTFourtyFive — Silver Lining
14) Cadaver — The Age of the Offended — Nuclear Blast
15) Vendetta — Black As Coal — Massacre
16) Crypta — Shades of Sorrow — Napalm
17) Nuclear Power Trio — Wet Ass Plutonium — Metal Blade
18) James Rivera Metal Wave — New Wave Gone Metal — Massacre
19) Eleine — We Shall Remain — Atomic Fire
20) The Gorge — Mechanical Fiction — Pelagic

Top 5 Adds
1) Kataklysm — Goliath — Nuclear Blast
2) The Ghost Inside — Earn It — Epitaph
3) Astralborne — Across The Aeons — Prosthetic
4) Amon Amarth — Heidrum EP — Metal Blade
5) Megaherz — In Teufels Namen — Napalm

Other Adds/Reviewed: Skindred, Code Orange (single), IPCC, Induction, Denial of Death, Calligram, Necronomicon Ex Mortis, The Shredderz, Danicide, Devin Townsend, Besta, Hallucinate, Runespell, Cystic, The Rite, To Kill Achilles, Lancer, Temple of Dread, The Mystical, Hot Chocolate Endeavors, Excrement, Dymna Lotva

New Stuff This Week… 8/7/2023

Amon Amarth
Metal Blade Records
4 August 2023
Single from their last album with a remix and an EP with a life grack and other remixes… cool to have this drop right before theyr’e in the area later this week.

In Teufels Namen
German metal, kind of just a classic metal with a pinch of an industrial alt-metal sound

Nuclear Blast USA
Fast heavy brutal like always, and that’s a great thing!

The Ghost Inside
Earn It (Stand Alone Single)
Epitaph Records
Kind of a hard core modern metalcore type thing.

Across the Aeons
Prosthetic Records
28 July 2023
Gritty and still melodic type of blackened death metal

Code Orange
Take Shape feat Billy Corgan (single)
A sort of modern-ish metalcore with some hard edge.

Release Title: Impact Adaptation Vulnerability
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 27-07-2023
Grindy and catchy short tracks of death metal

The Power Of Power [EP]
Atomic Fire Records
4 August 2023
Classic metal, a cool melodic power metal sound and a little edge too

Denial of Death
Single Title: Warriors of Steel
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: July 31, 2023
Orchestral and epic black metal (single)

Position | Momentum
Prosthetic Records
14 July 2023
This sounds like a kind of technical and fast blackened death

Necronomicon Ex Mortis
Silver Bullet – Out Aug 11th
11 August 2023
Thrashy death metal with catchy groove

The Shredderz
The Shredderz
Self Released
4 August 2023
classic metal with nice shreddy guitars and

Earache Records
4 August 2023
Cool funky nu-metal reggae-ish and yeah, progressive metal type stuff. They are their own genre and this new album keeps it up… cool stuff

Album: Broken
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: August 8th, 2023
Classic metal with a little bit of a goth slant

Devin Townsend
Devolution Series #3 – Empath Live In America
Inside Out Music
Aug 4
IT’s a live album, and after just seeing him live last month… it’s great, he’s great, a good variety of songs from his career.

Terra Em Desapego
August 4th, 2023
Thrashy death metal all while being fast and technical too. Cool stuff!!

From the Bowels of the Earth
Caligari Records
4 August 2023
Groovin’ death metal with a kind of dark evil sound, but technical and even melodic in some parts too. cool stuff

Shores of Nastrond LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
11 August 2023
Sort of a classic black metal, melodic, cold, but not full on pulsing blast beat stuff.

Palace of Shadows
Chaos Records
11 August 2023
Brutal groovin’ death metal but with a doom and black metal thing happening too

The Rite
The Astral Gloom LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
11 August 2023
Kind of a doomy black metal, a dark gritty groove.

Album “Recovery”
Arising Empire (Edel / Kontor Media)
11 August 2023
Melodic metalcore, with a bit of the modern thing going on (more slower emo-ish parts)

Fireflash Records
11 August 2023
A bit of a progressive and classic metal, clean powerful vox, and a good mix of faster and melodic grooves

Beyond Acheron
Testimony Records
11 August 2023
Blackened death, a groovin meaty death metal thing too. cool stuff

The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors
A Clock Without A Craftsman
Massacre Records
11 August 2023
Mostly progressive hard rock/metal, melodic, a bit doomy, then getting into some heavier parts over the longer length songs

Excrement (Finland)
Flesh & Blood
Chaos Records
28 July 2023
Brutal death metal with a little gore/grind element

The Land under the Black Wings: Blood (Зямля Пад Чорнымі Крыламі: Кроў)
Prophecy Productions
4 August 2023
Progressive blackened death, a bit of some atmosphere, symphonic stuff, down tempo flowing into full on black metal too. neat stuff.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 7/31/2023

Playlist Title / Mosh Pit
DJ Name / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Playlist Start Date / Jul 31, 2023
Playlist Start Time / 11:00:00 PM
Playlist End Time / 2:00:00 AM

Artist / Song / Release / Label
Jag Panzer / Weather The Storm / The Hallowed / Atomic Fire
Voyager / Ultraviolet / Fearless In Love / Season Of Mist
Tailgunner / Guns For Hire / Guns For Hire / Fireflash Records
SAVATAGE / Dungeons Are Calling / Dungeons Are Calling / ?
Metal Church / Over My Dead Body / The Dark / ?
Forbidden / Chalice of Blood / Forbidden Evil [Limited Edition] / Century Media
Seven Witches / Mental Messiah / Passage to the Other Side / ?
The Spectre Beneath / Forsaken We All Fall / The Ashen Child / Self-Released
From Hell / Come To The Sabbath (Mercyful Fate Cover) / Come To The Sabbath (Single) / Scourge Records
James Rivera’s Metal Wave / Black Celebration / New Wave Gone Metal / Massacre Records
Nuclear Power Trio / W.a.p. (Wet Ass Plutonium) / Wet Ass Plutonium / Metal Blade Records
Girlschool / Cold Dark Heart / Wtfortyfive? / Silver Lining Music
Moose Cult / Moose Cult / Moose Cult / Self-Released
The Zenith Passage / Algorithmic Salvation / Datalysium / Metal Blade
Eleine / Never Forget / We Shall Remain / Atomic Fire Records
There Is No Us / Fame Whore (Radio Edit) / Fame Whore (Radio Edit) / Cleopatra Records
Winterage / Numen / Nekyia / Scarlet Records
Sevendust / No Revolution / Truth Killer / Napalm
Radiant Knife / Slumber / Pressure / Self Released
Slaughter To Prevail / Viking / Viking (Single) / Sumerian
Crypta / Dark Clouds / Shades Of Sorrow / Napalm
Cadaver / Scum Of The Earth / The Age Of The Offended / Nuclear Blast Records
Rannoch / Threads / Conflagrations / Willowtip Records
Chupacabra / Burn The Clowns / Fortified With Ashes / Self-Release
Death Ray Vision / Praise The War Machine / No Mercy From Electric Eyes / Metal Blade Records
Vendetta / Stranglehold Of Terror / Black As Coal / Massacre Records
Butcher Babies / Wrong End Of The Knife (Explicit) / ’til The World’s Blind / Blood Blast Distribution
Evile / Monolith / The Unknown / Napalm
Inpathos / Frostweald / Ascension / Self Released
Cavalera / Troops Of Doom / Morbid Visions / Nuclear Blast Records
Will Haven / For All Future Time / Vii / Minus Head
End Reign / Divine Abysmal End / The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay / Relapse
Pyrexia / Downsized / System Of The Animal / Grazits Entertainment
Dead Heat / Endless Torment / Endless Torment Ep / Tankcrimes
Repentance / Buried By Fear / The Process Of Human Demise (Single) / Noble Demon
Graveworm / A Nameless Grave / Killing Innocence / Afm
Signs Of The Swarm / Tower Of Torsos / Amongst The Low & Empty / Century Media Records
Empire State Bastard / The Looming / Rivers Of Heresy (Singles) / Roadrunner
Carbon Black / Red Flag / We Remain (Special Edition) / Wormholedeath
Outer Heaven / Fragmented Suspension / Infinite Psychic Depths / Relapse
Cognitive / Rot Eternal / Rot Eternal (Single) / Metal Blade Records
Daath / Where The Slime Live / Where The Slime Live (Single) / Metal Blade Records
The Gorge / Synapse Misfire / Mechanical Fiction / Pelagic Records
Gory Blister / Push Out The Venom / Reborn From Hatred / Eclipse
Korgull The Exterminator / Existential Risk / Built To Kill / Xtreem Music
Mayhem / Malum / Malum (Live 2022) [radio Single] / Century Media
Tsjuder / Chaos Fiend / Helvegr / Season Of Mist
Deitus / Straight For Your Throat / Irreversible / Candlelight