New stuff this week (4/24/06)

Hey all! Here are my thoughts on the stuff in the inbox this week…

46:03 – 8 Tracks
Hey, a new release from Enslaved. These guys have seemed to always be a solid black metal band. This album is a no frills, straightforward black metal album. Good sound, nothing too wacky or out there. Just a good example of meat and potatoes black metal. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Beyond Fear
47:19 – 12 Tracks
Hey, cool, a power metal release. The first track is called “Scream Machine” and boy, it starts off with some screaming!! Of course, this is the new project from Ripper Owens, so it will be sounding a bit like Priest. This is pretty good. He seems to fit this a little better than Iced Earth. Just straight forward power metal. This proves that Ripper can write stuff too. This seems to be his primary focus, as who knows when Iced Earth will record again. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

The Alien Blakk
Modes of Alienation
Black Lotus
47:47 – 10 Tracks
Hey, another instrumental album! This is kinda neat. You know how many times you hear a song, it sounds all cool, then some stupid scream, singing, or SOMETHING mucks it all up. Well, not so with an instrumental album! Hah! Well, now you just have some dumb guitar sound or keyboard wackiness to screw it up. Anyways… this band is a guitar player named Joshua Craig, he’s worked with a bunch of people. What’s going to gain the most notoreity on this CD is that Dave Ellefson (formerly in Megadeth) and Craig Neilson (from Flotsam and Jetsam) are the rhythm section. So about the CD… pretty solid playing of course, straightforward metal-hard rock type songs. Mostly a lot of guitar wanking, almost like a Steve Vai album, but not so weird. Also, some great metal-thrashy stuff. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Barriers And Passages
Relapse Records

New release from these guys sounds good. Well, I could only hear their stuff on Myspace. They are all instrumental, and kind of a cacophony of musical goodness. A lot of all over the place notes, music, metal. A little Meshuggah, some stoner metal, some of this and that… all with solid production. This is refreshing stuff and different than the norm. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit. They are also coming to the High Noon Saloon in Madison on June 21st.

When Worlds Collide
Century Media
43:13 – 13 Tracks
Hey, it’s another metal core release. But wait, they are from Germany! And guess what, they are all vegan and straightedge! I only say that because it’s printed in the bio like it’s supposed to matter. I guess it does if you are straightedge and vegan. I think it’s pretty good hardcore/metalcore with some meaty heavy riffage. They keep it heavy and don’t just stick to the hardcore stuff, they get some blastbeats and some Gothenburg sound as well. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Speakers for the Dead
Prey For Murder
Magna Carta
50:54 – 12 Tracks
This band takes a bit of a metal core sound and seems to mix it with a bit of prog-metal sound. They are on Magna Carta Records, which is typically a prog rock/metal label. So to hear more growly vocals on parts of the songs is a change for this label. But this is a little different than a lot of the stuff out there these days. This has mostly clean vocals, but occasionally like I said, they get growly, and can go from plain hard-rocky, to all out metal in the same song. It’s not too bad, and you’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Iron Fire
55:25 – 12 Tracks
At first glance, I thought this week was a dud for new releases. But that’s why I listen to all the new stuff that I see is released to metal radio each given week. This is some quality power metal from Denmark. It has a lot of the stereotypical epic power metal type stuff. You know, with “wings, metal, doom, fire, king, brave, dark, spell” as words in some of the song titles. But they do a good job in this genre, and you’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Fear of Eternity
Spirit of Sorrow
43:13 – 8 Tracks
Mostly keyboards and piano on this… sounds like some decent background music, until you hear some black metal screaching/screaming in the background. You’d think vocals would be in the forefront, but this is something I guess one could call ambient black metal. While it’s something different, you probably won’t hear this on the Mosh Pit…. unless, well, it’s in the background!

Bullets and Octane
In The Mouth Of The Young
40:16 – 12 Tracks
This seems to be more of a hard rock release than anything metal. Since The Mosh Pit tries to be a “metal show” I won’t go much further. That’s that!

“Vocarious” Single
7:08 – 1 Track
What can you say about tool? A long awaited single from their forthcoming 10,000 days album. This is classic Tool. Not much has changed on this one folks. While it’s just a single, it’s good, pretty heavy towards the end. I think the big station in town is playing this, so I’m not sure if I’ll break this out or not on the Mosh Pit.

New stuff this week (4/17/06)

Time for this week’s installment of “new stuff”

Lost In Focus
Metal Blade
44:27 – 13 Tracks
This has the new-ish metal core type of sound. A bit like Dillinger Escape Plan, some of that sireny sounding guitar, but then kicks in to all out brutality. It’s pretty good, but nothing really new here. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Phoenix Mourning
When Excuses Become Antiques
Metal Blade
54:11 – 13 Tracks
The usual singy/growly metal-core sound. You know, where there’s really a mean mad soundy growler guy, then some clean vocals singing to make you feel good about the growling, with some nice melodic music in the background, turning into some brutal riffing and drums. The cool thing though is they seem to layer two different growls and the clean together, which gives it a bit of a fresh feel. You’ll hear this on the ‘Pit.

52:34 – 12 Tracks
This sounds a bit more like a hard rock album than the thrashy stuff I’ve tended to like lately. I think the singer is trying to be James Hetfield! But… it sounds pretty good, as there’s a lot of the same ol same ol out there lately and this isn’t. The title track rocks pretty good. You’ll hear this on the ‘Pit.

The Adverary
50:04 – 9 Tracks
This is the new project from the voice of Emperor. He plays everything on this album except drums. It has a bit of a prog-metal feel, almost old Dream Theater sounding, but with a black metal twinge. Different songs have a different sound. It’s a bit all over the place, but it’s pretty good. A little of everything for everyone! So, yeah, pretty neat project he’s got going for himself, and yes, you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Silent Civilian
Rebirth Of The Temple
64:55 – 13 Tracks
This is pretty much a metalcore album, but overall, good n metal! Reminds me a little of Chimaira in the vocal department. It’s got some good meaty riffs, but it does have some clean whiney chorus stuff sometimes. Overall though, the metalness of it all overshadows the other stuff, so yes, you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Blind Guardian
Fly EP
Nuclear Blast
3 tracks
This is classic rockin’ Blind Guardian. What more can you say!? You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

New stuff this week (4/10/06)

Here are my thoughts on the new releases this week. If you want to know more about them, listen to the radio show! 89.9fm in Madison on Mondays at 11pm, or online! click the link above.

Astral Doors
54:58 – 13 Tracks
A fairly straight-forward power metal deal. Like I say about a lot of stuff, nothing really groundbreaking, but the vocalist has a pretty unique voice that commands your attention. Some good solid musicianship happening here. You’ll probably hear this on the ‘Pit!

Fragments of Unbecoming
Sterling Black Icon
Metal Blade
50:30 – 12 Tracks
This has got a great black metal sound. Some pretty cool riffs, a great mix of some thrash with death and black metal on here. Great crisp production. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Tee Pee
48:16 – 9 Tracks
A sludgey stoner metal band. It’s a bit slow and plodding. Thick and meaty riffs, with more of a screamy stoner vocalist (it’s the guy from High on Fire), but not as much as Bongzilla. It’s okay, nothing really exciting. You may hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Path of Resisitance
Can’t Stop The Truth
30:49 – 13 Tracks
This has a hardcore sound. This band features former Earth Crisis members. Just has a typical hardcore sound with the guitars and drums, growling, shouting, etc. etc. Not awful, just nothing new.

Gat Rot
Us Versus Them
40:00 – 10 Tracks
The description says hardcore… it has a bit more than just a hardcore sound. But as the album goes on, it’s just yet ANOTHER hardcore album. Sounds decent, maybe we’ll have to do a “new hardcore set” on the Mosh Pit to play all of this stuff.

Protest The Hero
44:03 – 10 Tracks
This one is a bit tougher to put a finger on. On first listen, I hear some Avenged Sevenfold, but a bit more angry, it has a bit of a proggy feel to it, mostly clean singing vocals, but still some growl/screams in there as well. It’s quirky, heavy, and fun to listen to. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Angel Blake
Angel Blake
Metal Blade
44:40 – 10 Tracks
On first pop in the CD player, the sound reminded me of Grip Inc. That wore off pretty quick. They recommend this if you like Paradise Lost or Sentenced. I can see that, or the more melodic Moonspell. It’s got a good sound, some catchy songs, normal vocals, not much in the way of singing, screaming or growling. You may hear this on the Mosh Pit.

59:30 – 13 Tracks
Moonspell has kicked it back up a notch. Back to their old heavy form. They just kept going with that “Southern Deathstyle” song sound! It’s heavy pretty much throughout and sounds great! They keep it heavy and dark. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!!

Ministry is pissed off! This is just a 3 song Ministry and 3 song Revolting Cocks tour sampler, but damn, this Ministry stuff is heavy as hell! Fast mean riffin’. This is what Ministry is all about! You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Other stuff I haven’t seen in the mail yet…. Yet another Judas Priest compilation and a band called Suicide City.

New stuff this week (4/3/06)

Another installment of what’s new in the mail with my crappy commentary… enjoy! heheh

Southern Gentlemen
Third Time Is The Charm
52:26 – 12 Tracks
Another project from David T. Chastain… Kind of a bluesy hard rock sound. Kind of a good time drinkin’ sound. Not much more I can say… good sounding production, some good ol songs… not really metal, the singer sounds like David Coverdale a bit…. you may hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Not For You
Suburban Noize
38:45 – 15 Tracks
Some decent heavy stuff here, almost a little System of a Down mixed with some Ministry, Rob Zombie and some metalcore band… This was a release that came in late… it was an “add” last week. You’ll hear this on the pit. The CD ends with their version of “California Dreamin'” I’m a sucker for heavy covers of oldies!

Terror 2000
Terror For Sale
Nuclear Blast
39:47 – 12 Tracks
Take Speed from Soilwork and throw him with Klas from Darkane, and you got yourself an awesome scandanavian metal band! This is some serious metal music with some fun lyrics. Heavy thrash and just all around good stuff. You’ll definately hear this on the Mosh Pit!

One Man Army and the Undead Quartet
21st Century Killing Machine
Nuclear Blast
59:46 – 12 Tracks
Another Swedish band… they sound a bit like The Crown, but not as fast and frantic. Pretty decent thrash with some scream-growl vocals. Nothing really groundbreaking, but still decent thrash metal. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

An Evening With Dio
Eagle Records
2 CDs
Disc 1 60:44 – 9 Tracks
Disc 2 53:06 – 8 Tracks
This is a show from 1995 when they performed Holy Diver in its entirety. Not the greatest sound, but it’s pretty good for a live album. Great solid live performance though! A must for DIO fans of course. There’s also a DVD of this show available. You’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit. You can’t go wrong with Dio!

The Gathering
The End
I popped this in, and I guess these guys just aren’t for me. I like something with at least a little bit of an edge. Granted they have their roots in heavy music, they just aren’t heavy! Sorry… but you probably won’t hear this on the Pit, unless of course it’s requested.

Various Artists
Headbanger’s Ball: The Revenge
2 CDs.
A compilation with all sorts of stuff from all sorts of bands. Pretty much a slice across all of metal, basically a soundtrack to the show on MTV2. Some previously unreleased stuff on here, most talked about is a new Hatebreed track.

Metal Black
57:21 – 14 Tracks
Yet another crappy review from me that doesn’t say much. It’s a new album from Venom. A new collection of songs, same sound. If you like Venom… you’ll probably like this. (duh) It’s not too shabby, again, nothing groundbreaking. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit… c’mon, it’s new Venom!

New stuff this week (3/27/06)

Well, I think in the next couple weeks, Mike and I will have to devise some sort of rating system to get a guage of its “Moshpitworthiness” and/or whether we just like it or not.

Dead To Fall
The Phoenix Throne
42:27 – 10 Tracks
Their first album was a bit of a turn for the folks at Victory Records… from a punk/whatever label to have a band that was actually more “metal.” Well this band has only gotten better over the years. This new (and 3rd) album from these guys stays heavy and even has some black metal sounding guitars here and there. It’s got great guitar work and stays pretty brutal throughout. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Dog Fashion Disco
46:49 – 12 Tracks
The Latest from Dog Fashion Disco… their semi-unique sound continues in this new album. I say “semi unique” because they share some similarities with some of that Mr. Bungle band. They start off pretty heavy, then get into some more complex, melodic tracks all with that eerie keyboardey sound. They’ve always been pretty cool, stayed true to their sound for pretty much all of their albums and again, they stay true here too. You’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Vol. 1
This isn’t metal… yet another hard rock CD being marketed to metal radio. I think I’ll pass… sorry!

30:01 – 16 Tracks
I’m not quite sure how to describe this. Very raw! Not so great production, but it seems as though it’s like that on purpose. I’d have to say it fits in grindcore category. Just in your face without let-up. Short songs, again… all up in your face! Good stuff.. you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Sudden Death
Unpure Burial
42:45 – 10 Tracks
A nice brutal release from a more indie label! A little bit of Pantera sounding guitars mixed with some death metal make this a decent release. The production seems a bit low budget with the low end sounding a bit “thumpy.” Vocals go from some metal scream/growls to cookie monster. It’s a good mix of death and thrash metal all in one package! You’ll hear this on the Pit!

New stuff this week (3/20/06)

Here’s the new stuff in the mail this week along with my “review” or take or whatever…. the best way to know, is to listen to the show!

50:14 – 10 Tracks
This has kind of a sludgey doom feel too it. Probably more or less for fans of Neurosis… but decent. (I don’t care for Neurosis!) It gets mellow and trippy at some points, but then all out metal in others. Definately something that’s not like everything else! You’ll hear this on the Pit!

Hydra Head
40:25 – 12 Tracks
Time for some old school stoner metalish music! Great low end chugga chugga sound. Cool riffs, catchy songs. Good production This is their 9th album, so they’ve got it together by now! haha. Pretty good stuff. It’s a fun album and you’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Machinemade God
The Infinity Complex
Metal Blade
42:56 – 13 Tracks
This has the new-metalcore sound… but how about with more metal and less “core”? The album starts out with a great metal freight train assault. These guys are from Germany and have that “New Wave of American Heavy Metal” sound. I think the fact that these guys aren’t just another one of those American metalcore bands is something they have going for them. They don’t let up at all, pretty brutal in parts, no whiney choruses. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Rocket Ride
Nuclaer Blast
60:10 – 12 Tracks
The German powermetallers are back with thier latest effort. They’ve always put out solid hard rock/power metal albums. This is no exception. No frills clean singy vocals with great playing and riffage behind the vox. We’ve been a little bit of a drought of decent power metal, so this is a welcome release! You’ll hear this on the Pit!!

And the best for last…

Don’t Fear The Reaper
Century Media
47:21 – 14 Tracks
What more can I say about this CD besides the fact that it rules. Starts off with an almost 3 minute Slayer-like intro, into just pure metal. This is the swedish sound the way it’s supposed to be. Black metal elements mixed with some thrash and sick riffing. It’s all here folks. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit for sure!! This is one of the better albums of this genre since At The Gates’ “Slaughter of the Soul”

Rammstein, Vore, Anaka and The Sweet are releases that have not arrived yet, maybe I’ll get a review up here, maybe not.

New stuff this week (3/13/06)

Here’s the weekly new stuff mini-review crap…

First off, a note….
On one of the “new stuff this week” posts a couple weeks ago, someone left a comment that I was an idiot for a review I had… I never claimed these mini-reviews to be the be-all end all review of reviews. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even listen to the whole CD before writing stuff, mostly it’s just first impressions and what it might sound like right away to me. I have always said I suck at writing and well, I suck at reviewing too. Basically this is an outline to go along with what you hear NEW on the radio show this week… or maybe not.

55:08 – 13 Tracks
Well, due to the German language, there will be obvious comparisons to Rammstein. And it’s true. They do sound a bit like them. In my opinion, not as aggressive… but still pretty cool. It’s a “Rammstein” that plays it save.

Son Of Sulphur
33:55 – 12 Tracks
Just all out in your face beginning. An eclectic mix of brutal metal sounds. Typical release from Willowtip though.. great production, good sounding band, yet still underground. The bio sheet says it’s recommended if you like Converge, Mastodon or Botch. It sounds decent and you’ll probably hear this on the pit.

Kill the Client
Escalation of Hostility
29:03 – 15 Tracks
This is a classic sounding grindcore album. A bit muddy, sludgy, fast, brutal and “barney-esque” vocals. If you like the old Napalm Death, you’ll like this!

A Death-Grip On Yesterday
They still have a great sound. Catchy yet brutal in parts. Again, not much groundbreaking material here. Just another solid release. They were announced as one of the 2nd stage headliners on Ozzfest this summer, so they seem to be going places. I do feel the urge to go to hot topic during these whiney chorus parts!

Cannibal Corpse
“Kill” 3 Song Sampler
Metal Blade
8:31 – 3 Tracks
How can you not like Cannibal Corpse? haha. Just plain heavy brutal death metal like it should be. Corpsegrinder really seems to shine on this. It sounds good and brutal. All three tracks are great. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Your Ghost Is A Gift
Ferret Music
43:04 – 11 Tracks
Produced by Ken from Unearth. (the eat a dick guitar guy) you can tell. It has a similar sound and while it has great crisp sounding production. Nothing new or groundbreaking here and again, clean vocals mixed with growls with slow and brutal parts back and forth.

“I’m American” single

The first single from Operation:Mindcrime 2 smokes! They really don’t let up in this track and from hearing some of the rest of the album, Queensryche comes out saying “we’re back!” It seems like everyone is saying this is their best album since Promised Land and they’re right. This single is probably the heaviest on the album and has enough themes to remind you it’s a sequel to “O:M”

Lacuna Coil
“Our Truth” single
Century Media
6:57 – 2 Tracks (one “hot version” one “cool version”)
From their forthcoming album Karmakode, a good solid track, puts everything that makes Lacuna Coil Lacuna Coil in this track. Good solid music, seems like there’s a lot more female vox than previous efforts, although you know they will market Christina as the main person in this band… understandible! Decent track, we’ll probably play this, but other stations have jumped on it, so probably not for very long.

New stuff this week (2/27/06)

Here’s what’s on the table for this week…

Nuclear Blast
44:14 – 10 Tracks

The long awaited new album from Amorphis with their new singer! It sounds pretty good. They still have their trademark sound. It’s well put together, catchy, definately good, and of course, not a clone to Elegy or 1000 Lakes, but there’s still strong hints of that great era. It’s new Amorphis… it’s good, what more can you say? You’ll Hear this on the Mosh Pit!

If Hope Dies
Life In Ruin
Metal Blade
36:41 – 11 Tracks
Well, I don’t know what to call this… It seems like there’s a new wave of metal-core. Not the typical metal core, but the in your face, heavy, relentless pounding of all that is metal. They say it’s recommended if you like Still Remains, Unearth or All That Remains. It’s good stuff, great production, catchy yet meaty speedy riffs and brutal vocals round it all out. They are on Trevor from Unearth’s label imprint (Ironclad), and this genre seems to be the new metal trend…

True Self
43:29 – 12 Tracks
New singer, New label, heavier sound! Its good… this is what Soil needed, a lil kick into the metal realm. Granted it will probably end up being more mainstream, it definately has its roots more in metal than “nu metal.” You’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit… that is until other stations play the hell out of it!

Daylight Dies
Dismantling Devotion
This was a CD that was late… It sounds pretty decent, a bit like Moonspell, but mix in some Katatonia, but more of a doomy sound. You’ll probably hear this on the pit.

Enforsaken and Loudness have new albums out that should be in the mail at the station tonight when I get down there.

New stuff this week (2/20/06)

Not a lot of new stuff this week, and due to the Presidents Day Holiday, some mail delivery is delayed. Also, with the Throwdown / Still Remains / Dozen Furies / Red Chord show at the Loft on Monday, along with a couple of those bands coming into the studio and Pledge Drive…. there won’t be long reviews!

Reach For The Surface
Zero Sum
This is pretty much a heavy metalcore release… good production, more on the metal side than metalcore.

Wicked Wisdom
Wicked Wisdom
Suburban Noize
This is Jada Pinkett’s band… finally got the full album, and it’s not too bad. She’s got a great band and it sounds catchy… as many have said before, she is probably the weak spot, as her vocals are just all over the place. But overall, it’s a decent album!

A New Day
Napalm Records
47:47 – 10 Tracks
Clean vocals, melodic guitars, not real heavy, the music is a little like Amophis, but a bit more simple. I guess it has a bit of a Moonspell vibe, but again, not as heavy or aggressive. It’s okay, but nothing we’re jumping over ourselves to play.

One Dead Three Wounded
Paint The Town
1 x 1 Music
36:42 – 12 Tracks
Yet another aggressive, in-your-face metalcore release. I can’t say there’s much in the way of groundbreaking here. It’s heavy, aggressive, some catchy stuff. They don’t seem to get into any of the sing-a-long whiney choruses… so it’s got that going for it. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit… and of course… call or email if you like it!

The new Nebula CD was also a new release slated for this week, but it’s not here yet.

New stuff this week (2/13/06)

There’s a lot of new stuff this week, so each review (or whatever you wanna call it) will be a bit shorter!

Century Media
Krisiun always puts out great albums, but they seem to get forgotten. This new CD starts off with a machine gun assault of metal. Being from Brazil, they probably live in the shadow of Sepultura… you can hear some influence in the guitars. For a 3 piece, their wall of sound is aggressive, evil and in your face. Another great new death metal release! You’ll hear this on the pit!!

In The Arms of Devastation
Nuclear Blast
41:07 – 9 Tracks
We’ve become some big fans of Kataklysm over the years. I was suprised to see a new release from them so soon, as we have still been playing their last release fairly often. This new one doesn’t let up much at all. Intense drumming, guitars and vocals make this a par for the course album from these guys. They start off brutal and don’t let up for the 41 minutes of this album. This is what REAL metal should be sounding like! You’ll hear this a lot on the “Pit!”

Devin Townsend Band
Inside Out Music
You all know Devin from Strapping Young Lad… he seems to be one of the most prolific dudes in heavy music these days, cranking out albums from all of his projects while producing other bands along the way. DTB is the more proggy-less intense not as metal project. The CD starts off pretty mellow, and then goes in different places. There will be some synth keyboard/mandolin sounding stuff, then he’ll just tear into something really heavy. Since he used to sing for Steve Vai, you can kind of hear some of that in this release. Any fan of Devin will like this CD. DTB tours with Opeth in the next month or two. This is definately not SYL, but still great and will probably be played more on the “Pit” in the upcoming weeks.

Resist Convenience
Triple Crown/EastWest
This kind of has that same old angry metalcore sound. There’s a bit more of a punk feel in the music though. The vocals are kind of the high screachy growling, with some chorus of dudes yelling. The sticker on the cd says that “FOLLY returns with their unique mix of metal, hardcore with a touch of ska.” Normally just an indication of the “touch of ska” would turn me away, but I haven’t really found much of it on the CD… there’s a little on the later tracks, which really it doesn’t fit!! It’s not too bad… you’ll probably hear this on the pit here and there.

Remembering Never
God Save Us
Ferret Music
Another metalcore type of release. Sounds decent. I’m not sure how the powers that be expect the public, let alone poor radio people like me to figure out the difference between all of these metalcore bands. It’s okay… I’ll probably play it this week and maybe in the upcoming weeks.

Suicide Silence
Suicide Silence
Third Degree Records
This was the suprise of the week. I had no idea what it was when I put it in, but it was some really good solid death metal. While just a 5 song EP, these guys really crushed. They’re on an up and coming label called Third Degree Records. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit… it’s great stuff and truly “underground”

Torture Killer
Metal Blade
Chris Barnes handles vocals in this side project thing. What originally started off as some dudes hanging around playing Six Feet Under songs turned into what it is today. They had a few EPs and releases and eventually lost their singer, when Chris Barnes got wind of their situation and offered to step in as their “singer.” So, you can guess, it sounds a bit like SFU, Obituary and well, what else can you say. It’s good, I like Chris Barnes’ vocals and the music fits with everything he’s done. Good stuff here… you’ll hear this!!

Twilight Odyssey
Twilight Odyssey
TO Records
We haven’t gotten much power metal in lately… So it’s always nice to get something! At first listen, the production is a little mushy in the bass drum end. The vocals are handled by a female, with the rest of the band doing pretty simple prog-power metal Judas Priestey / Iron Maideney stuff. It’s okay… we’ll probably give it a play, but not much after that.

The Sword
Age of Winters
Kemado Records
Just as I said above with the power metal, we haven’t gotten much “stoner metal” lately. This falls in that category, with huge meaty riffs and a powerful low end. This makes me wanna drink some beer and chill and just watch them play. They have a bit of the Black Sabbath thing going on. They’ll be playing on March 3rd at the High Noon Saloon here in Madison!

There are a few things I haven’t gotten in the mail yet, so it’s a bit tough to review/preview…

Wicked Wisdom’s full length, Torture (Escapi Music) and Naio Ssaion.

A lot of stuff out this week… so tune in and call/email if you like or hate any of it!!