New stuff this week 4/16/07

Dark Tranquillity
Century Media
45:49 – 10 Tracks
Take some of the best melodic Scandinavian metal, and just leave it the way it is… This new CD from the “other” DT (Dream Theater being the “main” DT), is awesome. It’s heavy, it’s melodic, it’s catchy it’s just put together so well. The songs flow, get a bit atmospheric in a part or two, but somehow they keep it heavy and just plain cool. This will definitely get some airtime on the Mosh Pit!

From Autumn To Ashes
Holding A Wolf By The Ears
39:56 – 12 Tracks
One of the more or less pioneers of the metalcore movement are back with their 4th album. It’s pretty heavy, a bit raw, and still metalcore. The heavier stuff is more hardcore than it is metal, but it still has those good ol emo singy parts as any tr00 metalcore will have! It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s still a good release and you may hear it on the Mosh Pit.

Arch Enemy
Black Earth
42:13 – 12 Tracks
It’s a remaster or re-release or something. Either way, I think this CD has been hard to find for a few years and now it’s back in all it’s groundbreaking glory. Along with Carcass and At The Gates, In Flames, Soilwork, Arch Enemy helped pave the way for the ever popular Scandinavian Melodic Death metal genre. This album has it all, and pre-Angela Gossow vocals (Johan Lilva) are a bit more deathy and guttaral. The guitar solos and music are all as great as Arch Enemy has ever been. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

The Inner Sanctum
44:37 – 10 Tracks
They’re Saxon! They have a classic sound, yet it’s still modern and relevant! What can you say about a band that is still around after all these years. It’s not like they are trying to reinvent themselves here, but it is a good solid release. It’s not all speedy and thrashy or anything, although the 2nd and 3rd tracks rip pretty good. You’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit!

The Chariot
The Fiancee
29:39 – 10 Tracks
You take stoner metal, mix it with some hardcore and you have The Chariot. The singer from Norma Jean left that band to form this one. I haven’t heard much in the way of emo-metalcore vocals here. They seem to stay true to the grungy stoner guitar stuff along with raw abrasive vocals. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Six Feet Under
Metal Blade
34:30 – 10 Tracks
It’s classic Six Feet Under.  They have a formula, they don’t mess with it.  This album does hearken back to the early days of SFU and that’s about all you can say.  It’s nice to have some fresh, new material, after all of the box sets, cover albums, etc.  You’ll definitely hear this on the Mosh Pit!!

New Stuff This Week 4/9/07

Relapse Records
32:27 – 17 Tracks
First impression. Crazy, sick, fast, awesome grind! From Warsaw, Poland, these guys are technical, fast, and aggressive. Blast beats, driving guitars, crazy riffing, guttural vocals, yet still catchy! This is cool stuff, you’ll hear it on the Mosh Pit!

Epic Records
43:50 – 12 Tracks
We’ve had a single, and EP and so far it’s been pretty cool. It’s good old straight forward hard rock/metal. It’s Vinnie’s newest project since, well, you know when. Teaming up with guys from Nothingface and Mudvayne. And actually, if you could picture mixing those two bands with some sick heavy drumming, you got HELLYEAH. There aren’t any real surprises here, although Vinnie does tear the drums up more than I’ve heard in a long time. It’s good stuff, and as with anything Vinnie Paul puts out, it deserves the respect of some airplay… You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

The Trick
Vice Records
32:25 – 10 Tracks
“Heavy Power Rock” It’s kind of Queens of the Stone Age, a bit Clutch, as any stoneresque band will be compared to, and it’s kind of raw, not too heavy, just you know, kind of there. It’s not too bad, not awesome, you may hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Road To Bloodshed
Roadrunner Records
45:27 – 12 Tracks
This was described to me as Trivium music/guitars with vocals that sound like Testament. So I put the CD in, and guess what? Yup, that’s exactly what it is! It’s good, catchy, and this formula works pretty good. It comes off a bit heavier than Trivium just because of the “heavier” vocals. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit

Reprise Records
This is more like the older Static X.  More raw, more heavy, more, I dunno, StaticXey!?  It seems to have some catchy guitar stuff, back to their roots, most like Wisconsin Death Trip.  It’s good stuff, you’ll probably hear it on the Mosh Pit!

Ain’t It Beautiful
Spliveycool Entertaiment
51:58 – 11 Tracks
This features one of the guys that toured with Trans Siberian Orchestra, pretty straightforward hard rock. Some pretty catchy tunes on here. You may hear this on the Mosh Pit!

New stuff this week 4/2/07

Some of these reviews will be short, I’ve got a little bit of a cold and got a late start on the reviews… you’ll still get the idea, and well, you should listen to the show anyways!

Black Sabbath
The Dio Years
Warner Bros.
79:27 – 16 Tracks
The new greatest hits from the Dio years and three new tracks. They sound great! Exactly what you’d expect from these forefathers of metal. You know the songs, you know the sound, so, you’ll hear the new stuff and maybe some of the classics from this CD on the Mosh Pit!

Thought Chamber
Angular Perceptions
54:58 – 10 Tracks
This is pretty good prog/power metal, fairly technical, good vocals, some singalongy chorus stuff, but back to some sick, cool chugga chugga heavy guitar stuff.  It’s got a lot of that stop start prog metal sound.  It’s got a lot of layers of complexity, and the production is nice and clean where you can pick out every part.  There are a lot of instrumental breaks without vocals, which lets you appreciate the music and playing on this cd.   You’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit.

As Blood Runs Black
37:08 – 10 Tracks
This is a pretty cool heavy thrash release.  It combines a lot of that melodic death stuff with some cool Behemoth/Vader polish sound, with classic thrash and hardcore.  It’s just all out brutal.  The production is solid and crisp… You will hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Soundtrack
Williams St
44:26 – 17 Tracks
Well, it’s a great show, therefore, the soundtrack is just as crazy.  Some skits/soundbites from the show and some songs from artists such as Mastodon, Unearth, Early Man and more.  You’ll hear some of this on the Mosh Pit!

Sonic Reign
Raw Dark Pure
Metal Blade
40:32 – 8 Tracks
This is pretty straighforward black metal.  It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s pretty solid, sounds good and they aren’t fucking around.  You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Haste The Day
Pressure The Hinges
48:21 – 13 Tracks
A full on metalcore release!  This might be the first one of the year.  It seems like we’ve had a lull in this genre of late.  I can’t say I’m too sad about it.  We had a total over saturation of this stuff in the last year or two.  For this type of music, this is pretty good.  They stay heavy, have some neato clean vocals layering with the growls.  The growling vox are good and abrasive, the music is catchy and has some cool melodic hooks.  The breakdowns are all out brutal!  You may hear this on the Mosh Pit.

In This Moment
Beautiful Tragedy
Century Media
41:50 – 11 Tracks
At first, I saw female singer, Century Media records… another prog-black-power metal with the chick singer… and it’s not! It’s more like some of the heavy melodic death music, but with mixed in with some metal-core but with more of an Otep feel… the singer does clean sing, but also will throw out some awesome growls. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Dew Scented
Nuclear Blast
43:59 – 13 Tracks
What happens if Slayer were more of a Black Metal band from Germany?  You’d call them Dew Scented.  They are back with a new album mixed by audio genius Andy Sneap.  They are back with classic Dew Scented.  Fast, angry, technical and all that.  You will hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Vena Sera
44:17 – 11 Tracks
Good ol Chevelle, back in the day, this may have been Mosh Pit material, but the rest of the scene just got all that much more heavy and we just don’t have time to play stuff like this anymore.  It’s good, it’s heavier for them, so, if there is time, we might get to it, just to share with you!   Some songs are catchy, melodic, some good distorted guitar parts and stuff.  Just not really for the Mosh Pit

New stuff this week 3/26/07

Here’s what’s new in the mail this week… Some pretty good stuff that you may have never heard of, check them out!

Dead Precedence
Power Play
68:59 – 15 Tracks
They’ve got a pretty good, clean heavy metal thrash sound. Good heavy song structures and neat intros and buildups. Some really cool riffs, they seem to have a bit of older Pantera (Cowboys From Hell) tempo/speed. The vocals are a bit of a growl/scream, I guess when it’s not a growl, it’s more of a bark, maybe a lower pitch Sacred Reich vocal sound. Some songs have some cool clean melodic vocals. This is a pretty good cd from some indie release. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

46:26 – 10 Tracks
This is kind of some doomy grindy death metal. Pretty heavy, a bit like Napalm Death in the heavier parts. But really, they are a bit different overall than Napalm Death. There are some cool melodic parts, some cool guitar riffage, and some all out heavy stuff. This is quality stuff, and you’ll hear it on the Mosh Pit!

The Origins of Ruin
57:15 – 9 Tracks
This is some pretty tight prog/power metal. It’s more prog metal than power metal. I guess what I mean by that is that it’s more metal than screamy Hammerfall/Stratovarious metal. There are some cool bass, guitar, keyboard and drum break/fills, very “prog” a la heavier Dream Theater stuff or Fates Warning, mainly because vocals are handled by FW’s Ray Alder! This will go along well with the new Symphorce… so, look to hear them back to back on the Mosh Pit… at least tonight!

All Out War
Assassins In The House Of God
38:06 – 11 Tracks
Starting off, this sounds like some old school thrash, but of course, being on Victory Records, that ends when the vocals start. The vocals are a bit more hardcore, but damn, the music just stays cool and heavy. Meaty thick and heavy. They aren’t fucking around on this cd. It definately has a hardcore vibe to it, but really the mix of the heaviness and thrash elements make this a pretty good album. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!!

We Are I
We Are I
Capn’ Stanky Music
19:37 – 6 Tracks
This is pretty good for what they are doing. Post-grunge hard rocky stuff. You know, like you’d hear on other radio stations. For an indie type release, actually I think it’s just the band’s demo, it sounds great, production is crisp and clean. The music is good, hard rock stuff, just not really for the Mosh Pit.

The Locust
New Erections
23:30 – 11 Tracks
Well, this is one of those bands that’s tough to put a label on. It’s kind of like hardcore, but kind of like experimental, kind of like metalcore, kind of like meshuggahcore. Just tough to label. It’s mostly made up of tracks that have a longer title name than duration. Since it is kind of heavy, and off the wall, I think it’ll find a place on the Mosh Pit.

New stuff this week 3/19/07

Type O Negative
Dead Again
77:33 – 10 Tracks
Pete and the boys are back… Finally! This album is everything you’d expect from Type O Negative, and more! It is a throwback to some of the older stuff… kind of raw, heavy, yet melodic and angry and all that good stuff. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

“Soulcrusher” EP
7:09 – 2 Tracks
Just a 2 song ep thing, it sounds like Soundgarden/Audioslave… more in the hard rock vein, which means, you may not hear it on the Mosh Pit.

Poison the Well
42:04 – 12 Tracks
Grungy experimentally metal stuff here. I thought I remembered these guys being more metal. It’s a bit plodding and kind of slow. The bio sheet compares them to The Bled, Deftones, Isis. I’m not a big fan of these bands, so, well, this doesn’t do much for me either. You may hear it… if you want to hear it for sure, request it!

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
40:38 – 11 Tracks
This came in the same package as the Poison the Well. Same label n stuff. This has a bit more of a stoner metal feel to it. A little like CoC with some Clutch.

In This Moment
Prayers EP
Century Media
11:44 – 3 Tracks
At first, I saw female singer, Century Media records… another prog-black-power metal with the chick singer… and it’s not! It’s more like some of the heavy melodic death music, but with mixed in with some metal-core but with more of an Otep feel… the singer does clean sing, but also will throw out some awesome growls. You will probably hear this on the Mosh Pit!

From Beale Street To Oblivion
48:30 – 12 Tracks
It’s Clutch! The great thing about Clutch, is you know what to expect. This is classic Clutch. Catchy, hard rockin’, thick meaty riffin’ music. They still have the keyboard guy in the band, filling the sound out with some classic Hammond organ. They aren’t doing anything new really, but it’s great to have a new batch of Clutch songs to rock out to… You’ll hear this on the ‘Pit!

Century Media
45:27 – 9 Tracks
It’s great to have some classic dark black-death metal. I’ve always liked the stuff Naglfar puts out, it’s got some cool melodic hooks, yet dark and heavy. Some of the vox are a little like Cradle of Filth, but not so cheesey. It’s good stuff, you’ll hear it on the Mosh Pit!

Temple of Brutality
Lethal Agenda
33:50 – 10 Tracks
Starts off sounding a bit like Exodus with some lower budget production. The vocals aren’t much like Exodus. So, yeah, comparing this to Exodus throws it into the general thrashy metal realm. It’s not too bad, not awesome. You might hear it on the Mosh Pit.

Age Eternal
Metal Blade
57:11 – 5 Tracks
Well, this band came from the ashes of the band YOB, who, are well, about the same as Neurosis. If you know Mike and I, we dislike Neurosis, as it’s just not our thing. Music going on and on, with no real payoff. “Experimental” is what they like to call it. Well, you probably won’t hear this on the ‘Pit.

Life In Your Way
Waking Giants
41:21 – 11 Tracks
This musically started off like some happy emo boy band guitar riff, but gets into some heavy metalcore screamin’ stuff. But then it moves around to some generic metalcore with emo-melodic clean vocals here and there. Some of the music and riffs are catchy. Since we haven’t had any metalcore in a while, or anything from SolidState, you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Funny Money
Stick It
50:34 – 12 Tracks
This band features a few guys from Kix. It’s good old time hard rockin’ stuff. Funny lyrics, you know all that funny 80’s hard rock stuff. You may hear this on the Mosh Pit, you know, for something different.

New stuff this week 3/12/07

Become Death
Metal Blade
48:02 – 10 Tracks
Well well, this thing starts off fast and heavy! Not the typical whiney power metal you would expect right off the bat. The intro to the first song even has some blast beats! The music on this sure is heavier and darker than their past stuff. It’s a bit more thrashy and not as power metally. Some of the songs get to be a bit more like Hammerfall and the like, but these guys still have the metal inside of them. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

This Moment
37:43 – 12 Tracks
This is all screamo-hardcore. It’s pretty heavy, well engineered, some cool riff/hook/melodies and nice and angry sounding too. This sounds better than the average metal hardcore stuff these days too. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

The Funeral Pyre
The Nature of Betrayal
43:06 – 8 Tracks
Well, I don’t know how they do it, but Prosthetic Records just keep churning out some of the purest metal of any label around. This album is pretty much straight up black metal. They have that swedish melody working for it in the background, but maintain a thrashy deathmetalness about it. The drumming is intense, keyboards exist just enough to add a layer of darkness. It’s heavy. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Dead Men Dreaming
Dead Men Dreaming
39:56 – 10 Tracks
Alright, who signs these bands? They sound very “local” and in this day and age, with computers and ProTools and all that, can’t a band have a clean, not boomy sounding album? I mean, I wouldn’t say anything about it, but it’s just so distracting when the bass drum hits. The vocals are “clean”, the hooks, melodies and all that sound kind of catchy, and more in the vein of pre-metal hard rock. I guess it would fit in the same genre category of Tool. This is along the lines of if we can squeeze it in, we’ll play it.

Machine Head
The Blackening
61:02 – 8 Tracks
Machine Head!! This album kicks off with their 10 minute plus epic “Clenching The Fists of Dissent” and has everything one could ever ask for in a metal song. After that, the album just crushes through more of the classic thrash that is Machine Head. They aren’t breaking any new ground here, but it does hearken back to the days of Burn My Eyes. There are a few long songs on there too… two 10+ minute tracks and two 9+ minute epics. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!!

The Arockalypse
The End
I don’t know much about these guys, except they are kind of a Euro phenomenon, as they won some sort of an “Idol” contest over there. They sound a bit like a power metal motorhead. Just plain hard rock songs with some gravelly vocals. It just seems a little cheesey, but I think that’s part of the joke… right? You may hear this on the Mosh Pit

From last week… which finally arrived!

The Dead Live By Love
Nuclear Blast
57:38 – 13 Tracks
The bio sheet says it’s something like Slayer-tinged thrash mixed with some Avenged Sevenfold and Darkest Hour. And of course, since I repeated it here, I have to agree. This is a little different for Nuclear Blast, but again, one shouldn’t pigeonhole a sound to a certain record label these days. It’s fast, metal and not too bad, you will probably hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Nine Destinies and a Downfall
Nuclear Blast
46:21 – 10 Tracks
This came in the same package as the above Mendeed CD. Now this thing starts right off with what I was expecting. Former Tristania vocalist’s project, this sounds pretty much like ever other female fronted euro metal band. For that reason, we’re a bit burned out and file this in the “maybe we’ll play this” category.

Gods of War
Magic Circle
73:49 – 16 Tracks
Over Seventy Three minutes of shirtless cheese! They seem to have become more of an epic concept album band of late. They aren’t doing anything all that new, but they ARE Manowar, so I think it’s illegal to say anything bad about ’em. Unlike Machine Head who you want to hear new stuff that doesn’t necessarily break new ground, this Motorhead has the same chugga power metal beat and sound of their last few albums. This is a maybe too… We did play one track last week… so we’ll see.

A Symphony of Suffering
31:03 – 6 Tracks
This kind of takes the classic Floridian death metal sound with a Glenn Benton type at the vocals, with some euro-black metal sound. It’s pretty cool… now that we have it, we might just have to play it!!

New stuff this week 3/5/07

This Machine Runs On Empty
46:37 – 10 Tracks
These guys are kind of thrashy, melodic, and heavy. I’d say it’s right up there in the trashy metalcore stuff, but really, without all of the annoying stuff that makes metalcore metalcore. The bio sheet tells me that it’s RIYL: “Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, A Life Once Lost.” I can hear the KsE stuff, but without the whiney chorus stuff, the chugga chugga metal of Lamb of God and just all out metal. This is good stuff, you will hear it on the Mosh Pit!

Big Business
Here Come The Waterworks
Hydra Head
40:45 – 8 Tracks
Kind of a big hard rock sound musically a bit like Clutch. Some of it also reminds me of Life of Agony. The Sound is good, clear and clean, cool riffs and a nice big boomy drum sound. It’s good grungy stoner metal, compared to Melvins, High on Fire and Sabbath on the bio sheet. You may hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Hyra Head
57:56 – 8 Tracks
Right off the bad, the bio compares them to Isis. Now when I see that, I think, blech. But, as an objective radio type person, I feel obligated to listen to everything I get and listen with an open mind. So, yeah, I put this in and, after I woke up, yawwwwnnn. Just some really distorted guitar graggin’ along with some poppy/rock vocals over it. This is definately not material for the Mosh Pit.

42:07 – 11 Tracks
I’m familiar with this band name, and some of their music in the past, and the only thing that I remember is that I didn’t really care for them too much, but as I said before, I have to be impartial when first listening… This is alright. Just pretty much straight ahead hard rockin’ stuff. Kind of grungy, plodding, stoner-metaley, yet still in your face. Some tracks have some pretty cool grooves and stuff. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Black Sabbath
“The Devil Cried”
20:44 – 4 Tracks
This is a single/sampler from the Dio Years box set type thing, and well, the reunion that is called Heaven and Hell. This song though is about what you’d expect from Dio/Sabbath. Good stuff. You’ll hear this on the Pit!

A Trilogy Part 2
54:30 – 9 Tracks
The original singer from Dream Theater comes back with his latest solo effort. It sounds pretty good. It’s still prog-metal though. He has that kind of higher screamy voice. The music is crisp and clean, not too crazy complex. The music is very similar to Dream Theater, so you pretty much know what you’re gettting here. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

There’s more stuff that’s supposed to be here this week, but it’s not!

69 Eyes, Mendeed, Sirenia, Manowar, Infernaeon…  So, maybe we’ll have that for next week or yet this week !!

New stuff this week 2/26/07

Napalm Records
42:55 – 9 Tracks
This starts off as yet another heavier band with a soft voiced female vocalist… similar to Lacuna Coil. Then it’ll kick in with some cool death metal growls here and there. The music is pretty good

The Hinderers
Roadrunner Records
48:23 – 13 Tracks
This release has it all. Black metal, industrial, thrash, everything good in metal. The production is crisp and tight, drums are a little too triggered on some tracks, but it’s just a cool CD. As I said, it has black metal elements, mix in some of the better stuff from Chimaira, Exodus, you name it. On track 11, “Dead on the Dance Floor,” it starts off with some techno-dance beat, add some guitar, and eventually it just kicks in to some speedy thrash metal. It’s just neat how it all mixes together so well. You will hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Goodbye To Gallows
Victory Records
29:32 – 10 Tracks
This is pretty much the new wave of metalcore sound. Not so much in the way of whiney choruses, just pretty all out heavy, with some cool breakdowns here and there. In place of the whiney chorus, it’s just some angry-type shouting. It’s not too bad, You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit

Leng Tch’e
Relapse Records
39:48 – 16 Tracks
This is pretty thrashy, grindy, and deathy. The bio sheet mentions they have more death metal riffage added to their grind assault. Since I don’t remember their old albums, this is pretty cool, it’s a bit more metalled up Napalm Death. There is some complex riff and drum combos here too. The cookie monster vocals mixed along with the screams make it work pretty well. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

November’s Doom
The Novella’s Reservoir
The End Records
46:01 – 8 Tracks
Chicago’s doom metallers are back with a new album. This time around they don’t seem to be screwing around so much. It’s much more of a death metal release than their slow Opeth-like music. Since I prefer heavier stuff in general, this is a welcome CD. It’s heavy, thrashing, yet melodic in parts, as a lot of November’s Doom stuff has been. This might be my favorite release from these guys in a long time! You will hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Point One
“Monochrome Mistress”
Adrenaline Music Group
3:40 – 1 Track
Just another single from these guys. It’s a pretty straightforward hard rock band. Seems like a lot of fun and all, but the Mosh Pit is more about metal. If there’s time, we might get around to playing this… but don’t count on it.

Shadows Fall
“Redemption” Single
Atlantic Records
Well, one song from Shadows Fall from their forthcoming album. What can I say, it’s Shadows Fall. There’s nothing really new here, a lot of singing, some great riffing, drumming, etc. It’s just a stereotypical Shadows Fall song. I wish I could say more! You’ll still hear it on the Mosh Pit!

Type O Negative
“The Profits Of Doom” Single
15:27 – 2 Tracks
Finally! Type O Negative is back! This cd is just the 10+ minute album version and an edit. It is classic Type O though. If you liked any other Type O Negative, I think you’ll like this. It’s got some heavier parts, and some more droney jam-type parts. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

New stuff this week 2/19/07

Not a whole lot of new stuff this week.  I would have to assume that since it’s technically a holiday (President’s Day) that some of the record labels held back as mailings and some offices are closed today.  Some great death metal though, Aborted and Dying Fetus are my faves for the week!
Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
Century Media
42:41 – 11 Tracks
These Belgians are back! Until I read the bio, I didn’t know they were from Belgium. I should have known, since, well, I’m part Belgian too! This is a melodic brutal fast and furious death metal album. I would have to say they could be lumped right up there with Vader and Behemoth in sure intensity. They’ve got some great melodic, yet still sickeningly heavy breakdowns. Everything is right on here, right down to a guest vocal performance from Jeff Walker (Carcass) You will hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Dying Fetus
War Of Attrition
36:50 – 8 Tracks
Well, what can you say, it’s a new release from one of the best of Death Metal these days. Fast, intense, crazy playing. It’s an all out slaughter from beginning to end. If you like speedy quick chugga chugga cookie monster with moshability… then this is for you. Just a wall of thrashin’ death metal coming full force. The production is clean, so you can pick out all of the little nuances through out. Of course you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Six Points of Direction
35:01 – 11 Tracks
This is pretty fast/heavy. These guys are from central (flat) Illinois. They have a pretty straightforward thrash sound, with a twinge of the heavier Slipknot. Great riffs, heavy presentation, pretty cool vocals and some intense drumming. This is the kind of stuff you can never get enough of, a wall of heavy thrash coming at you! For being on a smaller label and a first national release, the production is pretty good, it’s got some great low end which will make your subwoofers thump. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

The Showdown
Temptation Come My Way
Mono vs. Stereo
47:55 – 12 Tracks
This is their second album, and it’s just short of being real heavy metal. It’s got some great hooks, melodies, guitar solos, etc. A bit like Load-era Metallica. Since there aren’t many other new releases this week, you’ll hear it on the Mosh Pit this week. If you like it, e-mail or call and say so!

From our package from Greece…. next week and the week after, some new releases from Epitomite Productions out of Illinois.

The Wisdom Machine
Burning Star
53:48 – 10 Tracks
A pretty straight ahead metal album.  Nothing too groundbreaking.  The production is fairly clean, some just plain guitar stuff, some thrashy drumming, average, plain vocals.  It’s something you may hear on the Mosh Pit
…And The Rest Is Silence
Burning Star
44:48 – 12 Tracks
Technical Power Metal from Italy.  First thought, is that the bottom end (bass) almost sounds distorted.  They have a little bit of Dream Theater musical feel.  The singer is a bit more like Fabio from Rhapsody.  The music does get heavier than Dream Theater, at least a little more thrashy in some parts.  You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.
I Suffer Inc.
Chronicles of Lost Purity
Burning Star
46:49 – 12 Tracks
Another band from Italy, this is some okay metalcore.  Since it’s new in that part of the world, they have a pretty good take on it.  The production seems a bit on the lower budget side (using a computer).  The playing and aggressiveness sounds great though.  Some cool shreddy guitar solos, and definitely a bigger death and black metal influence than anything else.  This might be worthy of some airplay!

New stuff this week 2/12/07

Well, here’s the new stuff for the week.  Some great stuff, some okay stuff, and some stuff from an Indie label in Greece!  As always tune in and request stuff you want to hear!

51:43 – 11 Tracks
They are back! A new label, new attitude and it sounds heavy and great. For a band that I used to just not like at all, I’ve come to like Chimaira. They just sound like they go all out, with a groove and great intensity. Apparently, they didn’t get along with Roadrunner towards the end, as they split with them and found Ferret (also In Flames’ new label). They mention in their bio that they have this newfound freedom and motivation. The first title track just starts off fast and fierce as if they had their own resurrection. It’s good stuff and you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!’

Comeback Kid
33:14 – 11 Tracks
The name of this band wants me to think they are like Fall Out Boy, but they really aren’t. It’s pretty much straight ahead metal-hardcore stuff. Some melodic hooks and whatnot. Nothing really special there. It’s new metal though, so you’ll probably hear it on the Mosh Pit!

Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
Metal Blade
66:03 – 13 Tracks
Their crazy eclectic all over the place, yet complex sound and tech-metal doesn’t fail to please. There aren’t many bands out there like this. The bio says they “may be Steve Vai’s answer to tech-metal” It’s just crazy stuff, produced all nice and clean and crisp. It’s definitely something to check out, so tune in!

Alabama Thunderpussy
Open Fire
42:54 – 11 Tracks
It’s that time again, time for another A.T. album. As always, it’s a pretty catchy, riff, shred and rock out fest. If you like BLS, then I’m sure you know of Alabama Thunderpussy. They aren’t doing anything new, but what they do, they do well. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Jack Knife Rendezvous
40:19 – 12 Tracks
Yet another hard rockin’ band just rockin’ out! All pretty much straight ahead hard rock, nothing too special. As a band from Germany, they do have something different than a lot of bands that sound like this. They do have a little bit of a Motorhead sound. You may hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Fu Manchu
We Must Obey
Century Media
36:29 – 11 Tracks
Kings of stoner metal, heavy, meaty riffage. The tunes are catchy and i get the munchies just listening to it. You’ll hear it on the Mosh Pit!

We got a package of stuff from Greece again… six new cds… I’ll put a couple in each week for the next couple of weeks…

Blessing In The Skies
Burning Star
56:44 – 12 Tracks
1980’s metallers, Axemaster have re-released their 1987 album. It’s a straightforward metal sound that seems to stand the test of time. The production is a bit low-budget, so it’s not apparent that there’s any heavy duty remastering here. But it’s nice to hear a blast from the past with a “newish” release.

Burning Star
52:20 – 10 Tracks
Melodic, symphonic black metal from Israel.  At first thought, this has the production of the old school Scandinavian black metal of 10 years ago.  It’s fast, furious, intense and technical.  Some great shredding, the songs are put together well and it’s a little bit different than a lot of the music of this genre.  You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Art of Simplicity
Caught In This Iless Storm
Burning Star
57:57 – 9 Tracks
This is a prog-metal band from Greece.  They have a bit of a Pain of Salvation sound, but throw in a violin and some not so great production.  It sounds a bit over processed, or that they did it on their own computer.  It isn’t breaking any new ground, but the violin does make it a little different than some stuff in the prog-metal genre.  You may hear this a bit on the Mosh Pit.