New Stuff this week

All Riot
Victory Records
36:45 — 11 Tracks
Sounds kind of like the normal run of the Metal-core stuff that’s out these days. Good sounding screamy growls, melodic choruses, guitar melodies. I’m probably too old to like this, as it sounds “EMO” when it’s not being heavy. Good solid production.
You will hear this on the Mosh Pit this week and probably in the future.

This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart
Ferret Records
36:18 — 12 Tracks
CD starts off all whiney with just guitars, I’m hoping this is an intro! Whew… growls kick in right on track 2. Pretty aggressive metalcore sound with the barking vocals and sound double bass thrown in. And there we go with the whiney emo chorus. Pretty decent, sounds fairly similar to the Waterdown, then again, this sound is pretty overdone these days, so a LOT of bands sound like this.
You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit tonight, and possibly in the weeks to come.

New stuff from Wicked Wisdom and Switched were supposed to be here, but they’re probably in the mail.

Saving the best for last:

Dimmu Borgir
Nuclear Blast
47:24 — 10 Tracks (Promo sleeve)
Fully re-recorded version of Dimmu’s 2nd release. At the time, they didn’t have the dough for decent production, but it was still a great release. They decided to re-record with their current lineup and it sounds great! This is my favorite CD of the week, and so far, duh, the best of the year. Normally I’m not a fan of re-releases, but given the original recording of this and that I like Dimmu Borgir, this is a welcome release.
You will hear this on the Mosh Pit this week and definately in the weeks to come.

Mike's 2005 Year In Review

Here are Mike’s (The Book’s) top lists of 2005….

Overall Top 10 (in no particular order)
Arch Enemy — Doomsday Machine
Soilwork — Stabbing The Drama
Dew Scented — Issue VI
Sentenced — Funeral Album
Byzantine — …And They Shall Take Up Serpents
System of a Down — Mezmerize/Hypnotize
Watch Them Die — Bastard Son
Dream Theater — Octavarium
Soulfly — Dark Ages
Exodus — Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Death and Black Metal List (in no particular order)
Summon — Fallen
Behemoth — Demigod
Dark Tranquillity — Character
Children of Bodom — Are We Dead Yet?
Opeth — Ghost Reveries
Old Man’s Child — Vermin
Cryptopsy — Once Was Not
Nile — Annihilation of the Wicked
Obituary — Frozen In Time
Bloodbath — Nightmares Made Flesh

Best Metalcore (in no particular order)
Between The Buried And Me — Alaska
Still Remains — Love And Lunacy
Agony Scene — Darkest Red
Madball — Legacy
Throwdown — Vendetta

Best Prog/Power Metal (in no particular order)
Kamelot — Black Halo
Nevermore — This Godless Endeavor
Brainstorm — Liquid Monster
Judas Priest — Angel of Retribution
Helloween — Keeper of the Seven Keys III

Best Live Performances
Strapping Young Lad
Iron Maiden
Arch Enemy
Dream Theater
Children of Bodom
Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Worst Live Performances
Fear Before The March Of Flames (Sounds of the Underground)
It Dies Today (opened for Fear Factory)
Robert Fripp (opened for Porcupine Tree)

Honorable Mentions
Apocalyptica — Reflections
Porcupine Tree — Deadwing
Chimaira — Chimaira
God Forbid — IV: Constitution of Treason
Avenged Sevenfold — City of Evil
Candlemass — Candlemass