New Stuff This Week… 5/21/18

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May 202018

Burn the Priest
Legion XX
Epic Records
We’ve heard a few of the singles out already, so we have an idea of how this one is gonna go… They’re staying true to the originals while adding a little bit of their own sound to it… which when you’re doing a similar genre is the right way to go… right?

Gimme the Keys (single)
Weathermaker Music
First taste of the new Clutch, big monster grooves, killer riffs, not super fast and heavy and not too slow, just right there, catchy as catchy can be!

From Beyond
The Band From Beyond
Candlelight Records
Big sound, big doomy classic hard rock. Maybe a little bit of an Alice in Chains thing going on too.

Owl Company
Pieces (single)
Eclipse Records
This is some kind of groove metal that reminds me of Godsmack or something a bit lighter, probably perfect for commercial radio though.

The Aftermath
Napalm Records
One of those euro fe-metal bands, but this one is most like Epica, as the music tends to be a bit heavier. This one is their first album in 7 years and the first with now two vocalists (Liv Christine is now a permanent member — the other singer, Carmen is her sister)

Nuclear Blast USA
Big meaty stoner metal, a bit like spiritual beggars but like, more full

Bleeding Through
Love Will Kill All
Sharptone Records
As with their previous stuff… it’s good heavy metalcore, a bit of technicality, and in this case, the melodic parts are decent too.

Downfall Of Mankind
Napalm Records
This is a cool extreme blackened death metal / melodic death metal thing. Catchy brutal grooves. All female!

Architects Of Chaoz
(R) Evolution
Metalville Records
Basic classic metal, maybe reminds me a litte bit of WASP. Big powerful voice, just normal cassic riffage

The Ocean
Rhyacian: Untimely Meditations (2017 Version)
Metal Blade Records
11 May 2018

Spock’s Beard
Noise Floor
More personnel changes… lost the drummer, but Nick D’Vriglio is back as a hired gun. This album doesn’t have too much epic old school prog on it… it has a lot of 80’s Kansas sound and then some old school Genesis as we dig deeper… I’ve always been a fan, so this is good for me!

AFM Records
Modern metal, fun, you know that band that was the Scandanavian “gwar”? Well, it’s more of a melodic classic metal with fun crazy lyrics. good stuff.

Kind of thrashy groove metal, a Motorhead loud feeling, but more groove and more extreme, like a blackened thrashy Motorhead? LOL good stuff, as it floats into some Melodic death too

Når Avgrunnen Åpnes
Good old extreme black metal, good melodies, harsh vox and cold cold cold!!

Netrayoni (2018)
Argonauta Records
Lots of post metal doomy noise.

Melan Selas
Reon LP
Iron Bonehead
An old school raw thrashy black metal mix up. Some grooves, some melodies and good old raw black metal.

Emptiness Fills The Void
Non Serviam Records
WOw, this is one of those… oh, gee, wonder what crap this will be… well, after a play, it’s a nice surprise, kind of a melodic death mixing great classic death metal and a little black metal darkness with just straight up catchy melodic death. Great stuff!

Skuggorna Kallar
A kind of dark, depressive doomy blackened death metal. More of a doomy black metal feel wiht the occastional death metal thing

Blackest Horizon
Everlasting Spew Records
This seemed like it’d just be death metal, but then kind of morphed into some technical melodic/blackend death metal, cool stuff.

Abhor (Italy)
Occulta religiO LP/CD/TAPE
Iron Bonehead
We have some raw blackened death metal. Production is a bit lo-fi.

Gnostic Holocaust (CD)
Hells Headbangers
We had this last October from Iron Bonehead… same thing I said then… “Brutal dark death metal with a bit of a black metal thing going on ”

Face Off
Transcending Records
Some laid back chilled out femaled fronted rock.

CARNIFEX (Finland)
Pathological Rites
Xtreem Music
The writeup with this release says:
“Finnish death metal band CARNIFEX – NOT the horrible, trendy US deathcore outfit – is going to see all their demo recordings from ’91 to ’93 officially reissued on CD through XTREEM MUSIC under the title of Pathological Rites.”
And it’s some good technical old school death metal. The production is a little rwaw, but not too bad.

Ritual Necromancy
Disinterred Horror
Dark Descent Records
Brutal and intense and dark death metal. Leaning a little into the black metal realm. We’ve got some long tracks that just follow a dark and evil path.

Osmose Productions
This has a thrashy brutal death and grindy black metal thing, yeah that’s right… all that and some classic metal on top of it to boot! This has it all in the same song even!

Rock Of Angels Records
Classic metal, a sort of Maiden/Priest-light. I’d say a lot more maiden feel.

Majesty of Silence
Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht
Rockshots Records/ Extreme Metal Music
Black metal with a modern symphonic/epic/atmospheric sound. It’s a Swiss black metal duo that makes this evil and dark sound. Good stuff.

Supreme Carnage
Morbid Ways to Die
Redefining Darkness Records (N. America) | Raw Skull Records (Europe)
With a band name like this, it’s just what you hope it would be. Grooving brutal death metal…. Great stuff.

Band: Gunjack
Album: Totally Insane
Label: Sliptrick Records
It’s been a little time now that we’ve been receiving stuff from Sliptrick records, and it’s become the norm for it to be good stuff! Good production, some variance of hard rock/metal that doesn’t suck. This is some more hard rock type stuff… This has a bit of a heavier Motorhead vibe.

Cult Of A Dying Sun
Classic heavy black metal, melodic parts, cold guitars, shrieky vox… more of a full wall of sound production though (rather than some old school echo chamber type stuff)

At the Gates of the Gods
Self Released
Sounds like something wasn’t mastered, just a very raw recording of something that could be promising classic metal. Vox seem to be more announced as voice over.

In the Air Tonight (single)
Self Released
Same as above… and yes this is the Phil Collins song. vox are quite weird as a narration style. Meh.

Mission from Hell
Pitch Black
Great catchy classic metal. Not much more to say, it’s metal, it’s catchy, it’s not brutal, or cold, or epic, or anything fancy, just good solid metal. Clean vox, good riffs and stuff.

Into The Dying of Time
This is some cool epic melodic death metal, a bit of a fast dragonforce thing but a bit blind guardian, and more brutal stuff too

Anthem For Resistance
Melodic death metal, with a bit of a proggy and Amorphis thing going on… Good stuff.

The Insane Slave
The Insane Slave
Raising Legends
Melodic hard rock, clean vox, a little bit of a stoner doomy feel

Band: Ancient Oak Consort
Album: Hate War Love
Label: Revalve records
Proggy hard rock, kind of an actual folk prog rock in parts, getting into some heavier metal stuff

Pink Cocoon
Jammy stoner metal, big meaty riffs with a pretty “live” sound.

Walk Through The Fire
Self REleased (online Metal promo)
Classic metal, good stuff, decent grooves, not too heavy, not too slow, just good ol metal.

Solid melodic death, poking a bit into some black metal, a bit technical, a full symphonic keyboard sound too. Pretty cool stuff.

Liquid Anatomy
Season of Mist
Progressive Death metal, brutal and meaty sound with huge grooves while amazingly being proggy and technical. While monster grooves are going on, you have some sick solos, just pretty cool stuff.

Suffer to Abuse
Season of Mist
Quick short tracks on this EP, Brutal grindcore… not super fast and in your face, but holding back a little in some parts for some grooves to get through.

Season of Mist
I guess you could throw this into the blackened death/thrash metal pile. It’s got pretty even elements of all three, doing all three good justice. Keeping the Evil Black metal style with meaty brutal hooks on a good catchy thrashy pace.

New Stuff This Week… 5/14/18

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May 132018

Artist: Babymetal
Album: “Distortion”
Label: Babymetal Records/Cooking Vinyl
A new single from these girls/guys… great music, heavy, brutal, modern with the “Baby” (now women) vox in the Japanese Kpop style… unmistakeably Baby Metal.S

One of those bands that helped lay the original death metal groundwork is back with their first album in 3 years. It’s brutal, fast, technical and grooving too. Great stuff!

Nils Partik Johansson
Evil Deluxe
Metalville Records
This is the singer from Astral Doors doing a solo thing. He’s got a great power metal voice with some raspy edge. This album is a prog/power metal thing with the big voice happening.

At The Gates
To Drink From The Night Itself
Century Media Records
Just the three singles so far, the newest, “Dggers of black haze” is a bit more down tempo and melodic, but still heavy, dark and harsh

House Of Doom (EP)
Napalm Records
In the one single I have here, it’s big meaty doom but with melodic metal-ness… it is the HOUSE OF DOOM!!

One track in, I was ready to say it was just a cool groove metal type thing, but as you go deeper, it’s a bit less heavy and more melodic and just a hard rock thing… good n catchy though!

Parkway Drive
Epitaph Records
A bit metalcore, a bit more of a mainstream hard rock/metal feel, and actually some proggy metal feeling too

Knelt Rote
Alterity LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Big wall of sound brutal death metal… to the point of almost too much wall of sound… but, really just fast and brutal stuff.

Sepulchral Chants DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Kind of a raw blackened death metal, dark and evil.

Sect Pig
Crooked Backs MLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Pretty much one track of grindy atmospheric post metal with pig squeal sounding vox…

Flame Acausal
Contra Mundum in Aeternum CD
Blood Harvest
Raw blackened thrashy death metal. Four tracks of fast and furious

The Years of Harsh Truths And Little Lies… (2018)
Brutal, kind of blackened death/thrash, a little Sepultura stuff happening, otherwise, just great brutal and catchy death metal

Spiral Skies
Blues For A Dying Planet
AOP Records
A classic old school doom, almost like a doomy Jefferson Airplane, female vox, but with a cool atmospheric catchy rock thing with some sabbath thrown in.

Nihil Eyes
Black Path
Brutal catchy death metal, a little bit of a “blackened” edge going on too.

Transcending Records
Brutal death metal with some black metal feels. Technical/frenetic musically… cool stuff

Band: Khasm
Album: Trinity
Label: Sliptrick records
Death metal with a thrashy thing going on, or is it a thrash metal with a death metal thing going on? Either way it’s heavy

Born in the Streets 1983/1984
F.O.A.D. Records
Old school and raw demos from their first recordings and even before that as their original name LA Kaos. Very old/raw recordings.

Heroes Don’t Ask Why
Sound of a broken heart
Self Released
Kind of a modern standard “metal” thing, A little grooving, a little AOR, a little melodic modern hard rock type stuff.

Serene Dark (formerly Endemise)
Dualitatem (single)
Symphonic extreme black metal, screamy and growly vox, melodic and brutal

Massive Scar Era
Color Blind (single)
Female fronted melodic proggy hard rock, clean vox, then oooo some harsh vox too!

High Council
Held In Contempt
Via Nocturna
A sort of classic metal meets modern grooving hard rock. Melodic vox, a catchy basic metal base.

The Shiva Hypothesis
Ouroboros Stirs
Blackened Death Metal… great grooves, catchy brutal riffs. Some of this gets a bit more um, melodic and folkie

Season of Mist
Ambient electronic type stuff with chanty type vox.

Season of Mist
The first live album of the same as above….

Anubi Press
A little metalcore, a bit screamy… some just a little doomy in parts too… overall though, it’s some modern metalcore

In Vain
Self Released
Released: Friday, September 29th 2017
This would be in a heavy thrash category to me…. There’s a bit of a euro heavy power metal influence in the sound, but just heavier!

The Room
Universal Music MENA
Prog metal with a bit of an industrial/symphonic thing going on too. Virtuostic guitar work, great vox, self described as a “modern fusion of Film-score, industrial metal, and progressive metal.”

Release: Circenses
Tightrope Walk on the Ground
Record label: Inverse Records
Proggy death metal, meedly good guitar guitar work, barked out vox, a melodic/symphonic undertone, so, technical melodic death type stuff. Good stuff!

Season of Mist
An experimental/prog metal thing happening here, a bit chilled out, female vox, some growly vox, some straight up metal, some darker goth metal, usually all pretty proggy though. Very dynamic, lots of differnt metal stuff going on. Great stuff.

Artist: Burn the Priest
Single: “I Against I”
Label: Epic Records
bad brains cover, this one was a little tougher to pick out as “oh, listen, it’s Lamb of God doing a cover” Had its own feel and sound to me.

New Stuff This Week… 5/7/18

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May 052018

Kings Among Scotland
Live album recorded from Scotland… Great sound, you can feel the live-ness with great production. Good setlist mix of old Joey stuff and new Joey stuff… still a shame that Joey doesn’t do more Bush era songs

“Honeycomb” (single)
An 11 minute single of blackened metalcore type stuff as they do well. This one, maybe a bit long, but halfway through it really lightens up to become more of acoustic atmospheric rock thing.

As The World Dies
Rivet Records
Classic metal with a thrashy feel, big screamy metal voice

Luca Princiotta Band
Rough Blue
Metalville Records
A good solid classic guitar based hard rock metal thing. A few tracks have that guitar god instrumental thing going on. Oones with vox seem to have more of a bluesy rock vibe.

Tales From Lake Bodom
Nuclear Blast USA
Back to where they belong… they had a few albums in the middle there that were shaky, but these guys know what works for them and they got it going on again for this album! Can’t wait to see them live.

Long Claw
Pavement Music
This has a doomy Sabbath/Clutch/Zakk Wylde thing going on. Vox sound just like Zakk. (not as many pinch harmonics). Good catchy hard rockin’ songs

Dead Season
Dissonances Music
A cool melodic death album, some good deep heavy grooves while mixing in lots of classic metal stuff, going brutal heavy and classic metal light

Classic brutal cookie monster death metal. big grooves, but brutal too.

Beneath Ancient Portals CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
A good meaty melodic classic grooving death metal band/album.

Hades Rising
Black Lion Records
Classic thrash with a big heavy edge. Great stuff.

We’re talking some great brutal grooving death metal here.

Kolme Toista LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Mostly post metal and death metal/black metal noise. meh.

Lizard Secrets
Fighter Records
Classic metal leaning towards power metal.

Sealed Shut
Boris Records
Classic old school death metal with a black metal thing going on too

Reverorum ib Malacht
Im Ra Distare Summum Soveris Seris Vas innoble
Chaotic and atmospheric and just plain out there style black metal.

Band: Katari
Album: Ave, Rex Ivdaeorvm!
Genre: Black Metal
Label: From Deepest Records
Good old school raw black metal. Some dark grooves, it’s not just all low-fi and cold. Just raw, dark and evil.

Melancholia Records
A sort of metalcore thrash-ish type thing. It’s got proggy technical stuff going on, has that melody sound of a modern metalcore, but a little bit of a Dillinger Escaple Plan craziness (not quite as crazy)… decent stuff.

Lo Sabbat
Sliptrick records
This is some pretty cool folk metal, it’s really just simply that, Folk Metal. It’s got all that bouncy accordion folkie flute stuff, but a great driving catchy metal thing going on. Great stuff.

Ruach Raah
Under the Insignia of Baphomet
War Arts Productions
A brutal black metal type thing. Dark, cold, evil and some good riffage/grooves/brutality

Demon Head
The Resistance
The Sign Records
Kind of an alternative/stoner rock. meh.

Band: Kroda
Album: Selbstwelt
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Pagan Folk Black Metal
Label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: April 30, 2018

Band: Autarcie
Album: Seqvania
Label: Purity Through Fire
This is some basic black metal, but not quite all fast and blast beats… a bit more doomy and dark with some black n roll grooves.

Gus G.
AFM Records
Solid hard rockin’ classic metal. now that he’s released from the Ozzy band, he’s got free time to do “stuff” again!

Can’t be Seen by Looking: Blurring the Lines, Clouding the Truth
Stonefellowship Recordings
Not to be confused with a bunch of other bands with the same name, this is the prog metal version based in Colorado. They’ve got Mark Zonder playing drums, and have a good mix of classic prog metal type stuff with more of a solid hard rockin’ prog type thing

Through Fire… In The Sun
Sliptrick records
blackened melodic death metal, great mix of all three. A heavy thrashy brutal edge, then keeping it heavier with harsh black metal-ish vox and a good underlying overall melodic feel.

Immortal Sÿnn
Machine Men
Self Released
Thrashy, fun classic metal great catchy grooves and just good metal.

New Stuff This Week…. 4/30/18

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Apr 292018

Candlelight Records
Ihsahn’s stuff has just been getting more and more proggy and this fits right in, first track leans more into black metal, but track 2 just full on prog metal right off the bat. Were leaning more into melodic and slowed down prog rock in parts too.

Dust Into Gold
SPV Records
Kind of an old school classic or “Accept” type metal. It has a bit of a Priest meets Accept type thing going on.

Bullet For My Valentine
Metal Radio EP
Spinefarm Records
An ep of a couple of their latest songs for their tour with Trivium and Toothgrinder. Decent modern metalcore from these veterans.

Burn the Priest
Epic Records
From the covers ep/album BtP Not too familiar with the original, but this song sound cool with some real Lamb of God standard sound going on.

“Country Heroes”
Napalm Reocrds
A little nervous about a real metal band doing an homage to some favorite country music… but, they stay true to Devildriver’s sound for the most part with an underlaying of a country feel. it’s alright.

Rats (single)
Loma Vista
Classic Ghost, heavy without being brutal, creepy without being cheesy, it’s the same formula, but it doesn’t get old with me for some reason.

Dimmu Borgir
Nuclear Blast USA
Some say it’s too symphonic, or polished, as i listen to the whole thing now, there some some bits where yeah overall this whole thing is polished and Epic… but there are those black metal parts that are just techy dark cold stuff that reminds you where this band came from and that they are always evolving… I like what I’m hearing.

Freak (Single)
Kind of a nu-metal modern metal type thing, reminds me a lot of Korn.

Artist: Orange Goblin
Single: “Sons of Salem”
Label: Candlelight
Good grooving stoner metal

Fen of Shadows (single)
Prosthetic Records
The album doesn’t come out til July, but we have this single and it has all that cool stuff we’ve always loved about this band, a vocal abrasiveness, melodic and catchy yet heavy music. This track is pretty long, so there’s a bit more doomy undertone to it.

Metal Blade Records
a heavy brutal-ish metal, IT has that Death Metal feel, while having a melodic thrashy death thing going on too

Eclipse Records
Female fronted hard rock, catchy and interesting, but more of an alt hard rock and not much metal.

End Times
Dry Cough Records / At War With False Noise / DGRecords / Medusa Crush Recordings.
Two tracks, 20+ minutes each, sludgy nowhere going noise. Sorry, not for me.

Death Monolith
Dunkelheit Produktionen
Not sure if my files were cooked, or the music/production was that bad. Lots of screechy noise, lo-fi black metal hammering. make it stop.

Raven Throne
I Miortvym Snicca Zolak
Non Serviam Records
Melodic and classic black metal. A good groove while maintaining that cold black metal evilness.

Professor Black
You Bastard!
Classic metal/hard rock, maybe a little early Motley Crue type sound.

Shadow Syndicate
Classic big grooving death metal with great melodic death stuff too.

Death. Void. Terror.
To the Great Monolith I LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
A couple of 17+ minute tracks of shrieky old school black metal. Lots of noise, lots post metal noise.

Scale and Probability
Eat Lead and Die Music
Kind of a slower just straight up doomy thing

Aion Sitra Ahra LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
More epic doomy black/death metal.

Die Sonne Satans
Post metal noise… sound effects, doomy post metal sounds, meh.

Stars Wept to the Sea
Avantgarde Music
Symphonic and atmospheric blackened dark type metal

Neige Et Noirceur
Vent Fantôme
Avantgarde Music
A couple of 22 minute tracks of post metal type noise.

Released to Chaos
Visionaire Records
A good catchy sort of technical classic death metal. good stuff.

The Sloths
Eternal Sound
Classic rock/Rockabilly type stuff… more for oldies than anything.

Band: Fallen Angels
Album: Even Priest Knows
Label: Sliptrick records
A little bit foa an 80’s glam sound, mixed with just some classic metal.

Orgullo Nativo
Entre el campo de batalla
Morbid Skull Records
A raw extreme thrash type thing

Album: Ozymandias
Label: Eclectic productions
Brutal grindy death metal with short tracks and no messing around.

The Slyde
Described as the “next Rush”… more because the singer has a Geddy-like voice and their genre is a big on the proggy hard rock side of things. No, theese guys won’t be the next rush, but they remind me a little of that proggy band “3” from a few years ago.

New Stuff This Week… 4/23/18

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Apr 222018

Artist: Deafheaven
Song: Honeycomb
Label: Anti-
An 11 minute single of blackened metalcore type stuff as they do well. This one, maybe a bit long, but halfway through it really lightens up to become more of acoustic atmospheric rock thing.

A Perfect Circle
Eat The Elephant
I’m not sure I can take this one for too long. A big slow, depressing but kind of straight rock type stuff, maybe again, like some depressing sad Porcupine Tree stuff.

Artist: Yob
Single: “The Screen”
Label: Relapse
9 minutes of doomy post metal… sludgey

Artist: TesseracT
Album: Sonder
Label: KScope
Mostly melodic and laid back prog type stuff, kind of more like a Porcupine Tree in pacing, maybe a bit more lower end to have a little heavier feel.

Angelical Tears
Once Upon A Time (Single)
Starts off as some kind of proggy modern metal, then the clean operattic type female vox kick in and it slows down a notch.

Big Tings
Napalm Records
We’ve always had a little spot for Skindred on the Mosh Pit with their mix of metal and world-ish music… this one seems a bit more raw mixing things up

Shrine of the Serpent
Entropic Disillusion
Memento Mori
Sludgey deathy doom.

Downfall of the Apostates
Dark Descent Records
Brutal grooving death metal. Classic heavy stuff with some techy things happening too.

Lucifer’s Factory
Metal Nation
Classic power metal type stuff. A bit of a thrash edge in some parts, so traditional/classic metal hitting a little heavier

Cardiac Arrest (U.S.)
A Parallel Dimension of Despair
Memento Mori
Classic brutal meaty death metal. Great stuff.

Husk CD
Blood Harvest
Blackened thrashy death metal. Great catchniess, brutality and technical too. Good stuff.

Wrath of the Wilds
Black Lion Records
Brutal melodic death metal… more on the heavier brutal side of things, but a black metal melody really keeping it interesting. cool stuff!

Osmose Productions
Dooomy long tracks, not quite all down tempo depressing, there’s some faster stuff, kind of a little melodic black metal feel, but overall a post-metal thing with lots of meedly

East of Sun
Cruz Del Sur Music
A little thrashy, classic metal, vox have a little bit of an Axl Rose meets metal singer feel.

A Funeral for the World
Cruz Del Sur Music
Classic metal, a bit of a Queensryche feel vocally in parts… music is a bit more melodic and not too heavy, just a good classic metal with a big voice.

A Call to Arms
Gates of Hell Records
This is some classic metal, but with a heavier edge to it. Really old school thrash feel… Production is a bit “old school” but not too awful to where it’s unlistenable. Vox are female, but you would probably never guess… the classic thrash and bit high notes are just metal and transcend any gender!

Widow’s Peak
Graceless (EP)
Brutal death metal but with some technicality in the music. cool stuff.

Gates of Hell Records
late 70’s ish throw back metal, catchy grooves and a cool stoner vibe

Atlantean Symphony
Minotauro Records
Symphonic music, rain falling… waiting for the metal to kick in…And no. No metal. move along..> NEXT!

Moribund Records
Brutal and technical blackened death metal. Heavy and brutal with really no fucking around.

NortherN (formally Cold Northern Vengeance)
Desolate Ways to Ultima Thule
Moribund Records
Classic black metal, a bit of a doomy feel

Carnal Records
Classic black metal but on the melodic side, maybe a little catchy groove too.

Pharaoh Overlord
Ektro / Hydra Head
This one is a bit out there, vox are a sort of shouty growl, music is a but fusion-ish or some sort of experimental prog.

Instrumental prog, mostly guitar based, kind of a Mastodon type thing

Society’s Plague
Call to the Void
Eclipse Records
Kind of a melodic death, good old metalcore… one track has Speed from Soilwork contributing some vox. Rest of the album has a good melodic death edge and catchiness too. Cool stuff.

Shore of the Dead
Xtreem Music
A good grindy extreme thrashy/death metal thing. There’s a cool raw, evilness happening too. Good stuff.

Aura Noir
Aura Noire
Indie Recordings
A grooving thrash with a little blackened death going on.

Bloody Falls
Inverse Records
I’d have to say this is a sort of proggy melodic death, keyboards, melodies, with some harsh vox and more light parts mixed in too… catchy good stuff.

Album: 26
Label: Ashen Dominion
They call it “Pestilent Black Metal Ritual” it’s mostly black metal with some post-metal stuff… I found myself not really in a hurry to turn it off like most post-metal, there’s some good more heavy stuff in one of the two epic tracks and one just had a good ambient feel.

Band: Hukutus
Album: Oksitosiini
Label: My Fate Music
A good heavy thrashy black metal

Substance Rêve
Sliptrick Records
A raw thrash, longer tracks, a bit melodic, technical too.

Loyal To The Soil
Prosthetic Records
Thrashy death metal, big grooves, aggressive and pissed off vox

Salems Lott
Mask of Morality
Red Moon
A bit of a classic metal, maybe sounding like a WASP.

Vile Caliber
A single of some sort of almost hair metal sounding stuff, but like, you know modern day.

Argento Records and Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Wall of sound post-black metal noise

Various Artists
Satan in Love
Svart Records
This is all synth pop stuff… Most stuff on this label is not for metal it seems, but this is kinda funny synth stuff all in Finnish. I passed it to Ryan and Something Wonderful…

Album: A Light In The Dark
Label: Sliptrick Records
Melodic hard rock/classic metal, decent catchy grooves

Demonic Obedience
Fatalistic Uprisal of Abhorrent Creation
Satanath Records/Sevared Records
Classic brutal death metal… good stuff.

Altar of Perversion
Intra Naos
The Ajna Offensive / Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Long songs (the shortest is 13 mins) Mostly atmospheric doomy black metal.

Band: Era Capricorn
Album: I Wander Alone
Atmospheric Melodic metal

Band: Heaving Earth
Album: “Diabolic Prophecies” + “Vision of the Vultures” demo
Label: Eclectic productions
Brtual death metal, good and meaty, barked out cookie monster vox and freight train of drums. Good stuff.

Ends of the Earth
Self Releaesed
Melodic death, but pretty much on the proggy side of this… a bit black metal, some great melodic proggy death metal too, you probably wouldn’t think it’s too extreme til you hear the black metal style vox.

Pure Steel Records
Classic metal, a bit like a Judas Priest, big voice, catchy riffs

Band: La Bottega del Tempo a Vapore
Album: Viaggi inVersi
Label: Revalve records
Some total full on proggy rock/metal, some pretty laid back parts, overall pretty cool.

New Stuff This Week… 4/16/18

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Apr 162018

Tour EP
Profound Lore
Just a new single and a couple tracks to promote their tour… Classic melodic doomy goodness.

Desecration Complex
Self Released
Technical death metal/djent. Pretty proggy, brutal, screamy. Cool stuff!

Life In Exile
Long Branch
Modern melodic metalcore. Mostly decent stuff, a hard driving guitar sound, cool growls, but then melodic vox parts get to be a little too “two steppy” But then it gets all brutal again and stuff… so, yeah.

Return To The East Live
Frontiers SRL
Ofthe two tracks I got, it sounds clean, polished… and after seeeing Dokken live once a whole bunch of years ago, i’d say… no way, studio tricks! But, heck, I wasn’t there, and I don’t know.

God Is An Astronaut
Napalm Records
Laid back alternative doomy post-metal rock.

Kobra And The Lotus
Prevail II
Napalm Records
One of the better just hard rockin’ bands out there these days, catchy songs, good driving hard rock and some awesome female vox.

Feel Great
A kind of grungy, sludgy, noisy, a bit like Helmet or that sort of rock. Raw, loud, in your face.

Cacophony of Terror
Season of Mist
Big meaty death metal, with a doomy pace

The Apostates
Season of Mist
Kind of a blackend melodic death. more black metal that the other stuff, but some dark gloomy melodic parts too

Grave Upheaval
(untitled) DLP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Sludgey wall of sound post doom post metal post me liking any of this.

God Damn Evil
Frontiers SRL
A long intro to the one track we have “God Dam Evil” then into a good hard rockin classic Stryper… then pushing to almost speed metal parts… heaver the better!!

Helldprod Records
Kind of a melodic death but a blackened dooom feel

Summon (Portugal)
Parazv Il Zilittv LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Grindy old school scary death/black metal. Vox are kinda shrieky noise, blast beats and a wall of noise

Beast in the Mist (MCD, MLP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Classic thrash, catchy fast beats, good stuff.

Into Vermilion Mirrors
Invictus / Vrasubatlat
Black metal, kind of a classic cold, wall of evil sound type of black metal.

Pestilent Death (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
SOme raw old school thrashy type stuff, a little really old Slayer-like… maybe getting into some old school black metal too.

Endasálmar og klofnar tungur
Signal Rex
Wall of black metal noise

Ross The Boss
By Blood Sworn
AFM Records
Classic metal from one of the founders of Manowar! Great riffage, some more heavy songs, some more just hard rock type stuff too

Serum Dreg
Lustful Vengeance
Invictus / Vrasubatlat
Kind of old school black metal, kind of a wall of sludgy noise .

Garden Of Hell (CD, LP)
Shadow Kingdom
A basic hard rock doom type thing.

Of Jupiter And Moons
Scarlet Records
Epic proggy power metal with M&F vox

Dagger Lust
Siege Bondage Adverse to the Godhead
Invictus / Vrasubatlat
Call of sludgey noise, maybe black metal, maybe death metal? Muddy production. meh.

Everlasting Spew Records
A couple of 15 minute tracks surrounding a 6 minute track… Mostly post metal doom type stuff with a little deathy/black metal in the middle… still meh.

Argonauta Records
A little doom, some hardcore feel too… overall a depressing gloom but with some decent grooves.

Transcendence (Los Angeles)
Hour of the Summoning TAPE
Blood Harvest
Meaty grooving classic brutal death metal.

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik
By Norse
Seemingly norweigian folk music.

Archaic Sound
Kind of a melodic doom metal, a little doomy and laid back, then the heavier stuff gets in with harsh black metal type vox, eventually musically building up to faster stuff… but overall, a slower doomy blackened metal.

Let it Breathe
Let it Breathe
STB Records
Classic doomy sludge. good stuff.

Desekryptor / Draghkar
Split TAPE/7″ EP
Blood Harvest
Two songs… one from each band… Desekryptor is kind of a just classic black/death metal thing. Draghkar is a blackened thrash type thing, has some potential… but just one track!

Album: Built For Speed
Label: Kornalcielo Records
Kind of thrashy, a little hardcore, guitar solos, catchy and decent stuff.

Doomy folky acoustic stuff.

Carnal Records
A little black metal, a little extreme thrash, some straight up black metal, brutal death metal, lots of little bits of extreme stuff and melodic too… good stuff.

Göbekli Tepe
Self Released Anubi PRess
This is kind of an epic black metal, a bit of a full brutal black metal, but a wall of sound seemingly like old old school Dimmu Borgir.
liking this…

Album: A Light In The Dark
Label: Sliptrick Records
Melodic classic metal type stuff, great catchy hooks, more of a hard rock thing happening, but good easy to listen to classic metal

Band: Tiran
Album: “Apocalyptic Tales”
Extreme thrash stuff, catchy, heavy, decent stuff.

Indie Recordings
This is kind of an industrial black metal, a bit atmospheric, experimental, gothy and modern.

The Ravenous Dusk
Dark Adversary Productions
This is pretty much just creepy background noises.

Beyond Deth
The Age Of Darkness
This is a dark, blackened/melodic death metal. A bit like an Amon Amarth, but a bit more dark and blackened. Great stuff from Chicago!

Album: A Portrait of Memories
Label: Revalve Records
Proggy power metal, more on the power metal side of things, songs are about 5-6ish mins long, big vox, some power ballady type stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 4/9/18

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Apr 082018

Messe Noire: Live Satanist
Metal Blade Records
Well they put on a great live show, it was about time for a live album/dvd. This is the audio, sounds great and brutal just like they do live.

Mix some good extreme melodic death with a little power metal, and you have some excellent Kalmah. As some Children of Bodom elements, but heavier more black metal type stuff too.

Melodic death with a gothy feel… Clean and harsh vox, decent stuff.

Black Satellite
Type O Negative EP
Kind of a modern metalcore type band from NY doing some Type O covers… they sound pretty decent, overall, a kind of modern polished younger kid metal sound.

The Hallowing of Heirdom
atmospheric/ambient folky type stuff.

Kind of symphonic/power metal/melodic death with growly and clean female vox. Good stuff.

The Shadow Theory
Napalm Records
This is one of those bands that I always liked a bit more than a lot of other similar bands, I don’t know, just a heavier edge, a little more melodic, just a bit more and better than others of similar ilk. this track follows that pattern.

The Pain Collection
Cornhrad Records
Just a good solid classic thrash band thing here… good stuff.

The Way We Are
A little thrashy, a pinch of punk, clean-ish vox, big grooves and catchiness

Divebomb Records
Leather Leone from Chastain fame is back with her second solo album. Great solid classic metal with a good hard rockin’ edge

Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records
A little sludgey, kinda stoner metal with a not so serious attitude.

Blood of the Wolf
II: Campaign of Extermination
Blackened death metal along the lines of Behemoth. good stuff.

Evil Hunter
Fighter Records
Classic metal/hard rock. catchy music, high singy raspy/edgy vox, a little bit of an Iron Maiden gallup sound.

Hammer of Heretics
Krucyator Productions
A wall of sound blackened death metal leaning more on the death metal with some sludgey wall of doom too.

Dead City Ruins
Never Say Die
AFM Records
A big hard rockin’ southern bluesy thing. Great punchy production, catchy songs, just good ol solid hard rockin’ stuff.

In Harmony
This is a kind of pop/alt rock. Nnnnnnext!

The Splendid Iniquity
Black Market Metal
kind of a classic brutal death metal with some black metal tones and feel. And… from South Dakota!

Black Mass Pervertor
Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh CD/12″ MLP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
A more of a black and roll black metal, while cold and harsh and all that, we’ve got a cool groove, a bit of a more harsh Satyricon type thing

Skeletal Remains
Devouring Mortality
Dark Descent Records
Heavy, brutal, death metal-ish, Slayer-like, Monster grooves, melodic death, yeah, lots of great stuff.

Napalm For All
Osmose Productions
Melodic blackened death metal, great grooves, heavy edgy sound, a little technical too? yeah. black n roll? yeah that too.

Temple Of Lies
AFM Records
Classic/power metal with super high singy male vox in parts, otherwise, just melodic hard rocking classic metal kind of pushing into AOR territory.

Exhumations Of Death And Horror
Horror Pain Gore Death
Grindy classic horror death metal, decent stuff.

Satanic Surfers
Back From Hell CD/LP
Mondo Macabre
Kind of a surfy punk hard rock maybe hardcore… but mostly punky alt rock.

The Unholy One
Greyhaze Records
Reissue of their 1992 original debut album. Classic death metal. Good crazy cool technical (for its time) stuff.

Tuhon koodi
Svart Records
It’s funny, normally Svart records is all doom, ambient, post stoner, some stuff we don’t usually play. This is Finnish hardcore. Just raw, fast, no wasting time. Cool stuff.

When the Moon Sang Our Songs
Inferna Profundus Records
raw, lo-fi black metal.

Morbid Skull Records
Raw, old school super thrashy black metal. Cool stuff, but not so great production

Album: Heavy Metal Thunderpicking
Label: Sliptrick Records
a good heavy, edgy solid classic metal. A good heavy catchy sound, a heavier edge than just traditional classic metal type stuff.

Avantgarde Music
8 April 2018
A sort of doomy post apocalypic, atmospheric post black metal thing.

Throneum / Empheris / Necrosadist / Witchfuck
“Night of Terror”
(Unpure records, released on February 9th, 2018) –

Behind The Shadows
Become The Apocalypse
Visionaire Records
Just a kind of classic hard rock/metal thing, kind of has that “local band” sound.

Band: Fubar
Album: Weltschmerz
Label: Give Praise Records
A little grindy, punky, thrashy, extreme and kinda brutal too!

Band: Eaten
Album: Self-titled
Give Praise Records
Fast, short grindy brutal tracks. Decent stuff.

The Grind
Sliptrick Records
Classic melodic metal, a good little edge to the guitars, but overall, just a good solid hard rock type thing.

What’s My Name?
New York hard rock band. This single is a little blues hard rock with a shuffly sound.

Madame Mayhem
“War you Started” (single)
HeadBall Records
Single to promote their tour with Sevendust. Just a hard rock/modern metal/commercial metal type thing with female vox.

Wisdom Through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy vol. II
Triumphant Trangression
Two 25+ min tracks of black metal, post metal, doom, atmospheric stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 4/2/18

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Apr 022018

Black Salvation
Uncertainty is Bliss
A bit doomy, a little stoner metal feeling too.

Septic Tank
Rotting Civilisation
Rise Above
Kind of a grindy heavy punk thing. A Pinch of blackend death.

Valis Ablaze
Long Branch Records
Prog metal from the UK, a little classic prog, but working its way into some more djenty-light. Has a little Karnivool/Fair to Midland thing going on.

Killer Machine
Female fronted kind of classic rock type stuff.

Erase Me
Fearless/Concord Music Group
“on my teeth” (single) I guess I haven’t really been on board with this band as it’s too “modern core” for me, but they do have some proggy heavy stuff going on with all of that modern metal stuff… which isn’t quite as singy whiney as I remember. Open mind!!

Paddy And The Rats
Riot City Outlaws
Napalm Records
Kind of an irish folk metal type thing (celtic punk), like a Dropkick Murphys type thing

Tax The Heat
Fed To The Lions
Metalville Records
A really cool hard rock groove happening here. There’s a little AOR type thing, and some just like 70’s rock vibe. A bit of a “commercial” hard rock sound, or just classic rock… Probably not a great fit for the Mosh Pit, but some great rockin’ stuff.

Savage Messiah
Hands Of Fate
Century Media Records
We got a good ol classic metal thing going on here, with touches into thrash

Systemik Viølence
Raw ‘N’ Roll Rex.
Grindy and screamy death metal. quick short songs with no messin’ around.

Northwind Wolves
Dark… Cold… Grim…
Black Lion Records
Extreme metal an epic symphonic type of melodic death. A little dimmu borgir/Cradle of Filth style. Cool stuff.

Eight Coffin Nails
Woodcut records
Classic black metal, meedly guitars, shreiky vox, but a decent melodic groove too.

Mors Subita
Into the Pitch Black
Record label: Inverse Records
Kind of a Soilwork -light of melodic death metal. Good melodies, sort of accessible, but probably not as technical as Soilwork’s newer stuff.

The Negative Bias / Golden Dawn
‘Temple of Cruel Empathy / Lunar Serpent’ Split
Seance Records
Golden dawn is more of a doom metal, The negative bias has the doom thing too, but a bit more black metal

Transition CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
Old school grindy blackened death metal. Dark, evil, yet with a cold groove that makes you headbang a bit to keep warm.

As Time Turns To Dust
Scarlet Records
Female fronted classic metal leaning into some heavier power metal type stuff.

Blood Harvest
Old school blackened death metal.

The Lupine Anathema
Xtreem Music
Good classic old school meaty grooving death metal.

Hail Infernal Darkness
Label: Krucyator Productions
Full on brutal death metal. cool stuff. Meaty thick deathy grooves.

Lecherous Nocturne
Willowtip Records
Good brutal technical blackened death metal. Good melodies, but staying heavy too while all having a proggy technical thing going on

Tightened Noose of Sanctimony
Krucyator Productions
Kind of a grindy and sludgy black metal… while being brutal!

Band: Afterlife Symphony
Album: Lympha
Label: Revalve records
Somehwat symphonic metal, female vocals, a little proggy, otherwise some standard metal with some power metal stuff. too.

Vilsna Andars Boning
Acoustic folky music.

In Absence
Buil2Kill Records
Once in a while you get something that you expect, oh another one of that kind of crap…. once in a while you get something like this. A blackened thrash/melodic death metal type thing. Brutal yet catchy and grooving.

Ordeals / Daethorn
Split TAPE
Blood Harvest
Great! A TAPE… (ironically sent digitally, so the Band Ordeals is up first with 4 songs, all in one mp3 track for review. neat. Good ol classic death metal! And Daethorn is 3 tracks lumped into one mp3 of kind of old school lo-fi-ish black metal.

Inverse Records
They’re calling this genre Northcore… kind of a modern atmospheric “metalcore” is what it seems like, has a bit of an ethereal feel (with female vox surrounding the male growls)

Label: Heidens Hart Records
Melodic classic black metal

Band: Hukutus
Album: Koitus
Self Released
A single of kind of grindy music, melodic, black metal-ish, doom-ish. Fast and a bit melodic too. And a bit of some raw black metal too.

The Bee (single)
Nuclear Blast
Taken from the album “Queen Of Time” This has all of the stuff that makes up classic amorphis, melodies, dark cathy themes, clean vox, harsh vox, keyboards, heavy parts too. Can’t wait for more!

Kamikaze Zombie
Night of the Nuberous
Kind of a melodic death with a bit of a black metal sound… otherwise, grooving melodic death.

A little thrashy, a little hardcore, a little melodic death/death metal grooves.

The Human Race Is Filth
Self Released
Extreme, kind of grindy, fast raw death metal.

New Stuff This Week… 3/26/18

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Mar 252018

Supernatural Alliance
Rise Above
Catchy bluesy stoner metal (more of a hard rock thing). Big catchy riffs and grooves.

Punked up thrashy metal… first album in 14 years, most tracks clock in at under 90 seconds… no messing around.

The Sword
Used Future
Razor & Tie
Classic meaty and riffy stoner metal, great stuff once again

The Amorettes
Born to Break
Southern bluesy hard rock with female vox.

“Arcana Imperii” [Single]
More of a prog metal/hard rock than anything… Ihsahn has really “progressed” in his tenure as a solo artist… almost a bit Opeth-like going to some old school prog while still being heavy too

Exile Amongst the Ruins
Metal Blade Records
Melodic, doomy, with a little bit of a black metal underlayment

Monster Magnet
Napalm Records
Classic Monster Magnet stoner fried metal.

Riot V
Armor Of Light
Nuclear Blast USA
Nice heavy power metal from the band formerly known as Riot.

Light The Torch
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
This is that band that used to be that other band with that one singer that was in that one other band. (Devil You Know with Howard Jones formerly of Killswitch Engage) It’s just a modern metal, fairly accessible and solid-rock ish.

Snake Eyes Seven
Medicine Man
High Voltage Music
Classic hard rock/metal type stuff, possibly heading into a little power metal.

Kind of a classic thrash, but faster and heavier… production is a bit quiet.

Soul Dissolution
Black Lion Records
Melodic/epic-ish blackened death metal, a bit technical and doomy.

Ripped to Shreds
Craneo Negro Records / Necrolatry Records
One man band with an old school death metal groove with a bit of a grungy/doomy/sludgey black metal thing going on too.

The Eternal Infernal (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
I’d have to call this an edgier melodic death more on the death metal side of things. This is a postumous release as the guitarist died before release.

Neon Crosses
Dry Cough Records / Rope Or Guillotine
Doomy blackened death metal. 4 long songs.

Under Ether
Melodic blackeneed death with some doomy stuff to keep it grounded.

Pink Metal
SGW Productions
Raw, kind of punky, hardcore, experimental, death metal, black metal-ish. On their “about” page on facebook: “We are a politically correct Trans LGBTQMN band who are against Black Metal.”

Deutsche Vita
AFM Records
A folky hard rock/pop rock german language thing.

Through the Void, Above The Suns
A Sad Sadness Song
A bit of a drony doomy post-metal.

Band: Barbarian Prophecies
Album: Origin
Label: Base Record Production / Hecatombe Records
Death Metal, a bit melodic in parts, technical in parts and black metal in parts too. good stuff.

Solitude in Time and Space
Argonauta Records
they say this is “post hardcore” Not sure what “post

Scars Across
Everlasting Spew Records
4 10+ minute dooomy black metal / post metal tracks. meh.

Rien Ne Nous Sera Épargné
Prosthetic Records
More doomy post metal with an eeery atmospheric thing going on.

I, Voidhanger Records
Precaria has some old school full on blast beat black metal, a bit lo-fi. DoIS is pretty much some classic death metal with a pinch of black metal. Dominus Ira is classic black meta.

I, Voidhanger Records
This sounds like some jazz flute type stuff.

Sol (Remastered Edition)
I, Voidhanger Records
Both bands on this 3 song EP are atmospheric post metal doom stuff. meh.

Go to the Devil
Argonauta Records
Acoustic /Southern Blues maybe it could be Doom? Vox get a little “heavy” but, this ain’t metal!

Flowing Downward
Decent blackened death metal. Cold black metal sound but more of a brutal death metal thing underlying.

Masquera di Ferro
Doomy melodic metal

Basement Critters
Hurt Me With The Truth
Hardcore with a little thrash

While My City Burns
“Prone To Self Destruction”
A math metal djenty hardcore type thing. A bit of a meloidic new metalcore too

A Million Years Of Loneliness
A bit melodic death, some hardcore, metalcore, death metal, modern metal… all sort of makes this a little proggy too.

Quantum Hierarchy
Neutron Breed
Everlasting Spew Records
Brutal classic death metal in this quick n to the point 4 song EP. Good brutal grooves.

La Mort dans l’âme CD
Female fronted hardcore/metalcore.

Black Heaven
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Kind of a stoner metal/hard rock with a bit of a Led Zep/CoC thing happening. Cool stuff.

Night Rhythms
One man band from Milwaukee… Brutal sort of grindy death metal with technical grooves.

Band: Misanthropic Existence
Album: Death Shall Be Served
Label: Aesthetic Death
Brutal blackened / death metal. Heavy with no fuckin’ around.

New Stuff This Week… 3/19/18

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Mar 182018

Axel Rudi Pell
Knights Call
New album from the power metal veteran. This has pretty much standard power metal type stuff going on with, of course great guitar work by the man with the band name…

The Lyricist
Agonia Records
They’re back with their melodic death sound. always solid, a bit more on the clean vox… maybe not quite as harsh, but still a good heavy melodic death feel. First album since 2009 and with their new singer

Critical Mess
Human Praey
Metalville Records
Brutal, death metal, groove metal, heavy catchy and headbanging. Great stuff.

The Silent Vigil
Nuclear Blast USA
Basically half of Bolt Thrower and some other vets… good classic doomy classic death metal.

From Out Of The Skies
Frontiers SRL
Known for pretty much a song or two back in the day… they’re back with the same fun classic hard rockin’ sound

The Absence
A Gift For The Obsessed
M-Theory Audio
These guys are back! (they never really did go away, just no new material)…After an 8 year break since their last album on Metal Blade, they have a new label and pretty much the same catchy and heavy melodic death sound. Great stuff.

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Female fronted, um, rock? More like folky/acoustic/rock. I know it’s on Nuclear Blast and all… but… yeah…

Mysteries of Earth
Heidens Hart Records
Mostly classic black metal but with a good grooving melodic thing happening. It’s not just all shrieking and blast beats.

Heidens Hart Records
Some classic black metal but a bit more doomy and melodic.

Rites to Sedition
Ancestral Blood
Self Released
Melodic death with a bit of an epic thing going on

Fighter Records
Power metal with a good catchy feel, vox are a more melodic and singy Halford style.

And Darkness Fell (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
A kind of doomy black metal, and full on grooving/grindy black metal too.

Imperial Triumphant
Inceste 12“ LP
Temple of Torturous
Blackened death metal, a bit technical, fast grindy and furious… with a pinch of melodic death.

Altar of Decay CD
Blood Harvest
Death metal with big grooves, brutal vox, raw production

Scarlet Records
This is a prob/power metal thing, melodic with an edgy guitar a little heavier melodic/deathish in parts.

Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz
This is a pretty good melodic black metal, good technical and melodic grooves.

Sol de Sangre
Sol de Sangre
Black Market Metal
Good ol brutal Death metal. Big meaty grooves with a little south american feel (they’re from Colombia). Catchy too

Classic brutal grooving death metal. hard to not bang your head to this.

The Nightraiser
Mosher / Firecum Records
Classic metal/thrash with classic high screamy metal voice. catchy licks and gallopy headbanging fun

Radio Voltaire
Prog! Keyboards, guitars, lots of just good old stuff to make it be classic prog hard rock/bordering on metal.

Hell Obelisco
Swamp Wizard Rises
Argonauta Records
Doomy death metal, a little sludgey, but it’s got some grooves

The Offering
AFM Records
A bit of a melodic death musically, with edgy clean vox making this overall a classic proggy/power metal thing Good stuff!

The Incubus of Karma
Osmose Productions
Double doomy death metal. long songs, slow, depressing.

Palace Of The King
Get Right With Your Maker
Golden Robot Records
Monster riffs, bluesy psychedelic hard rockin’ stuff. Fun, hard rock catchy stuff. Not quite metal, but a great fun energy to break apart from all this black metal!

Seasons Of Hatred
A sort of Iron Maiden/euro Power metal thing leads way into some heavier melodic death sounds and then back again. Cool stuff.

Divine Era
Scripture Codes Summon Suicidal Thoughts
Self Released
One man project from LA (Daisuke “Die” Wachi), grooving thrashy metal getting brutal-ish in parts… pretty cool stuff and even more when you see it’s just one guy!

Satan’s Claw
Kind of a faster, technical type thrash, catchy heavy stuff, vox are kinda shouted with an abrasive-ish style.

Mustan Kuun Lapset
A kind of melodic death, but at a doomy pace… almost like a melodic death power ballad… just a single so far from this release.

Living Altar
Scythes Towards Psyche
Inferna Profundus Records
Kind of an old school black/death metal, pretty raw on the production side

Het Pad
Hardcore metal from Suriname. Kind of just a raw hardcore