New Stuff This Week…4/15/19

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Apr 142019

Dub Trio
The Shape Of Dub To Come
New Damage
A laid back grooving, not quite stoner metal, just a rockin’ thing, chilled out a little doomy, definitely not metal…

Demir Demirkan
“Bring It On”
Demir Recordings
A kind of classic hard rock track.

Season of Mist
12 April 2019
starts off with some snoozy post metal, but then kicks into some good classic heavy black metal, and goes back to some ambient atmospheric interlude… then getting back to some technical blackened death type stuff too.

Cleopatra Records
Classic metal of all that is classic! Good catchy stuff.

Dead Superstar
I Did It For The Rock Gods
This is some modern straightforward metal stuff. clean vox, catchy music, some melodic grooves, a bit on the “solid rock” side of things

Pavement Entertainment
Death metal, good modern grooves, some technicality happening, a little doomish

The first band is a doomy but a bit catchy black metal, second band, also a dark depressing doomy black metal.

Release: Hedonihil
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: April 14th 2019
Meaty heavy grooving death metal with a more screamy death metal vox style… a little bit of an extreme thrash feel with the guitar work. Great stuff!

Flashback Of Anger
Label: IceWarrior Records
Release date: 15-11-2018
Genre: Power Prog Metal

Doombringer (Poland)
Walpurgis Fires LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
15 April 2019
Brutal death metal, big grooves, a pinch of black metal evilness.

Cul? LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
15 April 2019
This is kind of a doomy black metal, classic black metal, but with a bit of an atmospheric dark feel.

The Abyss
Xtreem Music
16 April 2019
Doomy death metal, big grooves, 4 songs, one is 13 mins, another is 22 mins, so some pretty long jams…

Martelo Negro
Helldprod Records
17 April 2019
Kind of a grindy deathy grooving thrash/black metal? Yeah… lol why not. Has a brutal death groove, thrashy riffs and a dark coldness of black metal

Pagan Altar
Judgement of the Dead
Temple of Mystery
17 April 2019
Classic old school doomy hard rock. Production is a little raw.

Shem Ha Mephorash
Shadow Records
18 April 2019
Melodic doomy black metal.

Super brutal classic death metal, monster grooves, catchy riffs, brutal drumming, and cookie monster vox

Vitriol (Germany)
Chrysalis 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
19 April 2019
An atmospheric noisy post death metal thing. 2 long tracks.

Cosmic Apoptosis
Caligari Records
19 April 2019
VOcals are definitely death metal growls, music is kind of a grooving thrashy death metal with a tiny sludgey groove.

Walking Corpse
Walking Corpse
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on April 19th)
A fast and kind of grindy techy frenetic death metal… brutal!! 4 really quick tracks.

Sólveig Matthildur
Constantly In Love
19 April 2019
Alt gothy rock.

Breaking the Trance (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
19 April 2019
Classic metal, a little bit of a dark basic thrash, or a basic Mercyful fate thing going on.

Ilmestykset (CD)
19 April 2019
Blackened dark metal, a cold brooding feeling, melodic grooves, some faster catchy stuff too… just dark and cold though!

At The Threshold Of The Greatest Chasm
I, Voidhanger Records
19 April 2019
As the name might suggest… brutal death metal! woo! great stuff.

Moonless Night Sacraments LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
19 April 2019
Classic Black metal with more of a death metal thing going on… dark and brutal too.

Light Eater
Everlasting Spew Records
19 April 2019
Great stuff… blackend technical brutal death metal. Reminds me of Allegaeon.

Morrowless Music
12 April 2019
Two long tracks of post black metal

“A Bitter End / A Brave New World”
Ellie Promotion
25 September 2018
Technical melodic death / groove metal. Cool stuff.,

Iron Savior
Kill Or Get Killed
AFM Records
15 March 2019
Good fast paced and catchy/edgy power metal. Always great stuff.

Unfair Fate
Send Us to Our Graves
8 November 2018
Thrashy classic metal pushing into some melodic blackened thrashy stuff.

Vomit Arcanus Production
15 January 2019
Grooving death metal

HELLVADEC – Discomfort
22 February 2019
Female fronted hard rock/modern metal… 4 song EP.

New Stuff This Week…4/8/19

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Apr 072019

‘Press on Regardless’ – (feat. Ralf Scheepers – Primal Fear) (single)
Rockshots Records
28 March 2019
A pretty standard hard rock/classic metal thing with nice big vox.

Caroline Records
First single…first album in 10 years soon! This one is just classic Rammstein! Not too heavy, not real light, just good catchy stuff.

Periphery IV: HAIL STAN
3DOT Recordings
Heavy techy metalcore, a melodic thing with cleanish (raspy) vox, and a tiny djent too

Sargent House
A kind of bluesy heavy stoner metal with a higher singy vocal, some of that “cold” meedly black metal guitar sound, but old school grooves

The Machinist
Confidimus In Morte
Prosthetic Records
A kind of screamy metalcore with some catchy groove and techy prog-ish stuff happening too

Napalm Records
This is just a single so far, but it’s 9 minutes, a bit of a doomy post metal stoner thing, it took about half the track to start getting interesting, then kind of just went back to doomy post-metal.

BloodRed Inferno
Entertainment One
A bit modern metal, a bit screamo, yeah, I like to throw the prog/technical thing around a lot, but when there’s something that just has a little bit more and techy and a bit over the top, that’s where it goes… cool stuff.

Sworn Enemy
M-Theory Audio
5 April 2019
This band has been around for a while… always solid hardcore metal type stuff… This one has some of that great catchy heavy hardcore stuff, along with a pretty heavy thrashy edge too. Great stuff!

Inter Arma
“Citadel” / “The Atavist’s Meridian”
blackened doomy post metal, a bit experimental, and yeah, techy proggy all crazy n stuff

Cesta podzemnými sálami Kovovlada
Sun & Moon
8 April 2019
Some out there experimental stuff, then a bit of a sludgey black metal..

Lust Of Consciousness
Prosthetic Records
12 April 2019
Extreme wall of black metal noise, shorter songs, very fast and yeah.

Tasteful Turmoil
The Phantom Fear
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: April 12th 2019
They say it’s modern thrash, I guess if you call classic thrash with more extreme vocals and good production “modern” I’m all for that! cool stuff.

Of Rot and Ruin
April 12
Oooooooh This is some technical blackened death metal. Brutal yet catchy and a little melodic with that death metal chugga chugga groove. Great stuff.

Release: 2 Wolves
…Our Fault
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: April 12th 2019
Gothy melodic death with some doomy elements (aren’t goth and doom pretty close to each other?) This has some heavier grooves on more of melodic death with a little gothy doom

Totalitarian (Italy)
Barren Void / Lavadome
12 April 2019
Classic “modern” black metal Fast blast beats, kind of a cold, melodic guitar, harsh vox, overall pretty fast tempo… good stuff.

12 April 2019
I guess this would be a melodic death metal thing… some brutal death metal parts, some more catchy classic melodic metal too, way cool stuff.,

Nordvis Produktion
12 April 2019
More of a doom-ish melodic classic old school black metal

TROLL (Portland)
Legend Master (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
12 April 2019
sludgey doom.

The Triclavian Advent
Invictus Productions
12 April 2019
I would put this into a blackened thrash… has a tr00 black metal sound, but more of a thrashy base. Fast and heavy as you’d expect.

Fatal Visions
Edged Circle Productions
12 April 2019
Fast speedy classic thrash with a bit of a black/death metal thing too… “extreme thrash!”

Mist of Misery
Black Lion Records
12 April 2019
Classic cold, melodic and doomy black metal with a bit of an atmospheric feel too.

Here we have some post rock/prog rock, with a Tool meets post metal thing going on.

A Halál és az irányt?
Sun & Moon
8 April 2019
2 song EP. Kind of a black metal, a bit of an experimental sound, a little doomy .

La Croix de Sang
1 March 2019
More or less this would fit in a black metal slot, but leaning a little in the melodic death realm too.

“The Insanity Abstract”
Fastball Music
29 September 2017
This is something that’s a year and a half old that a promo company sent out presumably to start awareness of this band for something in the future? It’s labeled as prog metal, so I was like what the hell… and yeah, it’s some decent proggy power metal. Big vox, cool standard metal sound.

Suffering Hour
Dwell CD/12″ MLP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
5 April 2019
One 18 minute track of doomy post black metal. Then some of the heavier parts are actually really good, almost tech death… just takes a long time to get there.

Release: Red Moon Architect
Format: 12″ Vinyl & Digital
Label: The Vinyl Division (physical), Grey Beton Records (digital)
Release date: April 5th 2019
3 tracks, 2 are over 15 mins, doomy post metal.

“Borderlines” (single)
Abraxan Hymns
Grooving laid back stoner rock… yeah, more rock than any metal… a little bluesy too actually.

“End Of Days”
04 April 2019
Kind of a modern metal meets thrash, good catchy riffs, a heavier grooving edge.

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 4/1/19 (for real)

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Apr 012019

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 4/1/19

Artist — Album — Label
1) Queensryche — The Verdict — Century Media
2) In Flames — I, The Mask — Eleven Seven
3) Children of Bodom — Hexed — Nuclear Blast
4) Malevolent Creation — The 13th Beast — M-Theory
5) Hiss From The Moat — The Harrier — M-Theory
6) Dream Theater — Distance Over Time — InsideOut
7) Misery Index — New Salem — Season of Mist
8) Fallujah — Undying Light — Nuclear Blast
9) I.N.C. — Terrible Things — M90
10) Tyr — Hel — Metal Blade
11) The Three Tremors — The Three Tremors — Steel Cartel
12) Blacklist 9 — Mentally Ill, Legally Sane — Eclipse
13) Contrarian — Their Worm Never Dies — Willowtip
14) Sermon — Birth of the Marvellous — Prosthetic
15) Battle Beast — No More Hollywood Endings — Nuclear Blast
16) Spectrus — Mankind — Mafer
17) Archer Nation — Beneath the Dream — EMP
18) Hell Fire — Mania — RidingEasy
19) Devin Townsend — Empath — InsideOut
20) Arrival of Autumn — Harbinger — Nuclear Blast

Top 5 Adds
1) Eluveitie — Ategnatos — Nuclear Blast
2) Nita Strauss — Controlled Chaos — Sumerian
3) Exumer — Hostile Defiance — Metal Blade
4) Lance King — ReProgram — Nightmare
5) A Wake In Providence — The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon — Outerloop

Other Adds/Reviewed: Enterprise Earth, Whitechapel, Antropomophia, Lik, Arch Matheos (single), Wormwitch, Suzi Quatro, Hulkoff, Blud Red Roses, West of Hell, Aether Void, Zatemno,
Vikings, Viuda Negra, Three Dead Fingers, Vile Assembly, Ceremony of Silence, Warchest, Sadism, Necrodeath, Celophys, Oltretomba, Godhead Machinery, Critical Extravasation, Teleport, Suffering Hour, Corrosive, Seax, Lost In Pain, Heavy Justice, Extrema, Ola Englund, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid, Porn, Heat of Damage, Anomalism, Inferno Noir, Frust, Nocturnal Witch, Cosmogyral, Palehorse, Gorgonchrist

New Stuff This Week…4/1/19

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Mar 312019

Arch / Matheos
Straight and Narrow – radio single
Metal Blade Records
full: 10 May 2019
Holy shit… you got about half of the old Fates Warning and half of the new FW and John Arch on this song… album forthcoming… wow… great proggy heavy fast stuff with Arch’s unmistakable, unique and still awesome vox. MORE PLEASE!

This has a standard maybe punked up rock/hard rock thing… pretty straightforward and probably not too “metal” for the Mosh Pit…

A Wake In Providence
The Blvck Sun || The Blood Moon
Brutal death metal with a bit of a melodic deathcore thing happening, full death metal vox brutal drumming, and a pinch of djent.

Suzi Quatro
No Control
Melodic hard rock with a little blues thing going on and solid female vocals.

The Valley
Metal Blade Records
29 March 2019
I’m not sure how I missed this in my inbox last week, but fail! Great brutal technical grooving death metal as they have a knack for doing! But dialing it back a notch and getting a little tool-like in some parts too! great stuff.

Merciless Savagery
Metal Blade Records
5 April 2019
Death metal, good clean brutal stuff with a little black metal feel to keep it evil sounding. great stuff.

Mass Funeral Evocation
Metal Blade Records
5 April 2019
Reissue of their first album, we only just got their most recent album and it was great, this one is great too! A brutal monster grooving death metal with some great melodies.

Lance King
Nightmare Records
29 March 2019
Great proggy power metal, big vox, from the big metal veteran… Catchy technical grooves musically with a great vocal power/range too

Nita Strauss
Controlled Chaos
Sumerian Records
Virtuousic guitar, catchy riffs, heavy stuff, melodic stuff all instrumental. Cool stuff!

SCYTH (Single)
Faravid Recordings
An industrialized kind of catchy folky metal with a little Rammstein thing

Blud Red Roses
A Tempest Descends
A little melodic, a little crunchy heavy in parts, a kind of basic rock/hard rock with some classic prog rock stuff going on too.

Enterprise Earth
Entertainment One
Kind of a classic death metal meeets a bit of deathcore… good and heavy, chugging brutality.

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 5 April 2019
This band has been around for a while, some great heavier edged folk metal leaning more in a melodic death metal area with folky instruments… great stuff!

Hostile Defiance
Metal Blade Records
5 April 2019
Classic thrash, good edgy catchy fast stuff!

Heaven That Dwells Within
Prosthetic Records
5 April 2019
A bit of a blackened melodic death… heavier edge, with a catchy headbanging beat. cool stuff.

West of Hell
Blood of the Infidel
1 April 2019
A bit of a thrash, with some classic metal going on… melodic stuff too… great stuff!

Band: Aether Void
Album: Curse of Life
Label: Revalve records
Release date: March 29, 2019
This one qualifies as good ol just metal… melodic, clean vox, a good solid edge and maybe a little technicality too.

Band: Zatemno
Album: In The Noose
Label: Aesthetic Death
Release date: March 22, 2019
Some black metal, a bit creepy, doomy in parts, full on old school black metal in others.

Far Beyond My Dream
A-Stereo-ID, Stuttgart
28 December 2018
This one you’d think would just sound like Amon Amarth, right? LOL It’s more of some edgy modern prog-ish metal… not too technical, but still under the prog metal umbrella

Al Final / In the End
Fighter Records
2 April 2019
classic metal in spanish language… pretty standard stuff, maybe a little 80’s / 90’s metal thing

Three Dead Fingers
Breed Of The Devil
Bleeding Music Records
5 April 2019
This has a sort of brutal/extreme thrash thing going on… musically it’s mostly some heavier classic thrash with more of a heavier vocal… but mixing it up with some cleaner stuff along with some melodic stuff, so if there was a way to make a thrashier melodic death type thing? this is it… great stuff.

Vile Assembly
Last Century Man
Vile Entertainment
5 April 2019
this is kind of an alternative hard rock thing

Ceremony of Silence
Willowtip Records
5 April 2019
how about some brutal blackened death metal all technical and proggy too… heavy and extreme for sure!

Sentenced Since Conception
Label: Toxic/Mechanix
Release date: 05-04-2019
Alright! No fucking around here, thrashy death metal, brutal riffage, fast fast playing, just what super heavy metal should be… reminds me a bit of heaver Kreator… awesome stuff.

Ethereal Dead Cult
Release date: 05-4-2019
classic edgy brutal death metal. Headbang and pit it up!

Defragments Of Insanity
Scarlet Records
5 April 2019
re-recorded this 1989 album in its entirety… great extreme thrash!

Fried Chordata
Label: Robustfellow Prods.
Release date: 05-04-2019
Some sludgey metal, kind of “blackened sludge”

“THE HORROR – Figure del Terrore
Moribund Records
5 April 2019
Death metal with a tiny bit of a black metal edge with a bit of thrash too… pretty catchy stuff, with a raw sound.

Godhead Machinery
Aligned to the Grid
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: April 5th 2019
Doomy melodic death with a prog metal element.

Critical Extravasation
Morbid Existence
Redefining Darkness Records
5 April 2019
A proggy extreme thrash, good bass guitar, a bit of a Death/Cynic thing going on?

The Expansion
Edged Circle Productions
5 April 2019
A little like the above… kind of an extreme technical death metal, this one is a bit more raw, but a little bit like Death.

Suffering Hour
Dwell CD/12″ MLP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
5 April 2019
One song, 18 minutes, a bit post metal, some parts get it going more with some black-ish metal… mostly though, post metalling around.

Nourished By Blood
Label: Black Sunset / MDD
Release date: 05-04-2019
monster grooving death metal. This is really how death metal should be… the big head nods turning into headbanging right into a big march into a circle pit type stuff… good stuff!

Fallout Rituals (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
5 April 2019
Classic thrash/metal with some big OVER the TOP singing screaaaaaaaams! Love it! horns up!

Gold Hunters
Label: Self-released
Release date: 07-04-2019
Melodic thrashy metal, a darker heavy edge to classic metal, and then the heavier, faster stuff hits into the thrash realm. Catchy!

Heavy Justice
When Inmates Run the Asylum
Label: Metalitis Records
Release date: 01-03-2019
A single… Here we have some classic metal… decent stuff

For The Loved And The Lost (single)
Rockshots Records/ Universal
6 March 2019
A sort of modern thrash with a full heavy catchy yet melodic sound

Ola Englund
Master of the Universe
24 March 2019
Kind of a melodic hard rock/metal prog instrumental thing… leaning to a melodic death in parts… in case you forgot this guy is from Feared and The Haunted

Bloodsoaked Necrovoid
The Apocryphal Paths Of The Ancient 8th Vitriolic Transcendence CD
Blood Harvest / Caligari
29 March 2019
Sludgy extreme black/death metal with some not so great production.

The Darkest Of Human Desires Act II
Label: Echozone / Les disques Rubicon
Release date: 22-02-2019
A little industrial rock, some kind of throwback alternative stuff too…

Sliptrick Records
Released on April 2nd, 2019 by
Here we have some just good grooving standard metal… a little bit of a modern commercial solid rock type thing, with catchiness.

Parasitic Spawn (EP) – Out January 4, 2019
4 January 2019
Fast, heavy, gritty blackend deathy thrash… wow… brutal too! Great stuff.

Inferno Noir
“Inferno Noir”
1 January 2019
This one is a kind of melodic death, harsh and clean vox, production is a bit limited? Seems flat or like a demo, a bit of a cradle of filth harshness and groove, but more basic.

“Recurring Dreams”
901514 Records DK
4 April 2019
This one is described as post-metal which is normally a “no thanks”… this one has a kind of melodic blackened metal thing going on, a little bit of that post metal feel, but the songs are shorter and seem to have a bit of a melodic groove… did I mention the songs are shorter? yeah… not bad.

Nocturnal Witch
“A Thousand Pyres”
Evil Spell Records / Undercover
25 March 2019
Black metal/Death metal. Fast and evil, but with a good deathy groove back there

Indie Recordings
5 April 2019
Progressive hard rocking stuff with a little push into heavier stuff

Kind of a raw grindy death metal… production is a bit basic? yeah…

New Stuff This Week… 3/25/19

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Mar 242019

Pendulum Of Fortune
Return To Eden
El Puerto Records GbR
22 March 2019
Solid classic metal drummer from MSG, Sweet with the singer from PC69.

Well, what do you expect from Devin? crazy stuff? yup. Devin’s “sound” on track 2, a 23 minute epic… you have symphonic layers, fast almost SYL type stuff, just lots of crazy heavy prog stuff… So overall, a well rounded just about everything you can do and sound good with a typical DT thing going on… Great stuff.

Full of Hell
”Burning Myrrh”
Full of Hell
Short, fast, grindy death metal. In you face!

”Fought The Line (Feat. Troy Sanders)”
New Damage
a kind of gothy doomy thing with slow grooves

Amon Amarth
Raven’s Flight – single
Metal Blade Records
Full on solid melodic death metal in good ol viking style like only Amon Amarth does so well!

Arrival Of Autumn
Nuclear Blast USA
A kind of melodic death, a bit proggy, some metalcore, pretty cool

Hell Fire
RidingEasy Records
CLassic metal, melodic metal, and a bit of thrash, cool stuff, big voice, great classic just good old “METAL”

Iron Maiden
The Studio Collection Pt 2
The next batch of four Maiden albums remastered and released… Powerslave, SiT, SSoaSS, NPftD

L.A. Guns
The Devil You Know
Frontiers Music SRL.
Classic metal/hard rock… just that catchy old school sound from, well, LA? yeah.

Rage Of Light
Napalm Records
Female fronted modern melodic death. Harsh vox, clean vox, a sort of electronic melodic death sound.

Through the Noise
Eclipse Records
Adds march 25/26
A kind of melodic death/hardcore.. good catchy hard edge, yet, a bit of a heavier thing, getting melodic? yeah I guess it’s more on the hardcore… cool stuff.

Album: Inner Struggle Of Self-Acceptance
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: March 26th, 2019
They say it’s progressive avant-garde metal… and while I’m not really sure what the whole Avant-Garde thing is supposed to mean (experimental I guess?), I do hear this as being some progressive hard rock/metal with a little doom-ish And yeah, I think progressive music is kind of experimental in its nature, so this fits right in.

Epidemic of Mass Hysteria
Release date: 26-03-2019
Genre: Progressive metal/rock
Label: Self-released
Here we got more prog rock which is kind of some more normal hard rock type stuff, but then getting heavier into a prog METAL heavier melodic death-ish stuff.

The Black Sorcery
Wolven Degrade
Krucyator Productions
28 March 2019
Brutal fast and heavy gore metal. Pig squeal style vox, sludgey brutal death metal.

Osmose Productions
29 March 2019
this is some pretty good black metal, fast, technical-ish, harsh vox, not just a meedly cold wall of evil. This has a machine gun attack of snares, some melodic groove while still having that cool evilness you love to hear in good black metal. Good stuff!

Abduction (UK)
All Pain As Penance
Inferna Profundus Records
29 March 2019
A bit of an atmospheric black/death metal…leaning more black metal.

Forever Still
Breathe In Colours
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 29 March 2019
Female fronted melodic metal. A bit of a groove, clean “femetal” style vox. Music is a gothy modern groove.

The Book Of Wonders
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on March 29th)
Brutal thrashy death metal, great grooves, heavy good stuff!

Grave Infestation
Invictus Productions
29 March 2019
Sludgey brutal metal a bit of a grindy feel..

Nocturnal Hollow
A Whisper of a Horrendous Soul
Redefining Darkness Records ( N. America) | Raw Skull Recordz (Europe) | BlackStorm Productions (S. America)
29 March 2019
Melodic death, a bit of a viking metal feel leaning a bit heavier and brutal than melodic.

AIHOS (fin) – Hävityksen Maa
Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter
29 March 2019
A grooving melodic black metal. Good stuff.

Golden Robot Records
29 March 2019
Proggy power metal, leaning more on the classic metal/power metal/heavy grooving metal

Musket Hawk
Upside of Sick
Unholy Anarchy Records
29 March 2019
Sludgey raw deathy grind metal.

Demo ’19
Caligari Records
29 March 2019
Raw brutal death metal with meh production.

Triumvir Foul
Urine of Abomination
Vrasubatlat / Invictus Productions / 20 Buck Spin
29 March 2019
Brutal grindy death metal with a sort of experimental black metal thing going on

Band: Mechanical God Creation
Album: The New Chapter
Label: The Goatmancer records
Release date: March 29th, 2019
Technical death metal, brutal, harsh, big grooves, melodic stuff too, but all good and heavy. Great stuff!

The Final War Approaching
Nordvis Produktion
29 March 2019
Classic black metal, fast meedly, cold, harsh vox. Good melodic grooves too

The Law Of Seven Deaths
Osmose Productions
29 March 2019
Long songs of atmospheric classic black metal.

AOP Records
29 March 2019
More of a melodic doomy black metal…, cool melodic grooves, with that cold meedly guitar and harsh vox.

Label: Self-released
Release date: 29-03-2019
Classic thrash… morphing into some more just classic metal… decent stuff.

Band: Amber Tears
Album: When No Trails
Label: BadMood Man
Release date: March 29, 2019
Doomy dark kind of post metal.

Behind the Mask
Label: Self-released
Release date: 06-01-2019
Melodic Death Metal with a kind of proggy piano symphonic thing going on too. Harsh vox, but mostlyk a melodic proggy classic metal

Accursed Spawn
The Virulent Host
PRC Music
22 March 2019
Classic well produced, kind of technical brutal death metal. Fast, harsh vox, freight train heavyness… Great stuff.

Release: Terrific Verdict
Wheel Of Fortune
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: March 29th 2019
Classic thrash, great riffage, grooves… A little bit of a Slayer/Testament thing going on.

Release: Progeny of Sun
Progeny of Sun (EP)
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: March 22nd 2019
Heavy and grooving melodic death, leaning on a classic death metal groove with some more techy catchy melodic stuff too.

New Stuff This Week… 3/18/19

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Mar 182019

Curb Stomp – single
Metal Blade Records
10 May 2019
Fast brutal death metal with some monster grooves and yeah, BROOTAL.

Good Tiger
Metal Blade Records
22 March 2019 3
Remix of last year’s album… um, alternative electronica? Metal Blade!? c’mon man.

Yngwie Malmsteen
Blue Lightning
Mascot Label Group
A very bluesy classic rock-ish over-produced sounding track… So yeah, lots of noodling, a stevie ray vaughan style

Archer Nation
Beneath The Dream
Classic metal, a little edge with a modern metal catchy feeling, but not whiney and “Core” decent stuff a little bit of a Megadeth thing going on

A Perfect Day To Die (New Song)
AFM Records
8 March 2019
Heavy, catchy full meaty thrashy metal… great stuff.

The End Machine
The End Machine
Frontiers Music SRL.
Classic metal, good vocal harmonies, catchy grooves… not too heavy

Pavement Entertainment
A grooving “solid rock” type of metal…. good catchy licks… maybe a little proggy with a tiny bit of a Tool vibe.

Battle Beast
No More Hollywood Endings
Nuclear Blast USA
Female fronted power epic metal… you know the deal.

Moon Tooth
Modern Static Records
A little doomy, a bit bluesy, I guess i’d say it’s got a bit of a prog/experimental thing happening too… mostly clean vox, heavier techy parts, slower doomy grooves too. neat stuff.

A Pale Horse Named Death
When The World Becomes Undone
Long Branch/SPV Records
Doomy gothy hard rocky stuff… a different promo company is working this now, so here we are again!

Birth of the Marvellous
Prosthetic Records
22 March 2019
We got some Opeth-ish proggy metal… A bit on the lighter side but with a heavy feel, definitely some good prog rock/hard rock going on, with a melodic doomy feel too.

Booby Trap
Stand Up And Fight
Label: Firecum Records
Release date: 18 March 2019
Kind of a hardcore, thrashy thing… cool stuff from Portugal

Left to Rot
Xtreem Music
19 March 2019
Good old school grooving death metal with a bit of a gore-ish sounding vocal… good meaty riffs and grooves, yet fast and brutal too.

Cellar Darling
The Spell
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 22 March 2019
Female fronted metal with a definite progg-ish rock/metal thing going on. doesn’t get real heavy, but a technical quality going on

Terror Oath
Terror Oath 12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
22 March 2019
Noisy sludgy black metal.

Damnatio Ad Bestias
Dark Descent Records
22 March 2019
Old school sounding death metal… big meaty grooves, a little old Cannibal Corpse/Deicide/Obituary sounding.

Eternal Abyss
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on March 22nd)
Sludgey and maybe a bit grindy death metal, some old school grooves too.

Ashen Horde
Fallen Cathedrals – Out March 22, 2019
Extrem Metal Music / Rockshots Records
22 March 2019
This is an extreme metal, in parts a bit or a proggy groove like Mastodon, and others, quite a bit of a technical, extreme Black metal… and yeah, a prog extreme thing throughout. cool stuff.

Kinder Der Sehnsucht
AFM Records
22 March 2019
This is a german metal band which I just learned is a genre called “Neue Deutsche Härte” Which basically means… “sounds like Rammstein” lol cool stuff..

Sulphurous Northern Bestiality LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
22 March 2019
Fast grindy blackened death metal… more on the grindy side.

The Flaying
Angry, Undead – Out March 22, 2019
PRC Music
22 March 2019
Big groovin’ death metal. Chuggin’ brutal, growl barked out vox, a cool prominent bass line, maybe even a bit technical… great stuff!

ANNO XVI 2019 // Porto – Portugal
Helldprod Records
22 March 2019

The Mute Gods
Atheists and Believers
Release date: Friday, March 22, 2019
Some basic classic prog rock… band members are in touring bands of Steven WIlson and Steve Hackett… so some good prog roots happening.

The Spearwound Salvation
Shadow Records
22 March 2019
Fast and heavy black metal, a bit on the blackened death side of things, dark, cold, but full sound.

Iron Griffin
Curse of the Sky
Gates of Hell Records
22 March 2019
Old school doomy bluesy metal… sounds like, even older than Black Sabbath… lol

Grave Violator
Back To The Cult
Reaper Metal Productions
22 March 2019
Extreme deathed up thrash, some filthy lyrics, but fast and heavy with some groovin’ shred.

Fleshvoid To Naught
I, Voidhanger Records
22 March 2019
blackend post metal-ish doomy something…

“Along The Sacred Path”
Rockshots Records
22 March 2019
Female fronted proggressive metal with a pinch of modern metal going on… pretty cool stuff.

Band: Phrenia
Album: Perspectives
self released
Release date: March 1, 2019
This is some modern metal with an electronic thing going on. Probably not for the Mosh Pit.

Album: Rise
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: March 12th, 2019
Classic thrash, good full solid sound, catchy, big grooves… A little hardcore, and some cool solos… Great stuff!

Frankie C.
Cellular Damascus
13 March 2019
Instrumental guitar…like a Marty Friedman, cool technical proggy stuff.

Angra Demana
Triptych Of Decay
Release date: 12-02-2019
Label: Self-released
A cool grooving Abbath-like Black metal. A dark but catchy tone, more of a black n roll… not all that super cold meedly sound,

Gone Cosmic
Sideways In Time – Out April 12, 2019
Kozmik Artifactz
4 March 2019
Stoner metal with some great cathy riffs, a little doomy and some big powerful female vox. like wow.

Crematory Stench
Grotesque Deformities 12″ MLP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
15 February 2019
Dark death metal, heavy, a bit of a black metal dark evil vibe, and well, the name and song titles suggest a little bit of gore.

Our Dying World
Expedition (EP) – Out March 18, 2019
18 March 2019
From the no fucking around death metal department, it’s Our Dying World… A little bit of a melodic death thing but staying more on the heavy grooving thrashy side of things. great stuff.

Pitch Black
Release date: Friday, April 5th 2019
Airplay Date: Wednesday, March 13th 2019
Prog metal with a symphonic element, cool laid back feeling while keeping heavy enough to be considered “metal”

New Stuff This Week…3/11/19

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Mar 092019

Betraying The Martyrs
Eternal Machine
A single of harsh brutal-ish core death metal with a bit of a melodic metalcore thing happening.

“Brightstar” Digital Single
Season of Mist
1 March 2019
Prog light metal, this band has been around for a while, and have a solid reputation and a good prog band… a heavier sound, but leaning more on the melodic side (clean vox) Great melodic prog metal with a crunchy edge in parts

Mafer Records
Not sure how to describe this other than, just a good solid grooving metal. clean vox, crunchy edge, catchy, a bit “accessible” but good to listen to.

”Cemetery” / “War”
Sargent Music Records
A kind of bluesy heavy stoner metal with a higher singy vocal, some of that “cold” meedly black metal guitar sound, but old school grooves

Brain Invaders
MFZB Records
Kind of a punk/hard rock thing… this band has been around a while and this is my first time hearing them… a bit melodic, catchy, with some fun sounding songs.

The Goat
Spinefarm Records
Melodic rock, a bit on the just regular hard rock/accesible sound.

Dying Embers
Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen
Release date: 10-03-2019
Label: Black Sunset / MDD
Here we have some melodic death-ish stuff… vox are clean, a bit on the gothy side… musically, melodic death, maybe closer to an Amorphis?

Their Worm Never Dies
15 March 2019
Technical, proggy, melodic death metal… some harsh, pissed off sounding vocals… great stuff.

Undying Light
Nuclear Blast
15 March 2019
Their last album was quite the release, just a total technical brutal annihilation, and now this one with a couple new members picks up where the last one left off, this one might be a bit more just full on brutal and not quite as proggy… great stuff.

Spiral Skies
AOP Records
15 March 2019
2 tracks of female fronted doomy stoner metal

Backyard Babies
Silver & Gold
M-Theory Audio
15 March 2019
This has a standard maybe punked up rock/hard rock thing… pretty straightforward and probably not too “metal” for the Mosh Pit…

Eterno Rancor
March 15
Fast and furious death metal poking into the grindcore speed and attitude.

The Order of the Silver Compass
Seeing Red Records (N. America) & Rock of Angels Records (Europe)
15 March 2019
I guess I’d have to put this one in melodic death… good catchy grooves, harsh vox, clean vox, a pinch of a thrashy sound, also some just driving classic metal type stuff, ratcheting up to heavier stuff.

What is fast and heavy, thrashy, yet a bit more black metal too? yeah! blackened thrash! This one is a bit more on the blackened side of things… pretty good.

Cosmic Annulus
Release date: 15-03-2019
Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Black metal, pretty classic sounding, a bit of a cold guitar, lots of pulsing blast beats, a bit of melodic stuff, harsh vox.

Black Therapy
Echoes Of Dying Memories
Black Lion Records
15 March 2019
This is some doomy melodic death, it’s heavy, but has a bit of a dark depressive tone for most of it… some parts are a bit more proggy heavy too… pretty cool stuff.

Prosthetic Records
15 March 2019
Classic death metal, good, brutal, groovin’!

Servants of the Cold Night
Release date: 15-03-2019
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Lunar Apparitions & Esfinge de la Calavera

Mustan Kuun Lapset
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: March 8th 2019
A dark melodic death… harsh vox, a bit on the black metal harshness… music has a dark doomy feel, but it’s not really too down tempo and has a good melodic thing going on .

RELEASE DATE: 06/03/19
3 song ep, of some technical/proggy metal with some harsh vox… so what, melodic death then? throw in some good ol melodic stuff too… me likey

Release date: 28-01-2019
A doomy symphonic sort of post metal… dark, a little blackened, kind of a feeling like, it’s dark and gloomy and rainy outside… and you just want the sun to come out, and it never does.

Swim to Drown
Label: Self-released
So, this has that full on metalcore rappy/funky metal thing going on mixed in with some modern metalcore stuff… I can’t say I’ve really heard anyone really stir the pot of true nu-metal with some almost djenty metalcore…. kind of has a cool catchy vibe.

Desiderata (a Devastating Revelation)
Self Released
1 March 2019
Classic death metal with monster grooves, cookie monster vox, some even cool techy drum and guitar work

A dooomy death metal, a bit on the slow tempo side, longer songs, a little gloooomy

Public Grave
Cadaverous Ressurection
Label: RTM Productions
Release date: 07-01-2019
Catchy meaty heavy death metal. Great grooves, and headbanging goodness.

Circus | Radio Date 18 Feb 2019
Zeta Factory
18 February 2019
Melodic hard rock… kind of almost alternative rock…

Underground Symphony
Release date: Monday, February 18th 2019
Pirate speed metal! Catchy metal folky spin on some thrashy/melodic death/classic metal.

Parallel Minds
Every Hour Wounds… The Last One Kills
Pitch Black Records
Release date: Friday, April 5th 2019
Airplay Date: Tuesday, March 5th 2019
At first it reminds me of Annihilator with some awesome fast riffs, and speed metal sound, then heading into a thrashy proggy technical almost melodic death too. Probably staying closer to a heavier power metal overall.

Heathen Beast
2 Singles (Fuck All Religions Equally / Bloody Sabarimala)
17 January 2019
some melodic death with a bit of a grindy crust metal happening

The Astral Horror
Label: Self-released
Release date: 05-01-2019
This is doom metal. long songs, grungy guitars, chanty vox.

Eugenic Death
Under the Knife
Heaven and Hell Records
15 March 2019
An extreme classic thrashy death metal. Good grooves, heavy good stuff!

New Stuff This Week… 3/4/19

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Mar 022019

This is one of those singles, you’re like… let’s get some more. This has a folky death metal. Folky, mostly because there’s like a picolo or flute going on, over some brutal sepultura grooving death metal.

Metal Blade Records
8 March 2019
We had a single a few weeks ago, time for the full length! This is a melodic death/power metal with a tiny bit of a folk metal too

Dead Girls Corp
Bloody Noses and Hand Grenades
This is a grooving gothy modern metal.. probably fits in that Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson category.

It’s All Just Me
Eclipse Records
1 March 2019
Just a single, but it’s a bit djenty, brutal in parts, light and melodic with some electronic-ish (distorted) keyboard? it’s all metal, just on that extreme djent side.

Slide It In Ultimate Special Edition
Rhino Entertainment
Adding At Radio On March 4th & 5th, 2019:
This album originally came out just before I started getting into heavier music… Rhino is re-releasing lots of old stuff, and it’s Slide It In’s turn now… sounds good, and it’s a good reason to tune it in again.

Herz Und Verstand
Metalville Records
German language melodic rock/hard rock… a bit commercial rock-ish.

Brick By Brick
Hive Mentality
Upstate Records
New York heavy hardcore solid low end grooves, nice to have some new ny hardcore!

Terrible Things
M90 Records
Indestructible Noise Command is back! First album in five years, a good thrashy hardcore thing going on leaning more on the classic thrash

Earth Crawler
Transparent (Single)
melodic metalcore type stuff… headbanging catchy goodness.

Blacklist 9
Mentally Ill, Legally Sane
Eclipse Records
4 March 2019
A kind of classic groove metal, a little pantera, a little grungy doom too… pretty decent stuff and a little different than the usual metalcore that this labal has.

Descent of the Serpent
Fighter Records
5 March 2019
Melodic proggy metal with a grooving heaviness. good stuff!

RELEASE DATE: 06/03/19
Death thrash metal, great catchy heavy grooves

7 March 2019
just a couple songs in and it sounds like some Nirvana ballads. meh.

Band: ARIA
Album: Curse Of The Seas
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: March 5th, 2019
Russian language power metal/classic metal, pretty run of the mill, dual guitar, decent stuff.

They Never Say Die
Scarlet Records
8 March 2019
Here we have some epic over the top Dragonforce-style power metal

This is a proggy power metal thing, maybe a bit like Blind Guardian, some gritty metal edge, but mostly cool melodic power metal.

New Salem (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
8 March 2019
Brutal death metal, catchy, grooving, fast and furious… a pissed off sound with

Det framlidna minnet
Nordvis Produktion
8 March 2019
This is black metal with a doomy melodic type thing happening, longer songs, a bit post-metal-ish

Vomit & Lice
Troglodyte Records (Record Heaven)
8 March 2019
A gritty thrashy death metal… big grooves and riffage, a full heavy sound… good stuff

8 March 2019
Four almost 20 minute tracks of dark, brooding deathy post metal sludge

Meadows End
The Grand Antiquation
Black Lion Records
8 March 2019
This has an epic symphonic melodic death metal thing going on, pretty good harsh heavy vox, grooving heavy death metal parts with a full epic sound rounding it out. good stuff!

World Gone To Shit
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on March 8th)
Really short songs of grindy gore with some raw production.

Too Fast for the Flames 7″ EP
Shadow Kingdom
8 March 2019
Kind of a thrash, with bit of a groove.

Iron Fire
Beyond The Void
Crime Records
8 March 2019
Melodic kind of power metal, classic metal, with a bit of a melodic death edge too

Under Pale Moon LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
8 March 2019
Melodic post-black metal, lots of ambient stuff, then some full on black metal stuff too. vox are echoey and shrieky.

Crowned In Frost
Scarlet Records
A good solid power speed metal… high singy vox, a nice techy fast guitar thing

La Croix de Sang
1 March 2019
Classic Black metal, a wall of sound, harsh, cold.

1 March 2019
Doomy, ambient, a bit on the post-metal side of pace… slow.

Black Palle
Black Palle
Label: Self-released
Release date: 17-01-2019
Kind of a standard metal, a bit of a groove, pinch of doom with some melodic catchiness.

Nullius In Verba
Label: Raising Legends Records
Release date: 01-12-2018
Technical, melodic blackened death, probably leaning a bit into the proggy death/black metal area… cool stuff.

Transcendence – Out Feb 8, 2019
8 February 2019
This one would fall into the melodic death metal category, a bit more of a groove, some catchy stuff with a bit of a modern metal touch.

The Grind Fever
Cave Transmission
Label: Self-released
Release date: 05-01-2019
Groovin’ doomy stoner metal, good stuff with maybe a bit of a Trouble thing going on.

New Stuff This Week… 2/25/19

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Feb 242019

Devil Master
Satan Spits on Children of Light
Release date: Friday, March 1st 2019
A melodic, cold black metal, has a throwback raw sound, but it’s their debut album, a pulsing punky black metal.

Tragedy: Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees And Beyond
Tragedy Goes To The Movies
70’s / 80’s songs metal-ized! Might have more of a Scorpions meets modern classic metal vibe…. I’m a sucker for this stuff, so matt likes!

Malevolent Creation
The 13th Beast
M-Theory Audio
1 March 2019
One of the early purveyors of classic death metal, they keep chugging along… barked out harsh growly vox, freight train of bass/drums, great meedly gutiar work on top… good stuff!

The Heretics
Season of Mist
15 February 2019
A little bit black metal, some melodic death, a bit doomy too. Big grooves, and a little dark/depressing too.

In Flames
I, The Mask
Eleven Seven Music
feb 26
Don’t have the full length yet, but the two singles I have “officially” and the other couple online releases show some promise, I mean, after their last album it’s tough to get worse… one of these new ones is very happy metal core type stuff… a very “everyone jump up and down” then do melodic chorus type thing. The other is a bit more post clayman sounding and shows promise again.

Mark Morton
Spinefarm Records
Well, this guy… from Lamb of God decided to do a solo album, his signature guitar sound is present but with different singers, so far, one track with Chester from Linkin Park… has his vox, but with a heavier edge musically, also Alissa from Arch Enemy, Randy, Chuck Billy, Myles Kennedy and a bunch of who’s who performing other stuff aside from guitars… cool stuff.

Sisters of Suffocation
Humans Are Broken
Napalm Records
All female (except the drummer) blackened death metal… brutal, harsh, but with a deathy groove… great stuff.

Children Of Bodom
Nuclear Blast USA
We all know what CoB is all about… melodic guitars with keyboards and a wall of sound… these two singles (so far) keep that flag flying. I always liked what this band does and like the new stuff here too. So heavy, yet catchy and melodic.

Kings Destroy
Fantsma Nera
Svart Records
A little doom, a little stoner, and just some good grooving hard rock. (only a single so far)

Band: Obskkvlt
Album: Blackarhats
Label: Nooirax Producciones
Release date: January 21st, 2019
Lack of vowels in the band name shouldn’t affect the outcome, right? Cuz this band has it going on… Brutal, fast and furious death metal with a black metal harshness

Album: Evil Comes
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: February 19th, 2019
A bit of a classic speed metal/ thrash thing decent stuff.

Band: KGB
Album: Smert’ju Vosstavshij
Label: Metal Race
Release date: February 23, 2019
A thrash band from russia sounding kind of like it was mastered through a phone line. it’s a shame, sounds kind of some techy proggy thrash going on.

Band: Germ Bomb
Album: Gist Sucked Out
Label: Metal Race
Release date: February 23, 2019
They call it “Apocalyptic Rock’n’Roll” it has a little horror metal thing with some stoner metal grooves

Lucifera (Colombia)
La Caceria De Brujas
Dunkelheit Produktionen
25 February 2019
an extreme thrashy thing with female vox… super harsh almost black metal speed and heaviness… but with a cool thrashy death groove

Empires of Mediocracy
Non Serviam Records
28 February 2019
Some classic death metal with a little melodic black metal thing going on too

Heretical Sect
Heretical Sect
Redefining Darkness Records | Caligari Records | Vendetta Records
1 March 2019
Deathy blackened doom… echoey growly vox, a little bit of a cold black metal sound while being dark and depressing.

“No Solution / Dissolution”
Self Released
late 2018
Classic death metal, harsh and growly vox, blast beats groovin’ headbanging stuff too.

Tim Bowness
Flowers at the Scene
Release date: Friday, March 01, 2019
Some lighter prog rock.

The Naked and the Dead
The Naked and the Dead
1 March 2019
a punky gothy alt-rock

O Corac?a?o Negro da Terra
Ritual Productions
1 March 2019
basic black metal, a bit cold, harsh, a bit of a doom tempo, some raw production

Band: Target
Album: Deep water Flames
Label: Australis Records
Release date: March 1st, 2019
Melodic death, proggy metal… some atmospheric parts, otherwise some good harsh melodic death going on with some pretty sick prog stuff going on too.

Red Cain
Kindred: Act I – Out March 1, 2019
1 March 2019
Prog metal with a little melodic death in parts, otherwise, they have a groove metal thing going on.

Death Is Death
Death Wears Suit
Label: Concorde Music Company
Actual release date: March 1st 2019
A basic groove metal, a little thrashy, a little bit of raw feel.

Climate fo Fear
The Onset of enternal Darkness
Label: Demons Run Amok
Release date: 01-03-2019
Thrashy melodic deathmetal… good stuff!

Band: Hiss From The Moat
Album: The Harrier
Label: M-Theory Audio
Release date: February 22, 2019
Sometimes an album/band just grabs you from the start, and you know it’ll all be good. this one is it. Right off the bat (after the little intro)… BAM, a blackened death/tech wall of catchy brutality… great stuff.

Band: Downcross
Album: Mysteries Of Left Path
Label: Saturn Sector Rex
Release date: February 21th, 2019
Decent classic grooving mid-tempo black metal..

Solens Soenn og Maanens Datter Kapittel I
Genre: Norwegian Black Metal
Self Released
Released on February 15th, 2019
This is just one song of acoustic guitar work… nothing really more than a loop of a few chords?

No Stories Left – single
Metal Blade Records
12 April 2019
single of some intense blackened melodic death… big grooves, melodic hooks… harsh vox… all cool stuff.

Fractal Universe
Oneiric Realistions – radio single
Metal Blade Records
19 April 2019
Another melodic death thing, this one leans more on the death metal side of things… more prog tech death too. great stuff

Band: Reject the Sickness
Album: The New Chapter
Self Released
Release date: February 22, 2019
just 3 tracks… but a cool melodic death almost metalcore (more like brutalcore)… but I guess staying more on the death metal side of things… cool stuff!

A New Revenge
Enemies and Lovers
Golden Robot
Yet another of Ripper Owens’ new projects, this one has Rudy Sarzo, Keri Kelli, James Kottak… a good solid classic metal… Ripper is not quite over the top and a bit more just a good hard rock singer here

New Stuff This Week… 2/18/19

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Feb 172019

Hostile Defiance – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Here we got some good old classic thrashy metal… catchy, fast riffage… cool stuff.

Rosy Vista
All female German metal band… this has a decent edge while being a classic metal type thing, great vox,

Dream Theater
Distance Over Time
Inside Out Music
So far a handful of singles have been released and as my “favorite band” they seem to be well, “dream theater” nothing new or ground breaking, nothing really bad or “astonishing” as it were. Good solid classic prog metal dream theater… melodic decent stuff.

The Verdect
Century Media Records
Like the Dream theater, just a couple singles so far… It amazes me how Todd can sound just like old Geoff. Musically this is a bit more of the classic proggy metal Ryche we all fell in love with. And yeah, so they only have two original members playing on this, it’s more “Queensryche” than the last bunch of albums have been!

The Door To Doom (EP)
Napalm Records
Pioneers of Doom are still churning out the instant classics… this is just a single “Astorolus The Great Octopus”

Last In Line
Frontiers Music SRL.
The former dio band is back and with a new bass player… good solid classic metal. the one single “landslide” that I have is a little on the power ballad side of things, so i’m looking forward to more.

Deal With It!
Metalville Records
Classic metal with a bit of a crunchy thrashy thing going on… some cool grooves, decent stuff.

While She Sleeps
So What!
Spinefarm Records
I think I know where In Flames got their new sound from… well, actually this kind of band influenced In Flames and vise versa… it has a bit of that modern metal core, but also that catchy cool melodic death thing going on.

Rhapsody Of Fire
The Eighth Mountain
AFM Records
22 February 2019
One of the first bands to have the full on epic proggy power metal thing… and now with a new singer and drummer, this sounds pretty heavy and solid, not quite as hollywood epic, but still heavy solid epic power metal… great stuff.

The Boundless Black
N/A (Self Release)
15 February 2019
Chilled out sort of doom/”Dark folk” mostly acoustic type stuff….

The Well
Release date: 16-02-2019
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Hidden Marly Production
Kind of a standard black metal

Necrogosto TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
18 February 2019
Lo-fi old school black metal.

Dr. Awkward & The Screws
Gettin’ out of Style
18 February 2019
A laid back stoner metal. Cool catchy blues grooves

Xtreem Music
19 February 2019
four 10+ minute tracks of slow, doomy blackened metal

Freedom In Fire
Label: Fastball Music
Release date: 8-02-2019
classic metal/hard rock with a bit of that AOR feeling

Right off the bad, it has a little bit of a heavier, more black metal Opeth vibe with a sort of melodic tone, but staying a bit more harsh

KING APATHY (former Thränenkind)
Feb 22
Doomy melodic blackened metal, as I review a lot of stuff at a time, I tend to skip through stuff pretty quick… this had a good tone, melodic darkness, but still interesting that I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the next review…

Here we got some good heavy brutal death metal, harsh vox, a tiny blackened feel, but full grooving death metal. great stuff.

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 22 Feb. 2019

Oculum Dei
Dreams of Desire and Torment – Out Feb 22, 2019
22 February 2019
A sort of grooving blackened death/melodic death. harsh vox, a little bit of a doom thing too.

Down To The Bunker
Tenacity Music
22 February 2019
here we have some catchy grooving modern-ish metal. Sounds like something that you might hear on a more solid rock normal rotation, but with a bit more edge… cool stuff.

Demon Head
Hellfire Ocean Void
Svart Records
22 February 2019
this is a classic alternative gothy doom-ish thing. Almost like a poppier Danzig type thing.

Cold Colours
22 February 2019
A lighter blackened death/doom thing… good grooves, dark and brooding.

Cil City
Jump off the Cliff
Label: GIFD Records / Preiser Records
Hard rock with female vox, cool driving metal-ish edge to it… catchy too.

Booze Control
Forgotten Lands
Gates of Hell Records
22 February 2019
Here we got a mostly classic metal with a little bit of a NWOBHM vibe…maybe leaning a bit into something a bit heavier/proggy too with a tiny doom feel.

Grey Maiden
Cruz Del Sur Music
22 February 2019
This one falls into the classic metal realm, melodic, a bit of a doomy vibe too.

Till Death Do Us Part – Out Feb 22, 2019
Rockshots Records
22 February 2019
Kind of a classic metal meets some prog metal clean vox, good melodies and hooks.

Gates of Hell Records
22 February 2019
This has a bit of a power metal/classic metal thing going on… with a little bit of a heavier edge.

Uncivilized (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
22 February 2019
A classic metal with a thrashy NWOBHM vibe

High The Memory
Osmose Productions
22 February 2019
Long songs… doomy death metal. Piano, some epic stuff… normally stuff like this might be a bit too Post-metal, this one is still interesting… decent stuff.

Wretched Fate
Redefining Darkness Records
22 February 2019
Grooving classic death metal… great stuff.

Prosthetic Records
22 February 2019
A little bit of a stoner metal meets melodic death!? right? sounds good.

Brutal classic grooving death metal, cookie monster vox, evil dark licks, drumming like a freakin’ freight train!

SharpTone Records
22 February 2019
this one falls into the modern metalcore category… you know that decent melodic heavier metalcore stuff, harsh vox, then getting to a happier sound with a clean vox nearly emo-ish chorus.

The Fallen Entities
High Roller Records
22 February 2019
This was the band that was originally the “original” band called Incubus… yeah that one from the 80’s/90’s, not the “popular” Incubus… well, later on they changed their name and this is their new album… just full on classic good heavy catchy death metal. Good stuff.

Wolf Counsel
Destination Void
Label: Endless Winter
Release date: 22-02-2019
Doomy metal, clean vox, with maybe a little bit of a Lemmy feel.

Band: Soulburner
Album: Blessed by Fire
Label: Australis Records
Release date: January 2nd, 2019
They say it’s Melodic Death… a little melodic… but mostly just good ol brutal grooving death metal (from Chile) great stuff.

Band: Rebirth in Flames
Album: Lucifer’s Cosmogony
Label: Australis Records
Release date: February 5th, 2019
Kind of a deathy black metal. A good mix of regular death metal and a bit of that cold evil black metal over the top of it.

Label: Fastball Music
Release date: 25-01-2019
Spanish language with a bit of a latin metal funky vibe, a little techy prog metal experimental Mr Bungle/SOAD type thing happening too.

Swarm of Hatred
Shrine of Negativity
Released by Australis records
Release date – December 1st, 2018
A blackened death metal, great band name, brutal, yet a bit melodic (that black metal type of melodic) with some harsh vox. Production is a bit raw, but still decent.

Album: Under the Cemetery
Label: Australis Records
Release date: February 5th, 2019
Classic death metal, cookie monster vox, a tiny thrashy thing going on too.

Album: Thy Will Be Done
Label: Australis Records
Release date: February 5th, 2019
Seems like all of these Australis Records bands here are from Chile… all decent stuff too.. This one more of a black metal, more brutal with a bit of a melodic death thing going on too.

Band: Endimion
Album: Latmus
Label: Australis Records
Release date: February 5th, 2019
Doom and death metal in this release are like chocolate and peanut butter…they just go well together, a bit of a down tempo doom chanty vox going along with some harsh growly vox and faster stuff too. A little too doom/slow for me in parts, but then a catchy riff comes in and brings up the tempo and heaviness…

Self Released (Apollo Promotion)
This is some grooving old school death metal, some doomy grooves musically, but with harsh vox (cookie monster and screams)

A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments
8 February 2019
QUality grooving classic death metal with some technical death stuff going on too.

The Goddess (single) (2019)
One band that comes to mind to compare this too on just about all facets… musically and vocally… Volbeat.

Band: Carved
Album: Thanatos
Label: Revalve records
Release date: February 15th, 2019
Here we got some symphonic prog/power metal…even into the melodic death realm.. lots of cool stuff going on, clean vox, harsh vox, catchy tech stuff too.

Specters On Parade
Label: Fastball Music
Release date: 15-02-2019
Funny, this genre is listed as “Sophisticated Metal” and yeah, I guess it could be that… or, prog metal/melodic prog metal… hitting both sides of that pretty good and overall, a pretty good prog metal album!

Vulcanodon Phazer
Cretaceous Skull
Label: Bud Metal Records
Release date: 22-02-2019
Kind of a stoner and a little doom, a bit post metal with some kind of raw production