New Stuff This Week… 8/21/17

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Aug 212017


Alpha Tiger
Alpha Tiger
This is like a power metal, but with some hammond organ stuff going on, so there’s a bit of a throwback vibe. A neat groove and catchiness of just some classic metal, and giving modern feel too. So much of it sounds familiar but really it’s a unique mix of genres. Good stuff.

Heavy brutal blackened death metal, maybe a bit symphonic with a Cradle of Filth/Dimmu Borgir type thing

The New Roses
One More For The Road
Napalm Records
A kind of southern bluesy hard rock thing. Catchy fun hard rockin’ stuff.

Leaving eden
Out Of The Ashes
Dark Star Records
Female fronted modern metal/hard rock. Decent catchy hooks and guitar solos… but a bit on the commercial metal side of things.

American Wrecking Company
Everything and Nothing
Pavement Entertainment
A pretty straightforward thrashy modern metal with some hardcore stuff going on too.

Renaissance In Extremis
Peaceville Records
Good full on death metal and melodic death and going into some proggy melodic death. This is just one 7 min single so far, but great stuff a-la Opeth.

The Haunted
Strength In Numbers
Century Media Records
From the ashes of At the Gates came the Haunted to fly the flag of Swedish Melodic death metal…After just one stinker album in there, these guys are still back to form with catchy stuff, heavy stuff, melodic and still full on aggressive too.

Pagan Altar
The Room of Shadows
Temple of Mystery
A bit of a folk/doom classic metal. I guess this band was orginally a NWOBHM band with a bootlegged underground album… well, here they are with the first album in 11 years. Good grooves.

Burn the World
Metal Blade Records
This sounds like some really old school 80’s like pagan/black metal type stuff, maybe a bit like a Mercyful Fate… Great throwback heavy thrash type stuff, with a high screamy voice (maybe like John Arch), a dark and evil feeling.

“Of Erthe and Axen” Act I
Erthe and Axen Records
Melodic proggy hard rock, kind of like Porcupine tree, but it elevates into some symphonic melodic death too. Great dynamics, reminds me of some Opeth

Canyon of the Skull
The Desert Winter
One 37 Minute track of Doomy death metal.

Battle Raider
Fighter Records
Big screamy metal voice on top of classic metal, kind of a power metal/thrash/classic metal thing. Cool stuff. I’m a sucker for big high screamy metal.

BLOODLUST (Australia)
At the Devil’s Left Hand
Caverna Abismal
Heavy or maybe extreme thrash. Catchy riffs, powerful drumming and vox. Vox are growly and we’ve got a kind of thrashy death metal thing going on. Cool stuff with meaty grooves.

Skepsis Part II (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
A single of some full on brutal blackened death metal, Great stuff. more please!

Eden’s Curse
AFM Records
Power metal, decent stuff, nothing too techy, nothing too commercial or anything, just straightforward almost AOR type metal.

Gundog Allegiance (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
1:27 of brutal grindy death metal. Cool stuff.

From The Dead
High Roller Records
Some classic metal with some big high screamy vox. We’re probably getting into some 80’s or 90’s hard rock sounds here.

Howling Giant
Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2
Grooving throwback stoner-ish doom metal. Hammond Organ, meaty riffs, but a bit depressing too.

LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!
AFM Records
Udo under his last name… a live show of his old Accept stuff… music sounds almost studio quality… vocals are a little raw, but so is Udo, right? Good live album with some nice classic song with a new edge.

An Assfull Of Love
Monkey Madness
A bit of a hard rock, maybe a bit funky alternative metal with some fun lyrics.

Serious Black
AFM Records
Heavier power metal, crunchy riffs, nice big voice with some rasp and good melodic sutff too.

Elbow Deep
Sexually Offensive
Horror Pain Gore Death
This is some extreme thrash/death metal with some not so PC lyrics. So, yeah, take it with a grain of salt and go to hell if you laugh. (i’ll already be there waiting for you)

Obsessed with Death
Meaty grooving death metal. cool stuff.

Cosmic Reawakening
Quality classic black metal with good production, A good evil sound, it’s even catchy and of course, the good classic black metal is melodic too. Great stuff.

Prog rock that gets way way proggy, maybe getting a little heavy in parts, maybe a bit jazzy, vox hearken to Freddie Mercury. Good stuff, maybe not mosh pit material.

Past, Present…Torture
BRUTAL death metal! Maybe a bit grindy, but this is full on heavy as shit. And yeah! Grooves!!

Jack Starr’s Burning Star
Stand Your Ground
High Roller Records
Big voice classic metal, with maybe a bit of thrashy heaviness. Great guitar work

Guide My Fury
Inverse Records
Melodic Death Metal musically, vox are pretty cookie monster style… then some clean sung stuff too. Good mix of brutal and melodic

Fly With Me
A bit of an alternative hard rock thing.

Low Flying Hawks
Jadd / Magnetic Eye
Sludgey doom meets tool.

Burning Arrow
Three songs of classic black metal, heavy and evil… melodic and yeah, good production

Argonauta Records
No other words for this other than some Stoner Rock…/hard rock. Grooving catchy stuff.

Morbid Evils
Svart Records
25 August 2017
Dark and doomy… slow and sludgey… a bit of a black metal feel.

Time EP
Self Released
This one… hmmm, extreme thrash. That catchy/gallopy thrash sound, while being faster and more growly vox.

Self Released
This is some decent melodic death

Luciferian Insectus
Title: Godless
Labels: Apollyon Entertainment
Blackened death metal… yup, meat and potatoes death metal, but faster with some faster guitars and blast beats. not too bad… good melodic stuff too while being all brutal.

Cranely Gardens
House of Decay
It’s melodic death/metalcore type stuff. Good stuff, staying heavy and heavy parts are brutal, some big fat breakdowns.

New Stuff This Week… 8/14/17

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Aug 142017

Metal Blade Records
Epic proggy/power metal with primarily clean sung female vox, some cool death metal growls, kind of making it a little bit like Epica… Probably a bit more melodic and symphonic. Decent stuff.

Chronic Breed (Radio Promo)
Season of Mist
Brutal death metal, maybe a little bit grindy, just full on in your face death metal. great stuff, can’t wait for more.

Act of Defiance
M.I.A. – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Another new album! It’s been two years since the debut… good modern just good “metal” A bit melodic thrashy and melodic death-ish (growly vox) Can’t wait for more!

The Hirsch Effekt
Long Branch
This is some cool crazy proggy metalcore… maybe a bit like SOAD and Protest the Hero-ish, Faith No More… just a lot of crazy cool stuff going on… definitely crossing into experimental range.

Dead as Truth
Dark and doomy blackened gothy doom. Kind of scary and depressive.

Profane Nexus
Big meaty classic death metal. Great grooves, and a bit dark mood-wise. a Doomy feeling, but still full on death metal.

Band of Brothers
Band of Brothers
Cleopatra Records
Compilation of many different artists (Joel Hoekstra, Bumblefoot, Soto, Gary Hoey, Steve Morse) to benefit veterans. Some tracks are inspired by soldiers and a theme on that.

Thy Art Is Murder
Dear Desolation
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Heavy, technical and brutal metal. Melodic too? Yeah, with a good heavy thrash feel too.

End of Green
Void State
Napalm Records
A bit of a doomy melodic rock thing, at first listen, it sounded like David Bowie vocals.

Brick By Brick
Thin The Herd
Fastbreak Records
A thrashy hardcore thing, maybe a bit like a Pro-Pain… classic barking vox, catchy hardcore’d up thrash beats.

The Mortal Horizon
Xtreem Music
A bit of a blackened doomy death metal. Production is a bit raw, cookie monster vox, the blackened part comes from part attiude and part melodic noisy guitars.

Descent Into Hell (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Solid death metal, great grooves, catchy riffs and a good well rounded brutal sound. Great stuff.

Dr. Shrinker
Archive I DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Compilation of the Milwaukee Thrashy death metal band… fairly raw and lo-fi production… good stuff for a true fan I’d imagine!

La Voie Du Sang
Melancholia Records
Blackened doomy death metal, a bit raw and in your face, some melodic stuff and maybe a bit crusty too.

Evil (Japan)
Rites of Evil LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
This is kind of an extreme thrash, pretty cool stuff. Fast playing and growly screamed vox, all more in a heavy thrash style. cool stuff.

Bret Hart EP
Self Released
Crusty punky hardcore EP about pro wrestlers

Scarlet Records
This is some pretty cool power metal with heavier classic metal tendencies along with some cool proggy stuff. One of my favorites this week.

Total War
Scarlet Records
Whoa, heavy brutal thrash, or thrashy death metal, Great heavy dark sound, barked out growly vox, a big meaty groove

On Top
Top Dollar
Horror Pain Gore Death
Classic metal with a bit of a punky metal feel.

Necromancy Enthroned
Unspeakable Axe Records
Blackened death metal, mostly death metal with a harsh vox reminiscent of black metal. Short-ish songs under 4 minutes, decent quick and to point songs with a brutal thrash feel.

Plagues Upon Arda
Milwaukee’s own… great brutal classic death metal. This is the real deal… heavy, kind of catchy and headbanging and full on brutal. Great stuff!

Casket Robbery
The Ascension
Pretty much a new lineup, this 3 song ep doesn’t fuck around again… brutal and heavy, and great production too! We love these local guys (and now gal) and glad they keep pushing on!

Sons of Crom
The Black Tower
Nordvis Produktion / Bindrune Recordings
Some good classic melodic black/death metal. Kind of like some Opeth in the dynamics of going from laid back doomy chilled out hard rock to full on black metal in parts. It’s leaning more on the melodic stuff.

Your Worst Nightmare (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Basic death metal, with a little bit of a fun thrash vibe.

Steel Mammoth
Atomic Oblivion
A punky doomy stoner type thing

Tech death metal, but with some regular prog metal stuff going on too. 4 songs, and it’s good stuff!

El Calvario MCD/MLP
Iron Bonehead
Doomy post metal. Big meaty riffs, downtempo with guttural growly vox

May The Funeral Begin EP
Inverse Records
Melodic Death Metal, good brutal edge, with a great melodic guitar thing going on. Catchy and a bit proggy/technical too.

Self Released
From India, a bit hard rock, a bit folky sounding because of the Sitar.

Slice of Sorrow
Metal Carnival Records
This is some decent melodic death, some heavier stuff and melodic stuff, you know, melodic death metal! hah. With piano/keyboards, it adds a bit of a proggy element to it.

Power Theory
Something Old, Something New & Something LIVE?!?!?! From Europe
21 March 2017

This is some classic thrash sounding stuff, catchy grooves, a bit more heavy and raw than say a modern thrash type thing.

As I May
Self Released
Kind of a heavier metalcore, music is decent heavy stuff, vox are clean, and growly too…

A Life Lost (single)
A single of some kind of melodic death/modern technical metalcore type stuff. Great melodies, heavy hardcore stuff with harsh vox.


New Stuff This Week…8/7/17

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Aug 072017

Aether Realm
Primitive Ways
Their tagline is something like “were not from Finland!” and well, after hearing it… kind of a folky melodic death metal, maybe an Amorphis meets Children of Bodom… it’s surprising that they’re from North Carolina, but who cares where it’s from, it’s got heavy catchy sound, full of melodic hooks and headbanging fun!

Venom Inc.
Nuclear Blast USA
A subset of Venom with pretty much the Prime Evil lineup. Just this single so far, a bit of a doomy classic metal thing going on. Good grooves and some decent edginess too.

Exit Eden
Rhapsodies In Black
Napalm Records
All female symphonic epic metal type stuff. A typical fe-metal sound, with big powerful clean female vox with a power-metal-ish band. Members of Avantasia and Visions of Atlantis with some guest spots of Simone from Epica too. A lot of pop type covers from Adele, Katy Perry, Bonnie Tyler, Lady Gaga… not too bad if you like fe-metal! (or have little girl daughters and have heard all these pop songs a lot!)

Hundred Suns
The Prestaliis
New Damage Records
A bit noisecore, metalcore, a pinch industrial and modern metal. It’s edgy and heavy, has some catchy grooves, but just too much of a modern metal vibe for me to really get into too much.

Beyond The Pain Barrier
Cleopatra Records
A bit of a classic metal, but with some throwback, a little bit of a Manowar type vibe but not quite over the top and heavy. Just a decent hard rocking classic metal groove.

Death Mass Execution
Larval Productions
Brutal evil black metal. 3 songs of a wall of noisy mush.

Proggy melodic death metal. Really cool stuff, and yeah, really techy, almost like some opeth, but a bit more on the techy death side of the heavier things.

AFM Records
Classic hard rocking power metal. A bit of a classic metal feel in parts, but overall, just some cool heavier edgy power metal. These guys have been around for a while, so they still got it going on.

Horror Pain Gore Death
Sort of a grindy death metal, quick fast songs with fast playing and brutal attitude! All 71 tracks are no more than a minute each with a couple exceptions.

Band: Jesus Cröst
Album: Die Tonmeisterei Sessions
Label: Give Praise records
VERY quick short grindy punked up metal songs. All 71 tracks are no more than a minute each with a couple exceptions.

Jadd / Magnetic Eye
Raw doomy stoner metal but with a bit of a melodic old school thing. Vox remind me a bit of the guy from Pro-Pain, shouted with big meaty grooves to back it up.

From the Hellmouth | Mutilatred – Split EP
Title: Split EP
Labels: Redefining Darkness & Seeing Red Records
From the Hellmouth is wall of sound-ish brutal death metal.. cool stuff! And Mutilatred is a bit more grindy, but full on brutal death metal.

Various Artists (Against PR)
Against PR
This is a PR firm out of Portugal that sends us a lot of that “other stuff” in our weekly adds section, some hit, some miss, some just ok. This is a Compilation of stuff they’ve sent out, or maybe they just like. A wide variety of stuff.

Northern Plague
Scorn the Idle
Self Released
Melodic blackened death metal, great catchy grooves, heavy dark sound, pissed off, kind of technical too.

Grant The Sun
Grant The Sun
Mas-Kina Recordings
Seems like a techy prog stoner metal. Instrumtenal stuff, great riffs and feel

“The Sin And The Sentence” [Single]
Decent stuff from these guys, catchy, melodic and heavy too. They got that Metallica meats Dragonforce thing going on and it’s good for the 1st single!

Self Released
Kind of an alt hard rock type thing, maybe a bit electronic hip hip too

The Foreboding Impasse
Release date: Friday, August 4th 2017
Just a single from an EP that comes out next year, this is some good techy death metal. No fucking around, great grooves and production.

Aug 2016
Since they have a new single out, the PR company thought it’d be a good idea to send out their last release from a year ago… good stuff too, quality technical brutal death metal.


New Stuff This Week…7/31/17

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Jul 302017

Promised Land – RADIO SINGLE
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Good solid hard rock with Michael Sweet (Stryper) and George Lynch’s crunchy guitars… Rounded out with James Lomenzo on Bass and Brian Tichy on drums… a hard rock supergroup really. And this is a great classic metal/hard rock song. The album comes out in Nov.

Frontiers Music s.r.l.
New single… this has a throw back old school LA metal feel.

Got Me Runnin’ – RADIO SINGLE
frontiers Music s.r.l.
Again, good solid classic hard rockin’ stuff with Mille’s huge voice. Good stuff.

“Divide and Conquer”
Well, it’s new Prong. They have a formula, make catchy hard rocking metal songs… they aren’t straying from that formula and it’s good stuff man!

Dead Cross
Dead Cross
Dave Lombardo/Mike Patton’s punky metal experimental project. We had a single before, now the full… you got thrash/punk/hardcore all together with veteran musicians. it’s good

Night Spirit
Midnight Spark Media
Heavier and thrashy sounding power metal… Power metal with some grit!

The Shape
The World Away
DME/Monolithic Recordings
Sounds a bit like some modern thrash, heavy grooves, some parts are just more like classic metal too. neat stuff.

Dawn Of Disease
Ascension Gate
Napalm Records
Good grooving melodic death with well, mostly growly cookie monster vox… Heavy death metal stuff, but that good melodic meedly guitar stuff too.

Marty Friedman
Wall Of Sound
Prosthetic Records
Instrumental virtuostic metal… good melodic proggy stuff and some good crunchy metal too.

The Rise Of Chaos
Nuclear Blast USA
Classic Accept. Great riffs, a little edgy, melodic and anthemic and

The Plague
Black Lion Records
I guess this is a bit doomy, a bit death metaly and a bit melodic death-ish. A nice laid back sound, while doomy, there’s still a bit of a heavy groove going on .

Neverending Trail of Skulls
Xtreem Music
Here we have some brutal death metal, maybe a little bit gore/grindy, some nice riffage for some extreme metal. Decent stuff.

Söft Dov
Massacre Through Seduction
Horror Pain Gore Death
Kind of a punked up standard metal type thing. Short quick songs, just a, um, yeah… It’s not bad, just a bit too punky for me I think.

Sexual Panic Human Machine (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
I’d have to say this is kind of an extreme thrash… Basically some classic thrash music, but with some extreme vox, so yeah, it makes this a bit more on the extreme side, right?

Barbaric Horde
Tainted Impurity
War Arts Productions
Mostly black metal, pretty brutal heavy blast beats and raw production

Blooming Carrions
Sparkling Rotten Dreams TAPE
Iron Bonehead
Lo-fi gurgly black/death metal.

Centuries of Decay
Good heavy and catchy brutal melodic death metal. Technical, grooving and yeah, good melodic guitar stuff going on too. Great stuff.

Nuclear Warfare
Empowered By Hate
Self Released
This is some classic thrash, catchy grooves, heavy sound, vox sound pissed off. Good stuff.

Experimental noise… chanting, creepy satan noises, I dunno… is this really music? I want my time back.

Rope Sect
Personae Ingratae 12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
Kind of a gothy melodic doom rock

Planet Eater
Blackness From The Stars
I’m not sure what to call this stuff anymore… it’s a bit thrashy, a bit death metal, a bit hardcore and melodic too. I guess I’ll throw this in the melodic deathcore pile… not bad, heavy, catchy, grooving… kind of technical too.

Fight The Fight
Anitra’s Dance
Indie Recordings
One song… melodic and doomy, yet catchy too clean vox/extreme vox all in a 3 minute song. cool melodic death type stuff.

Not A Crime
Self Released
Foreign language exprimental metal/rock A bit gothy, maybe industrial too. A little too “out there” for me.

Self Released
From Iran! A sort of prog rock, mostly laid back, with female vox, but some heaver hard rockin’ bits.

Antinumerology (EP)
Label: Krucyator Productions (France)
BLack/death metal on a 3 song EP. A bit of melodic black metal with some full on death metal type stuff.

Rage n’ Fever
Label: Witches Brew
Metal from Argentina. A bit of a thrash/classic metal with maybe a pinch of a raw punk feel. Cool stuff.

Album: Mythogenesis
Self Released
Good classic meaty death metal or maybe deathy extreme thrash type stuff from Denmark. Great big grooves, fat low end and some guttural cookie monster vox.

The Throne and the Altar
Hidden Marly Productions
This is just some classic black metal. Good meedly stuff, maybe some groove too. Good stuff.

Album: Horrid Dominion
Self Released
You got your good ol classic death metal here, oh, but it’s like fast and extreme so it has a little black metal feel going on too.


New Stuff This Week… 7/24/17

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Jul 232017

Lynch Mob
Main Offender (single)
RatPak Records
This is some good classic hard rocking stuff. melodic and catchy and yeah, might even be worth a spin, as Lynch Mob has always been a little bit more heavy/gritty than a lot of the bands they get lumped in with. (And Oni Logan is singing — so you can’t go wrong)

Defying Gravity
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
While this might not be Mosh Pit material, it’s great catchy rock that should get more attention. This band has been around a long time known for one cheesy ballad, but really have some great hard rock stuff.

Tau Cross
Pillar of Fire
A little bit of a Voivod meets Motorhead type thing. The drummer is Away from Voivod. Melodic too

Orden Ogan
Kind of an epic wall of sound melodic thrashy power metal. A bit of a Dragonforce/Blind Guardian/Rhapsody thing going on, but maybe with more of a crunch to it. Cool stuff!

For Those About to Fight for Metal – radio single
Metal Blade Records
Extreme folk metal? Yeah, no one beats these guys…. generically… Melodic death metal, but this is more epic and symphonic too. Great stuff and me want more!

Alice Cooper
Just 2 songs so far, but good classic sounding Alice Cooper. HE’s got a solid band, and these two tracks are just good hard rockin stuff

Rex Brown
Smoke On This
Entertainment One
Grooving catchy southern fried hard rock. Doesn’t sound too bad, a good bottom end (it better have one coming on a solo album from a bass player!)

Rings Of Saturn
Ultu Ulla
Nuclear Blast USA
Brutal core type stuff. Death meatl growls, melodic piano parts, black metal shrieking, full on brutal death metal stuff, meedly guitars, cool stuff!

Pavement Music
Maybe a tiny little bit industrial, more of a metalcore with some more deathcore stuff, a bit melodic and djenty too

Seasons Of The Black
Metalville Records
Classic metal from these veterans that probably had a hand in inventing this kind of music, right? Catchy, a bit thrashy, and just good ol “Metal”

The Cicada Tree
Metal Blade Records
ALways been fans of this band… and still glad they decided to come back… now they’re on Metal Blade… melodic / proggyish metalcore type stuff. Gritty, heavy, catchy and melodic.

Band: Kreyskull
Album: The Bird Of Bad Weather
Label: Sliptrick records
Experimental Doom / Psychedelic Doom Rock, a bit of a groove, some straightforward stuff

Band: Mexican Chili Funeral Party
Album: Mexican Warrior’s Revenge
Label: Sliptrick records
Grungy stoner metal.

Band: Obscura Amentia
Album: The Art Of The Human Decadence
Label: Sliptrick records
Doomy black metal…a bit depressing and down tempo, but extreme vox

Band: HoneyBombs
Album: Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Kind of a hard rock/light power metal type thing

Band: Gravestone
Album: Proud To Be Dead
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Death metal, kind of a melodic viking metal feeling with some big grooves

Band: Scars Of Tears
Album: Just Dust
Country: Greece
Label: Sliptrick records
Female fronted gothy hard rock/melodic metal. A little bit of an atmospheric feeling too.

Band: Fate Unburied
Album: Logos
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Proggy melodic death metal. A cool thrashy/prog metal thing with extreme vox and catchy heavy stuff too.

Band: Crohm
Album: Humanity
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
A bit plain old just “metal” with maybe a little thrash thing happening. Vox are kind of a stoner low tone clean sung

Album: Back To The Roots
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Big meaty hard rock… classic stoner/doomy metal.

Album: Painful Shadow
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
A good groove, some doomy/stoner stuff. clean vox, some parts get a little blackened doom/death metal too.

Band: Althea
Album: Memories Have No Name
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick records
Some hard rock/prog rock type stuff… a lot of keyboards, a bit of an atmospheric and experimental thing going on too.

Album: Five Eyes
Country: Sweden
Label: Sliptrick records
A good classic metal/hard rock thing… nice grooves, standard catchy stuff.

Methods to Delusion
Death metal, but a bit more extreme, technical, big grooves, brutal, fast and heavy

Death Comes with Silence
With a band name like this, you expect to get your head crushed, right? Well, yeah, that’s about right. Death metal, but with a blackened death feel, maybe some extreme thrash, a little raw crusty stuff… Just great and brutal too. Good stuff.

Beyond Omega
Camp Yeti
We got this in January, but now I guess they have a label and are re-issuing as “new”… here’s what I said in Jan : Melodic blackened death metal from Mobile Alabama! Whoa! This is some good stuff. Catchy, brutal, grooving

Urn (Finland)
The Burning CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Catchy black metal, a bit of a modern black metal, still cold, dark, evil, but clean production, a bit more thrashy.

Lords of Death (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom / Hells Headbangers
Doomy death metal, a little sludgey full low end stomping grooves

Paradigm of Chaos (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Grindy old school black metal.

No Warning (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
A heavier doom / stoner metal, maybe a bit of a goth metal feel too

Pan’s Emissaries / Nick Noro
Pan’s Emissaries / Nick Noro [Split Release]
Nick Noro is kind of just edgy punk rock. Pan’s Emissaries is a bit of a melodic stoner metal with a little punk feel.

I, Voidhanger Records
Slugey blackened doom

Fight or Flight
Straightforward hard rock. Clean vox, good catchy melodic stuff.

Rexius Records
Cool catchy grooving hard rock.


Ghastly Music
Extreme blackened death metal. Melodic and brutal too. why not throw in technical? Yeah! lots of good stuff going on in here and did I mention it’s heavy?

Anubi’s Servants
Self Released
A cool thrashy extreme melodic death metal thing with some big grooves. Cool catchy stuff

Tower Of Babel
Lake of Fire
Lion Music (Finland).
Classic metal/thrashy power metal. Nothing groundbreaking, just cool hard rockin’ and catchy stuff.

Parallel Kingdom – single
Indie Recordings
Technical blackened death/melodic death. One song of extreme techy prog goodness.


New Stuff This Week… 7/17/17

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Jul 152017

The Nerve Machine
A bit of a Disturbed sound, a modern metal with a little prog metal thing going on too.

Busted, Broke, And American
Following the tradition of most MOD albums, thrashy hardcore with lyrics saying like it is (according to Billy Milano) which of course make people laugh too. LOL yeah! First album in 10 years and billy says it’ll be the last. wahhh.

Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising
Kind of an alt-metal metalcore type thing, some heavier stuff, melodic stuff and clean, um, almost emo sounding vox.

Limbonic Art
Spectre Abysm
Classic black metal, melodic and doomy

Raven Black
Seven Sins
WURM Group
This was sent and reviewed in April and now again in July… until I get to the bottom of it, here’s my review from before….
Female fronted alternative type metal. A bit gothy/arty, good mix of creepy sung/growly vox, some decent grooves… kind of reminds me of otep.

Soul Remnants
Entertainment One
Heavy and grooving melodic-ish death metal. Kind of a brutal feel, but not like full on wall of sound, this is just good heavy grooving death metal.

The Forest Seasons
Nuclear Blast USA
4 tracks, each named for a season of blackened prog metal goodness. Kind of a blackened death with maybe some folk/prog and power metal stuff all going on. cool stuff!

The Midnight Ghost Train
Cypress Avenue
Napalm Records
A kind of grooving stoner metal/rock… decent stuff, just doesn’t get too heavy.

Batized By Fire
Dark Star Records
Traditional classic metal type stuff, decent groove, occasional heavier moment… but overall, some decent anthemic hard rockin’ stuff.

Decrepit Birth
Anis Mundi
Nuclear Blast USA
Crazy fast technical death metal. They’ve always been brutal yet technical and maybe a notch above typical death… great stuff once again!

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
5 new tracks, 22 old ones, and a previously unreleased track… Classic german power metal!

Blind Guardian
Live Beyond The Spheres
Nuclear Blast
3 CD Live album recorded on various Euro tour dates from 2015. First live album in 14 years! After seeing them recently, it’s kind of cool to hear this and remember how good this band is live.

Barbarian (7″ EP)
Hells Headbangers
2 song ep of some kind of extreme thrash type stuff.

As Paradise Falls
Digital Ritual
Eclipse Records
This is kind of a brutal metalcore type thing. Solid heavy and a bit technical-ish, a little meshuggah like precsion sound.

Crack House
Still Alive!
Horror Pain Gore Death
seemingly a live album of some grindy thrash metal with some humor. Great heavy and catchy and fun too!

This is some cool blackened epic metal, maybe like a behemoth meets rhapsody meets dragonforce and dimmu borgir. Enough of an evil black metal feel with a proggy melodic death thing going on.

Extinguish The Light
Black Market Metal Label
Blackend death metal… kind of text book… big meaty death metal with the cookie monster growls accented by some blast beats and cold black metal guitars… Mostly brutal death metal…

Bloody Times
Destructive Singles
Self Released
Kind of a raw (production) classic “metal” a little thrashy, with some grooves… maybe along the lines of a WASP or Accept type of sound.

The Tangent
The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery
A little jazzy and laid back prog rock leaning towards some hard rocking stuff here and there. Probably not for the mosh pit, but decent stuff for a prog fan.

Ingurgitating Oblivion
Vision Wallows In Symphonies Of Light
Self Released
Long songs, death metal, but, like prog death metal. melodic and quirky and brutal… 4 tracks interesting stuff! A little doomy, black metal too.

We Can’t Win
Self Released
Kind of industrial, melodic death, alt-metal, metalcore and a little djent.

Band: SamadhiSitaram
Album: KaliYuga BABALON
Label: Sliptrick records
A grooving heavy death metal – metalcore/deathcore type thing.

A New Future
Brutal death metal, but maybe with a thrashy groove going on. Production is a bit raw… something tells me the guitar player did the mastering.

Sable Beldam
Cryptic Void EP
Self Released
This is sort of a melodic death, maybe blackened thrash… Good catchy hooks, extreme screamy vox, fast yet melodic-ish too.

De Profundis
Decayed 2007 – 2017 Compilation
Zero Tolerance Magazine
10 years of this band, so here’s a compilation! Great progressive black metal.

Self Released
Gothy alternative rock.

New Stuff This Week… 7/10/17

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Jul 062017

Return to the Void
Metal Blade Records
Blackened death metal with a bit more on the black metal side. Good heavy edge, maybe a bit heavy slayer and melodic death stuff too.

Up in Arms
Metal Blade Records
Kind of a heavy punked up thrashing hardcore type stuff. Features former Danzig/QOTSA and CroMags members. cool stuff.

Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Heavier thrashy hardcore, they’ve been around a long long time and still have a good raw yet cohesive sound.

River Black
Season of Mist
A bit of a downtempo doomy death-ishmetal. Big meaty grooves, shouting/growly vox.

Season of Mist
Doomy melodic metal with a bit of a meedly black metal guitar, clean vox.

In The Presence of Wolves
Of Two Minds, Stages 1-2: The Ape And The Cage
Melodic prog rock/metal. Takes a little while to get going but once it does, you don’t want to stop listening to hear what they’re going to do next, it has a little Fair to Midland thing going, but then maybe hits into full Dream Theater type stuff (without the cheese)

Stone Sour
Well, Stone Sour hasn’t really been the Mosh Pit’s thing… maybe a song here or there.. this has some catchy fun tracks on it, seems to be more laid back. Some songs seem heavier and cool too… I’m digging a lot of the stuff on here

Next To None
Well, this one doesn’t mess around much, a bit slipknot, a bit prog… some like, beautiful piano passages all mixed in with a proggier heavier (good) Slipknot type stuff. Heavy, and catchy and complex… and kind of amazing that they’re almost all still teenagers. The only knock on it, is the clean vox get a little emo-mall-core ish in parts.

Brutal yet catchy grooving death metal. They came through town last year the year before opening for some 5 band bill… and I missed them… this is good stuff, it’s not just death metal/death core… there’s some neat almost proggy stuff going on.

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Never anything bad from these guys… serving up some of the best metal… and yeah with melody too, however, the vox are usually just all on harsh, so yeah, techy melodic deathy thrash stuff… great stuff…

Fragile Mortals
The Dark Project
Bumblefoot Music
A little bit of a rap-metal, nu-metal, but kind of a solid rock catchy commercial metal type thing too… and maybe a tiny bit industrial. . not too bad.

12 Stones
Picture Perfect
Cleopatra Records
Grooving stoner-ish metal, more along the lines of a band that sounds like Tool

Bloody Hammers
The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers
Napalm Records
A little goth and hard rock… a bit like a hard rocked up Volbeat.

Dead Label
Throne Of Bones
Nuerra Records
Grooving thrashy kind of metalcore, but more or less death-ish too. Kind of a heaver grooving Lamb of God. Great stuff.

Fun Burst
Self Released
Indie rockabilly rock type stuff… Maybe a bit punk/country? either way… pass.

God Root
Salt And Rot
Horror Pain Gore Death
Kind of doom/post metal

Xtreem Music / Burning World
This is a bit of a “Black n roll” but doomy post metal too. Some moments of good grooves and deathy stoner metal… but mostly long depressing songs.

Cosmic Man
Svart Records
A little bit of a doom and stoner metal thing going on… Decent energy, so it’s not all depressing.

“Hulluuden Muuri” LP (July release)
Self Relased
A wall of sludgey post metal doom noise and maybe a pinch of blackened doomy noise.

Band: Odium
Title: As The World Turns Black
Label: Black Sunset / MDD
A bit of a thrashy metal, maybe a bit of a classic metal with a heavier vibe… or maybe a Machine Head-light type thing. Pretty cool stuff.

Vesicant (New Zealand)
Shadows of Cleansing Iron CD/LP
Iron Bonehead
Blackened death… a bit sludgey and grindy… and a wall of creepy evil noise too.

Band: KROH
Album: Altars
Female fronted sludgey doom.

Album: Supreme Machine
Heavy stoner metal, a little doom feeling, but this has some good meaty hooks and catchy stuff too.

Album: Last Day Of Light
classic metal, with maybe a little thrashing groove.

Self Released
It’s funny, two weeks ago, the majority of new reviews were like a blackened death metal, this week it’s mostly doomy

Album: Self titled
Self Released
This is kind of some classic black metal, dark, cold, evil, yet a good melodic groove going on. it’s just a pinch low-fi, but very listenable.

Band: Ominous Shrine
Release Title: ? ?????? ??? ??????????
Goathorned Productions
Black metal, a bit of a doomy gloomy dark feeling

Band: Novae Militiae
Release Title: Gash’khalah
Goathorned Productions
Full on wall of sound black metal.

Album: Na Puti K Zabveniyu
Label: Endless Desperation Productions
Melodic doomy death metal from Russia (and in russian)… there’s a tiny bit of a goth feeling going on too… not too bad.

Devil Creations
Hell’s Exit
642706 Records
This is some traditional just “metal” a little bit thrashy/modern metal-ish with some meaty grooves.

The Sachem’s Tales
Avantgarde Music
Melodic and ambient folky type stuff going into full on evil black metal.

Bludy Gyres
Echoes of a Distant Scream
SoMan Records
A bit doom/stoner… kind of like a sabbath/trouble sort of thing. Decent grooves


New Stuff This Week… 7/3/17

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Jul 022017

First Night Back In Port
Napalm Records
Beer Drinking folk music…maybe rock? not metal… aahhh no.

Of Forsworn Vows
De Tenebrarum Principio
Black metal.. classic old school stuff. cold guitars, fast and well, yeah. decent stuff.

Xtreem Music
I’m not sure what language this is in, but this is heavy deathed up thrash metal. Great crisp production, catchy, kind of brutal-ish… great stuff.

Charming Timur
Focused Rage
Self Released
Industrial/noise/alt-rock. meh.

Dream Alive
Scarlet Records
Kind of power metal, but more leaning towards a prog metal

Contaminated (Australia)
Final Man CD/LP
Blood Harvest
CLassic death metal… cookie monster, big grooves… brutal.

Death Ordinance
Dark Descent Records
Brutal blackened death metal. Heavy heavy heavy… and evil… good stuff.

The Flame of Hate (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
basically black metal, kind of raw, a bit of groove… but basically raw black metal maybe a pinch of thrash and grind

Seer (Canada)
Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void
Art of Propaganda
Kind of a grooving stoner metal, then it gets kind of more extreme, gets a little death/doomy… but overall, yeah, grooving stoner metal.

Zwei Fäuste für Rock’n’Roll
AFM Records
I’d compare this to AC/DC. Just some grooving classic hard rock.

Grieve + No Gods
Horror Pain Gore Death
Grieve is 3 songs of punked up grindy extreme blackened metal… maybe 3 minutes total? No Gods is some brutal thrash…. cool stuff actually….like a more brutal Slayer.

Storms Arise
Inverse Records
A bit prog, a bit doom, a bit death/melodic death… maybe comparable to an Opeth or Amorphis. Great stuff

Moon Haven
Monochrome Reflections
Self Released
a bit classic prog/porcupine tree type stuff, maybe a little more distorted guitars in parts, but over all pretty chill.

Deathcult Barbaric Hell
Greyhaze Records [vinyl reissue]
Brutal blackened death metal.. a bit raw and old school… probably because this a vinyl reissue of this 2007 album.

Still In Search
Label: Discouraged Records
A compilation album… kind of basic Swedish death metal, maybe touching into some melodic death.

Memoria Sylvarum
This is some classic black metal sounding stuff, a good groove and melodic stuff, kind of proggy too.

Last Bullet
80-69-64 (EP)
Classic hard rock, a bit cock rock sounding, maybe a southern hard rock thing too.

Suns Of Sorath
Flowers of the Lily
Self Released
Melodic blackened death metal. I’d have to say it’s a bit proggy too with some of the stuff going on. Heavy and classic black metal in parts, then some tech death in others… cool stuff.

Junkyard Jesus
Argonauta Records
Some hard rockin’ stoner metal. Actually a little bit like Clutch vocally and maybe a bit more grungy. Cool stuff.

Kill Your Captor
Self Released
This band is from St. Paul, a bit thrashy and a bit classic metal with some big grooves. Ok stuff.

Band: Leider
Release title: Alloys
Record Label: self-released
Classic metal, big voice, gallopy guitars, good melodic stuff.

Album: The Lecherous Liturgies
Label: Solitude Productions
well, with this band name it was either going to be some sort of grindy death metal, or doom. Aannnnd it’s Doom. Not too bad, just 3 songs… just your normal doom type stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 6/26/17

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Jun 242017

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Murder Of The Universe
Kind of a folk metal, experimental rock thing, maybe a little stoner metal feel too. It’s a bit out there, but kind of catchy, and the track listing is kind of messed up, a lot of really short tracks and probably part of a story or something I’m too lazy to really dig in to.

New Damage
A sort of nu metal thing crossing a guy from Fear Factory, Biohazard and Cypress Hill. Good stuff, a good hardcore feel with a bit of a rap metal thing… good catchy stuff.

The Interbeing
Among The Amorphous
Long Branch
Proggy metalcore type stuff… a little djent

Well, you know what you get here, techno-electronic stuff with a bit of guitar… i’ll pass to Something Wonderful.

Double Crush Syndrome
Die For Rock ‘N’ Roll
Metalville Records
This is a basic hard rock with some fun party type lyrics. S

Billion Dollar Babies
The Game (EP)
Metalville Records
Catchy gothy electronicified metal. A bit like a Zombie/manson feeling with that great catchy sound.

The Acacia Strain
Rise Records
Kind of a little doomy dark feeling on this metal/brutalcore type thing. Heavy and catchy in parts, a little dark but technical too.

Unparalleled Universe
Nuclear Blast USA
Crazy fast and technical brutal death metal. This is just a single so far, but I’m sure the rest is just as sick.

Pest Production
Stars off kind of atmospheric and doomy black metal, but then really just getting into some melodic proggy black metal with some death metal type stuff. A mixture of vocal styles… but overall, classic black metal (but with good production)

BLackened death metal… oh maybe melodic blackened death metal? Yeah. Good stuff. Mostly black metal though!

Seance Records
More decent black metal, again, this one is melodic-ish too, dark and evil.

The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh
Melodic death metal, technical and proggy, cool grooves, the heavy stuff is kind of a blackened thrash. Great stuff!

Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths
Signal Rex / De Essentia Diaboli
Two long songs of classic black metal.

Tuesday The Sky
Well, you never know what you’ll get with INsideOut records… mostly prog rock type stuff… this one is ambient background sounds with some female singing… yeah, no.

Just this band name had me thinking it’d be a blackend death metal with a gritty edge to it, and, yup, it’s all there in the name! A good groove, not totally brutal and not totally evil. Basically a more gritty melodic death metal. (3 songs)

Towards The Ultimate Extinction
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Must be the week of blackened death metal! This has a little bit of a thrash undertone… more shouty harsh vox and a raw death metal thing going on, but definitely a black metal attitude.

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Continuing our pattern this week… more blackened death metal… this time with more melodic death type stuff happening. Good guitar solo type stuff. growly vox

Pig’s Blood
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Good old classic brutal death metal. A bit raw, maybe a little grindy, but full on brutal!

Summon (Portugal)
Aesthetics of Demise TAPE
Iron Bonehead
Creepy classic old school black metal. echoey shrieky vox, ok production (not awful) and a bit atmospheric.

Cryptic Wanderings
You Shall Be There…
Forever Plagued
And here we have a good wall of sound black metal type thing. Evil, fast and a bit brutal too.

Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication CD/LP/TAPE
Iron Bonehead / Parasitic / Vault of Dried Bones
Kind of a black/death metal here… more on the raw thrash side of things. A bit fast and grindy too

Iron Speed (TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
30 June 2017
A kind of throwback old school thrash/punked up thing. Clean-ish shouted kind of punk style. Catchy speedy riffs, almost like a speed stoner metal feeling.

Incantations From the Abyss
Invictus Productions
Death metal meets black metal again. A bit raw production-wise. An evil dark feeling

Space Muffin “Rusty Edition”
Argonauta Records
Stoner rock with some spacey atmospheric stuff going on… but good big grooves and a cool throwback sound.

Scars of Grace
From The Ashes
Self Released
Classic metal, just good old regular “metal” clean vox, good melodic stuff, big singy voice too.

Burned, Barren, Bloodstained
Self Released
Brutal technical death metal… maybe a little on the brutal thrash side of things. Definitely headbanging material. Good stuff.

Burning Hatred
Label: Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador)
This is death metal, good basic stuff, big meaty grooves, freight train drumming.

For The Violent
Self Released
A bit of a death core death metal, with some kind of neat groove breaks, which I guess would have to make it a little technical. Pretty much heavy but with cool other stuff and different experimental type stuff going on.

Sinister Decálogo
Self Released
Melodic death metal from Colombia. Catchy riffs, a little thrashy and good cool stuff.

Album: A Mother Named Death
Label: Solitude Productions
Melodic doomy death metal. Not too bad, just a bit depressing in parts… doom right?

Album: Self-titled
Self Released
Kind of doom, but a bit like, um, Epic sounding. Clean vox. 4 long songs.

Label: Symbol of Domination Prod.
From Argentina, a bit thrashy, lots of groove and a bit proggy and technical too. Cool stuff.

Beyond the Silence of These Years
Self Released
Female fronted hard rock/metal. Kind of melodic death, but metalcore type stuff. Okay, it’s metalcore/mallcore-ish.

The Dry Tide
Self Released (Online Metal Promo)
Driving hard rocking stuff, probably a bit of a stoner metal feeling… a little grungy in the guitar… decent stuff.

Album: New World Planetarium
Self Released
One track of Atmospheric Black Metal… a bit drony in parts, some cool melodic stuff too… i dunno.

Architecture Of Future Tribes
Self Released
Black metal, a bit melodic and electronic too.

Ex Eye
Ex Eye
Some out there music here… saxophones and Atmospheric post metal doom type stuff

Genocides in the Name of God
Self Released
Classic thrash sounding stuff, throw in some old Metallica, Slayer and maybe a little Lamb of God… cool stuff.

Album: Nevermore
Self Released
Proggy metal instrumental stuff. Great stuff, and yeah, even the parts with the sax.

Modern Day Outlaw
Day Of Reckoning
Self Released
Saturday, January 7th 2017
older release… Catchy grooving hard rock. Probably more hard rock “radio friendly”

New Stuff This Week… 6/19/17

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Jun 182017

Dead Cross
“Seizure And Desist” [Single]
This is pretty decent heavy metal, a bit hardcore/metalcore and melodic death-ish. This is that project with Dave Lombardo and Mike Patton. This first single has EAS alert tones in it, so technically it’s illegal to play on the radio. I’ll try to make a better radio edit.

“Earth Scar” [Single]
Nuclear Blast
Heavy, technical-ish, a bit more thrashy than they used to do…Great riffs, catchy and kinda brutal-thrash.

Vengeful Ascension
Metal Blade Records
Grooving, catchy, brutal, abrasive vox.. great stuff as always! Glad to have new material!

Hate – Radio Edit
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Catchy hard rock.

Till Fjalls del II
Napalm Records
Epic melodic folky black metal. Sequal to the 1998 album. The band is pretty much one guy and he really has this thing down. Good melodic stuff, heavy parts, epic stuff, folk stuff, all working together.

Dying Fetus
Wrong One To Fuck With
Relapse Records
Well, the name of the album says it all, these guys do brutal death metal right and this album is no exception. I didn’t realize this was the first album in about 5 years. time flies! Great technicality, super fast and brutal. great stuff!

Municipal Waste
Slime And Punishment
Nuclear Blast USA
Fast and raw thrash, but maybe with a bit more of a punk edge to it. Songs are fast and furious and quick & to the point.

The Place I Feel Safest
SharpTone Records
Kind of a djenty heavier metalcore. Math metal type stuff. Melodic in parts, full of low end too.

Days of Jupiter
New Awakening
Metalville Records
Melodic metal, a bit proggy, kind of catchy cool stuff, a bit laid back, maybe commercial-ish (relative to the Mosh Pit of course — when I mean this, I am opining that it should fit on commercial hard rock radio greatly!)

Broken Hope
Mutilated And Assimilated
Century Media Records
second album since their reforming… first in 4 years… great brutal death metal. Great grooves, cookie monster vox… glad they’re back.

Gonna be lazy and copy/paste from the label’s bio, because it says it all! Here: “Featuring Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Core Atoms (Zruda) and Raheem Amlani (Withered), Arcadea is trio of galactic space warriors, whose prophetic songs tell the stories of space travel and celestial battles 5 billion years in the future where galaxies have collided, leaving catastrophic disorder in its wake as war is waged among gods and planets.” So there’s only keyboards and drums and vocals. Quite different… kind of a Mastodon without guitars, really. Very space sounding with the keyboards. Interesting

Reload (Single)
RatPak Records
A heavy edge to this melodic hard rock kind of metal type stuff. just like the one above with the heavier edge, but should fit well in commercial radio. Cool stuff though.

Raíz Amarga
Satanath Records
Doomy death metal, a little of that melodic doom type stuff, and then melodic type stuff, and the heavy parts are pretty good and brutal. (long songs) seems to be in spanish

Everlasting Spew Records
A bit death metal, and metal/brutal core type stuff. Good stuff, no fucking around.

Kingdom of the Damned
Xtreem Music
Dooomy brutal blackened deaath metal.

Atmospheric ambient alternative rock.

Salt The Dead: The Rare And Unreleased (CD, DLP)
Shadow Kingdom
An old school doomy metal throwback… a bit like a stoner metal sabbath/Trouble type thing

Of the Depths… (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Good old classic death metal. A tiny bit of a grindy feel along with maaaaaybe a little blackened death. Good stuff.

Blackened death metal, good production, good catchy hooks and brutal with melody.

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Classic stoner-ish rock with female vox. Great stuff, just maybe not for the mosh pit.

Father Befouled
Desolate Gods
Dark Descent Records
Blackened doomy death metal. Dark and evil sounding.

Deranged Patterns
Scarlet Records
I’d have to say this falls into the extreme thrash category, bordering into some death metal. Reminds me a little of Kreator.

Death Has No Calling Card (CD)
Shadow Kingdom
This is some good stuff too, a raw-ish heavy thrash, a full low end, raw vox. Cool stuff.

Les Chants du Hasard
I, Voidhanger Records
Doomy orchestral post-metal. Creepy and dark, but maybe just a little too post-metal out there for me.

Monte da Lua
Signal Rex
Lo-fi black metal. NEXT.

Phoenix Aflame
Pitch Black Records
Female fronted hard rockin’ metal type stuff. a bit goth-like, maybe a bit like a more clean sung/no guy vox Lacuna Coil.

Doomy alt rock. meh.

Black Market Metal Label
Diablery is some good classic black metal type stuff. Shadowcraft is some good melodic blackened death metal. Kind of cool to finaly get a “split” EP that has good stuff from both bands.

Black Market Metal Label
Great brutal death metal with maybe a tiny bit of a blackened death thing going on.

Wolves Attack!!
Piss On Everything
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
A raw metal core grindy punk thrash kitchen sink. Decent stuff, just a little of everything on the raw side of metal.

Self Released
Kind of a classic metal, melodic metal. Clean vox, a bit of a 90’s AOR vocal sound, otherwise, just classic hard rocking stuff.

Dark Descent Records
Grooving brutal death metal. big time cookie monster gurgles, and phat heavy brutal grooves

Raw classic blackened black metal…. yeah, blackended black! It’s a tiny bit thrashy, but kind of low-fi. Not tooo awfully low-fi that it’s ruined, you can tell there’s some good classic evil black metal stuff going on.

Burn River Burn
Self Released
A good classic stoner metal thing! Great grooves or just some good meaty hard rock.

Jaw Bones
Wrongs on a Right Turn
Self Released
This is a bit like that Burn River Burn above… great grooves, a little stoner metal ish. Catchy hard rock with a little edge.

Revelations EP
Self Released
Melodic death metal with some operratic female vox to go back with the death metal growls. Kind of an epic metal feeling musically too.

Here Lies the Truth
Self Released
Kind of a melodic death but more on the melodic side, a bit of an industrial electronic

As A Season Bloom
Self Released
Melodic kind of almost acoustic rock. meh.

The Father of Serpents
Age of Damnation
Label: Satanath Records
Mostly death metal, with some melodic grooves, but then getting into a bit of a gothy doom thing too.

Cloud Rat / Disrotted
Halo of Flies / Dry Cough Records
Both of these are post-metal doomy stuff with some black and death metal. Just two tracks, and each over 18 mins long. ugh.