New Stuff This Week…11/12/18

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Nov 122018

The Face of Fear
Metal Blade Records
now THIS band has been around a long time! This album is some great classic metal, gritty, melodic, edgy and a bit thrashy too. great for any metal fan!

Skull Pit
Skull Pit
Metal Blade Records
Here we have some classic metal with a thrashy edge a bit of a motorhead type of metal too. Some just classic grooves too

All That Remains
”F**k Love”/” Wasteland”/ “Everything Is Wrong”
Razor & Tie
A breakup, jailtime, bad press, and out of jail… back together! Making great heavy catchy modern deathy metalcore in “fuck love”… that one is just angry! the other two singles are more of a melodic metalcore with more clean vox.

Female fronted modern alt metal, a full kind of gothy sound with a little electronic stuff

Squidhammer Metal
Power Removal Service
LOCAL Self Released
Watertown’s own sent us their new release. Harsh vox, kind of a brutal thrashy groove thing. A little along the lines of Pantera (and a cover of Cowboys from Hell on this album too!) production is great… nice to have some great local metal!

Garden Of The Titans (Opeth Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre)
Nuclear Blast
Full set from Colorado, great sound, near perfect, and what a great band…

Iron Maiden
The Studio Collection Remastered Pt. I
Another Maiden collection/remaster/package? ok! BMG is reissuing and remastering all of their classic artists… it’s maiden’s turn! always a good excuse to play some classics!

Within Temptation
Spinefarm Records
Kind of a gothy fe-metal… maybe more like Lacuna Coil with some meaty full grooves and female/male vox.

All Hail The Yeti
Highway Crosses
Minus Head Records
Here we have some modern metalcore type stuff. riffy, catchy, but yet accessible while having a gritty edge too.

Dog Eat Dog
New Breed
Metalville Records
Metal/ska/funky core. It’s a groovin’ nu-metal hardcore from these veterans. Hardcore grooves, horn hits and some kinda rap metal too.

Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone
Season of Mist
Doomy post black metal… mostly melodic female vox, then you have some black metal shrieks too.

Upon Desolate Sands
Season of Mist
Here we go! Brutal brutal brutal death metal! Wall of brutal!! Can’t even bang my head fast enough brutal, but what? Grooves and tech chops too… great stuff.

Amon Amarth
The Pursuit of Vikings: Live at Summer Breeze
Metal Blade Records
If you’ve ever seen Amon Amarth live, then you know… if you haven’t this live album

Ghostly White (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
This band has always been putting out some cool stuff, first album in 7 years, good solid melodic death type stuff.

Burning Witches
Nuclear Blast Records
HEre we have a Judas Priest -like heavy metal band… classic metal, straightforward but a heavier thrashy edge.

The Blind Leading the Blind
Redefining Darkness Records (N.America) | Archaic Sound (Europe)
11 November 2018
Classic black metal, more on the melodic death side of things… cool stuff.

Gods of War LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Old school raw blackened death metal. Quick brutal songs, harsh and dark.

Inverse Records
Djenty technical metalcore with some melodic atmospheric stuff going on

Sacrificium Carmen
This is mostly black metal but with a classic metal NWOBHM thing going on. Vox are all black/harsh, but musically it’s a bit melodic.

Melodic death metal with a good brutal blackened death metal side.

La Dama Del Alba
Kind of a doomy black metal.

Anneke van Giersbergen
Probably not really metal, but live show of symphonic rock with the joyful voice of Anneke.

Divine Ascension
The Uncovering
ViciSolum Productions
Epic symphonic proggy power metal. A Heavier edge musically with female fronted vox. Cool stuff!

New World Nightmare (EP) – Out Nov 16, 2018
Four songs of a melodic death metal, solid grooves, a bit of a Soilwork vibe.

Sleep In Your Honour
Seeing Red Records
Grooving catchy stoner metal.

The Tangent
Prog rock with a little jazzy thing going on. Cool stuff, but probably not mosh pit material.

The Great Sabatini
Goodbye Audio
No List Records (Vinyl), Ancient Temple Records (Vinyl), No Why Records, (Vinyl), Pink Lemonade (Cassette)
Sludgey doom, harsh vox, shouted vox, slow down tempo stuff but with some head nodding grooves… getting a little heavier and hardcore-ish in parts.

Musically, this is some classic metal / edgy melodic death-ish type stuff, female melodic vox, clean (and sometimes harsh/edgy too), but not like operattic, just good classic clean metal vox. Good stuff!

Blood Of The Wolf
Album I + II
Horror Pain Gore Death
Here we have some great brutal death metal, even a little bit of melodic stuff, but nothing wimpy or to take away from the brutality… just some good meedly guitar stuff.

Heavy Yoke
Indie Recordings
Former Extol and Dillinger Escape Plan members… Technical, metalcore-ish, female vox, proggy music, cool stuff!! With all of the stuff I have to go through, I found myself not turning this off for the next release and kind of lost track of time. Yeah! Good stuff.

Prosthetic Records
Raw, yet grooving and catchy blackened thrashy metal, more on the gritty, grungy side of things.

Matricide In The Temple Of Omega
I, Voidhanger Records
Kind of atmospheric black metal. melodic, a bit doomy

Brothers Of Metal
Prophecy Of Ragnarök
AFM Records
This is a folky power metal. Catchy, fast, a bit dragonforce meets amon amarth? yaaahh

Oath of The Storm
Trollwar is back! heavier more like, extreme melodic death/folk metal. Great stuff.

Predileção Pelo Macabro
Helldprod Records
Kind of a grooving, raw blackened thrash type thing.

The RG’s
The Cricket Sound
I’d say this is a stoner, grunge thing

Forbidden Rites
Pantheon Arcanum
Melodic death, with a more brutal death metal edge in the heaver stuff…. a pinch of black metal groove too

Band: Die Entweihung
Album: The Worst Is Yet to Come
Label: Wings Of Destruction / More Hate Productions
Here we have some melodic blackened death. Not too blasting and in your face, but a dark melodic groove.

This is a classic metal, maybe a proggy thrash with a very old school feel.

CXVI Evolving Discharges
Sliptrick Records
They say it’s “Schizophrenic and surreal death metal from Italy” And yeah, fast, heavy, melodic and crazy… good stuff.

Angels Are Weeping… God Has Abandoned
Raw, post metal/blackened doom/post something.

Don’t Make This About You.
Self Released
Quirky industral alternative stuff. A little like

Season Of Tears
Dark Card
Self Released
Epic symphonic blackned death metal. One song, but it’s heavy and epic! Death metal growls and operattic femetal vox Good stuff.

Album: Through the Mirror
Label: Revalve records
Classic metal, clean vox, a little thrashy stuff when it gets faster… otherwise classic melodic metal.

This has a 90’s AOR hard rock feel.

Silver Dust
House 21
Gothy hard rock

New Stuff This Week… 11/5/18

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Nov 042018

“All Out Life”
A surprise single from Slipknot! It’s fashionable for “troo” metalheads to bash Slipknot, but they really are a solid metal band, and were a gateway for some to more undergound and other metal. This single sounds like it could have come from the Iowa sessions. Gritty, heavy, and unmistakably Slipknot!

Bamboo Star
No Hard Feelings
Classic metal, clean vox a bit of a pop metal thing.

Ashes Of Ares
Well Of Souls
Rock Of Angels Records
First album in 5 years! Former Iced Earth frontman’s band…, Matt Barlow… singing his ass off… and even though co-founder Van Williams officially left the band, he guests on Drums for the album. (yeah, right?) But yeah a good solid classic/proggy metal for fans of, well, Nevermore and Iced Earth!

Architects UK
Holy Hell
Epitaph Records
modern metalcore-ish type stuff.

The Sacrament Of Sin (EP)
Napalm Records
Solid power metal with a little folky metal feel. Decent grooves and a sing-a-long almost Blind Guardian thing happening. good stuff.

Red Dragon Cartel
Frontiers SRL
A hard rock Sammy Hagar sounding thing.

Stephen Pearcy
View To A Thrill
Frontiers SRL
Well, the voice of Ratt… here’s a single from the new one, just generic hard rockin’ stuff… just like Ratt. (i’ve never been a huge fan!) haha.

Forbidden Dreams
Fighter Records
Proggy instrumental power metal. Good guitar work, catchy licks, boopy keyboards.

Inverse Records
Heavy, fast and furious thrash metal with some melodic grooves. Great stuff!

Band: HEX A.D.
Album: Netherworld Triumphant
Label: Fresh Tea
Doomy stoner metal, big monster grooves, hammond organ, cool stuff…. a little like Trouble.

Jämna Plågor
A grooving classic metal, a little tiny punk thin, but a cool 70’s vibe with some modern feel.

AOP Records
A sort of classic black metal, but a bit more on the melodic side, not fully cold and evil..

None For One
Self Released
a sort of classic rock/hard rock with an alternative rock vibe too.

The Waters of Death
Cruz Del Sur Music
Grooving doomy female fronted metal. Some cool classic metal going on too.

Autumn Kings
Here we have some melodic blackened doom. Harsh growly vox, a little meedly black metal sound, but not all cold and harsh.

Norrøne Spor
Indie Recordings
Melodic blackened metal… A little bit of a Dimmu Borgir/Satyricon thing… A black n roll feel, great stuff.

Zealot Cult
Spiritual Sicknes CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
Vox remind me of Obituary, musically a bit of a classic death metal, so yeah, a lot like Obituary, but a bit heavier.

Scarlet Records
There are a lot of bands with this name… this is the one from Italy along the Progressive Death Metal persuasion. Brutal death metal a bit raw, but technical and when it’s not brutal, we have some straightforward prog metal type stuff…then transitioning into the good brutal stuff.

Apocalyptic Rhymes
Cruz Del Sur Music
Classic metal with a big voice and a bit of a heavier side pushing into thrash a bit. Cool groovin’ bass lines too.

Convent Guilt
Diamond Cut Diamond
Gates of Hell Records
Doomy classic metal

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly
The main guy behind prog band Beardfish has his own project, following along the same path with a classic prog along the lines of Yes/Genesis/Spocks Beard and a bit heavier. Great stuff.

Third Storm
The Grand Manifestation
Dark Descent Records
Blackened death metal, a bit more on the black metal side, some grooves and catchy melodic stuff too.

The Wall [Redux]
Airplay Date: Friday, November 9th 2018
Doomy post metal type bands doing Pink Floyd’s the wall.

Planet Silver Screen
Prosthetic Records
Gothy stoner metal.

As The Kingdom Drowns
Prosthetic Records
Technical blackened melodic death metal type stuff. These guys have been around a while and this album is great! Technical, heavy, catchy, brutal and yeah!

Dire Peril
The Extraterrestrial Compendium (LP) (2018)
Divebomb Records
This is sort of a thrashy proggy power metal. Along the lines of a Blind Guardian/Iced Earth. Heavier than a typical power metal, but catchy and technical too.

Heathen Witchcraft (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Melodic classic metal / doomy feel.

Fractal Cypher
Prelude To An Impending Outcome (EP)
HEre we have some proggy power metal. 4 longer tracks of good melodic and catchy standard prog metal type stuff.

Avantgarde Music
Classic black metal, cold, dark, evil, doomy. I feel like I’m lost in a cold foggy, misty forest at dusk.

We got some cool gritty classic metal/power metal-ish stuff. Good light thrashy edge, a bit of that German metal feel. (they’re from Austria –pretty close!)

Demetrio “Dimitry” Scopelliti
The Silent Watcher
Self Released
Proggy metalcore. Guitar virtuoso stuff, with a bit of proggy power metal and djent in this all instrumental stuff.

Band: Kjeld
Album: Banier fan Frisia
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release date: October 11th, 2018

Band: Theudho
Album: De roep van het woud
Country: Belgium
Genre: Pagan/Black Metal
Label: Heidens Hart Records
Release date: October 20th, 2018

Self Released
Power metal with proggy and classic metal elements. Decent stuff.

VYR – Release Date: Nov 9, 2018
Noizr Productions
Blackened death metal, brutal, groovin’ and just full on assault of metal goodness, and what? a flute? fuck yeah!

Ginger Red
Donuts And Coffee
El Puerto Records GbR
HEre we have some classic metal / hard rock. Female fronted stuff, catchy anthemic songs, a bit of a 90’s AOR feel.

Self Released
a couple tracks sent to the Mosh Pit, grooving melodic hard rock, a little bit of an alternative hard rock thing going on.

Ye Goat Herd Gods
Ashes Shall Be Made of Them
Self Released
A doomy death metal with some melodic death stuff going on too.

New Stuff This Week… 10/29/18

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Oct 282018

The Real Now
Melodic, accessible moderm american metal. Good grooves, a little edge and melodic.

This was originally self released in July then pulled back as they got signed to M-Theory Audio… now it’s out for the masses… Their first album with their new female singer… music is the same heavy progressive death metal type stuff they’ve done, haven’t skipped a beat (they were ahead of their time anyway!)… Stu Block has some big vocal shoes to fill and this Amanda Kiernan fills them perfect with a mix of harsh and clean vox. Great stuff!

The Ocean
Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic
Metal Blade Records
A mix of some stoner metal and a little harsh vox… a bit of a Mastodon feel… with a bit of doomy stoner progressive goodness

Mother Feather
Constellation Baby
Metal Blade Records
A psychedelic hard rock thing with female vox, catchy grooves.

Nuclear Blast USA
It’s been 10 years since one of my favorite albums “We are the Nightmare” was released… 5 since Arsis’ last album, this picks up in that extreme tech death realm. Melodic, catchy, brutal and meant to be played LOUD!

Rave The Reqviem
Fvneral {sic}
Out Of Line Music
This has a little bit of a Lacuna Coil thing going on, a gothy melodic metal with an edge, clean female vox, some growly male vox…

Riot Horse
Cold Hearted Woman
Metalville Records
Classic bluesy hard rock.

Napalm Records
This is a kind of classic power metal, good sing along, decent metal edge thrashing a long a little bit. looking forward to more than the single.

Disease Called Humans
Brutal death metal with a bit of a chugga chugga groove.

Alchemy Chamber
Opus I: Subtle Movements From Within
kind of a doomy folk metal. all instrumental.

Heretic Legion
The Purge
Self Released
Swedish brutal death metal, monster grooves, growls and harsh vox, headbanging goodness.

Twilight Fauna
Where Birds Sing My Name
Flowing Downward
Ambient post metal/rock something?

Abstract Void
Back To Reality
Flowing Downward
Synthy Electronic meets post metal, Meh. Passing to something wonderful…

The Heretics Fork
P2 Records
Brutal Grindy death metal

Band: Rituals
Album: Neoteric Commencements
Label: Sleeping Church records
Classic brutal death metal, but a little bit of melodic stuff in between the full on brutal stuff. Great stuff.

Sinister (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Doomy atmospheric black metal, classic raw black metal

Trollheims Grott
Aligned with the True Death
We have some good stuff here! Melodic blackened death, extreme, brutal, yet that black metal part that has the melodic stuff going on while pulling back a bit to throw in an underlying death metal groove Great stuff!

Mesa 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
We got us some blackened death metal… that cold harsh black metal sound with the brutality of death metal… nothing ground breaking, but good stuff.

Temple Nightside
Recondemnation LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Dark, blackened death with a dark doomy feel.

Seventh Dimension
The Corrupted Lullaby
Here we have some good ol classic prog metal. Keyboards, clean vox, good riffage, all that techy proggy stuff… a bit of an older Dream Theater thing going on.

Necroholocaust (Canada)
Laudem Antichristus 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
2 tracks of brutal blackened death metal.

ITERU (bel)
Ars Moriendi
Helter Skelter / Regain Records
Kind of a doomy blackened death metal. Some parts, full on brutal death metal, others a bit atmospheric and blackened.

Die Sonne Satans
Post metal ambient noise stuff. Meh!!

Altar of the Virgin Whore (MCD, 12″ MLP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Harsh industrialized death metal.

“Raíz Del Mal”
Horror Pain Gore Death
Grindy blackened death metal… quick short songs that don’t fuck around.

Moribund Records
Classic melodic black metal, harsh, cold, brutal, but with that meedly and melodic black metal thing going on.

Infernal Cult
All The Lights Faded
Self Released
Classic black metal, a bit of a wall of sound, maybe a bit grindy.

The Casualties
Written In Blood
Cleopatra Records
A band that’s been around a while… mostly punk a bit of a hardcore thing too.

Owl Company
Eclipse Records
Grooving hard rock… a little stoner metal southern metal.. great catchy grooves.

Edward De Rosa
Label: Revalve records
Power Prog metal from Italy… an epic feel, gritty edge, catchy riffs… great stuff!

Fatum Aeternum
Mass Suicide of Human Race
Royal Arch Production
A pinch of folk metal, some doom, back and forth female/male vox.

Unleash The Beast (single)
This is kind of a melodic death/thrash thing with some clean over the top female vox. cool stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 10/22/18

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Oct 212018

Ape (Single)
Napalm Records
Great stuff, harsh vox, great grooves, female clean vox too

Kind of more of the same from these guys, catchy, yet cool hard rockin’ stuff. While probably not Mosh Pit material, I’ve always liked the catchiness and grit of Disturbed, this one keeps that up while having some more emotive tracks. I don’t think there’s much “OOO RAAH AHH AAAH AAA’s” on this one.

Fight The Fury
Still Breathing
This is some moderm metalcore, catchy and ripe for commercial radio!

Hear The River
Napalm Records
Catchy groovin’ stoner metal. A grungy guitar sound, but just monster grooves.

Play To Win
A sort of classic metal/power metal thing. A good edge to it, it’s catchy with a bit more of a heaver edge than a typical keyboardy power metal band. Cool stuff!

The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn
Peaceville Records
oooh yeah! Brutal death metal from these veterans… Gritty, grooving and yeah, even some melodic guitar work too, all while staying brutal!

Days Of Jupiter
Metalville Records
This has a classic metal thing, but a bit more gritty and prog/power metal but also a bit more melodic and musically almost has that melodic death proggy feel. good stuff!

The Browning
Spinefarm Records
Here we have some pretty straightforward melodic death metal, a bit Soilwork-like but with a bit more on the keyboard/industrial feel. Has a good heavy brutal side, while also throwing out some other stuff too.

Spinefarm Records
A commercial mall-core type metal… they have some melodic death heavy moments, awesome catchy riffs, but then going to some of those whiney clean vox… meh.

The Truth (Single)
This has a heavier classic thrashy base musically, with dual spanish/english vox, from Puerto Rico.. the thrashy stuff gives way to some melodic stuff too.

Ruin (U.S.)
Human Annihilation
Memento Mori
Grindy classic death metal with a bit of a doomy gory groove.

Memento Mori
This has a proggy tech death metal thing going on, pretty cool, it’s a little doom in parts, extreme in others, melodic, and that proggy tech stuff too.

Morbid Messiah
Demoniac Paroxysm
Memento Mori
A kind of classic death metal, a bit raw on the production, some black metal stuff going on… decent grooves though. Good, heavy and fast.

Life Is Not Beautiful
AFM Records
Here we have a power metal thing, keyboards, a little pinch of prog… good stuff.

AFM Records
Classic metal band doing 32 covers from all over the place. Africa, Eye of the Tiger, Jet City Woman. All done in a fairly true to form classic metal style.

“High Rollers”
Sliptrick Records
Catchy classic hard rock… very aor-ish.

These guys seem to be carrying the flag for classic prog/prog metal all in one. A busy year or two with tours, being Portnoy’s backing band for his Shattered Fortress tour… this has prog metal stuff, 80’s and 90’s prog stuff, melodic, catchy, all sorts of things going on. Great stuff!

Stridshymner Og Dodssalmer
Osmose Productions
A good extreme wall of blackened death metal sound… a bit of an epic feel, but nothing like symphonic or operattic… just a good full gritty, evil black metal thing.

Rapheumets Well
The Elder’s Anthology
Test Your Metal Records
This is pretty awesome stuff… this does have an epic symphonic black metal thing happening… and actually a bit of a prog thing too. Extreme symphonic blackened Prog metal? Yeah!!

Act One (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Old doomy classic metal throwback… some organs, a little bit of a “ghost” feel too… pretty catchy grooving stuff too.

Icarus Witch
Goodbye Cruel World
Cleopatra Records
Classic metal / power metal with some good catchy just “metal” songs… clean vox, good musicianship…

Illustra Nos
Redefining Darkness Records
Old school raw black metal.

The Ancient Pulse
Melodic, sort of unplugged, doomy “rock”?

Texas Metal Outlaws
Texas Metal Outlaws
Heaven and Hell Records / Texas Metal Underground Records
Classic thrashy metal, good raw edge

Excalibur (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Doomy stoner metal, big meaty sound, good catchy grooves with a more of a stoner sound than depressing doom.

II Dark Season (CD)
Shadow Kingdom
Here we have some kind of extreme thrash in the heavier parts… a little dark, doomy in some of the melodic parts… but catchy, grooving, kind of a horror metal thing too.

Blood Chalice (Finland)
Blood Chalice CD + DVD/10″ EP
Blood Harvest
Gory death metal, a bit grindy and raw.

Prosthetic Records
Grindy death metal, brutal, fast with no fuckin’ around.

The Bleakness of Our Constant
Bindrune Recordings (USA), Nordvis (Europe)
A sort of classic black metal with a little doom feel.

Band: Sorrowful Land
Album: I Remember
Label: Solitude Productions
Doomy death metal, mostly kind of a slow depressing thing, with some cookie monster sloooow groowwlllss

Skull Fist
Way Of The Road
Napalm Records
This has a clasic metal thing… a pinch of a thrashy feel and clean vox (kind of sounds like Klaus Meine!) decent stuff.

Cascading Inferno CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Death metal with a black metal feel, blast beats, brutal death metal, harsh vox.

CLONE CULTURE (Dark Wave/ Post-Punk)
Clone Culture
They call it “dark wave / Post-Punk” and yeah, there’s a little slow surf punk, melodic alt rock thing going on. meh.

Svart Records
Here is some kind of post metal… a bit black, a bit doom, a bunch of long songs that just plod along.

The Art of Conjuring
Groove metal, clean and harsh vox, a bit of a melodic death thing too, maybe metalcore? Good grooves, heavy parts are a bit brutal, melodic parts are just shy of metalcore… so yeah, a cool heavy melodic death I guess!

Melodic doomy black metal.

Holocausto (Brazil)
Guerra Total TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Rawly produced extreme thrash, or like a blackened extreme thrash with some death metal.

Band: Serpents Kiss
Album: Dragon Lord
Self Released
Classic metal, borderline thrashy, decent stuff.

Mule Skinner
Classic death metal, big grooves, quick fast and heavy songs. good stuff!

Band: Ashes Reborn
Release title: Contamination
Record label: Firecum Records
with a record label called “Firecum” how could you go wrong? This is some grooving brutal deathy thrash metal. Great stuff.

Martyr Lucifer
Gazing at the Flocks
Seahorse Recordings
A little goth, a bit industrial and a bit of an alternative post metal thing too. meh.

Anthems In Ashes
Burn it Down (EP)
Classic metal, female vox, straightforward more of a hard rock thing, melodic, clean vox, decent grooves, nothing’ too heavy, not all wimpy either.

Restless Dreams
Rockshots Records
A bit of a melodic death, but leaning more on the melodic side of things, pushing into a little metalcore and doom.

Artist: Circle Creek
Title: Past presents Future
Label: NRT-Records
Catchy stoner metal, with a little doom going on, did I just describe every stoner metal album? This is a bit more melodic and when it’s not doing faster tempo stuff, it’s a bit gloomy.

Artist: Bad Bullet
Album: Use The Energy
Label: NRT-Records
They call it: “Alternative Rock / Grunge / Metal” I hear the alternative and grunge parts… metal? notsomuch.

Self Released
Brutal, blackened death metal, heavy, and melodic, technical and did I mention brutal? Has some almost Amon Amarth type grooves too.

Divine Ways of Chaos
My Magic Mud
Well, this is some pretty awesome melodic death metal with some death vox, and then super high metal screams… music is harsh, grooving and catchy too. great stuff!

Mörkrets Intåg
Wolfspell Records
Old school doomy black metal

New Stuff This Week… 10/15/18

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Oct 142018

Malady X
Metal Blade Records
Melodic death Catchy melodic parts, heavy, harsh deathy parts, A little like Children of Bodom, catchy, technical, and yeah, heavy!

Mr Astute Trousers
The Highlander Company Records
I’d have to throw this in a prog pile… a little quirky, some classic prog rock elements, some fusiony stuff… I wish I could do a show to showcase some of this cool prog stuff.

Manor Of The Se7en Gables
Originally started as a King Diamond tribute band this morphed into their own band… with a similar style… a big voice, with some more technical more melodic death type music… This album has all that with a bit of a horror lyrical theme. Good stuff!

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
Rise Above
A little doom, some stoner metal, some psychedelic stuff. Catchy, gritty, grungy… good stuff.

Arcane Astral Aeons
Napalm Records
This has that epic female fronted power metal thing going on, a bit like Epic, but maybe not quite as dark. Well, you know this band, they’ve been around for ever. Decent stuff.

Spinefarm Records
Another band that has been around a while… 3 singers, all with diff. styles, there’s a solid groove metal feel, a little commercial metal, a little bit of a Lacuna Coil thing too.

The Hunt For White Christmas
Napalm Records
And another band that’s been around forever! Extreme melodic death/just good old viking death metal. A solid dark groove going on. great stuff.

Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Big week for long time artist new releases! This seems to be a return to form… not much messing around, a bit more like some groovin’ Sepultura and grooving old soulfly

Pure Fire
The Ultimate Kiss Tribute
Cleopatra Records
Tribute with a lot of who’s who of classic rock/metal folks teaming up. (probably passing tapes/files around) Dee Snider, Doug Alrich, Marco Mendoza, John Tempesta, Kip Winger, Paul Gilbert, Greg Bissonette, Buzz Osbourne, Bruce Kulick, Blasko, Carmine Appice, Dug Pinnick, Bob Kulick, John Alderete, Vinnie Colaiuta and more

Genus Ordinis Dei
Hail and Kill (single)
Eclipse Records
This has a bit of an Amon Amarth thing going on, but then throw in some melodic power metal type music too. Overall, blackened melodic viking death metal though. Great stuff.

Album: The Outside In
Label: Revalve records
Melodic hard rock/prog rock. Good catchy parts, melodic classic metal stuff too.

Album: The Return
Label: Sliptrick records
A good solid heavy folk metal, good meaty extreme melodic death sound with a banjo sound to give it that “folky” sound. otherwise, good and heavy.

Rise to Fall
Into Zero
Self Released
Grooving melodic death metal, heavy brutal stuff, classic hooks and melodies… great stuff.

Monuments of Misanthropy
Krucyator Productions
Classic brutal death metal… all of the cool blast beats, grooves, cookie monster… all of the great stuff.

Solium Fatalis
Genetically Engineered to Enslave
Self Released
More classic brutal death metal, monster grooves, freight train drumming, harsh vox… even a little melodic brutality too.

Band: Deadly Carnage
Album: Through the Void, Above the Suns
Label: Snow Wave Records
Melodic blackened doom. They say it’s “blackgaze” and yeah, it’s a bit drony and makes you want to gaze down with some more interesting black metal type stuff going on.

Sex Messiah
Eastern Cult of Sodomy LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Started off with some just noisy, post metal noise, but then got into some noise metal, a bit of a groove, some black-metal feel with a bit of a noise-grind groove going on

Malepeste / Dysylumn
Ce qui fut, ce qui est, ce qui sera
Goathorned Productions
Malapeste is mostly doomy blackened death metal, and DYsylumn is a bit of the same, a bit melodic

Ex Inanis
Purodium Rekords
Some old school black metal, a bit doomy and repetitive.

Witches Hammer
Canadian Speed Metal LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A little bit lo-fi grooving heavy thrash. I wish the production was better.

Temple of Mystery
A blackened grooving death metal, with a dark brutal feel.

Ride Out
Classic metal, a bit of an Iron Maiden and a little King Diamond feel.

Scarlet Records
A little bit classic metal, a little power metal, some electronic stuff… almost techno beats going on… catchy though!

Sacral Rage
Beyond Celestial Echoes
Cruz Del Sur Music
A little thrashy, a bit power metal, and classic metal too. Great grooves, big screamy voice, catchy riffs.

I, Voidhanger Records
Wall of black metal sound, vox are a bit low in the mix… music is mostly black metal, wall of sound production, sounds kind of a thrashy black metal, but the mix/vox are odd.

Luguber 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Classic black metal, harsh vox, some heavy grooves, meedly guitars.

Ah Puch
Doomy sludgey with a post metal blackness

Tezcatlipoca (Mexico)
Tlayohualtlapelani LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
black metal with a pagan dark evilness

Rise of the Northstar
The Legacy of Shi
SharpTone Records
A modern groove metal… bit thrashy, lots of head banging riffs, vox are almost rapped or nu-metal style… a bit similar to NonPoint i guess too.

Black Lotus
Sons of Saturn
Inverse Records
Classic doom, big meaty riffs, longer tracks, clean vox, a bit of sludge.

Under the Regolith
Seeing Red Records
Melodic death leaning towards thrash, great heavy edge, catchy, a little brutal heavy too, all with melodic grooves.

Karmic Link
Dark Metropolis
Rockshots Records
A gothy electronic-ified metal. A little dark, gloomy.

Reduced To Flesh
Scarlet Records
Gritty melodic death, cool thrashy edge, harsh vox, good melodic stuff to keep it grounded.

Noitatulen vartija (MCD, 12″ MLP)
Werewolf Records
An extreme doomy black metal.

Death Sentence
Kind of thrashy, kind of black metal, full on heavy extreme! Melodic riffin’ too.

Goat of Iniquity
Bloody Mountain Records
A bit of a low-fi blackened death metal, dark, heavy, some evil grooves too. Production is a bit raw, but it’s not totally awful.

Evil (Japan)
The Gate of Hell TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Raw, old school blackened death. Yeah, it’s mastered for a tape, but it’s got a brutal thrashy thing going on that you can’t deny as cool.

Spawned Abortions
Unholy Anarchy
A full wall of blackened death sound, it’s a bit raw, but brutal with some grooves and yeah a tiny bit of melodic guitar work .

Band: Ivan
Album: Memory
Label: Solitude Productions
Melodic doom death metal, two 20+ minute tracks, violins, piano, doomy dark music, growly vox

Band: Voidhaven
Album: Voidhaven
Label: Solitude Productions
deathy doom metal. a bit more of a dark slow grooving death thing… along with the melodic stuff that goes along with doom.

Band: Vst
Album: The Beast Manifesto
Label: Concreto records
This might be the pick of the week here, brutal melodic, epic blackened melodic death. Catchy, and brutal, all that cool stuff that makes death metal heavy and growly and dark, with melodic blackened stuff going on too.

Falling Dome Records
A doomy stoner metal, grungy guitars, melodic vox, a little bit of an old sabbath vibe

Two Of A Kind
Sliptrick Records
Prog rock/hard rock/fusion, good stuff.

Saber Tiger
Obscure Diversity
Sliptrick Records
A fast, classic metal with heavier proggy and thrashy stuff, catchy, with big clean vox.

Central Disorder
Self REleased
Chicago band with a random email to Matt n Mike… a cool melodic death thing, harsh vox, great dual guitar work, extreme yet catchy and heavy too.

A kind of standard Melodic death metal thing. Catchy riffs, extreme vox, a good heavy deathy base. Good stuff

4 Letter Word
Label: Inverse Records
This is a power metal/classic metal single. Clean vox, catchy.

A bit of a classic black metal sound, heavy, cold, brutal, fast with some melodic stuff (yeah I just described every decent black metal release)

New Stuff This Week… 10/8/18

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Oct 072018

Coheed and Cambria
Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures
Melodic, kind of proggy, all based on their own comic books. Has a bit more of a melodic proggy rock thing going on, while not full on metal, this is some pretty good catchy prog.

Mostly thrashy groove metal with a little Voivod meets hardcore thing going on.

Argonauta Records
Doomy grooves, a little type o negative/danzig vibe but more down tempo…

Author & Punisher
Industrial noise metal, a lot of well, noise, kind of electronic-ish… just too much noise for me.

Seventh Wonder
Frontiers SRL
This has just about everything you’d need in classic progressive metal. Big voice, keyboards, mixed up changing guitar time sigs, solos… all that cool stuff, and it’s just one song so far!

Final Breath
Of Death And Sin
Metalville Records
Wow, this is some great catchy classic thrash with cool melodic stuff going on too… great stuff

High On Fire
Electric Messiah
Entertainment One
One of those bands kind of like Clutch that just seems to keep putting out good classic stoner metal. these guys take it up a notch and are a bit heavier and maybe throw in some more crusty grunge, but still catchy and heavy… good stuff.

In Our Wake
Spinefarm Records
Melodic metalcore… getting a bit more melodic than metal these days. Great catchy riffage, but they’re getting a bit more on the solid rock side of thinges now.

Black Mold
Helldprod Records
Punked up black metal. Raw, short songs, cold, pissed off sounding stuff.

Infernal Moon
Me Saco Un Ojo
Edgy extreme thrashy type stuff with monster grooves, a little bit of a doomy thing.

Gösta Berlings Saga
It’s not really metal, then again, sometimes the stuff on InsideOut isn’t. This is some spacy old school sounding experimental prog

Gama Bomb
Speed Between The Lines
AFM Records
Thrashy metal with some faster extreme stuff as well as more melodic classic metal… bit screamy voice. great stuff.

Rodent Epoch
Brutal death metal, a gloomy black metal feel.

A grooving extreme thrashy metalcore, harsh vox, good grooves, a bit of some barked out vox. good stuff. Maybe even a little prog metal too

There is No Division Outside Existence
Redefining Darkness Records | Possession Productions
Doomy black metal

Northern Crown
Northern Crown
Classic bluesy doomy hard rock, big monster grooves, hammond organ, laid back cool stuff.

Deimos Sanktuarium
Dark Descent Records (North America)
A bit of a viking death metal, a little bit of a blackened groove, big meaty doomy riffs

Eosphoros LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Raw old school black metal.

House of Atreus
From the Madness of Ixion LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
BIg meaty grooving death metal, probably more of a melodic death with that viking metal feel. great stuff.

Road Warrior
Gates of Hell Records
Classic metal with a grooving dark vibe

Pa Vesh En
Church of Bones LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
Wall of echoey noise and some black metal too I guess.

Corruption of Innocence CD
21 September 2018
Technical death metal, good and brutal, catchy heavy stuff.

Legacy of Desolation CD
21 September 2018
Grooving viking death metal.

I am the Night CD
21 September 2018
Old school punky thrash metal, fast, raw and in your face.

Dystopian Heuristics CD
21 September 2018
Old school classic brutal death metal… vox are a bit more of an Obituary style, but more muddy in the mix

Syndicate of Lethargy CD
21 September 2018
Orginally released in 2008, a classic brutal death metal with some technicality going on too.

Acolytes of Moros
The Wellspring
Nine Records
CLassic doom. long songs, riffs, doomy chanty vox.

Solemn Ceremony
Solemn Ceremony
Nine Records
Some big long doomy melodic tracks, chilled out, some meaty grooves too.

Slaves and Gods
M-Theory Audio
Extreme thrash, pagan/folk metal. It’s a bit thrash/death metal-ish but with a catchy folk metal vibe too. Great stuff!

Somali Yacht Club
The Sun +1
Self Released
Some cool melodic stoner doom stuff… with some longer songs.

Gathering Darkness
The Inexorable End
Brutal technical metal… fast, quick with no fucking around and some big meaty riffs along with blast beats!

Born In Venice
Cleopatra Records
So this sounds a lot like 80’s Suicidal Tendencies… probably because it’s got a couple former members that missed being out on stage and stuff… similar sound, a bit of a punky funky groove

Heavy Metal Space Cowboy
Self Released
A little thrashy, a bit grooving just “heavy metal” good stuff

Self Released
This seems to be a little proggy/technical with some grooving classic metal type stuff

Nexus of Teeth
Dark Descent Records
Now we’re talkin’ Brutal classic blackened death metal. Big hooks, grooves, cookie monster, dark, cold, brutal…

Sound Storm
To The Stars
Rockshots Records
Epic proggy/power metal with female fox

C Average
Adult Fantasy/K Records
A sort of jamming stoner rock with female vox.

Galy Records
Fast, heavy thrashy classic death metal, awesome grooves, brutal vox, catchy riffs,

Turbo Vixen
Drive Into The Night
Released about a year ago, new to inbox… some kind of classic hair metal type stuff, but a bit heavier, catchy, big screamy clean vox… cool stuff for this genre.

Rear Naked Choke
Sliptrick Records
A melodic groove metal, probably a bit more on the “solid rock” side of things. Solid heavy parts, melodies, catchiness.

Good melodic death, solid grooves, a bit of an accessible heaviness and melodies while having some heavy parts too.

Album: Breeding Hate
Label: Deformeathing productions
Brutal grindy death metal. fast, in your face and brutal as hell.

New Stuff This Week… 10/1/18

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Sep 302018

Red Bull
Almost nu-metal, but more of a hard rockin’ party metal. Catchy, fun and melodic too.

Eternal Return
A doomy old school stoner metal… getting pretty laid back in parts.

I Loved You at Your Darkest
Metal Blade Records
Heavy and brutal as a normal Behemoth album, but this one takes it down a notch and adds a bit more atmosphere and melodies, but still having a dark evil feel.

Raven Black
Break The Box (Single Radio Edit)
DB Entertainment
A bit of a blackened metal in parts, then going into melodic more gothy female clean vox… back to more shrieky black metal stuff too. Good grooves

Caustic Attack
The End Records
Well, this isn’t fucking around. brutal, fast, heavy, you got it. Brutal death metal. great stuff!

Napalm Records
Folky viking/melodic death from Iceland, cool song, melodic hooks, harsh vox, a pinch of that folky sound with that viking grooving heaviness

Konstelacja Dziur
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Brutal blackened death metal, heavy grooves with black metal tones… good stuff.

Chants To Irkalla
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Doomy death metal from Alaska!

Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Poland seems to have a good thing going… Behemoth, Vader… Angrrsth… Right? one vowel, but brutal blackened death metal. A dark, cold feel, while having a full meaty brutal death metal thing too.

Don’t Disturb My Circles
Lower Canopy EP
Self Released
Crusty metalcore, screaming vox, kind of blast beaty in parts, a little punky grooves too.

Album: Beyond The Black Wave
Genre: Black Metal
This has some classic black metal stuff going on, there’s also an epic/melodic thing going on, like a more raw, old school Dimmu Borgir.

Album: Pathogenesis
Label: Ashen Dominion
Guess what? More black metal! This is more of a full on epic wall of sound type stuff, still dark and evil, but with that full production feel.

Foaming At The Mouth
A bit of a technical death metal, great brutality, catchy thrashy grooves too.

The Projectionist
Visits from the NightHag Part 1
Appalachian Noise Records
classic black metal with shrieky vox.

Chained to Hell (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Here we have an extreme thrashy thing with maybe a bit of a black metal style vox, super fast thrash, almost into black metal, but just not quite, no meedly guitars or blast beats… just cool super fast and raw thrash.

The Exploding Eyes
Svart Records
Old school throwback bluesy/doomy rock with keyboards, more of a melodic rock thing too. Can’t say that there’s much metal going on

Hammer King
Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
Cruz Del Sur Music
Classic metal, leaning towards folky power metal, with songs about kings, and wars and warriors and stuff. Cool stuff.

Unholy Baptism
Volume I: The Bonds of Servitude
Classic black metal, cold, meedly and evil… The soundtrack to being stuck in the cold, dark, damp woods.

More black metal? No way…. yeah. this one is more of a brutal blackened death metal. Not quite as cold and meedly, more brutal and groovin’.

God Of Thunder God Of War
Seance Records
Standing alone, this would probably be pretty decent, but reviewing 15 albums in a row and most of them are black metal, this just is “another one” good, evil, dark, more of a wall of black metal sound than old school classic stuff… but musically, it is that old school cold, sound with shreiking vox, and maybe a dark creepy undertone.

Mutilated by Zombies
Scripts of Anguish
Redefining Darkness Records
Grooving brutal death metal, great stuff, along the lines of a cannibal corpse.

Professor Black
High Roller Records
4 tracks, each are 11:06. Interesting. A doomy post metal thing going on.

Album: Infinity
Label: Sliptrick records
this is kind of an industrial death metal / prog metal. the keyboardy electronic stuff is almost something you’d just hear in some prog metal. Neat stuff.

Album: The Return
Label: Sliptrick records
Here you got some folk metal, mostly melodic death type stuff but with some good heavier and technical stuff going on all mixed in with a little bit of some folky stuff (mostly keyboards)

Pain City
Pain City
HEre we have some classic rock, a little bluesy hard rock

Split 7″ EP
Hells Headbangers
Abysmal Lord is a wall of noisy thrashed up black metal with meh production and Crurifragium is some sludgey blackened metal with howly vox and meh production too (not as bad )

Cirith Ungol
Witch’s Game
Metal Blade Records
A new single… first new studio recording since 1991! They just had a tour come through madison that people are still talking about. This single is a big meaty wall of riffs and classic metal with modern touches… great stuff.

HiFi Music For LoFi Kids
(Punk | Hard Rock from USA),
on Sliptrick Records
Punk rock / hard rock.. not full on punk, but very punky and basic with that attitude.

???? (Paranoid)
Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!
The Sign Records
This is some kind of classic thrash, a bit of a hardcore punk thing thrown in too… neat stuff.

Album: From Presence To Silence
Label: BadMoodMan Music
This has some melodic death, full on black metal, Prog metal… all sorts of cool stuff going on, and it works too! Some longer songs also with a little doomy dark feel in the slower passages (maybe a bit more blackened Porcupine Tree type stuff!)

The Phantom of Phobos
From a Dead Channel
Stop the Building
Femaled fronted gothy melodic metal

Season of Mist
A classic thrash/metal thing with a bit of a similar sound to Motorhead

Season of Mist
This is some melodic technical death metal, extreme vox, but more of a proggy technical take on the music. Fast frenetic and brutal in parts too. Cool stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 9/24/18

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Sep 222018

Great Escape
Season of Mist
Chilled out doomy post metal with a bit of black metal when it gets goin.

The Clay People
Demon Hero (& other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies & Fables)
Magnetic Eye Records
These guys ahve been around for a while but making a comeback now… they have a good driving hard rockin’ metal thing with a bit of an Industral vibe, without really being industrial if that makes any sense. hah. a good catchy metal thing going on. Okay, the more I listen, I guess you can say yeah, it would fall in some industrial stuff, but a bit more melodic and metal-ish too.

Kill The Flame (single)
Indie Recordings
A grooving black n roll type thing, maybe close to a Satyricon? good stuff.

Reap The Storm
El Puerto Records GbR
A little bit thrash, some melodic metal/deathcore type stuff more of a melodic thrash, cool stuff.

“Draw Blood”
Combat / EMP
Thrashy funky and a little bit of death metal… a cool like, 90’s throw back thing too from these chicago guys… more to come, this is just a single.

The Brew
The Art Of Persuation
Napalm Records
Cool solid hard rockin’ thing. Just no nonsense catchy hard rock. pretty cool stuff for being just shy of metal.

The O’Reilly’s And The Paddyhats
Green Blood
Metalville Records
Irish folky punky metal kind of like the Dropkick Murphy type stuff.

Brent Barker
Brent Barker
Guitar virtuoso type stuff, cool grooves, instrumental, a bit of a bluesy feel.

Leader Of Down
Cascade Into Chaos
Cleopatra Records
last recordings of Wurzel (formerly of Motorhead) Lead track has Lemmy’s guest vocals, other tracks feature Fast Eddy Clarke too. The rest of the album has a little bit of a Motorhead feel of course, but a bit more of a classic guitar metal thing. Cool stuff.

Lana Black
Pick Your Poison (Radio Edit)
Cataclysm Records
Female fronted grungy metal. A little like a Joan Jett / Alice in Chains thing going on.

Anaal Nathrakh
A New Kind of Horror
Metal Blade Records
These guys used to just be crazy intense throw everything heavy at you metal… they seem to honed the metal into a more concise wall of blackened brutal metal sound managing to add some catchiness and grooves into the fold…

Inner Axis
We Live By The Steel
A faster more balsy kind of power metal. Good edge and a bit borderline thrashy in some parts

All My Sins
Pra Sila – Vukov Totem
Classic black metal, good, fast, heavy, brutal too… Good stuff.

Burial Shrine
Labyrinth of Bridges
This is a bit more of a noisy black metal/extreme metal thing mostly a wall of heavy noise

Blood of Serpents
Sulphur Sovereign
Non Serviam Records
Blackened death metal, heavy, brutal, catchy… great production, good stuff.

Holy Blasphemition
Xtreem Music
Brutal death metal with a bit of an old Six Feet Under Groove.

Midnight Ghost
AFM Records
This band has been doing their heavier power metal thing for a long time, and guess what, they still do and do it well… good gritty edge while still having that melodic power metal thing going on. Good stuff.

Everlasting Spew Records
Mostly classic death metal, cookie monster vox, good grooves too with a pinch of doom.

Total Retaliation
Pure Noise Records
Hardcore, thrash, classic NYCHC type stuff (except they’re from California) Great stuff.

Osmose Productions
HEre we have a brutal death metal with a sludgey overtone… some grooves too.

Pagan Storm
De Tenebrarum Principio
Classic melodic black metal. A little bit of a doomy gloom to it.

Immortal Guardian
Age of Revolution
M-Theory Audio
An epic speedy power metal, maybe a little like a Dragonforce, maybe not quite as speedy fast and a bit more of an extreme metal edge…. and maybe a bit more proggy. good stuff. BIG voice!

Terror Decree + Bonus
Moribund Records
Melodic black metal, with a fair share of tradition black metal (esp. in vocals)… musically there’s some great catchy more melodic death grooves.

Moribund Records
This is a more in your face (production-wise), blackened death… melodic and a bit even thrashy in some parts

In Lands Thought Lost
Bindrune Recordings
Seems to be black metal week… more melodic black metal, this has some cool more traditional thrash/death, even technical metal going on inbetween the black beats and cold, meedly guitars. good stuff.

Dakhma (Switzerland)
Hamkar Atonement LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
sludgey death metal, a wall of sound, kind of brutal, a bit experimental in other parts.

Two Carrion Talismans CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Blackened death metal. This one has some monster grooves, a nice dark evil catchy feel too.

Long time prog metal/prog hard rock veterans are back… a more of a laid back Porcupine Tree style of prog metal, a more hard rock thing, cool technicality, overall great stuff…

Morte Incandescente
Somos o Fogo do teu Inferno
War Arts Productions
More classic black metal. 4 song EP.

Unleashed Bastards
El Puerto Records GbR
We have some extreme trash here. classic thrash riffage, vox are a bit more screamy than old school thrash… but this is some great heavy stuff!

EMPTY (Spain)
Osmose Productions
Black metal week continues with this band from Spain… Classic black metal vox (lower in the mix). some melodic kind of proggy stuff going on when it’s not full on black metal.

Onward to Nothingness
Seeing Red Records
Sludgy doom, some long songs with a little post metal going on too.

AFM Records
A slickly produced classic metal with a bit of a techno-industrial thing going on too… it’s classic metal with big clean power metal type vox…

ASYLUM (Maryland)
3-3-88 (CD)
Shadow Kingdom
This has a throwback 70’s doomy feel, like a black sabbath with ozzy-like vox.

Children of the Atom (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
What’s this? You guessed it, some more black metal… this one is probably in the blackened thrash thing. Catchy riffs, yet brutal, heavy drumming and extreme vox all with a black metal flair. Good stuff.

Black Funeral (U.S.)
The Dust and Darkness 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Classic old school black metal.

Spirit Crusher
Prosthetic Records
Classic black metal, cool doomy vibe, some good melodies while still being harsh and dark.

Black Paisley
We have mostly a classic rock/rock thing going on here

HiFi Music For LoFi Kids
Sliptrick Records
Punky hard rock, pretty straightforward.

Lost Tribes of the Moon
Lost Tribes of the Moon
some laid back post rock doom type stuff… a little sludgey grunge with female vox… some decent stoner metal grooves thrown in the mix too.

Cemetery Lights
Lemuralia TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A basic, sort of low-fi blackened metal… it’s reelased on “tape” but do they have to record and master it as if it were recorded on cassette too? I don’t get it.

Grit Pt,2: Drift
Self Released
A little doom/black metal kind of a drony post metal too.

Sun & Moon
This has a bit of a doomy melodic thing… maybe a bit of a damnation type Opeth meets a little post-metal.

Secular Compendium
Sun & Moon
Old school melodic black metal. meedly guitars, harsh brutal vox, decent melodic stuff too… but mostly staying harsh and evil sounding too.

Mach IV
All Good Clean Records
Bluesey classic doomy metal. A bit upbeat and a pinch of stoner metal too. a cool throwback sound.

Lethal Injury
A grooving extreme thrash… a bit of a blackened sound vocal-wise, otherwise the metal is heavy and groovin’ with hints of black metal.

Eclipse Records
Brutal, djenty technical metalcore…some melodic stuff thrown in along with brutal vox, techy riffs and heavy drums… good stuff.

The Blurry Horizon
Self Released
A hard rock prog metal thing, varied vox (male and female) technical, catchy, standard type of cool prog metal, melodic, and cool stuff.

Technical Damage
The Introspect
I guess I’d throw this into melodic death. it’s got some extreme more grooving death metal stuff, but going into that more melodic chorus and instrumental breaks… good stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 9/17/18

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Sep 162018

The Unity
Mostly a hard rock / classic metal thing with vocals a bit like Russell Allen, decent stuff.

The Outer Ones
Metal Blade Records
This is the one we’ve been waiting for… typically some just really good technical death metal, these guys upped the ante! More heavy, more technical… better and better! Great stuff and fuckin’ brutal!

Constellation Of The Black Light
Napalm Records
We got a melodic death thing here, a tiny big folk metal, but mostly more of an epic heavier melodic death. Cool stuff.

Century Media Records
Ohhh yeah, we got us new Aborted, no nonsense, brutality, technical, heavy, and headbanging goodness

10 Years of Rock
Metalville Records
This under appeciated label has been chugging around 10 years now! A compilation of bands across their lineup, Astral Doors, Chris Caffery, Perzonal War… some metal, some more hard rock. Neat stuff.

Entertain Your Force of Habit
Metalville Records
Straightforward hard rockin’ groove metal. Vox are kinda growly/sung. Good catchy stuff.

The Wake
Century Media
Thse guys keep churnin’ out their style of metal… crazy catchy, well, Voivod! They really have their own sound and style and not much is like it. This follows it well. Good stuff.

Facing Transcendence
Avantgarde Music
A doomy classic black metal

Barren Canyon
World Of Wounds
Avantgarde Music
Two 17+ minute tracks of atmospheric black metal

As Rats Devour Lions
Godz of War Productions
Here’s some cool stuff… blackened thrashy metal. Extreme fast, but a cool thrashy element to keep it from just being all meedly full on black metal… yes it is mostly black metal, but pulled back a bit to add a more catchy thrash thing

Invocation (Chile)
The Mastery of the Unseen 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
An old school black metal thing, dark doomy grooves, maybe a bit of a death metal groove with a more echoey black metal vocal.

All Will Be Golden
Spacey rock, a bit of a proggy fusion thing, pretty cool, but probably not too metal.

Impossible Orbits
7 Degrees
This has a little bit of a grindy doomy black metal thing, yeah, three pretty distinct genres, i can hear them all going on… vox are a bit shouty dark black metal-ish to me. Mostly grindy fast stuff going on, but a dark low end groove that is more doomy.

Where’s My Bible
M ‘N’ R
Inverse Records
They call it Mosh ‘n’ Roll… and yeah, I can hear that, it’s not quite thrashy, but heavy enough with some heavier extreme vox… a bit growly and/or shouted, with a straightforward heavy groove musically … Cool stuff!

Armed for Apocalypse
Palm Reader
Self Released
A grooving kind of stoner extreme metal. A little sludgey, but kicking into thrash mode where a breakdown or something might be… cool stuff.

Cosmic Void Ritual
Grotesque Infections Of Interplanetary Divide 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Here we have some more lo-fi blackened death metal…

Anno Domini 1573
Rockshots Records
Traditional power metal… a little bit of a classic metal sound with a definite singalong power metal thing going on.

Slaves and Snakes
Heavy brutal, catchy, thrashy blackened death metal. Loud, great balance of sub genres and brutal as hell. Great stuff!

Chapitre II
Gates of Hell Records
A sort of extreme thrash… Vox are like a clean screamy style, but the music is more of a melodic blackend thrash… haven’t really heard anything too much like this. SOunds good!

Deep Memories
Rebuilding the Future
Self Released
This is melodic death / melodic black metal going on… extreme vox, a slower tempo, yet melodic and heavy feel musically. pretty cool stuff.

Duhul Belicos
Redefining Darkness Records
Blackened ummm, grooving thrash? Yeah, sure… Cool stuff, a traditional black metal feel but getting into some more catchy grooves too. Production is a little raw, but not too bad. Good stuff.

Owl (Germany)
Nights In Distortion
Temple of Torturous
A bit doomy, a little sludgey, vox remind me a little of Zakk Wylde…

Temple of Torturous
Melodic doomy stuff with a bit of sludgey noise happening a bit too, it’s actually bit of a proggy doom, maybe a bit post-metal…

Infamous Butcher Records
This has a prog metal thing going on, a bit of a porcupine tree, some more extreme vox, violins, folk metal stuff… heavy riffs, clean vox, growly vox… really cool stuff

Fils de Dieu
EAL Productions
First track at 10 min. long, tribal drumming and chanting… track 2 is almost 34 min… a haunting doomy post metal.

The Moor
Jupiter’s Immigrants
Self Released
I like this, it has a blackened melodic death metal thing happening… maybe even a bit proggy… a bit like an older Opeth where it’s got heavy brutal stuff and cool melodic proggy stuff. Going from full on melodic black metal, to a more laid back rockin’ thing. I like this one!

Album: The Spirit Lives On
Label: Sliptrick records
This is some good just good ol classic metal, a bit like a judas priest with a bit of a manowar intensity going on.

New Stuff This Week…9/4/18

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Sep 022018

The Last One
Season of Mist
Here we have a gritty proggy hard rockin’ thing. Clean vox, a pinch of djent maybe a Coheed and Cambria vibe Cool stuff!

Season of Mist
We got some kind of noise core, screamy stuff… this band has been around a while, there’s a raw grungy feel

Pig Destroyer
Head Cage
Brutal, dark, sludgy, then grindy and in your face. Good stuff.

Siege Of Power
Warning Blast
Metal Blade Records
Made up of some Asphyx and Autopsy members, these guys threw together a catchy brutal death metal project with grooves and no fuckin’ around.

Alabama Calling
Cornelius Chapel Records
A southern laid back stoner rock thing… not too metal… but decent hard rock/rock.

Stoned Jesus
Napalm Records
Whew. I was worried for a sec that this might NOT be stoner metal… it is stoner metal! A bit more of a laid back chilled out type stoner metal…

Suicidal Tendencies
Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
Suicidal Records
Doing a bit more of the old school punk type stuff… their style makes it a bit more metal and full on ST style. Can’t wait for more. (just have a single so far)

New Gods
The End Records
A bit of a throwback doom, maybe a little bit Ghost-like with a classic heavy metal feel.

Nashville Pussy
Pleased To Eat You
Must be stoner metal week! While these guys/gals have more of that psychobilly/southern metal thing going on…almost an AC/DC thing going on. Good catchy stuff.

Nuclear Blast USA
One of the more folkie of the folk metal bands… they still have a good share of metal, but with the catchy fun folk metal bounce.

Metal Allegiance
Vol. II Power Drunk Majesty
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Some great stuff here. The band stayed a bit more cohesive to the core four with just guest vox on each track. All pretty thrashy or a bit leaning towards the vocalist of each track.

They Grieve
I Made My Sacrifice Accordingly
Transcending Records
Doomy post metal

The Vintage Caravan
Genre: Rock
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Catchy stoner metal, a bit of a cool throwback with cowbell and big meaty jams.

Rithiya Henry Khiev
Eviscerated Realm
Instrumental, I’d like to say it’s proggy, neo-classical, brutal, djent full feel, but not djenty if that makes any sense. (good low end?) SOme heavier kind of chugga metal parts, and melodic classic metal stuff too. A good well rounded mix of genres mixed in here. Good stuff!

The Passage of Existence
Metal Blade Records
We’ve had a single for a while, now it’s time for the rest, and it’s not disappointing. The single was a grab you and love it right away thing, and so is the rest of the album, technical, brutal, heavy, grooving and catchy, all those good words I overuse, it’s all here and it’s a great death metal album!

Grooving stoner metal with a pinch of sludge.

Scourge of the Enthroned
Century Media
Technical death metal with a pinch of south american flavor… these guys have been consistently at it and doing some of the best death metal out there… this album is no different. Brutal, kind of thrashy, technical, grooving and catchy. Great stuff!

Sept 7
Portugal seems to be famous for one big metal band, Moonspell. Listen to this Cronaxia, the pure brutality, technicality… great death metal and you’ll want to hear more from Portugal!

Prosthetic Records
Kind of a melodic death, maybe a deathy blackened doom too. Definitely a black metal vibe, but a bit down on the tempo with some melodic stuff going on… maybe a little Opeth-like with more of a black metal vox.

Across Deaths
Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
A bit sludgey, and dark doomy, but still a bit of a full on classic black metal thing with shrieking and dark riffs

Solarworks pt. 1
A hard rock/power metal thing. Pretty straightforward

Sept 7
Supergroup featuring Brian from SHadows Fall, former Cannae and Unearth members. IT’s a pretty solid modern metalcore/heavycore metal type thing. There’s some really heavy stuff, and a few chilled out laid back songs too.

End of the Circle
Non Serviam Records
3 super long songs of doomy death metal… mostly post metal type stuff with slow slow doomy tempo and death metal growls.

AFM Records
This is some classic metal, along the lines of a Judas Priest, really solid hard rockin’ metal stuff.

Goat Sperm
Voice in the Womb
Inferna Profundus Records
Crazy fast brutal blackened death metal, then you get some choir chanting stuff to give it a neat dark yet creepy feel. OTherwise, it even gets kind of a fast grindy melodic blackened death. Actually not too bad when you give it a chance!

Tierra Hostil
Fighter Records
This is a heavier proggy power metal type thing. All in Spanish, music is heavy and a lot going on (proggy)…

Release: Tyrant Disciple
Weight Of Oblivion
Release Date: September 7th 2018
Record label: Inverse Records
This is a slayer-esque death metal… brutal, catchy, thrashy and in your face.

Sum Of Forces
Indie Recordings
A bit thrash, some power metal, good crunch and catchy classic metal feel too.

Band: Insidious One
Album: The Natural Selection
Self Released
Catchy extreme thrashy metal with a pinch of prog… vox are more of a black metal style… maybe like a skeletonwitch.

My Hollow
And Now We Fall (single) (2018)
Thrashy modern metalcore=ish, melodic, brutal, a bit

Discolocauste: 2005-2018 – The Full Sh*t So Far
27 August 2018
This is a compilation of basically this band’s full discography… A grindy brutalcore pig squeal thrashy death metal

Dead Now
Dead Now
Brutal Panda
This has a stoner metal feel, cool clean vox, a neat catchy edge

The Cruel Intentions
“Weekend Suffering” (single)
Indie Recordings
A single with some stoner metal guitar sound, a bit of a modern metal sound once you get in to the vox.

Sad Theory
Entropia Humana Final
Self Released
Release date: Wednesday, December 27th 2017
Released late last year, fresh in the inbox now… we got us some melodic leaning brutal death metal… more on the straightforward brutal death metal with some technical stuff too.

Flowing Downward
WIth a band name like Sadness, I don’t think you’re going to get anyting that’s gonna get you up in a circle bit… but it’s not just shoegaze… more of some black-post metal with some ambient experimental stuff too.

Flowing Downward
Here we also have some atmospheric black metal…