New Stuff This Week… 9/24/18

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Sep 222018

Great Escape
Season of Mist
Chilled out doomy post metal with a bit of black metal when it gets goin.

The Clay People
Demon Hero (& other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies & Fables)
Magnetic Eye Records
These guys ahve been around for a while but making a comeback now… they have a good driving hard rockin’ metal thing with a bit of an Industral vibe, without really being industrial if that makes any sense. hah. a good catchy metal thing going on. Okay, the more I listen, I guess you can say yeah, it would fall in some industrial stuff, but a bit more melodic and metal-ish too.

Kill The Flame (single)
Indie Recordings
A grooving black n roll type thing, maybe close to a Satyricon? good stuff.

Reap The Storm
El Puerto Records GbR
A little bit thrash, some melodic metal/deathcore type stuff more of a melodic thrash, cool stuff.

“Draw Blood”
Combat / EMP
Thrashy funky and a little bit of death metal… a cool like, 90’s throw back thing too from these chicago guys… more to come, this is just a single.

The Brew
The Art Of Persuation
Napalm Records
Cool solid hard rockin’ thing. Just no nonsense catchy hard rock. pretty cool stuff for being just shy of metal.

The O’Reilly’s And The Paddyhats
Green Blood
Metalville Records
Irish folky punky metal kind of like the Dropkick Murphy type stuff.

Brent Barker
Brent Barker
Guitar virtuoso type stuff, cool grooves, instrumental, a bit of a bluesy feel.

Leader Of Down
Cascade Into Chaos
Cleopatra Records
last recordings of Wurzel (formerly of Motorhead) Lead track has Lemmy’s guest vocals, other tracks feature Fast Eddy Clarke too. The rest of the album has a little bit of a Motorhead feel of course, but a bit more of a classic guitar metal thing. Cool stuff.

Lana Black
Pick Your Poison (Radio Edit)
Cataclysm Records
Female fronted grungy metal. A little like a Joan Jett / Alice in Chains thing going on.

Anaal Nathrakh
A New Kind of Horror
Metal Blade Records
These guys used to just be crazy intense throw everything heavy at you metal… they seem to honed the metal into a more concise wall of blackened brutal metal sound managing to add some catchiness and grooves into the fold…

Inner Axis
We Live By The Steel
A faster more balsy kind of power metal. Good edge and a bit borderline thrashy in some parts

All My Sins
Pra Sila – Vukov Totem
Classic black metal, good, fast, heavy, brutal too… Good stuff.

Burial Shrine
Labyrinth of Bridges
This is a bit more of a noisy black metal/extreme metal thing mostly a wall of heavy noise

Blood of Serpents
Sulphur Sovereign
Non Serviam Records
Blackened death metal, heavy, brutal, catchy… great production, good stuff.

Holy Blasphemition
Xtreem Music
Brutal death metal with a bit of an old Six Feet Under Groove.

Midnight Ghost
AFM Records
This band has been doing their heavier power metal thing for a long time, and guess what, they still do and do it well… good gritty edge while still having that melodic power metal thing going on. Good stuff.

Everlasting Spew Records
Mostly classic death metal, cookie monster vox, good grooves too with a pinch of doom.

Total Retaliation
Pure Noise Records
Hardcore, thrash, classic NYCHC type stuff (except they’re from California) Great stuff.

Osmose Productions
HEre we have a brutal death metal with a sludgey overtone… some grooves too.

Pagan Storm
De Tenebrarum Principio
Classic melodic black metal. A little bit of a doomy gloom to it.

Immortal Guardian
Age of Revolution
M-Theory Audio
An epic speedy power metal, maybe a little like a Dragonforce, maybe not quite as speedy fast and a bit more of an extreme metal edge…. and maybe a bit more proggy. good stuff. BIG voice!

Terror Decree + Bonus
Moribund Records
Melodic black metal, with a fair share of tradition black metal (esp. in vocals)… musically there’s some great catchy more melodic death grooves.

Moribund Records
This is a more in your face (production-wise), blackened death… melodic and a bit even thrashy in some parts

In Lands Thought Lost
Bindrune Recordings
Seems to be black metal week… more melodic black metal, this has some cool more traditional thrash/death, even technical metal going on inbetween the black beats and cold, meedly guitars. good stuff.

Dakhma (Switzerland)
Hamkar Atonement LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
sludgey death metal, a wall of sound, kind of brutal, a bit experimental in other parts.

Two Carrion Talismans CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Blackened death metal. This one has some monster grooves, a nice dark evil catchy feel too.

Long time prog metal/prog hard rock veterans are back… a more of a laid back Porcupine Tree style of prog metal, a more hard rock thing, cool technicality, overall great stuff…

Morte Incandescente
Somos o Fogo do teu Inferno
War Arts Productions
More classic black metal. 4 song EP.

Unleashed Bastards
El Puerto Records GbR
We have some extreme trash here. classic thrash riffage, vox are a bit more screamy than old school thrash… but this is some great heavy stuff!

EMPTY (Spain)
Osmose Productions
Black metal week continues with this band from Spain… Classic black metal vox (lower in the mix). some melodic kind of proggy stuff going on when it’s not full on black metal.

Onward to Nothingness
Seeing Red Records
Sludgy doom, some long songs with a little post metal going on too.

AFM Records
A slickly produced classic metal with a bit of a techno-industrial thing going on too… it’s classic metal with big clean power metal type vox…

ASYLUM (Maryland)
3-3-88 (CD)
Shadow Kingdom
This has a throwback 70’s doomy feel, like a black sabbath with ozzy-like vox.

Children of the Atom (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
What’s this? You guessed it, some more black metal… this one is probably in the blackened thrash thing. Catchy riffs, yet brutal, heavy drumming and extreme vox all with a black metal flair. Good stuff.

Black Funeral (U.S.)
The Dust and Darkness 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Classic old school black metal.

Spirit Crusher
Prosthetic Records
Classic black metal, cool doomy vibe, some good melodies while still being harsh and dark.

Black Paisley
We have mostly a classic rock/rock thing going on here

HiFi Music For LoFi Kids
Sliptrick Records
Punky hard rock, pretty straightforward.

Lost Tribes of the Moon
Lost Tribes of the Moon
some laid back post rock doom type stuff… a little sludgey grunge with female vox… some decent stoner metal grooves thrown in the mix too.

Cemetery Lights
Lemuralia TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A basic, sort of low-fi blackened metal… it’s reelased on “tape” but do they have to record and master it as if it were recorded on cassette too? I don’t get it.

Grit Pt,2: Drift
Self Released
A little doom/black metal kind of a drony post metal too.

Sun & Moon
This has a bit of a doomy melodic thing… maybe a bit of a damnation type Opeth meets a little post-metal.

Secular Compendium
Sun & Moon
Old school melodic black metal. meedly guitars, harsh brutal vox, decent melodic stuff too… but mostly staying harsh and evil sounding too.

Mach IV
All Good Clean Records
Bluesey classic doomy metal. A bit upbeat and a pinch of stoner metal too. a cool throwback sound.

Lethal Injury
A grooving extreme thrash… a bit of a blackened sound vocal-wise, otherwise the metal is heavy and groovin’ with hints of black metal.

Eclipse Records
Brutal, djenty technical metalcore…some melodic stuff thrown in along with brutal vox, techy riffs and heavy drums… good stuff.

The Blurry Horizon
Self Released
A hard rock prog metal thing, varied vox (male and female) technical, catchy, standard type of cool prog metal, melodic, and cool stuff.

Technical Damage
The Introspect
I guess I’d throw this into melodic death. it’s got some extreme more grooving death metal stuff, but going into that more melodic chorus and instrumental breaks… good stuff.

New Stuff This Week… 9/17/18

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Sep 162018

The Unity
Mostly a hard rock / classic metal thing with vocals a bit like Russell Allen, decent stuff.

The Outer Ones
Metal Blade Records
This is the one we’ve been waiting for… typically some just really good technical death metal, these guys upped the ante! More heavy, more technical… better and better! Great stuff and fuckin’ brutal!

Constellation Of The Black Light
Napalm Records
We got a melodic death thing here, a tiny big folk metal, but mostly more of an epic heavier melodic death. Cool stuff.

Century Media Records
Ohhh yeah, we got us new Aborted, no nonsense, brutality, technical, heavy, and headbanging goodness

10 Years of Rock
Metalville Records
This under appeciated label has been chugging around 10 years now! A compilation of bands across their lineup, Astral Doors, Chris Caffery, Perzonal War… some metal, some more hard rock. Neat stuff.

Entertain Your Force of Habit
Metalville Records
Straightforward hard rockin’ groove metal. Vox are kinda growly/sung. Good catchy stuff.

The Wake
Century Media
Thse guys keep churnin’ out their style of metal… crazy catchy, well, Voivod! They really have their own sound and style and not much is like it. This follows it well. Good stuff.

Facing Transcendence
Avantgarde Music
A doomy classic black metal

Barren Canyon
World Of Wounds
Avantgarde Music
Two 17+ minute tracks of atmospheric black metal

As Rats Devour Lions
Godz of War Productions
Here’s some cool stuff… blackened thrashy metal. Extreme fast, but a cool thrashy element to keep it from just being all meedly full on black metal… yes it is mostly black metal, but pulled back a bit to add a more catchy thrash thing

Invocation (Chile)
The Mastery of the Unseen 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
An old school black metal thing, dark doomy grooves, maybe a bit of a death metal groove with a more echoey black metal vocal.

All Will Be Golden
Spacey rock, a bit of a proggy fusion thing, pretty cool, but probably not too metal.

Impossible Orbits
7 Degrees
This has a little bit of a grindy doomy black metal thing, yeah, three pretty distinct genres, i can hear them all going on… vox are a bit shouty dark black metal-ish to me. Mostly grindy fast stuff going on, but a dark low end groove that is more doomy.

Where’s My Bible
M ‘N’ R
Inverse Records
They call it Mosh ‘n’ Roll… and yeah, I can hear that, it’s not quite thrashy, but heavy enough with some heavier extreme vox… a bit growly and/or shouted, with a straightforward heavy groove musically … Cool stuff!

Armed for Apocalypse
Palm Reader
Self Released
A grooving kind of stoner extreme metal. A little sludgey, but kicking into thrash mode where a breakdown or something might be… cool stuff.

Cosmic Void Ritual
Grotesque Infections Of Interplanetary Divide 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Here we have some more lo-fi blackened death metal…

Anno Domini 1573
Rockshots Records
Traditional power metal… a little bit of a classic metal sound with a definite singalong power metal thing going on.

Slaves and Snakes
Heavy brutal, catchy, thrashy blackened death metal. Loud, great balance of sub genres and brutal as hell. Great stuff!

Chapitre II
Gates of Hell Records
A sort of extreme thrash… Vox are like a clean screamy style, but the music is more of a melodic blackend thrash… haven’t really heard anything too much like this. SOunds good!

Deep Memories
Rebuilding the Future
Self Released
This is melodic death / melodic black metal going on… extreme vox, a slower tempo, yet melodic and heavy feel musically. pretty cool stuff.

Duhul Belicos
Redefining Darkness Records
Blackened ummm, grooving thrash? Yeah, sure… Cool stuff, a traditional black metal feel but getting into some more catchy grooves too. Production is a little raw, but not too bad. Good stuff.

Owl (Germany)
Nights In Distortion
Temple of Torturous
A bit doomy, a little sludgey, vox remind me a little of Zakk Wylde…

Temple of Torturous
Melodic doomy stuff with a bit of sludgey noise happening a bit too, it’s actually bit of a proggy doom, maybe a bit post-metal…

Infamous Butcher Records
This has a prog metal thing going on, a bit of a porcupine tree, some more extreme vox, violins, folk metal stuff… heavy riffs, clean vox, growly vox… really cool stuff

Fils de Dieu
EAL Productions
First track at 10 min. long, tribal drumming and chanting… track 2 is almost 34 min… a haunting doomy post metal.

The Moor
Jupiter’s Immigrants
Self Released
I like this, it has a blackened melodic death metal thing happening… maybe even a bit proggy… a bit like an older Opeth where it’s got heavy brutal stuff and cool melodic proggy stuff. Going from full on melodic black metal, to a more laid back rockin’ thing. I like this one!

Album: The Spirit Lives On
Label: Sliptrick records
This is some good just good ol classic metal, a bit like a judas priest with a bit of a manowar intensity going on.

New Stuff This Week…9/4/18

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Sep 022018

The Last One
Season of Mist
Here we have a gritty proggy hard rockin’ thing. Clean vox, a pinch of djent maybe a Coheed and Cambria vibe Cool stuff!

Season of Mist
We got some kind of noise core, screamy stuff… this band has been around a while, there’s a raw grungy feel

Pig Destroyer
Head Cage
Brutal, dark, sludgy, then grindy and in your face. Good stuff.

Siege Of Power
Warning Blast
Metal Blade Records
Made up of some Asphyx and Autopsy members, these guys threw together a catchy brutal death metal project with grooves and no fuckin’ around.

Alabama Calling
Cornelius Chapel Records
A southern laid back stoner rock thing… not too metal… but decent hard rock/rock.

Stoned Jesus
Napalm Records
Whew. I was worried for a sec that this might NOT be stoner metal… it is stoner metal! A bit more of a laid back chilled out type stoner metal…

Suicidal Tendencies
Still Cyco Punk After All These Years
Suicidal Records
Doing a bit more of the old school punk type stuff… their style makes it a bit more metal and full on ST style. Can’t wait for more. (just have a single so far)

New Gods
The End Records
A bit of a throwback doom, maybe a little bit Ghost-like with a classic heavy metal feel.

Nashville Pussy
Pleased To Eat You
Must be stoner metal week! While these guys/gals have more of that psychobilly/southern metal thing going on…almost an AC/DC thing going on. Good catchy stuff.

Nuclear Blast USA
One of the more folkie of the folk metal bands… they still have a good share of metal, but with the catchy fun folk metal bounce.

Metal Allegiance
Vol. II Power Drunk Majesty
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Some great stuff here. The band stayed a bit more cohesive to the core four with just guest vox on each track. All pretty thrashy or a bit leaning towards the vocalist of each track.

They Grieve
I Made My Sacrifice Accordingly
Transcending Records
Doomy post metal

The Vintage Caravan
Genre: Rock
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Catchy stoner metal, a bit of a cool throwback with cowbell and big meaty jams.

Rithiya Henry Khiev
Eviscerated Realm
Instrumental, I’d like to say it’s proggy, neo-classical, brutal, djent full feel, but not djenty if that makes any sense. (good low end?) SOme heavier kind of chugga metal parts, and melodic classic metal stuff too. A good well rounded mix of genres mixed in here. Good stuff!

The Passage of Existence
Metal Blade Records
We’ve had a single for a while, now it’s time for the rest, and it’s not disappointing. The single was a grab you and love it right away thing, and so is the rest of the album, technical, brutal, heavy, grooving and catchy, all those good words I overuse, it’s all here and it’s a great death metal album!

Grooving stoner metal with a pinch of sludge.

Scourge of the Enthroned
Century Media
Technical death metal with a pinch of south american flavor… these guys have been consistently at it and doing some of the best death metal out there… this album is no different. Brutal, kind of thrashy, technical, grooving and catchy. Great stuff!

Sept 7
Portugal seems to be famous for one big metal band, Moonspell. Listen to this Cronaxia, the pure brutality, technicality… great death metal and you’ll want to hear more from Portugal!

Prosthetic Records
Kind of a melodic death, maybe a deathy blackened doom too. Definitely a black metal vibe, but a bit down on the tempo with some melodic stuff going on… maybe a little Opeth-like with more of a black metal vox.

Across Deaths
Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
A bit sludgey, and dark doomy, but still a bit of a full on classic black metal thing with shrieking and dark riffs

Solarworks pt. 1
A hard rock/power metal thing. Pretty straightforward

Sept 7
Supergroup featuring Brian from SHadows Fall, former Cannae and Unearth members. IT’s a pretty solid modern metalcore/heavycore metal type thing. There’s some really heavy stuff, and a few chilled out laid back songs too.

End of the Circle
Non Serviam Records
3 super long songs of doomy death metal… mostly post metal type stuff with slow slow doomy tempo and death metal growls.

AFM Records
This is some classic metal, along the lines of a Judas Priest, really solid hard rockin’ metal stuff.

Goat Sperm
Voice in the Womb
Inferna Profundus Records
Crazy fast brutal blackened death metal, then you get some choir chanting stuff to give it a neat dark yet creepy feel. OTherwise, it even gets kind of a fast grindy melodic blackened death. Actually not too bad when you give it a chance!

Tierra Hostil
Fighter Records
This is a heavier proggy power metal type thing. All in Spanish, music is heavy and a lot going on (proggy)…

Release: Tyrant Disciple
Weight Of Oblivion
Release Date: September 7th 2018
Record label: Inverse Records
This is a slayer-esque death metal… brutal, catchy, thrashy and in your face.

Sum Of Forces
Indie Recordings
A bit thrash, some power metal, good crunch and catchy classic metal feel too.

Band: Insidious One
Album: The Natural Selection
Self Released
Catchy extreme thrashy metal with a pinch of prog… vox are more of a black metal style… maybe like a skeletonwitch.

My Hollow
And Now We Fall (single) (2018)
Thrashy modern metalcore=ish, melodic, brutal, a bit

Discolocauste: 2005-2018 – The Full Sh*t So Far
27 August 2018
This is a compilation of basically this band’s full discography… A grindy brutalcore pig squeal thrashy death metal

Dead Now
Dead Now
Brutal Panda
This has a stoner metal feel, cool clean vox, a neat catchy edge

The Cruel Intentions
“Weekend Suffering” (single)
Indie Recordings
A single with some stoner metal guitar sound, a bit of a modern metal sound once you get in to the vox.

Sad Theory
Entropia Humana Final
Self Released
Release date: Wednesday, December 27th 2017
Released late last year, fresh in the inbox now… we got us some melodic leaning brutal death metal… more on the straightforward brutal death metal with some technical stuff too.

Flowing Downward
WIth a band name like Sadness, I don’t think you’re going to get anyting that’s gonna get you up in a circle bit… but it’s not just shoegaze… more of some black-post metal with some ambient experimental stuff too.

Flowing Downward
Here we also have some atmospheric black metal…

New Stuff This Week…8/27/18

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Aug 242018

Fall Of Tyranny
We have a classic metal, power metal type thing going on, production is a bit muddy, but there’s some neat proggy stuff going on too.

One Way Out
Argonauta Records
This is a single of some kind of sludgey doom. Shouted vox, decent groovin’ riffs, a bit down tempo.

The Unity
“No Hero”
This is a single of a new band featuring some members of Gamma Ray… It’s a good edgy classic heavy power metal thing. I’d like to hear more!

Mob Rules
Beast Reborn
Seems to be power metal week! We have some basic classic hard rock/power metal type stuff… maybe a bit of an Iron Maiden vibe.

The Amity Affliction
This seems to be the go-to band for us to make fun of for being what is the modern metal thing that we just don’t really like. I’ll just leave it at that… It’s that modern metalcore/commercial metal stuff.

A bit of a standard heavy metal, but with harsh and clean vox, so this files under melodic death. Catchy riffs, the harsh vox are barked out with great abrasivieness , good mixe of harsh blackened death and iron maiden guitar galloping… cool stuff!

Cruel Magic
Metal Blade Records
Veterans of the NWOBHM in the 80’s they reunited in 2012 and have been crushing their doomy classic metal sound since. This album has a nice stoner metal-ish classic catchy doom sound with big meaty hooks and punchy drums. cool stuff.

North of South
New Latitudes
Rockshots Records
Melodic proggy metal, a little quirky but pretty good.

Beyond The Black
Heart Of THe Hurricane
Napalm Records
A standard classic metal type thing with some female vocals. Good catchy edge

Cast The Stone
Empyrean Atrophy EP
Agonia Records
A bit of a melodic death metal with some classic death metal grooves, barked out vox

Sunshine Dust
Agonia Records
Melodic hard rock with a progressive hard rock/metal feel too. great stuff

Omnium Gatherum
The Burning Cold
Century Media
TEchnical, proggy melodic death, great catchy melodies and riffs while keeping it all heavy and stuff too.

AFM Records
UDO is back to melt your face off with heavy fucking metal. Just awesome classic metal big heavy edge, amazing that this stuff is just “plain ol metal” but still is interesting to listen to, while still being heavy, but not all brutal and up in your business.

Svart Records
A doomy groove, a little bit of a Danzig type feel, maybe a bit into a heavier hardcore thing in parts

Attraction to Annihilation CD/LP
Blood Harvest
This is some technical death metal, I hear a lot of Death Symbolic here, maybe not THAT proggy, but a good brutal classic death metal with some big tech chops and maybe some heavy thrash going on too.

In the Shadow of Doom LP/CD/TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A bit classic black metal, a bit modern blackened doom. Dark, harsh and cold too.

Indie Recordings
Melodic black metal, a bit proggressive in some parts, decent melodies, not all cold and shriekey. there’s a bit of a groove and some nice melodic passages. Good stuff.

Commitment To Excellence
Extreme Metal Music / Rockshots Records
A cool take on some classic thrash, some classic melodic metal stuff going on, but mix that up with some classic thrash and you have some new catchy metal.

Helion Prime
Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster
AFM Records
This is a mix of classic metal and power metal, good heavy edge and a bit catchy too.

The Path, The Cross, The Aftermath
Dry Cough Records / Badlads
Mostly doomy sludgey sound, a little stoner metal peeking through. Vox are mostly shouted

Demo I
Purodium Rekords
Raw wall of black metal… cold and harsh.

Monte Pittman
Between the Space
Metal Blade Records
This album is a bit more heavy… a full hard rock/metal-ish classic metal featuring Monte on everything! Some songs are more laid back, the further in the album goes, the heavier. Cool stuff all around.

Monte Pittman
Better or Worse
Metal Blade Records
This one is more of an acoustic with vocals… just they kind of stuff you might hear in a coffee shop or something…

Towers of Grandiosity
Redefining Darkness Records
Raw sludgey brutal death metal. Heavy stuff… no fuckin’ around.

Everlasting Spew Records
Brutal old school death metal. Good stuff.

Fist of the Seven Stars Act 2 (Hokuto Brothers)
Rockshots Records
mostly power metal, but you got some pretty cool prog metal stuff going on too.

Kvlt Of Eblis
Templo de la Serpiente Negra
Morbid Skull Records
A classic black metal sound, cold, harsh, but yet brutal, good production, creepy chants, maybe some decent grooves too.

Melodic death with a bit of a viking/folk metal feel, a harsh yet catchy brutality with melodic hooks. cool stuff.

Aesthetics of a loss
Self Released
A dark, grindy melodic death. Has a doomy dark gloomy feel, but melodic with a pinch of black metal

This came out in July, just hit the inbox for us. I’d say this is some epic industrial metal type stuff. I know they’ve been around for a while, but I’m not too familiar. Cool stuff, almost has a black metal thing going on!

Artist: WILD
Title: Sin PIedad
Ref.: FIGHT 023 CD
Fitting with the power metal theme this week.. This is spanish language classic metal, a bit of a power metal feel, with more of a just “metal” thing going on. decent stuff!

Release date: Friday, October 26th 2018
Brutal brutal brutal death metal! I haven’t heard stuff this heavy and brutal in a long time actually. Extreme cookie monster vox, almost pig squealy in parts, but just chugga chugga fast groovin’ stuff. BROOOTAL!!

The Plague
Hammer of Damnation
Release date: Saturday, April 21st 2018
This band is from Chile, kind of a blackened extreme/speed/thrash metal… pretty evil yet melodic while staying heavy.

Band: Esoteric
Album: The Pernicious Enigma (2 CD re-issue)
Label: Aesthetic Death
Pretty long tracks of depressing doom with keyboard/electronic stuff and deathy growls.

I Am Your King [single]
A kind of metalcore / groove metal type thing with female guest vox and some kind of gothy male vox.

New Stuff This Week…8/20/18

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Aug 192018

Chapel of Abhorrence
Season of Mist
Meaty grooving death metal with some melodic stuff going on too. Great stuff.

Season of Mist
Kind of a stoner metal, little sludgey, a little punky

Gateways Vol III
Old school hardcore metal, a pinch of thrash, lots of just classic NYHC.

Mob Rules
“Ghost Of A Chance”
A good solid classic metal thing. A gallopy melodic thing like a Priest or Maiden going on, but steering into a more tradional power metal type thing. Decent stuff.

No One Should Read This
Band famous for having Mike Portnoy’s kid and a singer with a pink sweater or something. This is some all over the place technical experimental metalcore type stuff. A part Slipknot, a part Dillinger Escape Plan, some Mr. Bungle, some BTBAM. Fast and heavy, a bit disjointed in parts, but it’s what the kids like these days, right?

Ancient Brewing Tactics
Mostly hardcore, with lots of punky attitude. Decent heavier edge, some nice short tracks (there’s 21 total!)

Crawl (single)
This is a proggy power metal with female vox. Getting heavier in some parts, otherwise, some straightforward melodic metal1

Bamboo Star
“It’s Just Business”
A “solid rock” single, great catchy hard rock thing you should probably hear on more commercial radio.

Rising Five
No Death Reborn
Hard rock grooving near metal. A pretty decent catchy, yet accessible metal/hard rock thing.

Black Mirrors
Look Into The Black Mirror
Napalm Records
This is a grooving metal thing with a bit of a stoner metal thing… female vox, and a bluesy metal thing happening too.

Divebomb Records
Leather Leone from Chastain fame is back with her second solo album. Great solid classic metal with a good hard rockin’ edge

Lords of The Trident
Shadows From The Past
Junko Johnson
Not sure what I can say about our local favorites here… This album tops their others! It’s the first with Brian Koenig as part of the band, as he joined right after the last album came out… From what I understand is he had lots of writings built up and contributed lots to the music on this one and it shows. It has a great melodic metal feel. I have to say there’s a little familiarity/similar style in parts to his old Luna Mortis stuff, which is a great thing. He’s a riff-master and this band is perfect to go along with the other musicians, especially the vox… Over the top and spot on. The track with Brittney of Unleash the Archers really shines too.

Purge & Reset
Kind of thrashy, a bit melodic and extreme too. Big grooves, cool stuff.

The Worst
Greyhaze Records
Doomy grooves. A bit of a 6′ Feet Under type of death metal groove, but more on the doomy side of things

After the Fire
Cruz Del Sur Music [vinyl reissue]
Vinyl reissue of their 2003 album. however, this is the first I’m hearing it. Pretty cool proggy power metal. Decent stuff, not too crazy, catchy, good grooves and tech enough to keep it interesting all with a cool metal edge.

Subtype Zero
The Astral Awakening
Seeing Red Records
So, this band has an old school Slayer sound through and through. Maybe a bit more catchy, but great classic Slayer influenced thrash.

You Took The Sun When You Left
Prosthetic Records
A bit of a doomy grind. Some really kind of catchy grooving thrash stuff too, an overall sludgey tone too

Ethereal Sepulchre
Seance Records
I’d have to call this some blackened doom. Some cold, harsh black metal stuff going on, all while kind of being dark and depressing… maybe some cool heavy grooves too.

Band: Pando
Album: Hiraeth
Label: Aesthetic Death
Experimental “music” some background music, some black metal noise, some shrieking, definitely “post” something. Meh.

New Stuff This Week…8/13/18

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Aug 122018

Album: Warmageddon (single)
This is good crunchy classic thrashy metal.

Repulsion For Humanity
We’ve had a few singles from this already… This 2nd album isn’t quite as brutal and black metal as the first. There are still heavy black metal elements. This is a bit more Grooving and brutal. Good stuff!

Mad Max
SPV / Steamhammer
As the single we had a couple weeks ago, we got some super classic metal. Good melodic riffage, Maybe a little MOtley Crue feel .

Malady X – single
Metal Blade Records
A new German melodic death band… This has the brutal and heavy edge along with that Iron Maiden-like melodic part… there’s even some epic symphonic stuff (low key), getting a bit tech/proggy in parts

Anaal Nathrakh
Forward! – single
Metal Blade Records
That I always liked to call “Kitchen sink” metal, as they throw everything metal in the mix… Big fat in your face wall of sound production. Usually it’s kind of black/death metal… this single has a bit more of a groove but staying heavy and brutal too.

Lisboa Under The Spell (Live)
Napalm Records
Big long live show with three albums performed live in their hometown, Extinct, Wolfheart and Irreligious. An epic undertaking. Sounds great, and they captured the live sound great too.

Images Of Eden
Pavement Music
Classic hard rockin’ power metal-ish type stuff. A good metal edge, melodic guitar work, decent overall stuff.

The Spirit
Sounds From The Vortex
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Melodic death metal with a heavy blackend death thing happening. Great catchy, yet heavy tracks. Ranges from having Opeth like moments to full on Behemoth. Great stuff.

Forever United / Forever Warriors
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Pretty straightforward Doro fronted hard rock. nothing too heavy, a power ballad or two.
The Forever Warriors album is a bit more heavy, some faster more Mosh Pit friendly tracks

Set Before Us
Eclipse Records
Here we have a modern metalcore thing…more on the lines of brutal-core… it doesn’t seem to get all “emo-y” every chorus. It does get pretty close and melodic…

????? ?? ??
Living Temple Records
Post metal or post something chanting or whatever. No thanks.

With a band name like “Kill Everything” I’m expecting some sick brutal death metal to just push me down and keep jumping on me… well I am happy with my expectations, because that’s exactly what this is, brutal, face smashing death metal!

Barbaric Retribution (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Here we have some blackened death metal. Kind of a wall of blackened noise, almost grindy in parts… but over all, harsh brutal death metal.

Panphage Mysticism (CD, LP)
Werewolf Records
Old school black metal feel, a little doomy and dark.

Mountain Tamer
Godfortune Dark Matters
Self Released
A sort of doomy stoner metal throwback. The production has an old school feel, musically it’s got sort of a stoner 70’s vibe…. cool grooves, somewhat catchy jammin’ songs.

Pa Vesh En / Temple Moon
Split LP
Iron Bonehead
Pa Vesh En is a wall of sound black metal with shrieky vox and lo-fi production. Temple Moon is old school black metal, a bit more of some groove, but raw and a bit lo-fi too.

Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response
Prosthetic Records
HEre you have some black metal, but it’s also just some melodic metal too with like, harsh ass black metal vox on top. It’s definitely different. They’re on a semi-big metal label, so they got something going on. it’s worth checking out.

The Eternal
Waiting for the Endless Dawn
Label: Inverse Records
HEre we have some really long tracks, a melodic doomy death metal, a bit proggy and actually I’d think it’d be post-metal… and it’s not, just some longer songs that do take time to develop and get going through ebbs and flows… Pretty decent stuff if you have the patience

Band: Profane Burial
Single: The Rosewater Park Legend
Label: Apathia Records
Symphonic black metal. You have that full epic orchestra thing happening, but then you have classic melodic black metal stuff going on too. good stuff!

From the bio: “New Single From The Worlds First Interactive Band
Featuring Steve Di Giorio (Testament), John Miceli (Blue Oyster Cult, Rainbow), Frank DiMini (Angel) & Paul Crook (Anthrax, Sebastian Bach, Meat Loaf)”
This track is a good jam, maybe a bit over produced, but cool to hear a cover version

Necrotic Wasteland SINGLE
One song of fast, in your face epic blackened death metal. More please!

Sliptrick Records
Female fronted modern commercial-ish metal.

Brood of Hatred
Identity Disorder
Crime Records
Blackened doom. A melodic doomy feel with some growly more death metal vox… a cold-ish guitar feeling

Henry Metal
The Essential Henry Metal, Vol. 1
Self REleased
A melodic classic metal, maybe a pinch of thrash, mostly classic metal with a cool crunchy guitar.

New Stuff This Week… 8/6/18

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Aug 062018

God = Dog (Single)
Metal Blade Records
Starts off melodic and kind of just hard rock ish for about 20 seconds, then you get a feel for the real Behemoth! Wall of fucking evil blackend thrashy deathy behemoth-core! yeah! Like clutch below, they kind of have their own genre. This is full on metal but there are some melodic bits in here to keep it grounded and maybe a bit more evil? Yeah good stuff.

“The Black”
Cornelius Chapel Records
Kind of a bluesy almost country rock song. Not really mosh Pit material.

“Hot Bottom Feeder”
ANother single, another catchy as hell clutch-core song. Yeah, they are their own genre, classic hard rockin’ stoner metal.

“Grey Garden” (single)
Melodic, doomy throwback feel

Integrity & Krieg
Integrity has been around a long time, this ep is kind of an extreme/heavy hardcore… good stuff actually. Krieg has a sludgey extreme doom thing going on.

Van Canto
Trust In Rust
Napalm Records
You might remeber this band as being the a capella metal band, where they pretty much just have a drummer and a bunch of voices… While it is a bit cheesy, it is all metal and cool how they can use all of their voices to basically do a power metal type sound.

Dropout Kings
Napalm Records
Been a while since i’ve heard something like this sent to metal radio. Defintely rap-metal/nu-metal. Keyboards, lots of rapping, some clean vox singing.

Epidemic (EP)
This is a sort of melodic death/groove metal type thing… growly shouted vox, some cool melodic grooving music… good sutff.

Enuff Z’Nuff
Diamond Boy
Frontiers SRL
Classic old school “hair metal” when really it’s just some classic hard rock… this has that kind of psychedelic feel like this band has had… a little KingsX/Beatles melodic catchiness.

Primal Fear
Frontiers SRL
This band has always been at the forefront of the heavier power metal type stuff. Waving the flag of just good solid metal… This single keeps that going. Great riffs, catchy vox, all that.

Far East Black Metal Onslaught
Helldprod Records
Classic doomy black metal, a bit raw, music is dark, evil sounding, but more of a basic doomy black metal.

Grimorium Verum
Fighter Records
Clean screamy vox, thrashy/classic metal/dual guitar attack!

DROID (Canada)
Terrestrial Mutations (LP)
Shadow Kingdom
This has a little melodic thrashy sound with a bit of a groove. Decent stuff.

ill Omen
The Grande Usurper 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Old school lo-fi-ish black metal. Cold, evil, dark, depressing.

Phantasmal Trinunity (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
A kind of melodic death/black metal. Good solid melodies, still having a doomy cold black metal groove going on too.

Zero Down
Larger Than Death
Minotauro Records
A classic metal, light thrashy thing, vox remind me of Sacred Reich… music is pretty straightforward metal yet catchy and melodic

Divine Ecstasy
Strange Passions 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
Old school black metal, a wall of black metal sound, so it’s a bit lo-fi, but you can hear the melodic meedly guitars and whatnot going on, just not a lot of dynamic range.

Gloam / Obscure Evil
Split 10″ EP
Blood Harvest
One sone from each band..> Gloam is some decent classic black metal with some decent production and Obscure Evil is also some classic black metal but with more of a melodic doomy sound.

Release: Imperial Domain
The Deluge
Record label: Inverse Records
This is some fairly straightforward Melodic Death Metal. Good barked out vox, the heavier melodic music, maybe a bit more on the Amorphis side of stuff.

Burst Into Flame (CD, LP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
Music is a bit Iron Maiden-like, decent classic melodic metal, vox are more of a classic old school power metal. Overall, really some classic just “metal”.

Album: Death Parade
Label: Iron, Blood & Death Corp
I guess this is a re-issue… first time I got it… we’re talking about some melodic thrash metal here, crunchy metal riffs, over the top screamy/singy vox. Great stuff.

Argento Records
Brutal crazy blackened death metal. good and evil!

Spirit of the Stone
CDN Records
This would be melodic death, but toes more of a blackened folk metal. It’s a little easy on the folkie part, but definitely has a melodic black metal vibe leaning more on some melodic death stuff. Maybe a bit Opeth-y in parts too.

Band: Woebegone Obscured
Album: The Forestroamer
Label: Aesthetic Death
SOme pretty long doomy post-metal type songs, a bit sludgey, melodic, depressing. (cookie monster vox)

Moribund Records
Melodic black metal, classic doomy meedly black metal sound with shrieky vox, a good melodic underlayment, and also some stuff with classic cold guitars and blast beats… overall, pretty good stuff! I think there’s even some violins wailing away here too!

Where Ice Meets Ocean
Self Release
A little bit of a Motorhead meets stoner metal with doomy stuff going on

Mad Max
“The Beat Of The Heart”
Classic metal/hard rock… actually a bit of a 90’s AOR type sound.

Up From The Ashes
Rockshots Records
This is pretty straightforward classic metal/power metal. Good catchy riffage, higher signy vox. Decent stuff.

New Stuff This Week…7/30/18

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Jul 292018

Hard to be objective on this when I’m a big fan. I just love their style of catchy/thrashy/cleanly produced metal… on top of that, they are just telling hilarious, goofy stories in their lyrics. Believe it or not, the first track reminds me of an epic Dimmu Borgir track. Great stuff… and on top of it, they were going to announce “details” of their album last Tuesday night and announced that the album was done and on sale that night! Pretty neat.

“Final Resolve”
Another single from these doomy black metallers… good grooves

Ocean Of Illusions
Ocean of Illusions EP
Diamond Records
Last week we just had a single, now we have the full EP. it’s kind of an Epic blackend brutalcore thing. Keyboards adding an ethereal background with machine gun guitar/drum riffs… harsh blackened death shrieks and growls.

Band: Paganland
Album: XX Years of Paganland [Live album]
Label: Azermedoth Records
Folky Pagan black metal on this live album. Of course, live this is heavier and pretty cool I haven’t really seen/heard too many blackened folk metal bands live (not really a USA thing, right?) This sounds pretty damn good!

“Bad Listener” (Metal Track) “Disease” (Active ROck)
Red Bull
Sort of a hardcore/nu metal/modern metal. Good catchy stuff, nice edge. One song is pretty metal, the other is well, more active rock and lots more “singy”

Kult 45
We all know Otep and how her albums general have an “Arty” quality to them, but also a hardcore nu-metal-ish sound. For the most part, the songs are crunchy, heavy, but some of those melodic breaks… overall, it’s otep-core and pretty decent.

Lord Of The Lost Disc I & II
Napalm Records
A Gothy/industrialized modern metal, kind of a Volbeat meets FFDP

Hammer Down Hard
Total Annihilation
A standard classic metal type thing with some good heavier crunchy grooves, then settling in a bit more for the full song. Decent stuff.

Halcyon Way
Bloody But Unbowed
Agonia Records
Kind of a classic metal, a bit thrashy, some big grooves and tech/proggy too! I’ve been a fan of these guys since seeing them open for UDO a few years back. Great stuff.

Metalapolis Records
classic hard rock with a bit of that 90’s AOR sound.

Into Eternity
The Sirens
Their first album with their new female singer… music is the same heavy progressive death metal type stuff they’ve done, haven’t skipped a beat (they were ahead of their time anyway!)… Stu Block has some big vocal shoes to fill and this Amanda Kiernan fills them perfect with a mix of harsh and clean vox. Great stuff!

Exorcise (single)
Rockshots Records
Proggy power metal on this 3 song EP, A good heavy edge with some clean power metal type vox.

Siege Column
Inferno Deathpassion LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Brutal blackened death metal with some “meh” production.

Moenen of Xezbeth
Ancient Spells of Darkness… LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A creepy (creepy keyboard sounds) old school doomy black metal.

Sissy Spacek
Ways of Confusion LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Just shy of 40 tracks on here. Blast beaty, grindy brutal fast songs all mostly clocking in at under 30 seconds!

Get Killed or Try Dying
Xtreem Music
Some typical death metal, shouty vox, grooving brutal-ish music.

Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Kind of a melodic death metal, yet blackened death going on. Good stuff.

Classic grooving death metal.

Void Rot
Consumed By Oblivion
Everlasting Spew Records
I’d have to call this some post-metal doomy death metal. Slow tempo, dark, depressing and well, steadily depressing.

Human Hecatomb
Redefining Darkness Records
Extreme thrash with oh, say blackened thrash, raw and fast, almost grindy but then you can get shifted into some doomy grooves too. Cool stuff.

Band: Bastian
Album: Grimorio
Label: Sliptrick records
Hard rock pushing into metal with some big grooves, otherwise, a decent catchy classic metal with a nice big voice

Umbra Regit
Morbid Skull Records
3 songs of blackened death metal. it’s a bit raw, but brutal and yeah, even a bit catchy in its melodic evilness

Event Relentless
Event Relentless EP
This is kind of a melodic death but a bit of a modern metal feel.

Samuli Federley
Dymanic instrumental which is hard to put a genre label on. It gets a little heavier, goes to acoustic melodic, some doomy post metal, middle eastern… all sorts of neat stuff mixed into a 4 song ep.

New Stuff This Week… 7/23/18

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Jul 222018

Jungle Rot
Jungle Rot
You just can’t go wrong with Jungle Rot. They’re from Wisconsin, they have stood the test of time, classic big grooving death metal, and why not have a new album too right? We just have 3 tracks so far and all are great stuff.

Long Night’s Journey into Day
Metal Blade Records
They now have a new singer for some reason, but after many years of Ray Alder, they now have Tom Englund (of Evergrey) on lead vox… This new album contunues their tradtion of good solid textbook prog metal. Great stuff, probably not as I guess “unique” as with Ray Alder, I think it’s right up there.

The Amity Affliction
“Ivy (Doomsday)”
This is our go to make fun of band for all we don’t really like about modern metal core… really heavy stuff, then a really really whiney chorus song ruiner… well this single is more of a modern metal power ballad type thing through and through. Probably something we might skip :/

“World War Me”/”I Am The Storm”
Blackseven Records
NYC Hardcore… good hardcore edge with a little bit of a thrash thing too. (just 2 songs so far)

Pig Destroyer
“Army of Cops”
A single of grooving death metal with that little pinch of grindy vox

Ocean Of Illusions
Diamond Records
This is some technical blackened death metal. A bit of a full almost a little Epic sound, some great guitar work, super fast drumming and extreme vox. Looking forward to more of this!

Dee Snider
For THe Love Of Metal
Napalm Records
This is some good solid hard rock type stuff. Catchy music, good classic metal, and the voice!

Derek Smalls
Smalls Change “Meditations Upon Ageing”
A new album from the Spinal Tap Bassist… leaving the ‘tap behind to channel his big bottoms with a slew of guest musicians. A fun classic metal/hard rock thing with a fully produced sound… it’s somewhat of a concept album about getting old.

Michael Romeo
War Of THe Worlds Pt. I
Mascot Label Group
From the mind of Symphony X is pretty much a Symphony X album without as much Symphony and Russell Allen. Same general crunchy proggy power metal as Symphony X, but maybe a bit more straightforward metal and to the point.

Ironcore Resistance
For The Fallen
Pavement Entertainment
A modern “Classic” metal, a bit of a groove, nothing too thrashy, brutal, deathy, etc. Doesn’t really have a classic like, Priest sound, more of something new with big riffs, a pinch of a pantera type groove.

Army To Your Party (Single)
D1 Music
Pretty much as I remember these guys… electronic/industrial/alt-metal/nu-metal type stuff. And that’s just from a single!

Aparthiva Raktadhara
Agyat Ishvar 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
a couple tracks of lo-fi crazy fast black metal

The Chthonic Rituals
Memento Mori
Brutal blackened death metal. Cold black metal attitude over some brutal death metal. A big full wall of brutal, evil sound.

Deidades del inframundo
Dunkelheit Produktionen
Classic death metal, a little dark doom feel, otherwise, just classic brutal death metal.

Drawn and Quartered
The One Who Lurks
Krucyator Productions
Brutal old school death metal. A little melodic stuff, but mostly sludgey brutal death metal.

Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
HEre we got some fast blackened death metal, it’s good black metal, it’s good death metal, fast, in your face, with catchy grooves and brutal too. All the good stuff about both black and death metal are all here and done well. good stuff!

Fire Whiplash (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Kind of a raw speed metal, a bit thrashy with a little punky feel. screamy female vox round out this extreme thrashy sound.

Ruinous Ensoulment
Unspeakable Axe Records
If I had to pick a similar band, I’d probably throw Behemoth out there… brutal, a bit black metal, fast and intense with no fucking around. Great stuff.

Dis Orcus
Somnambulistic Visions
Forever Plagued
Dark doomy black metal. Gurgly/shrieky black metal vox, a slower doomy sound.

The Spectre of Lonely Souls
Unspeakable Axe Records
A bit black metal, a bit thrash, catchy grooves sometimes too, but vox are harsh with a gallopy speed thrash thing going on. good stuff.

We of Scorn (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Good ol classic grooving death metal. Good stuff!!

Black Space Riders
Amoretum Vol. 2
Black Space Records / Cargo Records
Some classic hard rock with some grooves, a big of a grungy stoner metal sound.

Return of Primordial Stillness
Signal Rex
Some long noisy post-metal stuff.

Ancient Hermetic Purity
Signal Rex
Classic old school screamy lo-fi-ish black metal, a bit of a post-metal wall of noise feel too.

Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare
This has an experimental post-metal feeling to it… kind of doomy, with some fast melodic black metal parts, some post metal noise, some just doomy stuff…

The Endless Howling Abyss
Craneo Negro Records / Nameless Grave Records
Some fairly straightforward blackened death, a bit basic, some meedly meedly harsh growls..

Spread Cruelty In The Abyss (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
This has an old school black metal feel, but a bit more with some extreme thrash holding it together… definitely cold/evil black metal sound, just a bit thrashy i guess.

Flood Peak
Plagued by Sufferers
Melodic post metal, but a bit more technical and proggy… It seems like there’s lots going on, going from heavier parts to lighter stuff, vox are kind of buried

Traveler / Coronary
Traveler / Coronary
Gates of Hell Records
Traveler is kind of a doomy almost King Diamond thing. Coronary, is kind of an old school metal/thrash thing. As a guy that isn’t really a fan of “split” eps, both sides of this one are pretty good.

Lower Automation
Shoebox Companion
An experimental Dillinger Escape Plan/SOAD type thing. A bit crazy, proggy, metalcore-ish. They say “mathpunk/noise” and there’s a bit of that going on too.

Return of Primordial Stillness
Signal Rex
A kind of old school black metal. A couple really long tracks, a little bit of a groove, but overall, lots of shriking and repetetive riggages.

Ritual Aesthetic
Wound Garden
Cleopatra Records
This is interesting, it’s kind of an industrialized lite black metal. Has a classic industrial metal feel, but a bit of a black metal fear factory feeling too.

Kikis A. Apostolou
Phases of Time
Self Released
Mostly an instrumental classic metal, kind of a proggy power metal. Catchy good guitar work… a song or two have power metal vox.

Return to Void
Memory Shift: The Day After
Pitch Black
Here we have a melodic metal, kind of a standard hard rock/metal type thing. Great hooks, catchy toons, Some heavier stuff, mostly good hard driving crunchy rock, maybe bordering on some prog metal with the keyboards and stuff.

Dizzy Mystics
Diamond Duller (single)
This is more of an alternative rock thing. I should probably listen to stuff before I put the download list together. I guess it’s a bit proggy in the rock department, a lot of crazy drum timing and stuff going on… but still probably not for the metal show.

This is cool, because this is a remastered version of their album that came out in May… This is the limited edition package for the vinyl release… This vinyl release comes out on Sept 7. Well, I never got the original, so, here we are with the review of the album in general!… So, we got some brutal progressive blackened death metal. SOme fast and furious playing, brutal vox going into some more melodic catchy headbanging metal stuff too. Great stuff!!

Release: Dark Archive
Record label: Inverse Records
This is an epic black metal type thing. Epic? why epic? big symponic keyboard sound.
Between the Buried and Me
“Voice of Trespass” (Single)
This track is kind of proggy jazz metal if you can imagine that, then getting into the brutal proggy goodness that you expect from BTBAM. Wow.

Future Cult
Season of Mist
A bit of a doomy creepy (has some creepy synth type sounds), a bit black metal, some post metal grindy stuff too. Otherwise, it’s generally melodic post-black metal.

New Stuff This Week…7/16/18

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Jul 152018

Death Dealer (single)
Self Released
Great new single… first real new stuff with the Baron in the band. Excellent power metal, huge fans of these local guys, vox are top of the game. Great stuff!

Bury Tomorrow
Black Flame
Modern metalcore type stuff, melodic vox, shouted vox, some good grooves, doesn’t get totally mallcore in the chorus parts, some decent heavy breakdowns, could almost compare them to the newer in flames and a little Volbeat.

A bit of an electronic/industrial hard rock.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
One of those “it” bands…they do a lot of stuff other bands do, but for some reason this band clicks with a broader audience. A basic black metal sound, branching into melodic death and post-metal too.

King of Undisputed Nonsense (single)
Technical brutal death metal on sumerian records, so one may say it’s “sumerian-core” which is not a bad thing. Clean production, harsh vox, techy metalcore/deathcore type stuff. I’d like more please.

Six Feet Under
Metal Blade Records
A collection of previously unreleased stuff and outtakes, production is a bit raw, but it’s cool to get some of the closet cleanin’s

The Sacrament Of Sin
Napalm Records
Fast and heavy power metal, kind of like a dragonforce.

Kore Rozzik
Vengence Overdrive
Cleopatra Records
Seems kind of a metal rock opera, some skit stuff, and the songs are good crunchy modern metal. Catchy with some grooves…

Century Media Records
Only a single so far, but just in your face blackend thrashy death metal. These guys are still at the top of their game.

Epica Vs. Attack On Titan Songs
Nuclear Blast USA
Covers EP based on Attack on Titan Anime… all done in the unmistakable sound of Epica!

Chris Caffery
The Jester’s Court
Metalville Records
As with his other releases, it’s good heavy, crunchy classic metal, production on this one is a bit more crisp than some of his older stuff. good metal here!

Prosthetic Records
Kind of a brutal core / death metal… growly vox, then screamy vox, fast brutal metal

Murkin Hella Fools
NBRD Records
Kind of thrashy, and a bit electronic… the production is, well, weird. sounds like it was run through an mp3 converter about 300 times.

Devouring Radiant Light
Prosthetic Records
As always these guys put out good stuff… blackened thrashy stuff that’s heavy and catchy as all hell… They keep truckin’ on with even better stuff, maybe some added melodic stuff too..

Oxygen Destroyer
Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death
Redefining Darkness Records
Kind of an extreme blackended thrash… Really fast thrashy stuff with a black metal vocal style. Headbanging thrash but the evil coldness of black metal great stuff!!

Scarlet Records
Classic metal leaning toward power metal, good hard rockin’ stuff. Catchy riffs, and just great ol classic metal.

Rotting in Piss (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Death metal with a little bit of a doomy gore thing going on. It’s a little bit of a black metal and pinch of thrash

Flammarion (CD/LP/Digital)
I, Voidhanger Records
This is kind of a melodic blackened death metal. Good grooves, a pinch of black metal dark/coldness, death metal grooves and heaviness. Great stuff.

Until Time Has Lost All Meaning
Concreto Records
BLackened doom in track one, a long 10 minute thing… track 2 is more of a fast melodic death/extreme thrash thing and track 3 is a short acoustic number.

Old Haunt Records
Kind of a metalcore/brutalcore thing. Catchy, a little technical, melodic, shrieky vox, cookie monster vox and brutal too! Good stuff.

Below the Grief
Mostly black metal, but a bit of a grindy noisecore… a bit of a punk thing going on too.

Headfuck Rollercoaster
Reaper Entertainment (P)&(C)
A bit of a thrashy thing. Good metal edge, catchy riffs and music, harsh vox, maybe a bit like a Chimaira thing. Good stuff.

Reaper Metal Productions | Seeing Red Records
A little bit of stoner metal, more like a heavier extreme stoner metal, but more full on just “metal” going on too.

Band: Vanhävd
Album: Låt köttet dö
Self Released
Three 9ish minute tracks of blackened doom… pretty decent stuff.

Release: Rough Grind
Trouble or Nothing
Record label: Inverse Records
Classic hard rock with a pinch of a metal edge going on.

Band: Those Who Bring the Torture
Album: Pain Offerings
Label: Iron, Blood & Death Corp
This is a cool classic death metal/melodic death metal… big meaty grooves, but with a great underlying melodic base. Great stuff!

Water Awakes
Death Doom Metal
Released on July 6th, 2018 via Solitude productions

Destroyer Attack
Solve Et Coagula
Morbid Skull Records
A kind of raw blackend death metal. A definite black metal base, but a bit more gritty and grooving.

Prophecy Productions
Here we have some melodic doom. A little black/dark metal going on, but overall, doom-post metalish stuff.

Band/artist : Lions’den
Album Title : Songbird
Label : Lions’den Records
Kind of an electronic ambient hard rock industrial-ish thing.

Sven Gali
Kill The Lies (single)
A classic hard rock/AOR thing. Catchy, maybe a little bit of an early Sevendust meets Bush vibe.