May 012017

Dimmu Borgir
Forces Of The Northern Night
Genre: Black Metal
Live show(s) from their shows in Oslo and Wacken a few years ago… finally seeing the light of day.  Sounds great and to have a full orchestra and choir really brings out the epic-ness that this band can do… good clean production.  This will have to tide us over til their new stuff comes out!

Fall To Depravity (Radio Single)
Season of Mist
Brutal blackended death with a wall of atmospheric noise… a little post-metal going on.

Meditate. Mediate (Radio Single)
Season of Mist
Female fronted doomy stoner/grunge, a bit atmospheric, and good punchy production.

Never Say Never
Trust Fall
RuffLife Recordz LLC
Well, this is some kind of classic hard rock / nu metal.  Clean vox, driving guitar and even a little rap part.

Devotion Lost
Hard rock with a little bit of a stoner edge to it .  Good catchy and meaty riffs, clean vox, melodic hard rock stuff with maybe a little doom going on

The Unity
The Unity
Power/prog-ish metal.  Big solid voice, classic metal/hard rock type stuff, but yeah a bit in the power metal area with a little prog going on.  Fist pumping sing-along stuff with a big of head bobbing hard rockin edge.  (not quite thrashy head banging, just that good hard rock nodding along with the beat head banging)

Stone Sour
“Song #3” [Single]
These guys have kind of crossed more into the commercial hard rock area.  this is a good classic hard rock type song.  Nothing heavy… I’d just have to say, oh, it’s a good catchy rock song.

All That Remains
Razor And Tie
Good barking vox, chuggy metalcore sound, some big breakdown parts, heavy and kinda brutal… and melodic too.  Good stuff.

Life Of Agony
A Place Where There’s No More Pain
Napalm Records
Classic hard rockin’ stuff, not quite whiny type stuff like the old days, just good grungy melodic hard rock.

The Aftermath Of Lies
The Entertainment Company
A cool heavy metal…  classic metal good riffage, vox are gritty but mostly clean… cool dark yet melodic feel.

Four Trips Ahead
And The Fire Within
HiFi Records
This is sort of a solid rock… melodic hard rock thing.  Decent stuff, probably not for the Mosh Pit.

Seven Kingdoms
Napalm Records
Female fronted speedy power metal, getting a little heavy thrashy in parts… pretty cool stuff.

God Dethroned
The World Ablaze
Metal Blade Records
Blackened melodic death metal.  These guys don’t seem to put out anything bad.  Brutal, catchy, melodic, heavy and a good full sound while not going overboard nor too light.  Great stuff.

Album: Warrior Spirit
Self Released
Folk death metal from Canada.  Great heavy death metal thing with some banjo folk stuff, but the heavy stuff gets good and brutal, kind of a good brutal melodic death metal… I hear a little bit of Amorphis and Children of Bodom going on too.  good stuff!

Cloaks of Oblivion
Xtreem Music
Kind of an extreme thrash type thing / classic metal.  Just good heavy stuff, sometimes screamy and sometimes abrasive vox.  Great meaty beats/riffs all with a little thrash feel.

Humo Negro
Fighter Records
Classic metal all spanish language… A bit on the hard rock/AOR style from the early 90’s.

Old King’s Visions
Fighter Records
Heavy German sounding metal (from Spain!)  A good edge, catchy thrashy type stuff, but with some classic metal going on

Ether / Return to Earth
Argonauta Records
Post rock… ambient meh

Band: Forgotten Woods
Album: “As The Wolves Gather” + “Sjel Av Natten”
Label: ATMF
Dark scary black metal.  Old school.  shouty screams for vocals, classic lofi black metal sound

Nadir Music
Melodic doom, hitting into some death growly stuff here and there, but overall dark and depressing.

Hymns From Realms Yonder
Label: Black Lodge Records
BLack/death metal.  HEavy, evil and good stuff.  Brutal, and sort of melodic death-ish, but more of a heavy blackened death metal. Great stuff.

AFM Records
Classic metal, clean vox, just your meat and potatoes standard melodic hard rockin’ metal.

Excess All Areas
Sounds like femaled fronted blues rock.  uh… prob. not for the mosh pit.

The Somme
Inverse Records
Kind of a gothy symphonic blackened metalcore.  Clean female vox, harsh male vox in a sort of melodic death metal thing too.

Fading Azalea
Maze Of Melancholy
Self Released
Symphonic-ish black/death metal…. leaning towards a metalcore/melodic death with female vox.

The Noctambulant
Advocatus Diaboli
Domestic Genocide Records
Melodic blackend death metal… but not too over the top. A good groove, heavy, kind of catchy.  It’s got a great evil edge without being too brutal or heavy… good well rounded stuff.

Zenden San
Daily Garbage
Karma Conspiracy Records
Slappin’ bass instrumental stuff.  A bit fusion-ish, a little Primus feel as it’s very Bass centered.  Cool funky stuff.

Nothing To Do With Hell
Classic metal that has a bit of a WASP sound (vocally)

Consumed In Flames
Katoptron IX Records
Blackened death metal, kind of that fast brutality you get from Behemoth/Melechesh.  Heavy and catchy.  Great stuff

Sprider Sporer
Self Released
2 songs of extreme “metal”  kind of a blackened grooving death metal.

Parasitic Twin
Crown & Throne Ltd
Blackened doom and grindy death metal.  it kind of hits both

Album: Momentum
Label: Sliptrick records
Melodic modern metal.  Maybe a little edge going on here and there, screamy vox, clean vox, a kind of extreme commercial metal type thing.

A bit of a sludge sound, but not too down tempo, just a classic doomy death metal that seems to be a little groove/stoner metal feel too.

White Winter Tale
Self Released
Classic metal/power metal.  Catchy maybe along the lines of a european Queensryche.  Melodic hard rock/metal-ish

Black Paisley
Late Bloomer
Kind of a southern rock/maybe throwback blues metal with a good dose of hammond organ, maaaabye a pinch of a hard rock/country?  Probably not really for the ‘pit.

The Butterfly Raiser
Blackdown Music
Female fronted gothy melodic folk metal.  Good heavy edge, kind of melodic death but with the clean fe-metal vox.

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