Apr 022018

Black Salvation
Uncertainty is Bliss
A bit doomy, a little stoner metal feeling too.

Septic Tank
Rotting Civilisation
Rise Above
Kind of a grindy heavy punk thing. A Pinch of blackend death.

Valis Ablaze
Long Branch Records
Prog metal from the UK, a little classic prog, but working its way into some more djenty-light. Has a little Karnivool/Fair to Midland thing going on.

Killer Machine
Female fronted kind of classic rock type stuff.

Erase Me
Fearless/Concord Music Group
“on my teeth” (single) I guess I haven’t really been on board with this band as it’s too “modern core” for me, but they do have some proggy heavy stuff going on with all of that modern metal stuff… which isn’t quite as singy whiney as I remember. Open mind!!

Paddy And The Rats
Riot City Outlaws
Napalm Records
Kind of an irish folk metal type thing (celtic punk), like a Dropkick Murphys type thing

Tax The Heat
Fed To The Lions
Metalville Records
A really cool hard rock groove happening here. There’s a little AOR type thing, and some just like 70’s rock vibe. A bit of a “commercial” hard rock sound, or just classic rock… Probably not a great fit for the Mosh Pit, but some great rockin’ stuff.

Savage Messiah
Hands Of Fate
Century Media Records
We got a good ol classic metal thing going on here, with touches into thrash

Systemik Viølence
Raw ‘N’ Roll Rex.
Grindy and screamy death metal. quick short songs with no messin’ around.

Northwind Wolves
Dark… Cold… Grim…
Black Lion Records
Extreme metal an epic symphonic type of melodic death. A little dimmu borgir/Cradle of Filth style. Cool stuff.

Eight Coffin Nails
Woodcut records
Classic black metal, meedly guitars, shreiky vox, but a decent melodic groove too.

Mors Subita
Into the Pitch Black
Record label: Inverse Records
Kind of a Soilwork -light of melodic death metal. Good melodies, sort of accessible, but probably not as technical as Soilwork’s newer stuff.

The Negative Bias / Golden Dawn
‘Temple of Cruel Empathy / Lunar Serpent’ Split
Seance Records
Golden dawn is more of a doom metal, The negative bias has the doom thing too, but a bit more black metal

Transition CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
Old school grindy blackened death metal. Dark, evil, yet with a cold groove that makes you headbang a bit to keep warm.

As Time Turns To Dust
Scarlet Records
Female fronted classic metal leaning into some heavier power metal type stuff.

Blood Harvest
Old school blackened death metal.

The Lupine Anathema
Xtreem Music
Good classic old school meaty grooving death metal.

Hail Infernal Darkness
Label: Krucyator Productions
Full on brutal death metal. cool stuff. Meaty thick deathy grooves.

Lecherous Nocturne
Willowtip Records
Good brutal technical blackened death metal. Good melodies, but staying heavy too while all having a proggy technical thing going on

Tightened Noose of Sanctimony
Krucyator Productions
Kind of a grindy and sludgy black metal… while being brutal!

Band: Afterlife Symphony
Album: Lympha
Label: Revalve records
Somehwat symphonic metal, female vocals, a little proggy, otherwise some standard metal with some power metal stuff. too.

Vilsna Andars Boning
Acoustic folky music.

In Absence
Buil2Kill Records
Once in a while you get something that you expect, oh another one of that kind of crap…. once in a while you get something like this. A blackened thrash/melodic death metal type thing. Brutal yet catchy and grooving.

Ordeals / Daethorn
Split TAPE
Blood Harvest
Great! A TAPE… (ironically sent digitally, so the Band Ordeals is up first with 4 songs, all in one mp3 track for review. neat. Good ol classic death metal! And Daethorn is 3 tracks lumped into one mp3 of kind of old school lo-fi-ish black metal.

Inverse Records
They’re calling this genre Northcore… kind of a modern atmospheric “metalcore” is what it seems like, has a bit of an ethereal feel (with female vox surrounding the male growls)

Label: Heidens Hart Records
Melodic classic black metal

Band: Hukutus
Album: Koitus
Self Released
A single of kind of grindy music, melodic, black metal-ish, doom-ish. Fast and a bit melodic too. And a bit of some raw black metal too.

The Bee (single)
Nuclear Blast
Taken from the album “Queen Of Time” This has all of the stuff that makes up classic amorphis, melodies, dark cathy themes, clean vox, harsh vox, keyboards, heavy parts too. Can’t wait for more!

Kamikaze Zombie
Night of the Nuberous
Kind of a melodic death with a bit of a black metal sound… otherwise, grooving melodic death.

A little thrashy, a little hardcore, a little melodic death/death metal grooves.

The Human Race Is Filth
Self Released
Extreme, kind of grindy, fast raw death metal.

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