Aug 082020

Primitive Man
Release date: Friday, August 14th 2020
Airplay Date: Monday, August 10th 2020
Noise/black/post metal

To Better Days
SBG Records
A sort of modern metal/rock. It has that “active rock” type of sound.

”Another World”
New single from Gojira, not the heaviest thing they’ve done, a good solid groove with that signature tone and a proggy feel

Black Crown Initiate
Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape
Century Media
Progressive technical melodic death, great groove, a bit

I Am The Empire Live From The 013
Napalm Records
Live album with the current lineup, great energy and production…

Where Only Gods May Tread
Unique Leader
Brutal death metal, technical and yeah, heavy!! great stuff

Lord Of The Lost
Swan Songs III
Napalm Records
A sort of folky rock, dark metal in the singles that i got… need to hear more, but so far, not very metal…

Rope Sect
The Great Flood LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
12 August 2020
A doomy alt-hard rock groove, a little stoner metal feel, but a bit more depressing with catchy riffs

Band: Cancer (Australia)
Album: Opioid
Self Released
Release date: August 14th, 2020
Black metal, a bit classic sounding, good production, a dark depressing thing going on

Bull Elephant
Created From Death
Eat Lead and Die Music
14 August 2020
This has a mostly doom thing going on, pushing a little into blackened death and a bit of a classic catchy groove

Alter Ego
Willowtip Records
14 August 2020
A sort of post metal with death/technical/progressive metal things happening

Visceral Violation
Carnival Cannibal
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on August 14th)
Brutal death metal.. brutal brutal fast, heavy and a little muddy on the production, but it’s too brutal to care!

Siege Column
Darkside Legions LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
15 August 2020
Grindy, sludgey death metal.

Prosanctus Inferi
Hypnotic Blood Art LP/TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
15 August 2020
Primarily death metal with a bit of a darkened blackened metal feel

???? (Put’)
The Songs of the Death
15 August 2020
Under the umbrella of black metal, but not quite as harsh and cold. Vox have the style, musically it’s a bit more melodic and not quite as fast/furious… decent

Lunar Apparitions
6 August 2020
Lo fi black metal.

Reset (EP)
Indie Recordings
14 August 2020
Instrumental prog rock, a little bit out there like some older Steve Vai (no vox)… cool stuff.

Band: Megalith Levitation / Dekonstruktor
Album: Split album
Country: Russia
Genre: Stoner Doom Metal
Label: Aesthetic Death
Release date: August 3rd, 2020

Band: Starless Domain
Album: ALMA
Label: Aesthetic Death
Release date: August 3rd, 2020
One 44 minute track of lo-fi atmospheric black metal.

The Balance of Nature Shifted
Cooper Feast Records
31 July 2020
A kind of laid back/stoner doom with a little Ghost thing going on

Bloodfest Ritual
Altars of Sacrifice
24 July 2020
Brutal death metal, great stuff.

Enter the Gates
Pitch Black
Release date: Friday, September 18th 2020
Airplay Date: Wednesday, July 29th 2020
This is some decent groovin’ classic-ish metal, a little bit of a dark sound

Band: Kosmogonia
Album: Enthrone the Gods
Label: Cronus Productions
Release date: July 7th, 2020 (Digital) / July 24th, 2020 (CD)
Melodic death/folk metal, has a good heavy edge with a little of that folky bounce while keeping it decently heavy with mixed harsh/clean vox.

Album: Metamorphogenesis [remixed]
Label: Aesthetic Death
Release date: August 10th, 2020
Funeral doom/death/post metal.

Mission Two Entertainment
31 July 2020
A sort of crusty punked up thrash

Fatal Grotesque Symbols – Darken Universe
High Roller Records
7 August 2020
a sort of thrashy melodic death with a doom element 3 song ep.

Release date: Friday, July 31st 2020
Airplay Date: Friday, July 31st 2020
here is some modern metal with a kind of deathy melodic thing, harsh and clean vox. prod is a little mooshy

Red Cain
Singles – “Demons” + “Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire)”
8 July 2020
this has a bit of a modern metal/metalcore thing going on

Oracle’s Fury EP
Release date: Wednesday, May 13th 2020
at its base, we’re talking classic black metal, but this has a bit more of a melodic thing too

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