Aug 302020

Pig Destroyer
The Octagonal Stairway
Release date: Friday, August 28th 2020
Fast, heavy, disjointed, but brutal, one might say “what’s THEIR problem?” The problem is nothing, we need music like this.

California Über Alles – Single
Metal Blade Records
20 August 2020
Brand new song from the new Vio-Lence.. it is a Dead Kennedys cover. I’m not too familiar with DK, so this is new to me. As a bit of a punk meets thrash thing going on.

Fates Warning
Scars – radio single
Metal Blade Records
6 November 2020
How exciting, new Fates Warning! Album comes out in November, this continues along the vein of their last album (awesome), a nice melodic heavy edge and Ray’s voice is on fire

The second edition of Metal with an orchestra… it was pretty groundbreaking the first time, this time, it’s pretty epic, a little vanilla, still pretty cool… with a pretty different, newer setlist of course.

Diesel Machine
Metalville Records.
Just like their stuff many moons ago, good gritty just “metal” a little thrashy, a tiny brutal, solid groovin’ stuff.

Flying Colors
Third Stage: Live In London
Music Theories/MLG
Another release with Mike Portnoy on it? Ok! Live album from last fall’s tour supporting the 3rd album. In case you forgot this is the group with Portnoy and Neal Morse along with Steve Morse and Dave LaRue and singer Casey McPherson. Kind of a prog rock leaning hard rock with hints of like Muse and stuff. Cool stuff.

Thrown Into Exile
Beyond The Grey (Single)
Urban Yeti Records
A heavy catchy melodic deathy/thrash Groove! Reminds me a little of Chimaira. cool stuff.

“Rite of Passage”
Nuclear Blast
Dooooooom defind. Monsterous meaty riffs, with a good heavy feel.

John Petrucci
Terminal Velocity
Sound Music
JP is back with his first solo album in 15 years! this time he teamed up with Portnoy (first time they’re together in 10 years) and Dave LaRue on bass. Great proggy instrumental shreddy metal!

Orphic Trigger (single) – August 7th
7 August 2020
A bit of a melodic death/extreme thrash with death metal harshness

Amputation (Norway)
Slaughtered in the Arms of God LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
31 August 2020
Brutal death metal, with a bit of a black metal cold/darkness

Gringos Galacticos
Qumran Records
Big meaty groovin’ doom… a bit like Trouble

Me Saco Un Ojo
1 September 2020
This is a bit more of a growly death metal with a bit of a black metal harshness

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly
Alone Together
Release date: Friday, September 4, 2020
Good ‘ol classic progressive rock.

September 4th, 2020.
Ooo this is pretty cool stuff, some progged up melodic death metal with catchy thrash going on too.

Permanent Winter
Svart Records
4 September 2020
Harsh vox, but with a groovin’ classic metal music sound

Caterpillars of Creation
Svart Records
4 September 2020
A kind of doomy atmospheric, almost prog rock thing

Zmierzch Stalowej Ciemno?ci
Signal Rex
4 September 2020
Black metal… a bit more melodic in feel and atmosphere

Infatuating Sickness
Horror pain gore death
(set for release on September 4th)
Brutal death metal

Band: Saccage
Album: Khaos Mortem [re-issue]
Label: Music-Records
Release date: September 4th, 2020
blackened crusty thrash… a nice gritty sound, harsh vox

Album: Encyclopedia of Putrefactive Anomalies
Label: Obliteration Records
Release date: September 4th, 2020
Both bands are decent brutal death metal with a little grind going on.

Signal Rex
4 September 2020
A sort of melodic black/death metal, cold

Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect
The World Trapped in Vampyric Sway (Darker and Darker)
Crown and Throne Ltd.
4 September 2020
Classic black metal, blast beats, wall of sound, a little deathy metal groove sound… cold and harsh

Artist: Aitheer
Album: Sleeper
Self Released
Release date: January 27th, 2020
Progressive death/doom/dark metal, 3 song ep, harsher vox, some heavier grooving death metal, some dark, melodic and somber overtones too

Tail-Tied Hearts
Caligari Records
sept 4
Melodic doomy stuff… clean female vox, then pushing into some black metal when it gets heavier

Ambition – Out Sept 4th
Rockshots Records
4 September 2020
A little screamo, some metalcore, a bit emo, a little tech/prog… maybe a little comparable to Protest the Hero

Magnus Venator
4 September 2020
Here some melodic death, a little thrashy, a little “epic” and even some black metal too Cool Stuff!

Inception Of Eternity
Into Darkness
Self Released
A bit of a power metal, with some epic atmosphere, with a little folk thrown in.

Sermon of Apathy
Black Lion Records
4 September 2020
Sometimes you get new releases that are just cool right off the bat, this is one… brutal thrashy death metal with touch of melodic death. Great stuff

Release: Noumena
Album: Anima
Record label: Haunted Zoo Productions
Release Date: September 4th 2020
Melodic death with clean female vox and harsh male vox. Music is a bit more of a doomy groove. cool stuff.

At Sacrament
“A New Dawn”
Self Released
A classic edgy thrash, good grooves, catchy with good production

Zakk Sabbath
Vertigo Magnetic
Eye Records
Release: 4 September 2020
If anyone is going to do a good job covering Black Sabbath, it’s going to be Zakk Wylde. Initially I think this was just a touring thing, now there’s album. Trying to record the original BS album as close to the original as they could for the 50th anniversary. Sounds good guys.

March of Death
Helldprod Records
A grooving dark kind of extreme metal. Harsh vox, with almost a little doomy thing

Obscure Relic
First Black Communion
Helldprod Records
10 August 2020
A bit of an old school black metal sound. blast beats, harsh vox, cold

Songs in the Key of Madness
Release date: Thursday, August 6th 2020
Brutal and groovin’ death metal… pretty good stuff!

Shrapnel Storm
Shrapnel Storm
Great Dane
Release date: Friday, August 21st 2020
CLassic brutal death metal… more good stuff!

Reserving Dirtnaps
Another Disaster
War Records
Release date: Friday, August 21st 2020
Hardcore thrashy metal, cool stuff.

Neuropunk Boostergang
Profound Lore
Release date: Friday, August 21st 2020
Kind of a grindy punked up extreme metal.

“Reverence” (Single)
Self Released
Brutal single of death metal. Cookie monster vox and shrieky black metal… just makes it more brutal! cool stuff.

The Invisble Prison
Nefarious Industries
Release date: Friday, August 28th 2020
Heavy thrash.. these guys have been around a while, first album in 5 years… a few elements of death metal too. Great stuff.

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