New Stuff This Week… 6/21/2021

Kelly’s Meat Emporium (single)
Nuclear Blast
Shades of Heartwork era Carcass and even a bit of a death and roll punch of Swansong… carcass are firing on all cylinders once again.

Djenty modern metalcore prog type stuff from these guys again… seems a bit more “accessible

Alien Weaponry
Groove metal with a modern commercial metal grit

The Day of The Beast
Indisputably Carnivorous
Prosthetic Records
18 June 2021
Thrashy blackened death metal, fast, heavy, catchy, brutal… awesome!

Pretty good par for the course for this band, catchy, brutal, a little djent, progressive even.

The Absence
Choirs of Sickness
M-Theory Audio
June 25
Melodic death metalcore type stuff these guys have always seemed to keep their music a bit closer to the gothenburg sound than some other american metalcore type bands… great stuff.

Napalm Records
Here we have some melodic death, a nice groove with some harsh vox and cleaner vox. A bit of a downtempo groove getting into some catchier thrashier stuff too.

No Sleep Til Hammersmith
More new remastered and re-released motorhead… as Lemmy said, some great rock and roll

Light The Torch
You Will be The Death of Me
Nuclear Blast USA
Howard Jones (formerly of KsE) and his melodic metalcore metal band (formerly known as Devil You Know) are back… good catchy riffs, mix of clean and harsh vox which is nothin’ new… decent stuff.

Pretty straightforward melodic metalcore type stuff, catchy, clean vox which give it just a good solid “metal” sound which lead into a little growly stuff too

Fractal Universe
The Impassable Horizon
Metal Blade Records
25 June 2021
Progressive metal, a little djent, clean vox, harsh vox too… cool stuf.

La Vie en Noir
Signal Rex
21 June 2021
Atmospheric and sort of acoustic post metal type stuff

IRAE (Portugal)
Dangerovz Magick Zpells from the Mesziah of Death
Signal Rex
21 June 2021
Classic raw old school black metal.

Beyond Man
Beyond Man
The Sinister Flame
21 June 2021
A bit of a classic black metal sound with a bit of groove and accessibility… it’s not all totally harsh/cold blast beats.

The Colour of Magick
Signal Rex
21 June 2021
A classic melodic black metal sound but add to it a bit of a progressive musical sound with yeah, harsh and cold vox and guitar sounds… decent stuff that stands out a bit.

Diabolical Omen of Hell
Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records
22 June 2021
A kind of horror/goth/doom thing

Lucifer’s Hammer
The Trip
High Roller Records
25 June 2021
Straightforward classic metal going on here.

Auscultating Astral Monuments
Bloody Mountain Records
25 June 2021
A sort of brutal blackened death metal. Dark, ominous and yeah, brutal.

Lost on Void’s Horizon
Edged Circle
25 June 2021
Here’s a kind of melodic technical /progressive death metal type thing maybe a bit more of a doomy downtempo

Endless Chain
“Forthcoming Past” Out June 25th
Rockshots Records
25 June 2021
A little folk metal, a little just classic melodic doomy/gothy hard rock.

Untethered Abyss
Willowtip Records
25 June 2021
Brutal technical death metal… great stuff.

Sworn To Avenge – Out June 25th
Depressive Illusions Records
25 June 2021
Black metal with a classic metal groove

Silent Genes
June 25
Catchy grooving death metal… a cool headbanging thing going on.

Band: Catharsis
Album: Human Failures
Label: Mad Lion Records
Release date: June 25, 2021
I’d say this is melodic death with a bit more of a brutal edge to it, then leaning into prog/tech death too… great stuff!

Devin Townsend
Devolution Series #2 – Galactic Quarantine
Release date: Friday, June 25, 2021
Recorded live virutally to make up for lost tour dates, this is the 2nd in a 4 album series of stuff… #1 was mostly acoustic. This one is mostly heavier stuff including some Strapping Young Lad material. great!

11 June 2021
Melodic blackened death metal, or deathed blackened metal? There’s about a good 50/50 mix of melodic death/death and a black metal cold and darkness pretty decent.

Across Antarctica
Billions of Miles Along The Endless Dark Ice-Plane
Cataclysmic Metal Records
30 April 2021
A kind of catchy extreme metal/Death metal thing. A bit thrashy in parts too.

Cry of the Lost
Inner Wound Recordings
June 18th, 2021
Melodic blackened death metal with epicness… reminds me a lot of Cradle of Filth with the crisp sound, epic heaviness… cool!

Orphan Donor
Zegema Beach
Release date: Friday, June 11th 2021
Noise / grindy blackened death.

Eat Lead and Die Music
16 June 2021
Technical, doomy blackened doom type stuff

Release: Mr.maggot
Before the New Dawn
Record label: Self published
Release Date: June 1st 2021
A nu-metal, a little industrial, a bit of a gwar vibe too

Where Mountains Rise and Hearts Fall
Black Sunset
18 June 2021
Viking metal with that classic melodic death sound. Good heavy stuff with monster grooves