Sep 052021

At One with None
Metal Blade Records
Released on: 3 September 2021
Classic metal with an Iron Maid

Beyond Grace
Our Kingdom Undone
Prosthetic Records
Release: 3 September 2021
Technical and brutal death metal, progressive type stuff too.

“Reeking Tunnels”
Brutal like, almost stoner technical/proggy death metal. a couple short singles for now… decent

MONOMYTH (single)
Technical, progressive, djenty instrumental stuff, cant wait for more!

Tuesday The Sky
The Blurred Horizon
Metal Blade Records
Released on: 3 September 2021
Very laid back, just almost post-rock/new age-ish background type music stuff from Jim Matheos…

Lost Boy – radio single
Metal Blade Records
29 October 2021
Technical death/melodic and proggy… they seem to be going down the BTBAM path and that’s a good thing

Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)
Metal Blade Records
3 September 2021
Reissue of the debut album, it’s more of a raw black metal than what they have evolved into. Good to revisit!

Leave Me The Ashes of The Earth
Entertainment One
Brutal hardcore type stuff… great heavy grooves, a death metal base… I can just see a massive circle pit going.

Century Media Records
Full on fuckin’ brutality… these guys never disappoint.

Anette Olzon
Frontiers Music SRL.
Female fronted power metal, a good heavy catchy base with clean vox… a little epic too. cool stuff.

The Night Flight Orchestra
Aeromantic II
Nuclear Blast
3 September 2021
I’m a sucker for this band, which of course has its roots in Soilwork and Arch Enemy… just a cheesy almost disco rock 70’s vibe. Everything seems so laid back, fun and catchy… and for their 6th album now, it doesn’t get old.

The Tritonus Bell
Season of Mist
27 August 2021
Doomy and melodic death metal, down tempo and gloomy

Antediluvian (Canada)
The Divine Punishment CD/LP/TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
1 September 2021
Crazy all over the place black/death/experimental stuff

Band: Croword
Album: Crimson Gaze
Label: NRT-Records
Release date: September 3, 2021
Melodic Death Metal with some catchy and thrashy stuff… cool!!

Release: Khroma
Ex Nihilo
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: September 10th 2021
They call it “Electro-Metal”, so yeah, take some techno and metal-ify it… with a bit of a rap- nu metal vibe

“Suffering Of The Dead”
Sept 10
Classic and gritty death metal with some good thrashy grooves

The Stone Eye
South Of The Sun
Eclipse Records
15 October 2021
sept 6 add
Melodic kind of stoner hard rock, melodic and even a bit epic in parts and some proggy grooves too

Verses in Regicide LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
10 September 2021
Old school black metal, a doomy atmospheric feel with echoey vox and a little bit of a viking metal thing too

Memories & Intuition – Out Sept 10th
10 September 2021
Prog metal with clean vox, an accessible sound while keeping a lot of that cool, interesting “prog” stuff, maybe a little bit of a more melodic Dream Theater, or 3, or Fair to Midland type of sound. Cool stuff!

Journey Into Darkness
Infinite Universe Infinite Death
Spirit Coffin Publishing
10 September 2021
Classic black metal with a symphonic/epic keyboard element

Pa Vesh En
Maniac Manifest LP/CD/TAPE
Iron Bonehead
10 September 2021
Wall of sound old school black metal with a small symphonic element… a bit too much mushed together for me.

Feast at the Forbidden Tree
Redefining Darkness Records
10 September 2021
Fast old school thrash, maybe a little like some Venom, with some darker heavy stuff, and yeah, some catchy grooves… great stuff.

Wormholedeath Records
A grooving melodic death with a pinch of doom, thrash and black metal

Trance of the Undead
Chalice of Disease LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
10 September 2021
Dark and doomy black metal. Raw

Archaic Sacrifice
Non Serviam Records
10 September 2021
Melodic blackened death. Fast, dark, yet a melodic and technical element to make it interesting. cool stuff.

Band: Rotted Through
Album: /the_Depths
Self Released
Release date: September 10th, 2021
Technical death metal, a bit of a brutal deathcore going on too.

Deliver Us
Pitch Black
Release date: Friday, September 10th 2021
A kind of classic metal, a little bit like Sanctuary/Nevermore. Good grooves, some thrashy/prog elements too. Cool stuff!

This has a prog metalcore melodic death thing happening, yeah a lot of range, from laid back acoustic prog rock to full on deathcore. neat stuff

“Death…The Final Frontier”
CDN Records
Sept 10
Brutal old school death metal with a bit of a gritty sound

Band: V/A
Album: Eurodance – The Metal Way
Country: V/A
Genre: Metal
Released by: Antichrist magazine
Release date: August 31 2021
A fun compilation of pop/dance type songs done by various (not well known) metal bands.

Release: Hootenanny Freaks
Eyes of the Warrior
Record label: Inverse Records
Classic metal/hard rock… decent stuff.

Artist: Thomas Carlsen’s Transmission
Album (EP): Redemption
Self Released
Release: August 20th, 2021
Traditional Heavy Metal… with an Iron Maiden “lite” type sound

Artist: Obsidian Mantra
Title: Minds Led Astray
Format: Digital / CD
Label: Independent Release
Melodic and groovin’ brutal death metal with some catchy gritty stuff too

Release: Dead Shape Figure
Refinement Of Hatred
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: August 26th 2021
Melodic Death Metal, catchy, mostly harsh vox. Not full on heavy, a good mix of back n forth between melodic and brutal. Cool stuff!

Pil & Bue
The World Is a Rabbit Hole
Indie Recordings
3 September 2021
Melodic and a bit of a stoner metal… good clean vox, fairly straightforward rock/hard rock.

Album (EP): Blasphemous Thoughts
Self Released
Release date: August 13th, 2021
Death metal, brutal, a pinch of black metal harshness… cool stuff.

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