Sep 202021

Resurrection Day
SPV/ Steamhammer
Straightforward classic metal from these German veterans. A little bit of a gritty/thrashy edge to keep it heavier. Good stuff.

Rivers of Nihil
The Work
Metal Blade Records
24 September 2021
Doomy, proggy, melodic, hints of BTBAM where it gets really heavy, and really laid back. pretty cool .

Ozzy Osbourne
No More Tears [30th Anniversary Expanded Edition]
Epic Records
a newly found duet of the song “Hellraiser” from No More Tears which Lemmy wrote a few of the songs on… cool to hear lemmy on something “new” but familiar. cool stuff. The rest of this is good to revisit too

Self Released
Female fronted modern groove metal, a little gothy groove sound like Lacuna Coil.

Hating Life
MDD Records
Release: 25. June 2021
Classic sounding Swedish death metal, a catchy thrashy vibe while harsh and groovin’.

Wall Of Skulls
AFM Records
17 September 2021
Always one of the better power metal bands as they have a bit more metal grit to their sounds… good stuff.

Alien Weaponry
Napalm Records
Catchy down tempo grooves on this single…

Doro – Warlock
Triumph & Agony Live
Rare Diamonds Productions
I’ve never seen Doro live, and she’s always been a bit below my radar, but hearing this makes me want to see a show, high energy, and heavier than I remember… cool cool

A Pale Horse Named Death
Infernum In Terra
Long Branch Records
At first thought, it sounds like some Ozzy solo stuff, a classic metal sound, not too fast, just laid back with a little doom vibe

Signs Of The Swarm
Unique Leader Records
Brutal death metal with a bit of a deathcore slant

Grinder Blues
El Dos
Metalville Records
Dug Pinnick (King’s X) side project of good ol catchy blues hard rock type stuff… pretty cool stuff for this genre!

Andrew WK
God Is Partying
Napalm Records
straightforward hard rock… nothing to heavy/party rock like he used to do…

Band: Orbstruct
Album: Deimos Falling
Label: Envenomed Music / Paragon Records
Release date: September 22, 2021
Catchy thrashy/melodic death metal (cookie monster vox)

Morbid Messiah
Disgorged in the Coffin
Chaos Records
24 September 2021
Classic death metal, good grooves, cookie monster vox

Undo the Chains
Redefining Darkness Records
24 September 2021
Old school thrashy death metal… A little raw on the production, but good overall.

Withering Soul
Last Contact
Mortal Music
24 September 2021
Brutal technical and epic blackened death type stuff. Good stuff!!

Thy Row
Unchained – Out Sept 24th
Rockshots Records
24 September 2021
Pretty straightforward hard rock

Opus Darkness
Shadow Records / Regain Records
24 September 2021
Harsh, dark black metal, quite an evil sound, but yet some melodic elements

Dawn of a Dark Age
Le Forche Caudine
24 September 2021
Just two tracks (21 and 16 mins each), here’s some blackened folk, epic proggressive metal stuff, a bit on the doomy side… but the flute/clarinet sounds give it that interesting folk sound

Hypocrisis Absolution
Primitive Reaction
24 September 2021
Here’s some cool black metal, classic sound, cold, dark, evil, wall of sound, but a bit of an epic catchiness… a little viking metal sound underlying. Cool stuff.

Azazel (Finland)
Aegrus Satanas Tecum
Primitive Reaction
24 September 2021
Dark, evil black metal, slow doomy groove, but still harsh, cold and evil!

Fall From Eternity
Saturnal Records
24 September 2021
Melodic blackened death metal, a technical prog feel with some harsh evilness too. Cool stuff!!

Release: Nefariym
Morbid Delusions
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: September 24th 2021
Old School Death Metal with some grooves and grit.

Various Artists
Death Metal Power From Beyond
Horror Pain Gore Death
September 24th 2021
A good compilation with a bunch of different bands of varying degrees of the name of the label! Some Raw death, black and gore metal…

In For The Kill
Crusader/ Golden Robot Records
24 September 2021
Classic metal hard rock type stuff. Solid grooves and melody.

Mandoki Soulmates
Utopia For Realists: Hungarian Pictures
Release date: Friday, September 24, 2021
Definitely not in the metal vein here. Prog rock/symphonic, jazzy, horns, that sort of stuff. one of the tracks gets a heavier jazzy/prog thing going

Abhorrent Fervor
Osmose Productions
24 September 2021
I’d say this fits into a good black metal mold. It’s dark, cold, evil sounding… But has a bit of a death metal groove too…

Mandragora Scream
Nothing But The Best
Self Released
Sept 24
Industrial goth

Infernal Storm
?horns ?v ?ell
Askio Productions
Symphonic Black Metal, a bit atmospheric, doomy with shorter tracks.

June 1974
Visionaire Records
15 September 2021
A bit of a stoner rock, seemingly very laid back and instrumental

Band: I Was Born Twice
Album: Nemiza
Self Released
Release date: September 24, 2021
Deathcore, a little electro/industrial sound too.

We Butter The Bread With Butter
Das Album
AFM Records
24 September 2021
Modern metalcore type stuff… some synthy sounds to go with a metal/deathcore too. When the vox stay heavy/growled, I like it… the super clean catchy melodic stuff get a little too cheesey for me.

Heresy II. End Of A Legend
AFM Records
24 September 2021
Classic thrashy metal, catchy, with a little power metal feel too..> Cool stuff!

The Troops Of Doom
The Absence Of Light
Blood Blast
Release date: Friday, September 17th 2021
Groovin’ thrashy metal, a bit of a Sepultura vibe (there’s a Sepultura cover on this ep too)

Derision Cult
Charlatans Inc.
South Street Dungeon
14 September 2021
A bit raw groovin’ death metal with a bit of thrash and doomy chunk

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