New Stuff This Week… 1/23/2023

Screaming Suicide
Another new song… this one is a tiny bit bluesy not as much of a banger as Lux AEterna, but that one will be tough to top. This one is catchy a little bit longer and unmistakably Metallica

Steve Vai
Favored Nations/MLG
Kind of regular bluesy hard rock. This album was recorded in the early 90’s and shelved with never the right time to release… and now here it is!

The Lone Wolf
Cancel The King (Single)
One A Records
A bit of a commercial groovin’ hard rock thing…

Ex Nihilo
M Theory Audio
Jan 27 2023
Kind of a death thrash, with a bit of a Slayer but maybe a bit more extreme and groovin’ Great stuff!!

RADIO: Dryad
The Abyssal Plain
Prosthetic Records
20 January 2023
Raw old school black metal

Odin’s Prayer [New-Single]
AFM Records
13 January 2023
A sort of epic power metal, but a bit of a darker tone… pretty cool

Hell’s Satans
Hell’s Satans
Jan 27
Classic thrashy metal with clean almost mustaine/klaus meine-ish spanish sounding vox.

Sins Of Shadows
Release title: Imperium
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 16-01-2023
Straight up classic metal with a pinch of thrash

I am the Void – radio single
Metal Blade Records
3 March 2023
Another single, a bit of a modern metal/melodic death

The Weight Of Remembrance
20 Buck Spin
Release date: Friday, January 20th 2023
Doomy black metal with a little groove and gothy post metalness too

Feast of the Repulsive Dead
Redefining Darkness Records
27 January 2023
Brutal and meaty death metal, some good guitar melodies and

Rigor Sardonicous
Praeparet Bellum
Memento Mori
23 January 2023
Doomy post black metal type stuff.

The Parasitic Chambers
Memento Mori
23 January 2023
Brutal blackened death metal, heavy, techy and wall of in your face metal! cool stuff.

Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror
Self Released
Jan 23
Kind of a classic metal, a power metal, symphonic sounding thing, vocals have a bit of a goth style, almost like that Christopher Lee album

Sonic Poison
Me Saco Un Ojo / Pulverised
27 January 2023
Fast and furious blackened punked up death/grind. yeah a lot of genre words there, as it touches on them all in a blender for this raw in your face stuff.

Album: Supernova
Self Released
Release date: January 27th, 2023
A kind of groove metal and just regular old just “metal” a bit melodic and a mix of clean and harsh vox

Mask of Prospero
Sound Pollution
27 January 2023
Kind of a melodic death / prog, some heavier spots, but more of a doomish heavy

Ominous Scriptures
Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition
Willowtip Records
27 January 2023
Old school brutal death metal

Malleus (U.S.)
The Fires of Heaven
Armageddon Label
27 January 2023
A Groovin’ death metal with a big thrashy thing going

Critical Defiance
No Life Forms
Dying Victims Productions
Global Release Date: 27/01/2023
Extreme Thrashy death metal, fast and in your face! Cool stuff!

Shadow Kingdom
27 January 2023
Meaty and groovin’ doomy stoner metal, musically it has a big Trouble vibe to me.

Pickled Preservation
Extremely Rotten Productions
27 January 2023
Raw brutal and lo-fi-ish gore death metal

Bad Manor
The Haunting
Labyrinth Tower
28 January 2023
An old school horror sounding soundtrack, a bit on the lo-fi, like a soundtrack to some old black and white creepy film

Album “The Infinite”
Atomic Fire Records
27 January 2023
Modern metalcore with a lot of synthy drum/sounds

Release title: Legacy
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 21-01-2023
Groovin’ melodic death, catchy with some grit… great stuff.

Release title: Unknown
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 13-01-2023
Death metal with some dark blackened death tones

Devil’s Whiskey
Historias de Muerte
January 27th, 2023
Doom and a pinch of a darker sound with a bit of a post metal thing too

Mutagenic Host
The Genotoxic Demo
Dry Cough Records
19 January 2023
Sludgey death metal with some groove

Release title: Dialectic of Ego and the Unconscious
Label: MTAF Records
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 04-11-2022
Blackened Death Metal and a nice catchy thing going on

Natt (Norway)
Edged Circle
20 January 2023
Some super long tracks of instrumental proggy doom