New Stuff This Week… 2/5/2024

Infected Rain
Kind of a modern metal, melodic death, harsh and clean female vox. Nice grooves

The Agony Flame
A little doom, modern metal/rock

Blood Moon
Step Off Records
2 February 2024
The band famous for majority of the members being married to Dream Theater members… but a great all female thrashy metal band. new 4 song EP, some classic metal/thrash going on in these 4 songs.

Job for a Cowboy
Beyond the Chemical Doorway – radio single
Metal Blade Records
23 February 2024
oooo another single! Not messing around… brutal, technical, prog/death. great stuff

Swords of Dajjal
Season of Mist
2 February 2024
Classic black metal, but with a full almost epic sound, and a bit of a melodic death thing

RADIO: Volcandra
The Way of Ancients
Prosthetic Records
1 March 2024
Technical, groovin’ deathy thrash with a pinch of black metal harshness… cool stuff!

There Is No Us
Lunatic (Single)
Cleopatra Records
A kind of modern groove metal. Catchy with a heavy groove.

Rattle Trapp
Self Released
From Nashville, a groovin’ catchy hard rockin’ thing.

Morbid Saint
Swallowed By Hell
High Roller Records
9 February 2024
Fast and catchy deathy thrash metal, great stuff!

Contaminated (Australia)
Celebratory Beheading CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
9 February 2024
Brutal death metal, a little kind of doomy groove too

Spectral Voice
Dark Descent Records
9 February 2024
Dark, doom-ish, atmospheric black metal/post metal

Nocturnal Sorcery
Captive in the Breath of Life
9 February 2024
Raw old school black metal

Seltsame Erden
Chaos Records
9 February 2024
More old school black metal, this has a little atmosphere to it, a little dark and doomy

Throat (Poland)
Blood Exaltation
Primitive Reaction
9 February 2024
Raw black / death metal

Album: Night Slasher
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: February 6th, 2024
Thrashy metal with a little death/thrash thing going on. cool stuff.

Alunarian Bellmaster
Lupus Lounge
9 February 2024
A whole lot of atmosphere here, almost like a creepy background soundtrack to a sacrifice

Doomsday Goes Away
9 February 2024
A little doom/stoner thing going on, a nice groove, a little Rollins sound too

Gates Open
Voice After Silence
Release Date: February 9th 2024
This has a bit of a death metal, and pinch of melodic death. Vox are mostly in a black metal style, but musically it has some groovin’ and melody. Cool stuff.

Emergency Rule
The King of Ithaca
February 9, 2023
Straightforward metal, a little bit of a stoner/doomy groove.

The Black Flamingo
Label: Subsound Records
Release date: February 2nd, 2024
instrumental stoner psychedelic… neat stuff.

Transit Method
Brutal Panda Records
2 February 2024
Kind of a proggy stoner metal thing. So yeah, prog rock/metal with a stonery groove.

Kalt Vindur
Magna Mater
The Circle Music
26 January 2024
Old school black metal, a little raw, but some good classic stuff

Corax B.M
The Circle Music
26 January 2024
A little melodic death, some goth/black metal and doom post/metal

Noxious Concoctions EP
Release date: Friday, February 2nd 2024
A little black metal, death metal, thrash, lots of cool stuff happening here. Great stuff!

Marco Cusato
Marco Cusato
Untamed Souls
Sleaszy Rider
Classic hard rock/metal, a little bit of a doomy/goth sound

Sleaszy Rider
Blackened death/thrash, more on the black metal side of things, cool stuff

Atkins May Project
Serpents Kiss
Sleaszy Rider
A sort of classic metal, a bit of a groove thing too

Children Of Gods
Sleaszy Rider
Fairly straightforward classic metal/power metal. Fast and catchy too

Sleaszy Rider
Kind of a proggy folk black metal. A bit epic sounding, interesting!

Prosthetic Records
2 February 2024
Kind of a noise/ blackened post metal thing

Release Title: The Forlorn Path
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: February 2, 2024
Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metalcore, Folk Metal, some atmosphere and catchiness